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The Best Spring Bulbs to Plant in Fall (And How to Pick Them)

Learn how to check dry bulbs for signs of disease or damage before buying and which 10 perennial bulbs can be planted out in fall for the best spring blooms.


6 Signs Your Cactus or Succulent Needs to Be Repotted

From yellowed or shriveling leaves to lack of growth, here are six ways to tell if it's time to repot your cactus or succulent.


5 Cold-Hardy Succulents That Can Survive Sub-Zero Temps

From agaves to sedums, learn about five of the best cold-hardy succulents that can survive below-freezing winters.


Indoor Cyclamen Care Guide (And Common Mistakes)

Learn how to help your cyclamen thrive and flower year after year by avoiding common care mistakes.


3 Winter Greenhouse Watering Tips for Healthy Plants

Learn how to grow fresh food year-round in a greenhouse. This article provides three essential watering tips to ensure your plants thrive through the winter months.


How to Make Leaf Mould (2 Quick and Easy DIY Methods)

Learn how and why to make leaf mould from fallen autumn leaves (and how urine can help speed up the process!).


Best Plants for a West-Facing Window

Are you having trouble finding the right houseplant for your west-facing window? This guide can help! Discover three great options, like the Swiss cheese plant (with photos and care tips).


Plants for South-Facing Windows (3 Easy, Sun-Loving Favorites)

From the endearing star cactus to the glossy forest lily, here are several plants that thrive in south-facing windows.


Garden Trees With Beautiful Fall Foliage (Plus Growth and Care Tips)

From the full moon maple, which delights with crimson leaves, to the multicolored sweetgum, learn about a few garden trees to plant for fall foliage.


How to Plant Tulips in the Ground and in Pots

With this guide, it's easy to plant beautiful tulips in the ground and in pots for a gorgeous spring display.


How to Plant a Crocus Lawn (With Demo Video and Care Tips)

Plant a crocus lawn in autumn to watch it flower in spring, year after year. Here's how.


Lifting Dahlias: How to Lift Dahlia Tubers in Fall

Learn when to lift your dahlias and how to properly store them over winter with this step-by-step guide!


Best Plants for East-Facing Windows

Which flowering houseplants thrive in east-facing windows? Streptocarpus (Cape primrose) and Christmas cactus are two great options. Learn to care for them properly (with videos).


Strange, Freaky, Odd-Looking Tropical Plants and Flowers

Beauty and the beast, witches, gnarly fingers, spiders, and snakes? These most bizarre yet fantastic tropical plants and flowers may give you goosebumps!


How to Plant Daffodils

A step-by-step guide to planting daffodils in the fall, with photos and videos!


How to Plant Allium Bulbs in Your Garden in Fall

Learn how to plant allium bulbs in the fall. Alliums are easy to grow and look gorgeous in the garden or a vase. What's more, rodents tend to avoid them!


How to Protect Your Garden From Frost

If you want to save your plants from frost so that you can harvest at the end of the season, you'll need to follow a protocol. We have perfected our frost protocol with three easy steps.


Growing Gourmet Mushrooms

Learn how to grow your own edible mushrooms—like oyster and shitake—using hardwood logs and stumps. Step-by-step instructions with photos and extra resources included!


When Is the Best Time to Plant Perennials? (Hint: It Isn't Spring!)

Though most people associate spring and summer with planting garden flowers, fall is the best time to get your perennials in the ground. (It's also the cheapest time to buy plants!)


8 Reasons to Grow Radishes in Your Garden

Radishes are renowned as a spicy addition to salads and vegetable platters. But there is far more to this vegetable that the peppery red root. Keep reading to learn the many ways radishes make a great addition to the garden.


Trees and Shrubs With Edible Red Fruits for Birds (And You!)

The Szechuan strawberry and beach rose are two wonderful options for adding edible fruit and vibrant color to your garden in fall and winter.


6 Garden Trees With Ornamental Bark for Winter Interest

Ornamental trees with pretty bark are wonderful, low-maintenance plants that add so much to any garden, especially in winter, when most other plants are dormant.


How to Choose the Best Pots for Houseplants

Keep your houseplants alive and well by choosing the appropriate container, based on the size of the plant, type, weight of the container, drainage, style, and expense.


Do Cacti and Succulents Need to Come Inside for the Winter?

Want to ensure your cacti and succulents survive the winter? Consider the type of plants you have, along with the temperature and humidity of where you live.


Harvesting the Perfect Zucchini for the Home and Market Garden

Fresh zucchinis from the garden are a delicious part of summer, but they grow very fast and can quickly turn into an overripe giant. Keep reading to learn when and how to harvest the perfect summer squash.


Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizers, and Those 3 Little Numbers

This article describes and explains the chemical components of synthetic fertilizer and the meaning of those three numbers on the bags and bottles. Also included is a list of organic sources of fertilizer for each of the components.


How to Make Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix

Learn how to make your own cactus and succulent potting mix using three simple ingredients—soil, grit, and horticultural sand.


How to Plant Peony Tubers in the Fall

Learn how to choose the right time, how to choose the right spot, how to dig the right hole, and so much more. This step-by-step guide to planting, growing, and caring for peonies will help you establish some beautiful long-term blooms.


How to Overwinter Begonias in Cold, Frosty Climates

There's no need to throw away your begonias in winter. Instead, save the tubers to plant again in spring! It's easy and will reward you with even more flowers.


How to Divide Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) Safely and Easily

Peruvian lilies can be safely and successfully divided and replanted as long as you follow a few simple tips: time it right, be gentle with roots and replant immediately.


How Cacti and Succulent Soil Is Different From Ordinary Potting Soil

What's the difference between regular potting soil and soil made for growing cacti and succulents? Does it even matter? Learn how to get the best results for all your plants, starting with soil!


How to Get Your Cactus to Flower

Having trouble getting your desert cactus to flower indoors? Make sure you aren't over-potting and remember to overwinter! These tips and more inside!


How to Cut Annabelle Hydrangeas for Arrangements

Learn tips for exactly when and how to cut hydrangeas fresh from your garden to make floral arrangements that will last for months!


How to Propagate Hydrangeas From Cuttings

It's super easy to propagate your hydrangeas and make more plants from the original plants that you already have growing in your garden—and I'm going to show you how to do just that in these simple steps.


How to Save Marigold Seeds to Plant Next Year

Instructions on how to save your Marigold seeds so they can be planted in next year's flower garden.


How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew Safely and Naturally

A fungus called powdery mildew often preys upon cool, damp gardens in the fall. If this is happening to your garden, you can safely and naturally control the spread. Six homemade sprays can be used as natural remedies to treat powdery mildew.


How and When to Divide a Garden Geranium (With Video Demo)

Divide perennial geraniums in autumn or spring. Here's how to do it in a few easy steps.


4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Garden During a Heatwave

If your area is prone to extreme heat or there's a heatwave about to hit, follow these four simple tips to protect your garden and help your plants through the summer.


How to Sow Cornflowers in Autumn for Bigger Plants in Spring

Autumn sowing cornflower seeds is a great way to ensure an early, colorful display of annual plants.


Goldenrod: A Beautiful Native Plant for Your Garden

Would you like a little sunshine in your garden? Plant goldenrod! This is a beautiful sturdy plant that likes a sunny location. Its color is a pure golden yellow or lemon yellow, and there is also a white variety to light up your garden.


How to Get Rid of Tomato Hornworms Safely and Naturally

There are safe and organic ways to eliminate this pest from your garden. Here are five natural ways to keep the tomato hornworm from destroying your tomato plants.


Best Yellow Perennials for Late-Summer Gold in the Garden

Dwarf goldenrod, certain sneezeweed and coneflower are three wonderful plants for adding huge splashes of late-summer gold to the garden.


3 Red Perennials for Gorgeous Late-Summer and Fall Color

From bee balm to knotweed, these gorgeous red perennials bloom through late summer and even into fall.


Do Cacti and Succulents Need Direct Sunlight?

Some cacti and succulents need plenty of sun, but some can fare quite well in indirect light. Find the best option for you and your home.


Grow Food Indoors: Four Interesting Requirements for Indoor Vegetables You May Not Know

Have vegetables all winter by following these steps for success with growing greens inside. There are surprising needs that you can meet by either replicating Mother Nature or by adjusting for the necessary absence of some features of the natural world.


3 Gorgeous White Perennials That Bloom in Late Summer

Japanese anemone is just one of several late-flowering perennials that can add a striking pop of white to a fall garden.


Nitrogen Fixers for the Organic Garden

Nitrogen is an essential element for healthy soils and productive gardens. Some plants will put nitrogen into the soil as they grow, eliminating the need for artificial fertilizers. Keep reading to see how this phenomenon occurs and which plants will best improve your soil.


Gorgeous Late-Flowering Blue Perennials for Your Garden

Late-blooming beauties like agapanthus and globe thistle add swaths of dreamy blue to your garden after most other pops of color have faded.


How to Plant Hydrangeas in the Ground (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

As the owner of a flower farm, I use this same planting technique for most hydrangeas—including Limelight, Endless Summer, Annabelle, and Incrediball varieties. It's important to dig the right hole, take proper care of the roots, and more.


How to Repot a Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus

With a few simple tips, Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti are quite easy to repot.