Growing Pumpkins in Your Ohio Garden

Pumpkins are popping up in Ohio! Be ready for the autumn harvest with your own field of pumpkins in the backyard garden.


How to Get Rid of Weeds Naturally With Homemade Weed Killer

Make your own 3-ingredient weed killer with common household items to eliminate pesky weeds from your garden and sidewalk paths.


7 Ways to Prune Blackberries for a Healthy Plant and a Bountiful Harvest

Pruning your blackberries will really help them thrive. Here is how to prune blackberries to encourage the plant's natural growth and produce lots of delicious berries.


How to Kill Dock Weed Organically

Rachel Darlington explains how to remove stubborn dock weed from your garden or lawn.


3 Best Garden Foliage Plants for Full Sun

From purple to succulent green to silver, these foliage plants add year-round interest to any garden.


How to Use Wheatgrass Kits and Trays

If you use wheatgrass often for your healthy lifestyle, consider growing your own with easy-to-use kits and trays.


Start Plants From Seeds in Small Spaces

You don't need a greenhouse or a plant room to start plants for your garden. Learn how I use minimal space in my home to start plants from seed!


How to Care for Aloe Plants

Rachel Darlington explains how to care for potted aloe plants in different climates.


DIY Balcony Trellis: How to Build a Simple Trellis for $50–100 (or Less)

Growing plants up trellises is a great way to save space on your balcony while still having greenery. Trellises are easy and cheap to build. Here are three different kinds.


Pet-Friendly Organic Ways to Deal With Lily Beetles

The red lily beetle is a destructive pest that can ruin your lily plants. Here are some organic options to try to rid your garden of the lily beetle and keep your pet and friendly insects safe!


How to Get the Highest Yield and Best Flavor From Tomatoes

These three easy tips will help you get the best-tasting tomatoes (and more of them!).


How to Grow Wintercreeper

Wintercreeper is a low-lying, leafy ground cover plant visually similar to ivy that can add interest to gardens when paired with other shrubs or flowering plants.


How to Grow and Maintain Korean Lilac

Korean lilac is a compact shrub with fragrant purple flowers that makes a perfect hedge, background for shorter plants, or border plant.


Verbena Types, Care, and Propagation

Verbena is a perennial low-lying flowering plant with a trailing habit. It makes a great ground cover addition to any garden and can grow in most places in the U.S.


How to Plant Out Dahlias in Your Garden (5 Easy Steps)

From hardening off your plants to staking them early, here are my five foolproof steps to planting out dahlias.


How to Repot an Indoor Begonia

Learn how to repot indoor begonias with this step-by-step guide.


How to Choose the Best Tomato Variety to Grow (6 Tips)

From deciding what you want to do with your tomatoes to figuring out what your frost date is, here are six key questions to ask yourself before buying tomato plants.


Why Are Your Tomato Seeds Not Germinating?

This article is about why tomato seeds fail to germinate. Learn about the environmental conditions and other factors that prevent tomato seeds from sprouting.


How to Grow a Hanging Garden From Your Balcony Railing

All over Europe, there are balconies with beautiful, cascading gardens of flowers. Not so in the United States, and I wonder why. It's fairly easy to create such a garden if you choose the right kinds of plants.


How to Design a Victorian Garden

The Victorian Era came with many societal advances. Gardens were prized for exotic plants, gorgeous roses, dazzling ferns, and climbing vines. People began to put more effort into their gardens, because they had lawn mowers and more free time. Victorian gardens can be recreated with some dedication.


Daylilies: The Perfect Perennials

Easy to grow, versatile, and long-lasting, daylilies are the perfect perennials.


3 Best Flowering Plants to Grow in Shady Areas

From the vibrant 'Golden Queen' to the honey-scented false Solomon's seal, here are three gorgeous flowering plants that thrive in the shade.


How to Dispose of Large Amounts of Old Potting Soil

In this article, I will describe how to dispose of potting soil. Learn the ways to get rid of large amounts of old potting soil in your home or business premises.


How to Design Your Garden Like a Virgo

The Virgo garden is a relaxing space with muted colors, easy to care for plants, and spots that encourage thinking. Virgos would do well to have zen gardens in part of their yard. Arranging rocks and raking through gravel will help relax their busy minds. The Virgo garden is built around equanimity.


How to Care for Venus Fly Traps

Love the idea of a carnivorous plant? Learn how to care for your potted predator!


How to Divide and Pot Aloe Plants

Learn how to successfully divide and grow all types of aloe plants.


Why Aren't My Hydrangeas Blooming? (7 Reasons and Solutions)

From overwatering to "winter zap," here are seven different reasons you might be struggling to get your hydrangeas to bloom and what you can do to change that!


