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How to Create a Moss Garden

A moss garden can also consist of moss in a bowl! Very decorative and mobile!

A moss garden can also consist of moss in a bowl! Very decorative and mobile!

Moss Gardens: A Beautiful Addition to Any Yard

If you have a shady area in your garden where no flowers or shrubs will thrive, then you may have the perfect spot for a moss garden! Or maybe you already struggle to get rid of it in your lawn in some places? Stop that and make your garden life easier by following nature.

Consider constructing a moss garden (or let the area be a mat)! A moss mat is wonderfully soft to walk on, requires no lawnmowers, no fertilizer, no need to rake grass clippings, etc.. Some people think of it as a weed, but I think moss is beautiful in the right place. So, instead of trying to get rid of the moss, you should start to take care of it and nurture it. I will show you how beautiful it can be!

Beautiful moss.

Beautiful moss.

The Art of Artlessness

A moss garden can be the opening to a brand new world in your garden. Unlike a traditional garden, a moss garden can soothing without so many startling colours. It is an area where you can sit down and enjoy the calm, stress-free environment. It doesn’t need much work and maintenance either, and since there are many different varieties, you will get several colours anyway even if moss comes in green shades.

It doesn’t matter what size your garden is; you just adapt your moss garden to the area available and create a small one in a limited place, or you can create a bigger one with moss mat, moss beds and trees. It all depends on the climate and the sun exposure to your garden.

The most famous one can be seen in Japan, where the monk Musō Soseki's famous moss garden is located outside of Kyoto. It is also called Kokedera and was built in the 1300s. It is a pure moss garden and consists of hundreds of different mosses with trees as the only accent. It can provide stillness and a view of eternal life.

Japanese gardens are made for relaxation and meditation, and such places are something we all need now and then. A moss garden should resemble a creation done by nature itself, even if is created by man. This practice is sometimes called “The art of artlessness”.

Find the Right Spot for a Moss Garden

If you want to know if a moss garden is possible in your area, look at the surrounding nature. Moss grows in many places throughout the world.

In addition to humidity, bedrock and soil also affect which moss grows in a certain place. It grows where it is a bit damp, and some varieties require a very humid climate. Consequently, where there are mountains and forests, there is always a lot of moss.

Moss also requires some light in order to grow. It can’t grow in full sunlight, and it cannot grow where it is too dark. It needs a partly shady area beneath a tree or shade from a wall. If you live in a place that has seasons, remember that conifers shade the entire year, while deciduous trees filter sunlight during the winter months.

Most mosses require slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6–6.5, and they can endure drought better than grass. In a drought, it just stops growing and waits for the water to come.

This type of moss grows in my neighborhood.

This type of moss grows in my neighborhood.

What Type of Moss Is Best Suited for a Garden?

The species of moss that are suitable for use in a garden are the kinds that thrive in acidic soil because they won't have to compete as much with weeds.

For best results, you should use a native moss. But do not just fetch it from the forest, at least not without asking the landowner.

Instead, ask your good friends if they have sites with moss—maybe they will be glad to get rid of it! Or you can purchase tufts from a local nursery or garden store.

A moss corner!

A moss corner!

How Moss Spreads

Moss spreads spontaneously on many substrates, such as soil, peat, decayed wood and on stones. Propagation is made by airborne spores. So if you buy peat blocks, there are already moss spores in the blocks.

In good growing conditions, you can take any kind of moss, crush it and spread it over the surface you have planned for a garden, and you have a seed bed of moss! But if you use this method, be aware that you may have an area full with weeds since the growth will be unmanaged.

Another way, if you like to use crushed dry moss, is to sow it in boxes, watered with a mix of low-fat milk and water and covered with a cloth. In this way, you have control over the moss and can plant it out to the right spot when they have grown a little. Then you just have to take care of the small moss plants and give them the right conditions, like damp moisture and light.

Remove  leaves gently from the moss with a brush!

