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5 Easy-to-Grow Flowering Perennials for Your Garden

This article gives you information about five easy-to-grow flowering perennials for your garden.


How to Grow Kabocha Squash and Prepare Its Flowers, Leaves, and Fruits for Consumption

This article will break down how to grow your own kabocha squash from seeds and share tips on how to properly prepare the blossoms and tops for cooking.


5 Flowering Evergreen Shrubs to Grow in Shade

From mountain laurel to Oregon grape holly, this guide will share five flowering evergreen shrubs that grow well in shade.


How to Grow Okra

Here is everything you need to know to grow okra.


Caterpillars on Maple Trees: Identification Guide

Identify the caterpillars on your maple trees with this quick and easy identification guide.


How to Grow Lily of the Nile (Aggies)

This article provides information on growing a favorite springtime perennial, its needs, growing habits, and whether it is poisonous.


Insects on Roses: Guide to the Bugs and Insects That Attack Rose Plants

This quick and easy guide will help you identify and deal with insect pests on your roses.


Dangerous Garden Insects: A Guide to the Garden Insects You Need to Avoid

This quick and easy guide will help you identify dangerous insects in your garden before you get too close to them.


Thyme: A Versatile Herb for Your Garden

These small scented and hardy plants are loved by bees, attractive with their covering of lavender flowers, and a fragrant addition both outdoors and indoors in the kitchen.


20 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Houseplants are notoriously poisonous to cats. In this article, I list 20 plants that are appropriate for a household with felines. (It's still a good idea to separate cats and plants as much as possible, so the cats don't destroy the plants.)


Light Up Your Garden With Silvery Foliage Plants

Choose to use silvery foliage plants to light up your garden beds and add dimension and interest to containers and planters.


Growing Variegated Ginger

Learn the needs and growth habits of this beautiful evergreen tropical plant, in this article that breaks down how to grow variegated ginger. Its leaves and tiny orchid-like flowers will enhance your garden.


7 Caterpillars With Large Eyespots (With Photos)

Learn about caterpillars with big eye spots in this quick and easy identification guide that will also break down what potential threats they may pose to your garden.


How to Grow and Take Care of Petunias

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to grow petunias, known for their bright, colorful flowers and long-blooming periods.


Insects on Cabbages: Guide to the Bugs and Insects That Attack Cabbage Plants

Identify the caterpillars and other insects on your cabbage plants with this quick and easy identification guide.


Bearded Iris and How to Plant Them

This article describes the needs of the bearded iris, and how to plant its rhizomes.


How to Grow Maidenhair Ferns Indoors or Outdoors

Maidenhair ferns are small ferns that most of us grow as houseplants. They are a little high maintenance, but worth the effort.


What Is Potting Soil? (A Guide to Soil Substrates)

From horticultural sand to sphagnum moss, learn about some of the basic ingredients that you can buy or create to make your own mixes.


How to Water Cactus Seedlings (With Demo Video and Tips)

Watering all depends on the size of your seedlings. Water too much, and you risk damping off and fungus diseases. Water too little, and the delicate root hairs on the seedlings can dry up, causing you to lose them.


How to Grow Cactus From Seed (With Demo Video and Tips)

It is so easy to grow cactus from seed. In this demo video, I show how to sow Ferocactus seeds, but this method will work for any type of cactus.


How to Repot Philodendron in 6 Easy Steps

Frequent repotting makes for healthy, faster-growing philodendrons. Luckily it's quite easy to do.


Stromanthe 'Triostar' Care and Growing Guide

Triostar is not a plant for beginners, but if you get the four basics of care right, it will reward you with 365 days of beautiful leaves every year.


How to Grow Pole Beans

Pole beans are a great addition to a small garden. They produce a plentiful harvest in a small amount of space.


How to Start Tomato Seeds Indoors and When to Plant Them Out

There are three simple steps to starting your tomatoes off right for the best growing success.


10 Best Vegetables to Plant in Early Spring

From crisp salad turnips to luscious bok choy, the early spring garden can be a lot of fun and yield delicious veggies if you get the right plant selection and start them at the right time.


Caterpillars With Spots: An Identification Guide to Spotted Caterpillars (With Photos)

This spotted caterpillar identification guide tells you what you need to know about the caterpillar you have found.


