How to Plant and Grow a Goji Berry Tree With the Health Benefits of the Berries

Updated on April 18, 2018
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L.M.Reid is an Irish writer who has published many articles. She is a keen gardener with plenty of experience.

How To Plant a Goji Berry Tree

  • I show you how to plant and look after a goji berry tree.
  • Step-by-step instructions with videos and photos.
  • I explain the health benefits of the berries.

Goji Berry Tree
Goji Berry Tree | Source

7 Tips For Growing Goji Berry Plants Successfully At Home

My Plant

This is the goji berry tree that I have in my garden now. It was bought as a gift to me from my sister. She knew I wanted one of these plants so ordered it online. It is still growing well today and I have had some very good crops from it for the past few years.

A friend of mine could not afford to get a plant so she bought these Goji berry seeds. She now has two trees growing in her own garden. They are still too young to bear any fruit yet but she is delighted with the results so far. She gave away a few of the extra ones she grew too

Planting The Tree

Buy a plant that is at least two years old, which will not be too expensive.
If you can afford it though, a three year old plant would be better.

  1. Plant from around May and you will first see purple and white flowers.
  2. Take the plant out of the pot and put in a larger bucket.
  3. Add water to the bucket to allow the roots to soak.
  4. Dig a big enough hole so that manure and feed can be added
  5. Add the goji berry tree to the hole and fill in with compost.
  6. Press down the earth around the plant firmly
  7. Once planted give the tree a good watering to establish the roots.

The berries do not grow until the third year.

Planting Goji Berry Tree
Planting Goji Berry Tree | Source

Growing and Drying Goji Berries

Taking Care of the Goji Berry Tree

  • It requires very little water to survive, but if you water it regularly, it will reward you with extra fruit. It can grow almost anywhere and is very sturdy in most weather conditions.
  • It can withstand temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Make sure you prune the tree regularly. It can grow very large and bushy if not looked after..
  • The flowers will ripen into berries from July to October.
  • The berries can be picked in the autumn.

Goji Berry Tree
Goji Berry Tree | Source

Needs Sunlight

The tree needs plenty of direct sunlight to thrive. Pick the spot where you intend to grow your goji berries carefully.

They need twelve months of tender care and it is not always guaranteed that the plant will produce fruit. Therefore the best way to get a goji plant in your garden that gives you plenty of fruit is to buy a plant of at least two years old.

They are not that costly to purchase in garden centres and are even cheaper if you shop around and buy online. Fruit will not appear until the goji plant is three years old and then every year after that the fruit yield will increase.

Health Benefits of Goji Berries

  • What is the goji berry?
  • What are the health benefits
  • Can you grow your own fruit tree easily?
  • Can you lose weight by eating these

I have answered all these questions below.

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Goji berries have been grown in China for thousands of years.

The Chinese realized the medicinal properties of the berries very quickly and have used them to treat health problems for years.

Health Benefits

These health benefits are only now being accepted by people in the rest of the world. In modern China research has been carried out by their scientists to explain how the goji berry benefits the health of the human body.

Research has proved the benefits of the goji berry for the care of the eyes. Damage to the retina by diseases such as cataracts, diabetes, and other age related causes of sight loss can be improved by eating these berries. The nutrients contained in the goji berry that has this health benefit are Zeaxanthin and Lutein.

Where to Buy Goji Berries

Goji berries are becoming more popular now as the health benefits are becoming well known. There was a time when you could only buy the dried fruit in health shops. Now it is readily available in most stores and supermarkets.

The berries are sold in packets as a dried fruit. These can be added as an ingredient to other foods. There are also ready made products for sale which contain goji berries such as wine, juice and smoothies. I am sure as the fruit becomes even more popular other ready made products will appear on the shelves.

There are many ways the dried fruit can be eaten at home. It can be mixed raw at breakfast time with cereals and porridge. At lunch time it can be added to any salad or soup and sprinkled on sandwiches.

At dinner time it can be mixed with stews, salads and on hamburgers. The drinks such as juice, wine and milk shakes can be used anytime too.

Nutritionally Rich

They contain a high concentrate of protein and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E. They also contain eighteen different kinds of amino acids.

In studies it has been found that goji berries contain more vitamin C than oranges, more beta carotene than carrots.

They also have four times the amount of potassium than in a banana.and more iron than steak.

Health Benefits Of Goji Berries

How Do Goji Berries Help to Lose Weight

Scientific tests reveal that the berries contain Betaine. This is important for changing Homocysteine to Methionine in the liver. Methionine and Lysine are then responsible for the production of Carnitine.

Weight Loss Claims

So goji Berries can help through its concentration of Betaine with weight loss. The berry also contains a high concentration of Vitamin C. This also has the ability to create Carnitine in the body.

Another Vitamin that Helps Weight Loss Is Vitamin B1

It converts carbohydrates into energy and it encourages a healthy thyroid function which creates a better body metabolism.

The goji berry when included in the diet actually satisfies the appetite more quickly and gives the dieter a chance to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time. Betaine is also useful in the body for nerves and stress and helps to enhance the memory.

Health Attributes

Goji fruit berries have become very popular in the Western world in the past few years. They have been sold in health shops for a long time now. But it is only recently that they have become easily available in most stores and supermarkets.

The big companies have a hand in marketing this amazing berry as they see the potential profits it can bring them. They know how to take advantage of the growing interest we take in the health benefits of certain ingredients we use in our foods.

Benefits of Goji Berries Top 10 Health Benefits


The goji berry contains Thiamin and this induces a sense of happiness by increasing the body’s energy level and feelings of optimism.

When eaten the berry creates a combination of therapeutic actions within the body. This is known as an adaptogen. The effect is increased energy levels both mental and physical.