Remove leaves gently from the moss with a brush!

How to Nurture a Moss Garden

  • The best time for planting a moss garden is at times when evaporation is small—usually in the spring or fall in areas with seasons.
  • Carefully remove all weeds before planting.
  • Lay out a layer of suited substrates if the soil isn’t right for mosses.
  • Unfertilised peat mixed with sand and some clay can be a good mix that provides an acidic layer.
  • When the moss carpet has become dense, it is fairly competitive, especially in poorer soils in shady locations since other plants may have difficulty thriving there. Moss can endure extreme nutrient conditions, but they are sensitive to air pollution, as they take all their nutrients and water directly from rain and deposition. One exception is Polytrichum commune, which produces high pillows in moist woodland and can be used in areas with more air pollution.
  • If you want moss to grow on peat block or stones, one way to speed up the growth is to brush the places where you want it to grow with buttermilk. That will speed up the natural process in places with the right conditions.
  • When it covers the desired area, nurture the garden by constantly cleaning the moss from leaves and debris that shouldn’t be allowed to remain. Brush off any leaves and needles when the moss is dry, and pick grass and plants off the area constantly.
  • Do not walk on the moss! A famous Finnish writer, Tove Jansson, wrote: “Only farmers and summer guests walk on moss!” When you walk on a moss once, it recovers the next time it rains, but if you walk on it a second time, it may not recover. The third time you walk on the same spot, the moss is dead and has to be replaced.

Other Features in a Moss Garden and Some Inspiration!

You can also plant a few perennials or shrubs as a complement to the moss if you like.

In that case, choose shrubs or perennials that like the same environment, such as rhododendrons, ferns, hostas and trillium. But be sure not to overdo it. It is the moss that should be a prominent feature—shrubs and perennials are only adjunct plants.

Stones are common in moss gardens, and the ones that are best suited are natural stones that should be carefully chosen. You can use the stones as steps or for decoration.

Another common feature in a moss garden is water. It can be added in a simple way by water in a bowl or as a prominent feature, like a stream or a pond.

You can also try and make moss grow on objects like chairs or sofas, for example.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Heidi on July 10, 2020:

Just bought a new home and have a shaded/protected area that will be perfect for moss rocks. Tanks for the tips.

Anne on October 16, 2017:

I am fun of plants and want to try a moss garden thanks for this ideas that you have shared...

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on August 11, 2014:

Hi Chaudhury, I am so glad to know you got inspiration from this hub for your garden in Bangladesh and I will consider looking into how to grow aquatic moss. Thanks for the tips and I wish you good luck with your moss garden,


Chaudhury Shoaib on August 01, 2014:

I planned a moss garden in the shady part of my farmhouse near Dhaka and was looking for ideas. Your hub gave me all the ideas to start with. Many thanks for the informative article. Look forward for more specially on aquatic moss. Thanks again


Shoaib, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on April 20, 2013:

Obreinfamily, a moss garden is a special place in a garden. I hope you will try! Thanks,


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on April 20, 2013:

Hendrika, It sounds as if you have the perfect garden for a moss garden! I am so glad you found this article helpful and thanks for reading and for the comment!


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on April 20, 2013:

Thank you very much CRe8tiVeLiFe, I wish you a great time in your garden!


Erin Lee from Somewhere over the rainbow ;-) on March 25, 2013:

This was incredibly helpful to me as I plan to do a moss garden this year. Thank you so much for the insight. I wasn't sure which part of the yard to try but now think I have a better idea. ;-) I loved the pictures too!

Hendrika from Pretoria, South Africa on March 25, 2013:

Thank you for this article, it is something I have never thought of. We have many shady areas in our garden where nothing really thrives and I am going to try this moss garden idea, I am sure it should make a big difference in our garden.

