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Gorilla Dump Cart Review: A Smart Alternative to a Wheelbarrow

Updated on November 19, 2016
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The Gorilla Cart is a great tool for working in the garden and around the house.
The Gorilla Cart is a great tool for working in the garden and around the house.

Garden Cart or Wheel Barrow?

The Gorilla Dump Cart has been a great alternative to a standard wheelbarrow for my yard and garden tasks. It's simple to use, and because it has four wheels instead of one it is a whole lot easier to handle than a wheelbarrow.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: Sure, a garden cart is fine for light loads such as grass clippings or piles of leaves, but for heavy-duty jobs you definitely need a wheelbarrow. I thought the same, but in the time I've had my Gorilla Cart I've beaten the living daylights out of the thing and it just keeps coming back for more.

I've loaded it down with huge rocks, piled up dirt and gravel until it was spilling over the sides, hauled around wood and cinder blocks and even stacked furniture on top of it to drag down the street to a relative's house.

What's worse, I keep forgetting to bring it in every winter. So, it is basically sitting outside exposed to the elements for 365 days each year. It gets rained on, snowed on, filled with water, filled with ice and filled with mud when we accidentally leave dirt in it and a rain storm comes.

I don't recommend any of this poor behavior toward garden tools, but the point is this cart has taken a lot of abuse and it's still as functional as ever. Aside from a little rust, it's still in excellent working condition. No cracked or bent sides, no broken parts, not even a flat tire after all these years.

In this review I'll talk about some of the things I like, and don't like, about this little garden cart.

The Heavy-Duty Dump Cart

My wife and I bought our home a little over eight years ago and purchased the Heavy-duty Gorilla Cart soon after. We thought about getting a wheelbarrow, but they're clumsy to use so we opted instead for a garden cart.

Honestly, I was the one pushing for the wheelbarrow. Of course I've used them in the past, and know they work quite well. Plus, I never thought a little cart with four wheels would take the same kind of punishment as a quality wheelbarrow. But my wife liked the idea of a garden cart, and I knew it would be easier for her to pull a cart than push a big wheelbarrow.

It is important to note we do standard homeowner stuff. We don't generally need to haul super heavy loads, although this cart has done it when asked. If you work construction or get involved in heavy-duty landscaping projects you definitely want the wheelbarrow, but for working around the yard and house it's tough to beat the Gorilla Cart.

The dump function works easy enough and requires a simple pull of a pin. The weight of the load is usually sufficient to tilt the contents backward and dump it out. Sometimes it requires a little encouragement, but even so for smaller people it's much easier than dumping a wheelbarrow.

It also features an innovative 2-in-1 handle. It allows you to pull the cart by hand, but also features a mechanism whereby you may hook the cart up to a garden tractor or ATV in the event you are hauling a very heavy load. Very useful.

So, what don't I like about it? A few small complaints:

  • I wish the handle was a little longer. I'm almost six foot and I have to stoop a little to pull it.
  • It can roll away on hills. You don't have that problem with a wheelbarrow. Make sure you turn the wheels or block them when parking it on an incline.
  • Sometimes I have to pick the whole thing up to fully dump it. It depends on what you're hauling, but the cart doesn't always tilt enough for everything to come out.

Otherwise, I've very pleased with our choice, and we've certainly gotten our money's worth out of this thing!

Pile it on! The Gorilla Cart can take it!
Pile it on! The Gorilla Cart can take it!

More Gorillas

The Heavy-duty Gorilla Cart can handle just about anything we can throw at it. It’s rated for a 1200-pound load, and that’s a significant amount of hauling power.

However, some people may not plan to subject their garden cart to so much wear and tear. If you are so inclined, you may wish to choose from one of the lighter-weight models. They’re still plenty tough. They’re just rated for somewhat lighter loads.

  • Gorilla Dump Cart GOR108D: This version is rated for 1000 pounds, and includes the useful 2-in-1 handle that lets you hook it up to your lawn tractor. It is slightly less hardcore than the heavy-duty model, but still an impressive little wagon for hauling greater loads than you’d expect. If you consider gardening and yard work a serious hobby this might be the perfect cart for you. For the typical homeowner doing projects around the yard this ought to get the job done.
  • Gorilla GOR200B: This is a light-weight model rated for 600-pound loads. It is ideal for gardening and light yard work. If all you need to do is putter in your garden, and maybe haul some lighter loads here and there, this is the ideal model. The handle is tall and comfy, and even though it doesn't seem as sturdy as the handle on the heavy-duty model it is easier for me to reach.

Actually, the GOR200B is the model we purchased for my mom, and she loves it. Of course she isn't moving cinder blocks or piles or dirt with it, but for routine garden work it is easy for her to use. She, too, tends to leave her cart outside all year long. Must be genetic. In any event, like ours it has held up well over the years.

The GOR200B is a lighter-weight cart, but still very effective.
The GOR200B is a lighter-weight cart, but still very effective.

Gorilla Cart vs Wheelbarrow

Gorilla Cart or Wheelbarrow? Well, I think it depends on what you're doing. For routine gardening and landscaping, I'm happy we went with the cart. I’m a big, strong guy, but even I get annoyed hauling heavy loads in a wheelbarrow. It’s a balancing act and, even if you are strong enough to heft the load, and the smallest rocks or logs can be tough to get over.

It’s true there are some two-wheeled wheelbarrows out there that are easier to balance, and handle terrain a bit better. But remember that the bigger the wheelbarrow, the more weight you’ll have to push.

It’s much easier to generate power while pulling something rather pushing it, so why subject yourself to the aggravation of a wheelbarrow when you could use the Gorilla Cart? And, if the load gets way too heavy for you, you can hook it up to your lawn tractor. Can’t do that with a wheelbarrow!

For smaller or older people, this is a no-brainer. There’s simply no way I want my wife or my mom pushing a wheelbarrow around. This garden cart makes it easier and safer for them to move loads they’d never be able to budge with a wheelbarrow.

Tough Like a Gorilla

Every year I expect our little garden cart to fall apart, and every year it just keeps on hauling. I really thought we'd replace it by now, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

We put it to use again all summer long, and now it is busy helping with the tasks of autumn. Most recently we used it pick our apple and pear trees, and it easily handled piles and piles of the fruit.

What can you do with your Gorilla Cart? Pretty much anything you want. If it fits into the weight parameters, and into the bed of the cart, you can move it. Load it up. Pull it around. Hook it up to your lawn tractor. Try not to leave it out all winter though. I have to stop doing that.

For home use the Gorilla Dump Cart is a great alternative to a wheelbarrow!


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