Homestead Aquaponic Farming: Rearing Fish and Growing Vegetables in One Combined System

Aquaponics food production is a type of farming system that may be just what the world needs. Different from traditional cultivation in many ways, this, perhaps is the solution to the imminent global food crisis and looming hunger in developing countries. How does it work and what are its benefits?


How (Not) to Build a Garden Box: An Absolute Beginner Guide

An honest and comprehensive beginner guide to building a garden box (raised bed garden) including materials, mistakes, and step-by-step instructions.


Air-Purifying Bedroom Plants That Can Survive Low Light

Choosing plants good for the bedroom can be a problem. This article will help you decide whether it's possible or worthwhile and, if the answers are yes, what kinds of plants would work.


How to Make Gardening Easier: My 9 Top Tips

Discover nine simple ways to make gardening easier, saving you work as you grow healthier plants, increase harvests and beautify your yard.


Identifying the Canadian Nightcrawler Worm

Canadian nightcrawlers are HUGE. They are much larger than African and European nightcrawlers and positively dwarf red and blue wigglers.


Care Tips for the Watermelon Peperomia

The Watermelon Peperomia is one of the most beautiful and easy to care for houseplants on the planet.


5 Easy-to-Grow Tropical Vines With Dazzling Blue Flowers

It's all about the soothing, calming blue color! These five tropical vines with spectacular blue flowers will transform your garden into a relaxing tropical sanctuary.


How to Grow Malabar Spinach, an Edible Tropical Vine

Malabar spinach, although not a true spinach, tastes like it and grows during the heat of the summer when your true spinach has finished.


How to Grow Calla Lilies Indoors or Outdoors

Calla lilies add tropical flare inside your home or out in your garden.


Spider Plant Light Requirements: How Much Do They Need?

How much sunlight do spider plants need? This article is a guide on their sunlight requirements. Read on to find out how you could best replicate the ideal growing environment at home.


Brown Tips on Spider Plants: Causes and Cures

Brown tips on spider plants can be caused by a few underlying issues, including fluorides, salt build-up, and water-stress.


Do Upside Down Tomato Planters Really Work?

We tried growing tomatoes upside down and compared it to conventional tomato plant growing methods in our garden and containers. Here's what we found.


How to Grow Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is a versatile squash that can be prepared many different ways. It grows on long vines that can be planted in hills or grown in rows.


How to Grow and Care for New York Asters

Do you like gardening flowers? If yes, then you will surely love to know about New York asters, how these beauties get their name, and the process of planting seeds with care instructions.


How to Improve Your Garden With Old Pallets

Recycled pallets make easy and practical raised beds in the garden.


Plants That Will Make Your Garden Better: Wildflowers for Cold Climates

These North American native wildflowers will make your garden better in very cold climates. They will do extremely well in extended cold winter conditions, blooming nicely in the warmer months and surviving harsh winters.with ease.


How to Grow Caladiums Indoors or Outdoors

Caladiums are shade plants with large, colorful leaves. They can be grown in your shade garden or indoors as a houseplant.


How to Grow Brussels Sprouts, a Cool Season Vegetable

Brussels sprouts look like little cabbages. They grow best in cool weather and actually taste better after a light frost.


6 Perennial Late-Blooming Plants to Add Color to Your Fall Garden

Add color to your fall garden and brighten your day with perennial late-blooming plants that return each fall.


A Tropical Taste of Hawaii: Eggfruit

Eggfruit, aka canistel or yellow sapote, is a tropical fruit with a peculiar taste and texture. It is known for its incredible nutritional values and health benefits.


5 Endangered Native Wildflowers That Will Make Your Garden Better

Endangered native wildflowers are good for the environment and good for gardeners. They are also very easy to grow. These plants will make your garden better than the flowers often sold in garden stores.


How to Grow Madonna Lily, an Ancient Plant

Madonna lilies have graced our gardens for 3,000 years. In addition to history, they will lend your garden height and fragrance in the spring.


How to Grow Broccoli, a Cool Season Vegetable

Broccoli is usually grown in the cool weather of spring. After you harvest the main head, smaller side shoots grow for a longer harvest season.


8 Yellow Wildflowers That Will Make Your Garden Better

The yellow wildflowers listed here—including coreopsis, yellow violet, St. John's wort and others—might best be described as garden ambassadors. They give gardeners a great introduction to the concept of growing native plants.


How to Grow Hyacinths for Spring Color

Hyacinths are colorful spring bulbs that are also very fragrant.