Amy Goldstein from Chesterfield on March 24, 2013:

Never thought of this. Good idea.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 24, 2013:

Kris Heeter, I wonder how the first person came up with the idea of testing buttermilk on moss:)

Thanks for reading and for the comment,


Winchestery, a moss garden will look fabulous in a rock garden! Thanks for the positive comment,


iHelper, sany72, and sereseus, Thanks for reading and for taking the time to leave a comment! I appreciate it,


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 24, 2013:

Dan Barfield, I am glad to share the idea of a moss garden and there are endless possibilities on how to use moss in the garden. Thanks for the comment!


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 24, 2013:

ketage, I really hope your moss garden will look fantastic and I look forward to read your hub!

Thanks for the comment and happy gardening!


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 24, 2013:

ytsenoh, I am so glad you liked this hub and I appreciate your comment! Moss can be so beautiful so it is worth nurturing.


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 24, 2013:

theweaksend, Thank for the wonderful comment and I hope the moss will grow good!


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 24, 2013:

newusedcarssacram, it is great to have a calm place in the garden where not so much is going on and moss is very soothing. Thanks for the uplifting comment!


Albin Pius from kerala,India on March 24, 2013:

Great article..........You surely have innovative ideas keep it up...

Panga Sandu Teodor from Romania on March 23, 2013:

nice post

Arif Ahamed on March 22, 2013:

hmm, really nice idea !

RO Edwards from Ohio on March 22, 2013:

Nice article. I think I'll add moss to the little rock garden I made last year. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kris Heeter from Indiana on March 21, 2013:

Very interesting article! I love the tip about using buttermilk - that's an interesting tidbit!

Dan Barfield from Gloucestershire, England, UK on March 21, 2013:

Love this idea! I am moving into a new house soon and have been looking for ideas for the outside space... I now have some!

ketage from Croatia on March 20, 2013:

Great Idea , I have an area in my garden that gets no sunlight , I will be trying this , if I do it right and it looks good I will write a hub about my success, and put some pictures of my little moss garden in it, and Link it to this hub :) thanks for the idea

Cathy from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri on March 19, 2013:

This hub was just so nice and soothing just to read. I've never thought about growing or nurturing the growth of moss. Thanks for all the information and tips. Your images were great. I did like the moss on the go image. Have a good week.

theweaksend on March 19, 2013:

Beautiful! Also, I never would have thought that milk would help them grow faster, I guess even moss needs healthy bones! haha Great hub!

newusedcarssacram from Sacramento, CA, U.S.A on March 19, 2013:

I love the green moss garden. They are so soothing for eyes. Thanks for sharing the amazing post.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 17, 2013:

vibesites, I am so glad you found some inspiration from this hub and I hope you will enjoy your moss garden! Thanks for the comment and for the votes!


vibesites from United States on March 06, 2013:

Although I love gardens with lots of flowers, a Japanese/rock/moss garden is also a favorite. It looks simple, uncomplicated and elegant. My place is quite shady so I hope it encourages moss growth. Thanks for your tips thoughtforce. Voted up and useful, awesome. :)

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on June 28, 2012:

Hi Sally's Trove! I know what you mean and I also found moss to be beautiful in more than one way. It is a fascinating world in and on the moss and some moss structure are amazing. I have never tried to use a magnifying glass but I have looked very closely at moss, both during my studies when I attended a course in biology and also in the woods and in my garden. I sometimes seek the silence in the woods or other silent places since it gives me room to think if I need that or I can choose not to think at all by looking at all the beautiful things around me. And there is nothing more calming than to sit in the woods surrounded by soft, green moss.

Good to know that you stopped the contractor! Moss gives a special character to a place and there are so many people who chase the moss off. Some of us must preserve and nurture:)

Thank you Sally's Trove, for adding to this hub with your point of view! It is so important that we take time to see also the things that are not obvious at a first glance.


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on June 25, 2012:

Hi moonlake! Moss is great in the right place and I love the softness and the fresh green color. It can give new life to a hopeless corner in our garden with fairly little effort from our side. I hope you try it again! Thanks for the encouraging comment and I am glad you liked this one.