Low-Maintenance Outdoor Potted Plants for Your Patio or Garden

Rachel Darlington shares her favorite low-maintenance potted plants, from agave to sarracenia.


How to Grow a Calamondin Orange Tree Indoors or Outdoors

Calamondin orange trees can be grown outdoors in warm climates or indoors in colder ones. The trees bear tiny fruit year-round.


How to Grow Mina Lobata (Spanish Flag)

Mina lobata is a spectacular flowering vine that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.


How to Grow Red Hot Poker (Torch Lily)

If you have the space, red hot pokers are eye-catching statement plants that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. They are deer and rabbit resistant.


Dracaena Marginata: Care Tips for Indoor Dragon Trees

From wiping the dust off of some leaves to snipping the browning tips off of others, Rachel shares her top care tips for the Madagascar dragon tree.


Can You Make Cacti Flower Year Round? Yes and No.

Learn how to force your cacti to flower in winter (and why you shouldn't!).


5 Tips for Overwintering Cacti (From Watering Less to Checking for Pests)

From keeping your cacti away from heat sources to checking regularly for pests, here are five tips for keeping your cacti alive this winter.


Unheated Winter Greenhouses: What to Grow and How to Grow It

Growing cold-hardy veggies and doing a couple of simple things to keep them warm will help your unheated greenhouse produce all winter long.


How to Grow Pothos, an Easy to Grow Houseplant

Pothos are the perfect houseplant for homes or public areas that have little light. They don't flower, but their variegated leaves add color and interest.


Celosia Seeds: How to Harvest and Store Them for Next Year

Kelly Lehman shows us different ways to harvest and store celosia seeds to give as gifts or plant in the garden in spring.


How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter (9 Dos and Don'ts!)

From planting bulbs to fertilizing your lawn, Kelly Lehman shares tips on what to do (and NOT to do) to prepare your fall garden for winter.


The Best Spring Bulbs to Plant in Fall (And How to Pick Them)

Learn how to check dry bulbs for signs of disease or damage before buying and which 10 perennial bulbs can be planted out in fall for the best spring blooms.


6 Signs Your Cactus or Succulent Needs to Be Repotted

From yellowed or shriveling leaves to lack of growth, here are six ways to tell if it's time to repot your cactus or succulent.


5 Cold-Hardy Succulents That Can Survive Sub-Zero Temps

From agaves to sedums, learn about five of the best cold-hardy succulents that can survive below-freezing winters.


Indoor Cyclamen Care Guide (And Common Mistakes)

Learn how to help your cyclamen thrive and flower year after year by avoiding common care mistakes.


3 Winter Greenhouse Watering Tips for Healthy Plants

Learn how to grow fresh food year-round in a greenhouse. This article provides three essential watering tips to ensure your plants thrive through the winter months.


How to Make Leaf Mould (2 Quick and Easy DIY Methods)

Learn how and why to make leaf mould from fallen autumn leaves (and how urine can help speed up the process!).


Best Plants for a West-Facing Window

Are you having trouble finding the right houseplant for your west-facing window? This guide can help! Discover three great options, like the Swiss cheese plant (with photos and care tips).


Plants for South-Facing Windows (3 Easy, Sun-Loving Favorites)

From the endearing star cactus to the glossy forest lily, here are several plants that thrive in south-facing windows.


Garden Trees With Beautiful Fall Foliage (Plus Growth and Care Tips)

From the full moon maple, which delights with crimson leaves, to the multicolored sweetgum, learn about a few garden trees to plant for fall foliage.


How to Plant Tulips in the Ground and in Pots

With this guide, it's easy to plant beautiful tulips in the ground and in pots for a gorgeous spring display.


How to Plant a Crocus Lawn (With Demo Video and Care Tips)

Plant a crocus lawn in autumn to watch it flower in spring, year after year. Here's how.


Lifting Dahlias: How to Lift Dahlia Tubers in Fall

Learn when to lift your dahlias and how to properly store them over winter with this step-by-step guide!


Best Plants for East-Facing Windows

Which flowering houseplants thrive in east-facing windows? Streptocarpus (Cape primrose) and Christmas cactus are two great options. Learn to care for them properly (with videos).