How to Grow Nasturtium, an Edible Flower

Nasturtiums are easy to grow, edible and valuable companion plants in your vegetable garden.


Identifying the Indian Blue Composting Worm

Indian blues are the smallest composting worms, and can be kind of picky about conditions. However, a properly set up blue worm bin will work very well, producing tons of castings.


How to Grow Cinnamon Fern, a Native Plant

Cinnamon ferns are hardy native ferns that grow well in moist shady locations. Their fronds turn yellow in the fall to add color to the landscape.


Identifying the European Nightcrawler Composting Worm

European Nightcrawlers are the red wigglers bigger cousin. A single Euro will eat more than a single red, but reds tend to develop higher populations. Due to their size, Euros are somewhat easier to use as bait for fishing.


How to Grow Pampas Grass, an Ornamental Grass

Pampas grass has spectacular flowers that last through much of the winter.


Do the 'Dew: Meet Your New Favorite Houseplants, the Sundews (Drosera)

If you don't have one of these adorable little monsters, you're missing out on one of the quirkiest, low-maintenance, and most useful houseplant roommates our planet has to offer.


How to Grow Serviceberry (Shadbush), a Native Shrub

Serviceberries are native shrubs and small trees that are widespread throughout North America. They are grown both for their lovely spring flowers and for their delicious berries.


How to Grow Purple Fountain Grass, an Ornamental Grass

Purple fountain grass is usually grown as annual. Its deep red leaves and flowers work well in your garden or even in a container with other flowers.


How to Grow Shade-Loving Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias' brightly colored flowers add a pop of color to a shady corner in your yard or patio.


How to Grow Japanese Blood Grass, a Colorful Ornamental Grass

The bright red foliage of Japanese blood grass provides interest year round in your garden.


How to Grow Lamb's Ear, a Drought-Tolerant Plant

With its soft, fuzzy leaves, lamb's ear is perfect for a children's garden. It's low stature makes it suitable as an interesting edging to your garden.


How to Grow Bunny Tail Grass, an Ornamental Grass

Bunny tail grass is an excellent addition to gardens designed with children in mind. Its soft, fuzzy flowers look like rabbits' tails and beg to be touched.


How to Grow Canterbury Bells, a Cottage Garden Favorite

Canterbury bells are a wonderful addition to your cottage garden. They bloom in the late spring and will readily self-sow.


How to Grow Zebra Grass, an Ornamental Grass

Zebra grass is an ornamental grass with horizontal variegation of its leaves which add color to your garden in the spring and the summer. Its airy plumes add more interest in the fall.


How to Grow Purple Coneflower (Echinacea), a Native Plant

Purple coneflowers are a drought tolerant native that are a must in every garden. Not just beautiful, they also attract bees, butterflies and birds.


How to Grow Northern Sea Oats, a Native Grass

Northern sea oats are one of the few native grasses that will grow in partial shade. Beware though, it is a prolific self-seeder.


How to Grow Astilbe in a Shade Garden

Astilbe will light up your shade garden with its colorful plumes of flowers.


Planning a Great Vegetable Garden for the First Time!

Gardening is a great hobby for young and old alike. There is nothing better than eating fresh vegetables that you grow yourself. This article will follow the process of me building my own garden in my backyard and provide you with some guidance to do so at your own home!


How to Grow Coral Bells (Heuchera), a Native Plant for Shade

The colorful leaves of coral bells are great way to add color to your shade garden.


The Magic of No-Tilling Gardening

Healthier soil and less labor—what is there not to love about no-tilling gardening? Read on to learn this marvelous method of gardening.


The Snowbush in the Sunny Caribbean: Facts, Care, and Uses

During my Caribbean childhood, the plant with spotty white leaves was known as “old man’s beard.” Now I discover that "snowbush" is the preferred name, but can anything snow survive the Caribbean sun?


How to Grow Wild Ginger, a Native Plant as a Groundcover

Wild ginger is a hardy native plant that is perfect as a groundcover in a shady area or under a tree.


How to Grow Lady’s Slippers, a Native Plant

Lady's Slippers are native orchids that are hardy in most of the US. Grow them in a shady corner or under a tree.


How to Successfully Grow Blueberries in the South

This article will provide everything you need to know to grow blueberries successfully in the South.


How to Clone Fruit Trees With the Air Layering Method

In this article, I will show you a very easy method of air layering fruit trees that requires no additional watering and allows you to clone your favorite trees for exact copies.


How to Grow Turtlehead (Chelone), a Native Plant

Turtlehead flowers look like turtles with their mouths open. They are a woodland plant that needs wet soils.