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on June 25, 2012:

Hi nmdonders! Thank you so much for the positive comment and for sharing! Moss is beautiful and can also be practical!


Sherri from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 25, 2012:

What a fabulous hub!

Many years ago, my daughter attended summer "camp" at the Los Angeles County Arboretum in California and learned how to make a moss garden in a shallow dish. Although the dish didn't mature the way we'd have liked it to, it did open our eyes to another world - a world revealed by the magnifying glass. Moss structure is fascinating, and so are the tiny creatures that call moss their home. Taking a magnifying glass to moss feeds the thirst for learning and creates the space for imagination to fly.

Today, I encourage moss wherever I find it in the shady places of my yard, between the spaces of patio bricks or where stepping stones meet soil. Recently, my patio needed repairs in a few areas, and the contractor said he'd power-wash the entire patio to get rid of the moss. I think you can imagine what I said. :)

Voted this hub up, awesome, beautiful and everything else.

moonlake from America on June 24, 2012:

I love moss gardens. I don't have one here but I had one at our old house. There was a brick patio in the back of the house where no sun hit. I use to pour milk on the brick to get it growning. It was looking pretty good when we sold the house. I love the feel of it. I could get one going here we have plenty of shade. Enjoyed your hub.

Nira Perkins on June 23, 2012:

That is so clever I love it. I know a few people that would enjoy this hub so I'm gonna pass it along.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on May 31, 2012:

Hi Katrinasui, there is so many possibilities with moss in a garden and a great way to make something extra with a shady area! Thank you so much for the visit in my corner!


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on May 30, 2012:

Hi Cathleena Beams, it is so nice to meet you and I am glad to know that you liked this hub! I hope you will enjoy your moss container style garden. It is so much fun and looks great too. Thanks for the encouraging comment, I appreciate the votes and the sharing!


katrinasui on May 28, 2012:

Excellent hub! I love gardening but never thought of making a moss garden. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

Cathleena Beams from Tennessee on May 23, 2012:

I absolutely love this hub! Now I'm inspired to try to grow a moss container style garden. Will try the buttermilk to speed up the process as you suggested. Voted up, awesome, beautiful, and interesting. Also will share this one in a moment. Great job on this!

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on May 23, 2012:

Hi David Campeau Jr! How interesting to know that you maintain the garden in the video! That is fantastic and I am so glad that you liked this hub! I hope you will write a hub about this subject since you will have a lot of information and also photos, I would love to read it! Please tell me if you do! Moss is very common in Sweden and it is also quite easy to grow moss on the right spot. If we need some extra moss or some moss to start with we can buy moss or we can ask forest owners if we can take a bit of moss in the woods. But I do not really know where to buy moss in Sweden if larger quantities is needed and if someone wants to get the moss garden ready in a hurry. I will look into that! Thanks for the interesting and positive comment, I appreciate it!


David Campeau Jr from Pennsylvania on May 20, 2012:

I just attended a moss workshop put on my Moss Acres this Saturday. I actually work on the property where the workshop was held. Richard R. Smith, was the guest speaker and boy did he know a lot about growing moss.

We have a ton of moss on our property. In fact, Moss Acres used to be run out of the basement of the house I live in. We have some nice moss gardens here and I maintain the garden that Al Benner establishes in the video above. I was actually just going to write a Hub on this same topic. Yours is very well put together.

Where do you get your moss from in Sweden? Rick Smith was saying that Jan Peter Frahm said it is very difficult to get in Europe.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on May 11, 2012:

Hi dwachira, I am glad you liked this! Moss is so usual in some parts of the world so maybe that is why we don't see it or maybe we focus too much on trees, shrubs and flowers and don't notice the ground vegetation! Thanks for reading.


