11 Most Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Open

Updated on May 17, 2017

Why Your Automatic Garage Door Won't Open (or Shut)

  1. The photo eye is blocked.
  2. Its power source is disrupted.
  3. The torsion springs are broken.
  4. Remote control malfunction.
  5. Snapped or loose cables.
  6. Sensitivity needs adjustment.
  7. The limit setting is off.
  8. The door has dislodged from its track.
  9. Something is blocking the door.
  10. "Disconnect" has been switched.
  11. The door is locked.

Read on for information, video tutorials, and troubleshooting tips for these issues. You'll also find tips for opening the door manually while you're trying to figure out how to fix the problem!

#1 Your Photo Eye is Blocked

Most garage doors from the past 15-20 years have a photo eye which detects if a person or object is blocking the door from lowering all the way. The photo eye will be about 4-6 inches off of the ground for most doors, with an eye that is about the size of a pea. It shoots a laser across the length of the garage that, if interrupted, will cut off the signal used to lower and raise the door.

Check to see if the cord attached to the eye is cut or damaged; occasionally, a rainstorm or leak can damage the photo eye.

Dirt and dust can clog the eye and block the laser beam, so a thorough cleaning with a tissue can sometimes solve this issue.

Plug it in!
Plug it in!

#2 Your Operator's Power Source Is Disrupted

Sometimes, people unplug their power source and then wonder why their garage door opener fails to work. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it does happen. Make sure that your garage door opener is plugged into a working outlet. Outlets sometimes go out without warning, so you can check to see if the outlet is working by plugging another working electronic device into it. Also, check your circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI.

Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring
Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

#3 Your Garage Door Torsion Springs Are Broken

SNAP... bang... boom. That is the sound of a garage door torsion spring breaking. It can be a very loud noise that sounds like a firecracker or gunshot. Springs are rated for a certain number of cycles and are the first thing that will break in your garage door assembly. Broken springs are the #1 source of customer calls for garage door repair companies. If you have a broken spring, you should NEVER try to open the door, as it can be very dangerous. This repair should be left to a professional or someone with the right tools and skills.

#4 Your Cables Have Snapped or Popped Off

Just like on a bike sprocket, your cables can sometimes become disengaged. Oftentimes, when a torsion spring breaks, the garage door cable will snap as a result. Sometimes, the cable will cause damage to a vehicle or wall, and if a person happens to be in the way of the cable it can cause serious harm. If you cables have snapped, you should call a professional to help you. See the video above.

Make Sure the Sensitivity Is Correct!
Make Sure the Sensitivity Is Correct!

#5 Your Sensitivity Is Out of Adjustment

This can happen to a newly installed garage door or an older one: if the sensitivity is set too low or high, the door will not open. Read the manufacturer's directions to reset the sensitivity. You can adjust the close force and limit switch to the correct levels and you should be good to go!

How to Program Your Garage Door Remote

#6 Your Remote Control Is Malfunctioning

When your garage door won't open with the remote, there are few things that can cause this problem:

  1. You might be out of range.
  2. The antenna on the motor could be damaged or blocked from the signal; make sure it is hanging down from the motor.
  3. If the door opens with the wall switch, a simple battery change in the remote should do the trick
  4. If all these fail, try reprogramming the remote.

#7 The Limit Setting Needs Adjustment

If the door closes but then immediately pops open again, you'll need to check the limit settings, which help the mechanism determine how far to move the door in order to close it properly. If the settings are off, the door will hit the ground before the opener believes it should. It will assume that it has hit an obstacle and will automatically backtrack to avoid damage. Check the owner's manual or the buttons on the motor to adjust the limit settings. It may take some trial and error to get the setting just right.

  1. Get a ladder and find the limit switch adjustment knob. Some models are labeled “up” and “down.” Consult your owner's manual for help.
  2. If your door isn't closing, adjust it down. If it won't go up, adjust it up. A full turn of the screw equals about two inches of door movement on most models.
  3. It's smart to make very small adjustments so you don't overdo it and end up slamming the door open or shut. Keep testing it to see if it works.

#8 The Door Is Off Its Track

Of course, if the door is off track, it won't slide properly.

  • Make sure the door is rolling smoothly along its metal track.
  • Check the track for bends, bumps, gaps, or obstacles.
  • Listen to and watch the door's progress: Do you hear any squeaks or areas of friction? Does the door seem to slow down or get stuck along the way? If so, you'll know that section of track is misaligned.