How to Grow Solomon's Seal, a Native Plant

Solomon's Seal is a native woodland plant that is superbly adapted to grow in your shady garden. Its berries are an important food source for the birds in your backyard.


How to Grow Toad Lilies for Fall Color

Toad lilies are a good solution for that soggy corner in your landscape. They thrive in wet soil and shade.


How to Grow Rat Tail Cactus

Rat tail cacti are often grown in hanging baskets so that their stems can drape over the sides of the container.


How I Grow My Own Food in Containers

Due to the world pandemic in 2020, some food has been scarce. People are seeing where they might need to consider growing food. I try to grow vegetables and fruits I can't buy in the store. In this article, I'll share how I grow my own food and offer tips for others to do so as well.


How to Grow Baby Plum Tomato Plants From Seeds

Learn how to grow baby plum tomatoes from seeds in containers in the garden. I show you the best way to water the tomatoes and how much sun and shade they need.


How to Select, Plant, and Care for Drought-Tolerant Plants in Arid Climates

Choosing drought-tolerant plants in arid climates can help keep your garden green during even the driest periods. Here are some plants to consider adding to your drought-tolerant landscape, along with other tips for providing much needed support to your plants when the rain doesn't fall.


Growing Huisache Trees in Southern Landscaping: Beauty and the Beast

Learn about the pros and cons of growing huisache trees or shrubs. It is spectacularly beautiful when in bloom and has had many uses over the years.


How to Grow Squash-Pumpkin Hybrids

The interesting thing about pollination is that some plants of the same species can cross-pollinate to create hybrid plants. Squash and pumpkins are both members of the same species of plant called Curcurbita pepo and can cross-pollinate to make hybrids.


Grow a Zombie Garden!

Many fruit and vegetable scraps that you normally discard can be used to start healthy new plants. Before tossing them in the compost bin, consider using them to grow your own zombie garden.


How to Get Rid of Autumn Olive, an Invasive Plant

Autumn olives used to be used extensively until we realized that they were an invasive plant the was taking over the landscape and pushing out important native plants.


How Do You Germinate Broccoli Seeds in a Paper Towel?

Broccoli is a delicious vegetable that is easy to grow in your garden and is extremely nutritious to eat. To make things even easier, paper towel gardening is a great method for germinating broccoli seeds indoors. This guide will show you how.


How to Grow Chocolate Soldier Plant

Chocolate soldier plants are fuzzy succulents with "chocolate" edging on their leaves.


How to Grow Bugleweed, an Attractive Groundcover

Bugleweed is a groundcover that can planted in full sun or partial shade. Its colorful foliage and unusual flowers add color to a semi-shady corner of your yard.


How to Grow Zebra Haworthia (Zebra Cactus)

Zebra haworthia plants have distinctive white spots on both sides of the leaves. They are popular houseplants, readily available in stores and nurseries.


A Tropical Taste of Hawaii: 'Ulu Breadfruit

Breadfruit is truly one of the healthiest edible fruits on the planet! Delicious, nutritious, and abundant - it is also a spectacular tropical fruit tree.


8 Things That Are Good in a Garden

Here are some important things that are often overlooked when planning a garden.


The Top 10 Deadliest Plants in the World

This article examines the 10 deadliest plants in the world. It provides a direct analysis of each plant's toxicity (in relation to humans and animals), as well as their general traits and characteristics.


Purple Loosestrife, an Invasive Plant

Purple loosestrife is beautiful but very destructive. It is an invasive species from Europe that forms dense mats which choke out native plants.


How to Grow Polka Dot Plants Indoors or Outdoors

Polka dot plants are Madagascar natives whose brightly colored leaves add color and interest both indoors and outdoors.


How to Grow Dependable, Disease-Resistant, Carefree Daylilies

A daylily has an excellent reputation for being a disease-resistant, carefree, and dependable flower. The trumpet-shaped bloom opens and fades in a single day, only to be quickly replaced by new blooms. Daylilies have a set number of blooms predetermined by their genes.


8 Unique and Beautiful Vertical Garden Ideas

This article will provide an array of unique vertical garden ideas that you might want to try out for yourself.


How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms on a Home Farm (With Recipes)

This article will share details about my small home oyster mushroom farm and provide information on how to set up a similar one in your own home. It also provides a few recipes that incorporate delicious oyster mushrooms for you to try at home.


How to Grow Purple Bell Vines

Purple bell vines are a Mexican native that is grown as an annual. The 10 foot vines are covered with purple flowers that look like bells.


How to Grow Purple Passion Plant (Velvet Plant)

Purple passion plants add color and texture to your indoor space with their fuzzy purple leaves.