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Best Plants for East-Facing Windows

Rachel is a passionate plantsperson, YouTuber and author living in Ireland. She grows a wide range of hardy subtropical and tropical plants.

Pink Leyla Streptocarpus

Pink Leyla Streptocarpus

Considering Light Requirements for Plants

Today I want to tell you about flowering plants for east-facing windowsills. You'll know if you have an east-facing window because the sun rises in your window in the morning. There are lots of plants that love the conditions an east-facing window provides, so you can choose plants to grow for their flowers or for their foliage or even a mixture of the two.

Light, heat and water are all essential elements for plant growth, but you should choose your houseplants based on their all-important light requirements.

2 Flowering Plants for East-Facing Windowsills

  1. Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose)
  2. Christmas Cactus
Harlequin Blue Cape Primrose

Harlequin Blue Cape Primrose

1. Growing Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose)

My first flowering houseplant for an east-facing window is Streptocarpus. This is the Cape primrose, a beautiful plant that will amaze you by producing masses of flowers from spring to autumn. It's moderately easy to grow and does well at normal house temperatures.


Streptocarpus should be kept just moist. How you achieve that will depend on your environment. The soil should not be soggy, nor should it be allowed to dry out completely. In winter, the plant will need less watering than in summer.

You will need to judge the plant's water requirements by feeding the surface of the soil. Remember, your plant will probably recover from being allowed to dry out too much, but is unlikely to recover from sitting in water.

Fertilization and Care Tips

Cape primroses need to be fertilized from February to November with a high potash fertilizer at a quarter of the manufacturer's recommended strength.

Like many plants that flower in abundance, regular hygiene maintenance is required. Remove dead flowers and trim spent flower stems to the base. Browning leaves can also be trimmed and removed.

Grow Streptocarpus on an east-facing windowsill from spring to autumn. In winter, move your plant to a brighter position, a south-facing window, if possible.

Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus Hybrid

Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus Hybrid

2. Growing Christmas Cactus

My second flowering plant for your east window is a lot lower maintenance than the Cape primrose. It's the Christmas cactus. It does well at normal house temperatures but will appreciate a cooler room after flowering, with temperatures of 55–59 degrees Fahrenheit. That's 12–15 centigrade.


Allow the Christmas cactus to dry out completely between waterings. It'll require more water during active growth in the summer, unless just after flowering.

Fertilization and Care Tips

Fertilize with a liquid houseplant fertilizer from April to September and repot every few years. Grow your Christmas cactus on an east-facing window for best results.

This plant will flower any time from late November to early January, giving a wonderful Christmas display.

Fill Your Home With Plants

So there's no excuse now for a bare east-facing windowsill. Why not fill it up with beautiful flowering plants? Try out these two varieties and see how you do! Happy growing!

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