To fix this problem, loosen the screws that hold the track to its frame, gently tap the track back into the proper position, then retighten the screws. A level and a rubber mallet might help.

#9 There's an Unseen Obstacle

In order to prevent injury, garage doors automatically reverse if they come into contact with an obstacle. When the door closes halfway but then reverses for no apparent reason, this may be a sign that there is something preventing it from closing, something that you can't see. Check the tracks for stuff like dirt, rocks, bits of trash, or other debris. Give the tracks a wipe-down to dislodge anything that might be getting in the way.

#10 "Disconnect" Has Been Switched

Every garage door opener comes with a disconnect switch, cord, or knob that allows you to work the door manually in case of a power outage. Check to make sure that you haven't accidentally disconnected the motor.

#11 It's Locked!

This one falls squarely into the category of user error. If the motor is running but the door doesn't budge, it's time to ask yourself if it might be locked. Check to see if there are any metal parts that have slid down to bar access. If there are, locate the locking knob or handle and use it to disengage the lock.

FAQs About Garage Doors That Won't Open or Shut

Why won't my garage door open all the way?

Sometimes, when it gets stopped halfway shut or open, it might be that the springs are broken (see #3) or the limit setting needs adjustment (see #7). If all else fails, you might try spraying the track with lubricant.

The garage door motor is running but the door isn't opening. What's wrong?

Check the photo sensors' alignment (tip #1 above) or the cables to see if they're broken or if the tension is off (#4).

Why isn't my garage door wall switch working?

Check the LED light to see if it's giving you any malfunction information, and check the outlet for power. It could be a problem with wiring or with the logic board. See the video below for more information.

Why won't the garage door close or open with the remote?

Your remote is probably malfunctioning. See tip #6 above for a list of possible issues to troubleshoot.

What if I can't get into my garage?

Maybe the battery died or a spring broke, but you can't get into the garage to even see what the problem is. If the garage door is the only way in or out, or if you can't find the key to the door, you'll have to either find a way to break in or call a locksmith. As a preventative measure, it's smart to keep a spare key or install an emergency key release that would allow you to release the emergency disconnect to the operator so you can manually raise the door.

How to Open Your Garage Door Manually

  1. Get a ladder.
  2. Find the red cord on the mechanism that's hooked to a lever. This is the emergency disconnect, and it should release the door and enable you to move it.
  3. Yank the cord, then get down off the ladder.
  4. Lift the door with both hands. If it won't move, go back up to pull the red cord again.
  5. Once you have it open, you'll have to prop it up with something to prevent it from sliding down again.

If you're outside and can't get into a closed garage, you don't have many options. You may have to call a locksmith or find a way to break in. As a preventative measure, it's smart to install an emergency key release that allows you to release the emergency disconnect remotely so you can manually raise the door.

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      • profile image

        Rick 2 months ago

        We arrived at a rental property and tried to open garage door to get our vehicle in so we could unload luggage, etc. Could not open from outside. Went into house and, from inside garage, tried automatic opener but this did not work. So in trying to open the door manually, I reached up and pulled on the red cord attached to a lever. What I could not see, and was not expecting, is that the rope was frayed through almost completely. The rope broke when I applied some weight to it, sending me backwards onto the floor of the garage.

        My question is, was there another way I could have opened the garage door manually, thereby avoiding what happened?

      • profile image

        John 2 months ago

        My wireless remote control will open the garage door, but will not close the door. And when I want close it with the bottom, I have to continue pushing the bottom until door to be completely close .

        Does anybody have any suggestions?

      • profile image

        Lindy 2 months ago

        How do I charge the batteries in the remote?

      • profile image

        TOM 3 months ago


      • profile image

        Essu 3 months ago

        My wireless remote control will close the garage door, but will not open the door. I have changed the battery but still no luck.

        Does anybody have any suggestions?

      • profile image

        Richard 4 months ago

        change the light bulb back to an incandescent some led or fluorescent bulbs mess with the remote. It will work close but not from outside

      • profile image

        Bryan 4 months ago

        I have new opener and it will work in the garage but when I walk out side I can not get it to open or close

      • profile image

        Mark 4 months ago

        None of this works when I can't get inside my garage to pull the disconnect cord or anything else. Guess I have to cut a hole n my door to pull the disconnect cord, then I can open it?

