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How to Keep Birds Off of Patio Furniture

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I had a problem with starlings trying to claim my backyard. Here is my experience with getting rid of them.

Birds can destroy our furniture and (sometimes) ruin our health.

Birds can destroy our furniture and (sometimes) ruin our health.

When to Keep Birds Off Your Property

Are birds causing you problems, and you want to know how to keep birds off patio furniture? I've dealt with invasive starlings claiming my house and yard as their habitat, so I understand what you're going through.

Birds are beautiful creatures who share planet earth with us. They grace us with their company as pets, and give us their songs, eggs and meat for food, feathers for pillows, and basically their very existence. But, they can cause a myriad of problems for human beings, including death.

Birds can annoy us, destroy our property, steal our food in the garden, pollute drinking water, shit all over our property, and bring sickness, disease, and death. Did you know that over 60 different diseases that humans can contract are linked to birds and their droppings?

Strategies to Keep Birds Away

In this article, I discuss three main strategies you can employ to keep birds off patio furniture:

  1. Use scare tactics to scare away the birds.
  2. Make the birds uncomfortable so they don't return.
  3. Remove bird attractions from your home.

First, I'd like to share my experience in dealing with invasive starlings. As I'm sharing my story and making recommendations based on my personal experience in keeping birds off patio furniture, this article is more conversational.

There are three main strategies for keeping birds away from your furniture.

There are three main strategies for keeping birds away from your furniture.

The Starling Invasion: My Experience

In 2016, I bought a property in the countryside. The company that developed the housing estate cleared a large portion of savanna grassland and the adjoining tropical rain forest for this plus other projects like growing oil palm. They destroyed the natural habitat of the animals.

Whilst the bigger tropical birds like the hornbill, cockatoo, hawks, owls, and eagles moved deep into the rainforest, the smaller starlings and those little noisy birds that live in savanna grass made their habitation with the humans.

In the wild, we have a big population of black starlings, birds that are native to Asia, Europe, Africa, northern Australia and the three main groups of the tropical islands of the Pacific; Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia.

As if in vengeance, the black starlings and the brown little grass birds would claim the houses as their habitat as soon as they are built. The black noisy starlings are very invasive. Their population is ever increasing and they are annoying in many ways.

By the time I moved into the property, it looked old from the birds' droppings. Starling dropping is kind of purple and black, maybe as a result of their fruits and insects diet. If they aren't washed off quickly, they get stuck. The smell of their droppings can make one lose their appetite. It's so yuck! The droppings also attract flies and ants. My water tank is also contaminated from their droppings on the roof.

You are not alone. I understand how frustrating it can be trying to keep birds off your patio furniture and deck permanently.

To employ scare tactics, mimicking the birds' predators, to keep birds off the house, deck, patio furniture, garden, and even your mailbox.

To employ scare tactics, mimicking the birds' predators, to keep birds off the house, deck, patio furniture, garden, and even your mailbox.

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Scare Tactics to Keep Birds off Patio

The goal of the strategy: To employ scare tactics, mimicking the birds' predators, to keep birds off the house, deck, patio furniture, garden, and even your mailbox.

1. Predator Decoy

An effective and economical scare tactic to keep birds off the patio is to use a predator decoy. Animals instinctively are scared of their predators. Take advantage of that and place decoys of their predators such as snakes, and big birds like owls, hawks and eagles on your patio and around your property where birds frequent. Ensure to move them around so the birds don't get familiar with them.


Make the Birds Uncomfortable

The goal of the strategy: To make the birds uncomfortable and the patio undesirable and inhospitable so it will deter the birds from using your patio. You do this by messing with their senses.

1. Annoy Them With Sound

Birds are sensitive to sound as it is their way of keeping safe from predators. There are many bird repellents products that use high impact sonic and ultrasonic repelling sounds to deter birds. These products may have different birds' sounds that allow you to change the repelling sounds.

2. Annoy Them With Light

Birds get annoyed by shiny objects or reflective materials. You could buy one of those metallic spinning propellers from your local hardware shop or the most cost-effective way is to cut out strips of aluminum foil and hang them on nearby shrubs or trees.

For me, the wind chime using reflective materials is like a two-in-one deterrent for both sound and light.

3. Annoy Them With Bird Repellant

There are bird repellent sprays and gels that you can apply on your patio furniture where the birds roost. This will make the furniture undesirable since birds don't like foreign sticky stuff on their feet. Some of the sprays and gels have citrus fragrances. Birds hate citrus so it can keep them away.

Remove Bird Attractions From Your Home

If you wanna keep birds off patio furniture and your entire property, remove their attractions:

  • Do not feed birds on your patio or on your property.
  • If you have overgrown shrubs, prune them and keep them neat and tidy.
  • Do not leave water in containers or flower pots on your patio.
  • Do not leave leftover food on your patio furniture.
  • Do not allow them to have their nest in your property. Destroy all nests.
Keep Birds Off of Your Mailbox

Keep Birds Off of Your Mailbox

How to Keep Your Mail Bird-Free

One place where you don't want birds to roost on is your mailbox. You can employ a couple of methods to repel and deter birds from roosting and leaving bird droppings on your mailbox.

You can have steel spikes as shown in the picture above. Having a predator decoy on the mailbox is cool. Just ensure the birds don't find out that it's a decoy!

You can get some inspiration from the video below on how to keep birds off the mailbox and prevent them from pooping on it.

Also, learn how to keep birds off of your tomato plants.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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