Danson Wachira from Nairobi, Kenya on May 05, 2012:

I had seen photos of Kokedera garden in Kyoto but honestly i never thought those are Moss. I have enjoyd reading this Hub and it is very useful.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on March 26, 2012:

Hi ChooseHealthyFood! Moss is a real winner in a shady area, it makes gardening so much easier and looks green with minimal effort! I hope you will enjoy your moss garden! Thanks for the comment and it is so nice to meet you!


ChooseHealthyFood from Canada on March 24, 2012:

Nice! I wanted a moss garden for my shaded backyard but never had time to research this.

Thank you for this hub.


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 29, 2012:

Hi Lilleyth, it is so nice to meet you here! And thanks for the positive comment. Moss are a winner in the garden and it is very suited in a woodland garden area. A natural woodland garden area sounds so great and it must be wonderful to have one. I want to have a woodland area in my garden but I don't really have the natural place for it. So if I want one, it will need to do some thinking and some work but nothing can beat the beauty of nature.


Suzanne Sheffield from Mid-Atlantic on February 28, 2012:

Awesome hub. I love moss myself and have a mossy area on the northeast side of my home in my natural woodland garden area.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 23, 2012:

The Lex Blog, yes, moss usually grow where the environment is optimal, and it is in those places we should nurture the moss instead of fighting it! Thanks for reading!

The Lex Blog on February 21, 2012:

moss grows somethimes where i want it and some times where i don't like it.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on December 10, 2011:

Lanealanea, Oh, I am so glad to hear that. There is a way to have a beautiful garden for everyone, it is just to find one that suit our personality! I hope you have found your garden style here. Thanks for the uplifting comment and I wish you good luck with the moss garden!


lanealanea from Orange County, California on December 09, 2011:

Okay Thoughtforce, this is the most cool thing that I have ever seen. First of all, I take good care of everything but plants are always last and get the worst of me. Even if I try, I water too much, finally my husband bought those cool sticks that feed the plant or something. Bottom line is I so totally want to try to do this. SOO COOL! Thanks for making such a cool hub on this, I believe there are a ton of people who haven't seen such a thing. Cheers

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on November 16, 2011:

The moss-covered staircase is one of my favourite too! I think moss is beautiful and I find it to be very useful in shady areas. The great thing is that we can try to grow moss on the things we have in our garden, there is endless possibilities. Thanks for the great comment seedplanter, I so appreciate your visit!


seedplanter on November 15, 2011:

What a delightful hub! I've seen pictures of formal parks and such that have this kind of mossy beauty but had never thought about training moss to grow over anything myself. I really like the moss-covered staircase! It's like stepping into another world. Thank you for such a beautiful place to land for a few minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on August 06, 2011:

Hi Lynn Stewart, Thanks for your wonderful comment and for your visit. It is great to know you liked this and I hope you can use some of the ideas!


Lyn.Stewart from Auckland, New Zealand on August 03, 2011:

stunning and a wonderful way to use those areas in your garden that don't get much sunlight.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on June 28, 2011:

danfresnourban, to let nature have its way also works, given the conditions are right, but it can take a while before the moss thrives! If you are in for landscaping you wouldn't want to wait to see the final result from your efforts:)

It is so nice to meet you here and thanks for stopping by and for your comment!


danfresnourban from Fresno, CA on June 25, 2011:

Great article, I have wondered about moss gardens for years, but I just assumed that they maintained damp conditions and waited for the moss to grow. I look forward to reading more of your hubs.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on June 25, 2011:

Greg, min vän, how nice to see you! Yes, moss in an Orchid hut would be a great way to grow moss where you live I think. An Orchid hut sounds very interesting and fun too! It is well worth trying and I hope you can find some natural moss, it will have better chances to thrive! I love moss and once you got started there seems to be no end to what one can do with moss. At least where I live since we have a humid climate. But moss is a species that has been on Earth for millions of years and are very strong and adaptive so I think you will do well:)

Thanks for sharing the Midsummer Eve hub Greg! We celebrated Midsummer Eve yesterday with traditional music, song and dance, and good friends and it was as usual a special festivity even though it rained later in the evening. I thought about you yesterday and wondered if you did any midsummer celebration or if you did eat any herring!

