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How to Sow and Grow Poppies From Seed

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How to grow beautiful poppies in your garden.

How to grow beautiful poppies in your garden.

A Guide to Growing Beautiful Annual Poppies

Learn how to grow fabulous, annual poppies. Spring is the perfect time for sowing these beautiful, colorful flowers directly in situ in the garden. Follow the instructions below to get started.

Note: Poppy seeds are very fine, and in order to sow them evenly, you'll want to use fine horticultural sand.

How to Sow Poppies From Seed

  1. Open up a packet and pour the seeds unceremoniously, sprinkling them evenly into the sand; mix well.
  2. Make sure that all of the weeds have been removed from the area that you are sowing the seeds. If you see any little weeds in the soil, you will want to remove these first.
  3. Rake over the soil to prepare it to a fine tilth so that the poppies can get a good foothold. Remove any stones that might be in the ground.
  4. Next, make little ridges. You might not think to make ridges because you want your poppies to have a nice naturalistic look, but the poppies will not push out in straight lines by the time they grow. These straight lines will help you to identify what is a weed and what is a poppy when the seedlings start to come up.
  5. Sprinkle the sand and poppy mix very gingerly.
  6. Finally, make sure to water the seedlings really well.
A field of beautiful poppies.

A field of beautiful poppies.

Do Poppies Withstand Frost?

Poppies are hardy annuals, which means you can sow them a little bit earlier than other annuals and they can tolerate some cold. However, once your poppies are in the ground and start to sprout, if you do get a late frost, you're going to have to cover those seedlings. Otherwise, the frost might take them out.

That is how you sow annual poppies in situ. Could anything be easier? In the summer in June or July, you're going to have a swathe of fabulous colors to look forward to. Happy gardening!

How to Harvest Poppy Seeds

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