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How to Start Dahlias in Pots

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Learn how to plant and grow beautiful dahlias.

Learn how to plant and grow beautiful dahlias.

How to Grow Beautiful Dahlias

Would you like to learn how to start and grow beautiful dahlias from tubers in a pot? Discover how you can easily grow these eye-catching flowers by following these tips.

How to Start Dahlias in Pots

  1. First, check your tuber. The most important part of the dahlia is the collar or thick tissue between the stem or stalk. Eyes yielding this year's growth will form here. These lower growths serve to store food for the plant, and a plant can do well despite losing several of these.
  2. Make sure there's no rot in your tuber; if there is, cut it off.
  3. Make sure the tubers are plump and not shriveled. If they are shriveled, soak them in warm water with a little fertilizer for 24 hours to see if they plump up.
  4. Choose a pot that is large enough to accommodate your dahlia tuber, but not too big.
  5. Using regular potting compost, fill about a third of the base of the pot and place your dahlia in it (the end with the stalks and eyes needs to be placed at the top).
  6. Now, backfill with your potting mix, covering the tuber completely and ensuring that about an inch is left between the top of the mix and the top of the pot so that water won't just run off when you water it.
  7. Water well and keep your plants frost-free and moist, either in the greenhouse or in the house, until they can be planted out.

When to Pot Your Dahlias

Pot your dahlias between February and April to enjoy glorious flowers from July until the first frost.

When to Plant Them

Finally, plant your dahlias when all danger of frost has passed, and you'll be rewarded with a summer full of glorious, colorful blooms.

Grow beautiful flowers in your garden from a pot.

Grow beautiful flowers in your garden from a pot.

What to Do When Your Dahlias Sprout

When your dahlia sprouts, if it produces more than five shoots, remove the extra ones (this will avoid congestion). When your plants have at least three or four sets of leaves, pinch out the growth tip of the stalk. This is called "stopping" and will encourage your plants to branch out and produce more flowers. Happy gardening!

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