Let me know how it went with the moss and it is always good to see you in my corner!

Ta väl hand om dig min vän


greg g zaino from L'America- Big Pine Key, Florida on June 24, 2011:

hälsningar syster- - Fun- Fun- Fun!

i just shared your "Mid Summer Eve Festivities" hub on facebook again for a friend from Sweden. Elin works with Libby in Key West.

So- i figured while i was here, let's take a look at something new to me!

glad i did too- i love moss and wish i could grow it here in the new Orchid hut i built for Lib... i will look in the nearby naturally overgrown land in our neighborhood. perhaps i can find a species there.

thank you Tina- you have stirred my curiosity- this makes your article a success... Ja!

Adjö och fred min vän.


Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on June 03, 2011:

The easy way is sometime a winner:) We shouldn't spend so much time working against nature and if we have a shady damp area there is no use in trying to grow a lawn there when moss can be so beautiful instead. I am pleased that you read on and liked it!

Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a garden or a shady place to try this!


Victoria Stephens from London on June 03, 2011:

Hi thougtforce,

I can honestly say that I have never heard of a moss garden in all my life. Because of that, it seemed a very strange concept for me for a few seconds but you have completely won me over, what a brilliant idea!

:-) xxx

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on April 13, 2011:

Kentuckyslone, your daughter must have known that moss can’t tolerate people walking all over them! Isn’t it great that something that grows natural and is spreading can be used as a beautiful area in the garden! Just find the right conditions and a moss garden will be reality! I am delighted that you liked this hub! Thanks for your visit! Tina

kentuckyslone on April 11, 2011:

Wow, milk will help moss to grow? I love moss and have spent a lot of time back in the woods where it grows aplenty. My daughter would always say "dont step on the moss daddy!" Beautiful hub, really...

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 26, 2011:

Hi The Dirt Farmer! With a name like that you must be a person who loves gardening! I am in love with the photo of the chair myself and try to find the best spot for something similar! I am happy you got some ideas and I am certain your chair will look wonderful! Thank you, for your comment!

Jill Spencer from United States on February 25, 2011:

Love this hub. The chair is seriously cool. I'm starting one this spring in our side garden. Thanks so much for the ideas.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 24, 2011:

Hi Esmeowl12, How nice too meet you! Moss is mostly unwanted in a garden but when moss is used in landscaping and in the right spot it can be so perfect in a garden! I wish you much success if you try a mossgarden! Thanks very much for your kind comment!

Cindy A Johnson from Sevierville, TN on February 24, 2011:

Very interesting. I love gardening but never thought of making a moss garden. Thanks for the ideas.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 20, 2011:

Hi Fluffy77, how nice to meet you here! A moss garden can be a very beautiful and tranquil place. And you do not need so big mossgarden to achieve that feeling. I wish you good luck with your mossgarden. Thanks for coming here and leave a supportive comment!

Fluffy77 from Enterprise, OR on February 19, 2011:

Wonderful and beautiful page, thanks for the advise. I just love moss gardens and one day plan to do one myself.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 19, 2011:

Hi D.A.L., I also like moss in nature, it comes in many green shades and looks always fresh during all seasons.

Thanks for stopping by and for the rating. It means a lot coming from you!

Dave from Lancashire north west England on February 18, 2011:

excellent hub .I have always admired moss in the countryside during the winter months creating green among the dank vegetation. There are so many coloured ones. On the north west coast of England the growing conditions for moss is excellent. Thank you for sharing . Rated up.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 16, 2011:

Katie, I wish I could see your garden when it is finish! A koi pond is so right in a moss garden and if you see some moss there already it is the perfect spot! I hope the result becomes marvellous and that a moss garden will add value to your landscaping! Thanks for your great and positive comment!

