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How to Garden Smarter, Not Harder

Creating a beautiful garden can be a lot of work, and it can be a back-breaking endeavor. There are things you can do, however, to cut down on the amount of time spent gardening while achieving the results you want. This article will present many ideas from which you can choose.


How to Have a Greener Garden Next Year

You shouldn't feel as if fall is the end of the gardening for the year. You should, instead, consider it the beginning of next year's garden. If you want your garden to be "greener" next year, there are things you can do in the fall. This article will offer ideas for tasks that will help.


Win the War Against Crabgrass!

It is relentless, and once it stakes claim to your yard, it simply doesn't want to leave. It's crabgrass, which can easily and quickly turn your turf into one big weed patch. This article will help you get ahead of it, and keep it at bay, regardless of where you live.


Removing Horsetail Weeds From Your Garden and Patio

There are weeds, and then there are horsetail weeds. These simply formed, fragile-looking plants are deceptively robust. Once they gain access to your garden paths and flower beds, they stake claim to their new home and the gardener's weeding tasks take on a whole new level of activity.


Top Easy and Low-Cost Veggies and Berries That Kids Can Grow

Gardening can be a fun hobby for both kids and adult alike. However, there are some plants that tend to require a significant amount of time and skills in order to grow them successfully. Other plants only need minimal care. This article will talk about the easiest veggie plants kids can grow.


How to Grow African Violets From Leaves

African violets are very beautiful and long blooming indoor plants. It is super easy to care for these flowers and you can propagate them by using their leaves! This article will share more information about this procedure.