Planting Trees Is a Great Thing to Do: A Look at Their Benefits on Our Farm and in the World

Whether they are on the farm or in a city lot, trees are an important part of the ecosystem. Planting even a single tree can make a big difference.


How to Grow Red Spider Lily

Red spider lilies are a great way to add color to your garden in the late summer and early fall. The intensely red flowers look like spiders with their long stamens.


Plants That Will Make Your Garden Better: Prairie Flowers

Prairie plants will make your garden better because they are are adaptable to a wide range of conditions and surprisingly versatile. They have extensive root systems, tough stems, and super-hardy constitutions.


Plants That Will Make Your Garden Better: Classic Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is a native wildflower that is easy to grow in the home garden.


Plants That Will Make Your Garden Better: Bee Balm, Monarda

Whether a true native plant or a garden center cultivar, bee balm is a garden favorite.


How to Grow Obedient Plant, a Native Plant

Obedient plants are a native plant that looks like a snapdragon. It is an aggressive spreader so it can take over your garden if you are not careful.


Plants That Will Make Your Garden Better: Milkweed

Growing milkweed will make your garden better by attracting monarchs, adapting to many conditions, and providing a wide range of other benefits. Once considered an annoying weed, milkweed is now a desirable garden plant.


How to Grow Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) Indoors or Outdoors

Agapanthus can lend a tropical touch to your landscape. In colder climates, it can be grown indoors as a houseplant.


The Starburst Bush: Colors, Care, and Characteristics

Not until its flowers bloom does the meaning of its name become clear, as the flower of the starburst bush resembles a shooting star. The pretty, bunchy flowers make it appealing to folks searching for unique ornamental flowers.


Is It Too Late to Plant Spring Bulbs?

Did you forget to plant spring bulbs last fall? It may not be too late to have some late spring color.


How to Make Your Garden Better: Plant Flowers in Winter With Wintertime Sowing Techniques

You can make your garden better by planting flowers in the winter. Hardy perennial flowers will germinate on their own and grow nicely from December through April. All it takes is knowledge of some basic principles.


The Good and the Bad of Prickly Thistles

Everybody knows them, and everybody detests them: thistles. Here are the good and the bad about these prickly weeds.


How to Grow Japanese Fern, a Colorful Fern

Japanese ferns are small variegated ferns that add color to your shade garden.


If You Like Sedum, You'll Love Tillandsia

Tillandsia (air plants) require a good deal of care, but they're definitely worth it!


How to Grow Pineapple Lilies

Pineapple lilies are easy to grow summer flowering bulbs with flowers that look just like pineapples.


How to Grow Ostrich Fern, a Native Plant

Ostrich ferns are the largest native fern. They make a dramatic backdrop to your shade garden. Take advantage of their rapid spread and use them for erosion control along stream banks.


Plants That Will Make Your Garden Better: Coreopsis

Coreopsis is the name for a varied group of perennial wildflowers that can bring many assets to any home flower garden. These native plants need very little water, bloom repeatedly with deadheading, and make strong healthy foliage that stays green well past the first frost.


How to Grow Nasturtium, an Edible Flower

Nasturtiums are easy to grow, edible and valuable companion plants in your vegetable garden.


Identifying the Indian Blue Composting Worm

Indian blues are the smallest composting worms, and can be kind of picky about conditions. However, a properly set up blue worm bin will work very well, producing tons of castings.


How to Grow Cinnamon Fern, a Native Plant

Cinnamon ferns are hardy native ferns that grow well in moist shady locations. Their fronds turn yellow in the fall to add color to the landscape.


Identifying the European Nightcrawler Composting Worm

European nightcrawlers are the red wigglers' bigger cousins. A single Euro will eat more than a single red, but reds tend to develop higher populations. Due to their size, Euros are somewhat easier to use as bait for fishing.


Make Houseplant Propagation Your Pandemic Side Hustle: Where to Sell or Swap Your Plants

COVID-19 has forced would-be plant swappers and sellers to get creative. Here are some starting points for you to sell or trade plants, safely.


How to Grow Pampas Grass, an Ornamental Grass

Pampas grass has spectacular flowers that last through much of the winter.


Make Houseplant Propagation Your Pandemic Side Hustle: Valuing Your Plants

You've propagated your plants, and you've decided to sell. So what are they worth?


Do the 'Dew: Meet Your New Favorite Houseplants, the Sundews (Drosera)

If you don't have one of these adorable little monsters, you're missing out on one of the quirkiest, low-maintenance, and most useful houseplant roommates our planet has to offer.