Katie McMurray from Ohio on February 15, 2011:

Ewwwww love the moss garden and I can just see great moss growing around my zen garden near my koi pond. Thanks for the tips on how to create and grow a moss garden. :) Katie

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 05, 2011:

Hi jette17, Yes it definitely is! Moss can add something very special to a bonsai garden! Thanks for your valuable input with a great suggestion on how moss can be used!

jetta17 on February 05, 2011:

Not sure if it was mentioned so far, but a bonsai garden is the perfect place for moss.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 04, 2011:

vans backpacks, yes it is better to add moss to the garden, and make it look beautiful! So, get rid off the moss killer! Thanks for coming by and for your comment!

vans backpacks on February 03, 2011:

Moss killer usually contains iron sulphate as an active ingredient, this will stain most surfaces.Adding moss to a garden is a beautiful way to enhance its appearance,and with this easy and inexpensive recipe,you'll enjoy growing moss as well.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 03, 2011:

Hi Sierra Mackenzie, Yes, I know what you mean, those lovely moss covered rocks that can be found in nature! I bring some of them home as well! It can be difficult to preserve the moss during transport, but with the right place, and some care, the moss will recover! Thanks for your much appreciated comment and I wish you good luck with your moss garden!

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 03, 2011:

RTalloni, I am happy to meet you here! I can imagine that nurture isn´t the first thing that comes to mind when one think about moss! But if it´s should be done properly, thats what it takes! Thanks for coming by, your comment is appreciated!

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 03, 2011:

Hello Mrs.J.B. and you are most welcome! Thanks for your great comment and I hope your moss garden will be fabulous too. Just pick the right spot and let your creativity flow!

Sierra Mackenzie on February 02, 2011:

I love this hub. It falls right into my love of nature and the out of doors. I use to bring home rocks covered with moss, but the moss never survived. Now, through this hub, I know where I made mistakes, and can have a real moss garden.

RTalloni on February 02, 2011:

Bravo! "Nurture moss"--absolutely!

Mrs. J. B. from Southern California on February 02, 2011:

What a fabulous idea. I am going to try it.

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 02, 2011:

Hello Genna East, Yes, isn´t that chair just marvellous! I would love to have one in my garden! There is so much that can be done with moss, the options are endless, all you need is a bit imagination! I wish you luck with your moss garden!

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 02, 2011:

Hi BkCreative, I am so glad you found this hub informative! I get a picture before my eyes of a beautiful moss garden as a tranquil oas there in the hectic citylife where you live! A moss garden must be so well suited in a city where the space is limited!

It is always best to work with nature and enjoy instead of stuggle:)

Thank you very much for you wonderful comment and the vote! Your visits in my corner is so appreciated!

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 02, 2011:

Hello Tom, good to hear that there are some moss gardens out there! A moss garden can be so beautiful on the right place and can turn a hopeless area into something very special! Thanks for your great comment, and I am glad you enjoyed the read!

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on February 01, 2011:

Wow...I had to look at that chair twice...I just couldn't believe it. Thanks for this informative hub.

BkCreative from Brooklyn, New York City on February 01, 2011:

This is so wonderful - love the pictures, the information - the tips! Everything! Why fight nature - we cannot win - because we are meant to enjoy it, and may have to be forced.

I am bookmarking for sure - and will keep this is mind.

Rated up and thanks a million!

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on February 01, 2011:

Hi thougtforce thanks for this very interesting and informational hub ! I know a few people who have moss gardens and they are very beautiful .

Great hub!!! Thumbs up !!!

Christina Lornemark (author) from Sweden on February 01, 2011:

Hi silver Fish, it is always nice to see you! A moss garden can be a lovely place in your garden, and the right spot is mostly in an area where nothing else thrives anyway:) So, instead of going against nature; go with it! Thanks for your much appreciated comment!

Silver Fish from Edinburgh Scotland on January 31, 2011:

What a lovely hub, I have never heard of moss gardens before, and the way you describe them is so appealing, I may be tempted to have a go!