Five Ground Coverings That Bring Romance to the Garden

Updated on May 2, 2019
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Tammy is an avid gardening writer and loves the horticulture field. Selling USDA licenses plants to all states and 13 foreign countries.


Creating a romantic garden area in the yard is not always the simplest of tasks. There are many aspects of gardening that are useful for enrichment and texture in the planting area. Some ground coverage plants can thrive with almost no human interaction. They live without roots and find sustenance in the surrounding air and rainfall.

We all need a place to relax and unwind from the perils of those days that end in the letter “y.” It could not be much better suited than to be right in the backyard. Take a closer look at a few of the most modern ground coverings that will bring an air of romance to the garden.

Top Five Ground Coverings for Your Garden

  1. Carpet Moss
  2. Bugleweed Ajuga
  3. English Ivy Vine
  4. Blue Phlox
  5. Evergreen Ginger

1. Carpet Moss

As its name suggests, carpet moss is perfect for laying down ground coverage inside and outside of the garden bed. It grows in full and thick. It is much more efficient for ground cover than grass. As an alternative to having a standard grass lawn, carpet moss requires almost no maintenance. It will also remain green throughout the whole year, and there is no need for this plant to be watered.


2. Bugleweed Ajuga

Common in the world of ground coverings, bugleweed ajuga is a more colorful approach to coverage. This plant can exude shades of amber, purple, and green, of course. It grows at a very rapid pace and is a highly hardy plant. Careful maintenance should be provided to assure that this plant does not become invasive to its natural neighbors. When ajuga is placed in full sunlight, its growth is stunted. This will assist in controlling its growth rate.

3. English Ivy Vine

This is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative for ground coverage in the garden. English ivy is ideal for climbing and providing coverage in the shaded areas of the landscape. It grows rapidly and very thick. English ivy will quickly fill in any barren areas of the land. Its speedy growth will snuff out any weeds looking to creep into the garden. Growing this species of ivy in a climbing fashion will produce a plethora of strictly ornamental berries that are not edible.


4. Blue Phlox

The Blue Phlox is a glorious addition to our ground dwelling list of foliage. Another fast grower, this plant will litter the land with tiny blue flowers in the spring. When in full bloom, it is so dense with flower foliage that it will appear to spill over garden walls or planter edges. Though the flowers may die off when the weather cools, the green areas of this plant stay that way all through the four seasons of the year.


5. Evergreen Ginger

Not to be confused with the ginger root that is commonly used for cooking, evergreen ginger is a ground covering that will provide thick waxy leaves in the form of small lily pads littering its vines. Not only will this plant remain green as long as it is healthy, but it also has some excellent medicinal benefits.

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    • John Dove profile image

      John Dove 

      2 years ago

      Although I appreciate your characterization of English Ivy as "aesthically pleasing" -- it is an invasive plant! It takes over everything. It climbs and smothers trees.

      I would not include English Ivy on your list of recommended ground covers!


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