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3 Gorgeous White Perennials That Bloom in Late Summer

Rachel is a passionate plantsperson, YouTuber and author living in Ireland. She grows a wide range of hardy subtropical and tropical plants.

Anaphalis is just one of several late-flowering perennials that can add a striking pop of white to a fall garden.

Anaphalis is just one of several late-flowering perennials that can add a striking pop of white to a fall garden.

Beautiful Late-Flowering White Perennials

White is a fantastic color in the garden as summer draws to a close because it contrasts so markedly against the browns, oranges and yellows of autumn and just adds a vibrant freshness.

Anemone x hybridus

Anemone x hybridus

1. Japanese Anemone

My first late-flowering perennial is the Japanese anemone. Japanese anemones come in shades of white and pink, but some of the old varieties like the snowy white 'Honorine Jobert' or 'Whirlwind' have got to be the best. They produce beautiful single or double flowers atop tall stems.

Japanese anemones are often used in large plantings because they're so reliable and so low maintenance. What's more, they flower into autumn and never need staking!

Tips for Growing Japanese Anemone

  • Plant in sun or partial shade.
  • Grow in any good garden soil, but avoid excessive winter wet.
  • They're vigorous and will spread rapidly, so make sure you allow them the space.
  • Consider planting in a large, shady area, where the white flowers of 'Honorine Jobert' or 'Whirlwind' will really brighten up the space.
  • Suitable for US hardiness zones 4 to 8.
Anaphalis triplinervis

Anaphalis triplinervis

2. Anaphalis

Next up, we have a plant whose foliage is just as pretty as its small, late flowers. This plant is anaphalis, and it is one of the gems of late summer.

Anaphalis produces white, woolly stems and grayish silver leaves, which are topped with clusters of small, everlasting flowers in late summer. The flowers dry naturally on the plant, providing interest right into winter. This plant is low maintenance and disease- and pest-free and looks great at the front of a border.

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Tips for Growing Anaphalis

  • Plant in full sun. It can also tolerate partial shade.
  • Grow in any moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil.
  • Suitable for US zones 3 to 9.
Phlox paniculata 'David'

Phlox paniculata 'David'

3. Phlox paniculata 'David'

My final white perennial is Phlox paniculata 'David'. This is an award-winning garden phlox and one that you're sure to want at the back of your borders.

'David' bears pure white, scented flowers in densely arranged pyramidal clusters atop stout stems. Leaves are lance-shaped. The plant seldom needs staking, flowers in profusion and is mildew resistant (mildew is often a problem with phlox).

Tips for Growing Phlox paniculata 'David'

  • Plant in full sun or light shade.
  • Grow in fertile, moist soil.
  • Suitable for zones 4 to 8.

Happy Growing!

So whether you're planting a white garden or just looking for a shiny addition to a mixed border, why not try the 'David' garden phlox, the anaphalis or the Japanese anemone? Happy growing.

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I am always looking for ideas of how to spruce up our garden, and I enjoy learning about all types of plants, so thanks for writing this article.

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