Everything You Need for a Zen Garden

A zen garden provides a space for you to reflect, meditate, and find a sense of calm. The two most important features of a zen garden are rocks and white gravel. The space should contrast from the rest of your yard. Weeds are forbidden from the space, and plants should be trimmed and sheared.


Optimizing Bagua Spaces for a Balanced Feng Shui Garden

Bagua is the energy map used for feng shui. Each section of your garden or home is categorized around certain elements and aspects of your life that you want to develop. Feng shui encourages balanced living and positive chi to bring in auspicious energy into your household.


How to Grow and Successfully Reflower Clivia

With proper care—such as careful attention to temperature and pot size—you can enjoy gorgeous Clivia blooms every spring.


Designing Your Garden With Wood Feng Shui

Wood is one of the easiest to pull off elements in a feng shui garden. Wood is about the lovely colors that come into the world during spring. The element's main color is green. A garden rich in this element will have lush plants, tall trees, gorgeous columns, vine-covered-trellises, and fruits.


How to Plant Peonies: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to plant peonies the right way, so you get big beautiful blooms every time.


Designing Your Garden With Earth Feng Shui

Adding the earth element into your garden will give it more structure, serenity, and purpose. Zen gardens are a popular way to boost earth energy in feng shui. Earth represents your health, knowledge, longevity, and legacy. You can add rock elements into your space with rocks, pottery, art and more.


Designing Your Garden With Water Feng Shui

Water in feng shui symbolizes abundance. You want water to flow with ease, to be clean, to have good air quality, and to be a healthy color. Water symbolizes your relationship to money. It acts as a mirror to your financial decisions and how you have stabilized your life or come into chaos


Peonies: An All-Time Favorite

A brief description of the needs of peonies and the care required for successfully growing them.


Designing Your Garden With Metal Feng Shui

Metal feng shui adds creativity to your garden space. Metal traditionally represents purification and refinement. It is the element that connects heaven with earth. Metal is frequently used for gardening tools, so you'll want to consider where you can store those. Metal is a fun element to explore.


Prayer Plants Drooping?: Learn the Causes and How to Fix Them

This article is about the causes of drooping in prayer plants (Maranta) and how to prevent and fix the problem.


Designing Your Garden With Fire Feng Shui

Designing a garden can be challenging. Following the principles of fire feng shui can bring back some energy, color, and movement into the yard. Fire feng shui is easy to bring out with red plants, shapes, and solar lights. The yard should have elements that spark the imagination and promote energy.


3 Flowering Perennials for Early Summer

Camassia, bergenia and euphorbia 'fireglow' are three beautiful early-summer flowers that even the beginning gardener can grow.


Air Layering: A Step-by-Step Guide

Air layering propagation is probably one of the easiest ways to create new, healthy plants out of already grown ones. This article aims to present an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide on how to use this method on pretty much any healthy plant.


Why Are the Leaves of Your Peperomia Splitting?

In this article, I will discuss the reasons for the splitting or cracking of leaves of Peperomia plants. I will also discuss how to deal with this problem affecting the radiator plants.


How to Lift, Divide and Replant Primroses and Polyanthuses

Learn how to lift, divide and replant primroses and polyanthuses and enjoy beautiful, colorful flowers in your garden.


How to Design Your Garden Like a Leo

The Leo based garden will look to trends in July and August. The design will incorporate lion statues, Sun art, fire pits, bold pathways, and plenty of space for yard games. The flowers will be big, bold, and beautiful. The vegetables and fruits will be colorful, and there will be plenty of spices.


How to Grow Lots of Green Beans in Containers

This article provides several useful tips for growing green beans in containers. Photos are included.


DIY Pea Trellis: How to Build a Simple Pea Trellis in Your Garden

Giving peas a trellis to grow upright makes it easier for them to fruit and for you to pick. It also ensures there will be some left for you after the critters get the low-lying ones. Trellises are easy to build. Try these examples.


How to Start Dahlias in Pots

Learn how to start dahlias in pots and enjoy beautiful flowers come summer.


3 Easy Ways to Propagate Begonias

Learn three easy ways to propagate begonias using leaf- and stem-cutting techniques.


Vegetables You Can Grow in Your Garden Without Buying Their Seeds From the Market

Gardening can be fun when you can grow your favorite vegetables easily in your home garden without buying their seeds from the market.


My Top Tip to Improve Tomato Seed Germination

Tomato seeds can be difficult to germinate in compost. You can wait weeks and nothing happens. Read my top tip to improve the speed and success of seed germination using a handy kitchen product that everybody owns.


5 Flowers and Plants for Winter Interest in the Garden

These plants look good in winter and also in other seasons. Seasonal plants are useful for making your garden look attractive throughout the year so that, as one plant fades, another takes its place.