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5 Cold-Hardy Succulents That Can Survive Sub-Zero Temps

Lyn is a horticulturist and YouTuber with over 35 years of experience growing succulents and cacti.

From agaves to sedums, there are many cold-hardy succulents that can survive below-freezing winters.

From agaves to sedums, there are many cold-hardy succulents that can survive below-freezing winters.

5 Outdoor Succulents for Extremely Cold Weather

Today we'll be talking about cold-hardy succulents by genus, and these are succulents that can survive below freezing to -10 or even -20 degrees Fahrenheit, as long as they are planted in very well-draining soil and protected from excess rain in the wintertime.

My favorite cold-hardy succulents are:

  1. Agave
  2. Sempervivum
  3. Opuntia
  4. Sedum
  5. Lewisia

Continue scrolling to learn a little more about each of these wonderful plants.

1. Agave

Now, the first one is agave. The majority of agaves are very cold-hardy, and they come in many shapes and sizes. If you like Southwestern-style landscapes, this is a wonderful plant to include in your garden. Agaves typically live 10–25 years.

2. Sempervivum (Houseleek)

Sempervivums make wonderful alpine plants and are lovely grown in the garden as well. We have them in our front garden doing very, very well. They're planted in very well-draining soil, and they can also take a lot more wet and moisture during the wintertime than other types of succulents that are ideal for growing outdoors.

3. Opuntia (Prickly Pear)

Not opuntias are cold-hardy, but the majority of them are, so it's important that you know what type you have. A perfect example of an extremely cold-hardy cactus opuntia would be Opuntia humifusa. In the video above, I show one I grew from seed myself a few years ago.

Opuntia humifusa are very cold-hardy and can survive temperatures as cold as -30˚F in the winter. They can also withstand ample rain as long as they're potted or planted outdoors in a very well-draining cactus soil so the rain drains quickly after.

4. Sedum (Stonecrop)

Hardy sedums are fantastic outdoor plants, as they can survive very cold temperatures. Now, not all sedums are hardy, so it's important to find out what type you have, but the majority of them are, and it's a massive, massive genus. And again, they make wonderful alpine plants for growing in the garden during the wintertime.

5. Lewisia (Bitterroot)

Lewisia are beautiful succulent plants with amazing flowers on them. Again, these are very cold hardy and are lovely planted out in the garden as long as they're in well-draining soil. They can also take quite a bit of damp during the winter months.

Good luck with your winter succulents!

Good luck with your winter succulents!

Enjoy Your Winter Succulents!

Now you know what type of cold-hardy succulents you can grow outdoors in the wintertime. I want to wish you all an amazing plant-powered day.

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