      • profile image

        Mark 4 months ago

        My garage door has been acting up. Not wanting to work sometimes. I noticed the blue light flashing on the opener when I push the remote button. Today it will not open. That is the only way in, so I can't go in the garage from inside the house. I can't pull the cord to release the belt drive. How do I open it now? I never did run wires to the manual button into the house. I have to use the opener. Only have one I can find now. It is not working. I need in there now.

      • profile image

        Robin 5 months ago

        This morning I tried to open from outside, it kept moving little bit of up and dow like hunted house . I went inside and tried to pull rope from rail, it all stop with loud sound. What is wrong?

      • profile image

        Tammy 5 months ago

        My garage doesn’t open in night from remote wireless opener. But works fine in morning

      • profile image

        Jim 6 months ago

        My garage door opens almost fully then it stops. What could be the problem?

      • profile image

        Moses 7 months ago

        The garage door open completely just open a little bit so please help me about that

      • profile image

        N. Kasman 7 months ago

        We have a new Toyota and when I attached the old opener to the visor with elastic bands (since the visor is very thick and rigid), the door won't open. If I keep the remote in a cup holder and press it, the door opens.

      • profile image

        jim 7 months ago

        The garage door will freeze in various positions. The opener just quits. Neither the remote nor the wall switch will work.

        The only way to unfreeze it is to disconnect, then reconnect the power. But it happens again, and again. Is there a circuit board or part that is homeowner friendly to replace?

      • profile image

        Debi.jacimine@gmail.com 7 months ago

        Power went out last night, this morning garage door wouldn't open.No light no sound. The plug works but nothing about the door works.

      • profile image

        Jason 8 months ago

        My door will not do anything other than the lights coming on or off. It has power but nothing happens when I try and open. No motor sound or anything. Please help!!!

      • profile image

        Cris 8 months ago

        When I click my remote, the light on the garage door opener unit blinks but the door doesn't open or close. The wall button is working though and I changed the battery in the clicker...any ideas?

      • profile image

        Sihle 8 months ago

        My garage door opens half way. If you press the button to close it from that half, it goes down and when it touches the floor it goes back to half on it Owen

      • profile image

        Jen 8 months ago

        I push button to open the garage it goes up 1/3 of the way have to close it again and push button again and then it will open. Any idea what i can do to fix this?

      • profile image

        Ernesto 8 months ago

        Why it's my garage door not working

      • profile image

        Scott 8 months ago

        My garage door will not open or close with the remote. I have changed the batteries and reset the codes. The garage door opener was put in in 1998. Need a little help any suggestions

      • profile image

        Jeannie 9 months ago

        My door remote light will come on and it makes a moan but it won't open or close so I have to do it manually

      • profile image

        nazif oric 9 months ago

        my garage door wont open all the way just a few inches from the floor can somebody help me with this.

      • profile image

        Lou 11 months ago

        My door raises 6" and stops. I tried to work it it manually and it won't budge

      • profile image

        Tim 11 months ago

        my garage. Door wont open by using the remote and I have no other way to get inside

      • profile image

        Betsy 12 months ago

        Garage door will only open if we hold the button down. It will only open a few inches from the car.

      • profile image

        mecael 13 months ago

        My garage door won't open or close the motor runs and the shaft turns bur doesn't engage the chain. it opens and closes manually

      • profile image

        Terry 13 months ago

        My garage door remote works great until glad comes on after the light Times out it works again please advise me what to do thanks

      • profile image

        Ern 14 months ago

        Hi my garage door will only open a quarter of the way up without me holding the button Down. It will open completely as long as I'm holding the button down the whole time. What could be wrong?

      • profile image

        Joe 15 months ago

        Brent, check your door sensors either they need adjusted or something is in the way

      • profile image

        Brent 16 months ago

        I have realigned my sensors and my garage door keeps stopping in the open position and then the light flashes 3-6 times. Any idea what could be wrong?

      • profile image

        Ronald Stein 17 months ago

        Our garage door won't open, three red lights are lit


      • profile image

        Ed 19 months ago

        Check the release. There is a cord that you pull that disengages the door from the opener. When it is pulled the trolley that rides along the bar will move back and forth but the door doesn't move. All you need to do is push the release lever back up.

      • profile image

        Victor 20 months ago

        I have the exact same issue. Only difference is that my opener is screw driven and not chain. I would love a response to this problem. Thank you.

      • profile image

        Tony 20 months ago

        HI, my garage door does not open. The motor runs and the shaft turns, but seems it is not engaging the chain. It does close when opened manually.

        Please advise on what the problem may be.

        Thank you.