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How to Keep Birds Off of Tomato Plants

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Isabella lives in the outback countryside and loves nature. She has strong environmental and sustainability values that influence her life.

Tired of birds eating your tomatoes? Learn how to keep birds from eating them.

Tired of birds eating your tomatoes? Learn how to keep birds from eating them.

How to Protect Your Tomatoes From Birds

You can keep birds off of tomato plants naturally without the use of toxic substances and save money on expensive bird repellent and deterrent methods and products.

Here, I discuss briefly how to do this in regards to tomato plants. Basically, there are three strategies you can use to keep birds off tomato plants:

  1. Use scare tactics to scare the birds away from your tomato plants.
  2. Make the birds uncomfortable and your tomato plants undesirable and inhospitable.
  3. Remove bird attractions from your garden and property.

Scare Tactics

Birds are intriguingly beautiful creatures, but they can be a pest, a nightmare, and a health hazard for humans. One of the most effective ways of keeping birds off tomato plants in a humane, eco-friendly, cost-effective and natural way, without the use of harmful chemicals, is to scare the birds away from your garden.

Birds are very sensitive of their predators. So using a decoy of predatory animals, with sounds and movement can keep them well away from your plants.

You can also build a scarecrow resembling a human being and place it in the garden. Ensure that you change the look and position of the scarecrow regularly so the birds don't get familiar with it.

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Repellent and Deterrent Measures

Repelling and deterring birds from your tomato plants naturally without the use of sprays, chemicals, and gels should be considered as you do not want chemicals on your tomatoes.

One of the most effective eco-friendly and humane ways of repelling birds is through the use of bird repellent tapes. Bird repellent tapes specifically made to repel birds use high quality durable reflective materials that produce bright reflections alarming birds of dangers, causing them to leave the area.

Birds also dislike bright shiny objects. Some bird repellent tapes are also made to produce a slight noise deterrent that will scare away animals. Hang these tapes in your garden where the tomato plants are.

You can also build a house with shade cloth for plants over your tomato. But this will involve some work and associated costs, not forgetting the fact that your tomato plants need sunlight.

Remove Bird Attractions

Your tomato plants are your major bird attractions. But once you take control of how to repel and deter birds from them, look for other areas where there might be bird attractions and destroy them.

Avoid feeding birds in your property if you are trying to protect your tomato plants from birds. Birds know their feeding routine so if you start one, you will have to step up your repellent, deterrent and scare tactics to actually keep them off. Because they will just keep coming back.

Destroy their nests so they don't have a reason to come back. I know this may sound bad, but I think destroying a nest and an egg is better than killing a baby bird who already has life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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