Lack of Sleep

Thiamin combined with Magnesium which is also present in the goji fruit enables people to fall asleep easier and improves their quality of that sleep.

Common Cold

Research has shown that zinc can shorten the length and severity of a cold. Goji berries have plenty of Vitamin C and Zinc.

Easy to Grow

The rest of the world has now only in the last few years realized the health benefits of the goji fruit berry.

The Chinese people realized the medicinal properties of the berries thousands of years ago. We are also benefiting from this knowledge now.

The berries can also be bought as a drink. Better still it is a hardy berry that can be planted in gardens all over the world. So If you have a large or even smaller garden it is easy to grow.

I have given details above in this article of how to grow and take care of a tree. Now that I have shown you the goji berry and the many health benefits of these fruit berries why not introduce them to your daily diet. There are plenty of ways to eat and enjoy them.

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      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 23 months ago from Ireland

        Thank you Pepesplants for you comment

      • profile image

        Pepesplants 23 months ago

        Excellent article!

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 2 years ago from Ireland

        Hello Jaymie, you do not prune the tree for the first year of planting. In the following winter cut off any dead branches. Once it starts to grow in the spring and summer cut off any branches from the top in order to control its height. It may also grow too many side branches and you can cut some of these too.

      • profile image

        Jaymie 2 years ago

        My Goji berry was planted against a fence and is growing morelike a vine. do i need to trim it back in the winter or spring?

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 2 years ago from Ireland

        Ingrid I did not know you could use the Goji Berry Tree leaves. Thank you for the tip. I will be mixing them in with my mash and salads from now on.

        thumbi7 if you have room in the garden it would be worth your while planting a Goji Berry tree. Thank you for the votes and shares

      • profile image

        Ingrid 2 years ago

        Goji berry leaves are edible , mix it in with your eggs and scramble it , you get the same benefit as eating the berries ! Also the dried roots from the goji berry plant can be boiled in water and drink it when cool down usually serve cold ! Those are some tips from my Parenst as we are Chinese and do have a goji plant in the backyard as well !

      • thumbi7 profile image

        JR Krishna 2 years ago from India

        Very informative article

        I have never heard of Goji Berry before

        Votes and shares

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 4 years ago from Ireland

        Hello regina, It grows very wide and tall. My tree is now 7 years old and reaches up to 10 feet tall and the twigs spread out to about 5 feet.

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 4 years ago from Ireland

        Hello Kentucky Girl. I leave my tree out in all weathers and we get very bad frost and snowfalls. It does just fine and grows bigger every year, so my advice would be to plant it out. Sorry about the delay in answering, a lot of my comments were in the spam box and only found them

      • profile image

        regina 4 years ago

        how wide does this berry grow

      • profile image

        kentucky girl 4 years ago

        I was really glad to find this post. I bought a small goji plant last year (thought it was a vine until I started researching!)

        It is now about 3 to 4 ft high in a pot on my porch. It spent last winter in the house, because I thought it wasn't big enough to survive outside. Should I plant it in the yard this fall, or go ahead and bring it in for the winter again.

        Would appreciate any and all advice!

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 4 years ago from Ireland

        LongTimeMother I have included a photo of my Goji Berry tree as it is now 3 years after planting it. The leaves are now smaller and the tree a lot bigger. I am looking forward to a bumper crop of Goji berries this year.

      • LongTimeMother profile image

        LongTimeMother 4 years ago from Australia

        It will be nice for you to see summer again, I'm sure. Thanks for replying to me, viking305. When I bought my plants they were already quite large. I had no idea they began with different leaves. I've still not found anyone with the different type of goji. Still left wondering what they are like. :)

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 4 years ago from Ireland

        Hello LongTimeMother. You are correct about the leaves on my Goji Berry plant. The plant is indeed Lycium barbarum. That was a 2 year old tree and the leaves were very different to what they are now.

        I will take another photo of this tree in a few days as the weather has been so bad over the winter here in Ireland that the leaves are only coming out now.

        Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment

      • LongTimeMother profile image

        LongTimeMother 5 years ago from Australia

        I grow goji here in Australia. The leaves in your top photo look very different to the leaves on my plants. Mine are the same as the leaves in your fruiting photo, ie. Lycium barbarum.

        I know there is a different variety but I've not actually seen it. I'm wondering if your plant is the other variety, or if the leaves will change shape as your plant ages. I'll be interested to see the results.

        Goji is a strange beast as far as plants go. At least in my garden it is, lol. I'm happy to have it though.

        Voted up.

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 6 years ago from Ireland

        Thank you everyone for reading and for taking the time to comment.

        Paul I would plant the Goji Berry tree in a shaded spot in the garden if you think there is too much heat and sun.

        It is trial and error really. As long as there is not too much intense heat that will kill the Goji Berries I think you should be alright

      • profile image

        Paul 6 years ago

        Thanks for the info...Can one survive in AZ. heat?

      • profile image

        Acupuncture Melbourne 6 years ago

        My mum told me about Goji berries after watching a TV program on their benefits. I live and work in Victoria and bought some yesterday...I am looking forward to enjoying the many positive benefits associated with Goji berries, especially the extra energy...Thanks

      • eventsyoudesign profile image

        eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

        I have tried Goji berry and I like them. Your article is very detailed and easy to follow. I enjoyed reading it and will read more. Thanks! Also, I like your avatar. Teresa

      • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

        Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

        Lots of great information. Thanks for sharing. Great job.

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 7 years ago from Ireland

        Thanks billy and Jay for reading. Yes the benefits of the Goji berry surprised me too and they are so easy to include in your diet.

        I would advice everyone to buy a Goji Berry plant of at least 3 years old because they are so easy to take care of. The dried berries are expensive in the shops.

      • Jaypyramid profile image

        Jaypyramid 7 years ago

        Wow I knew the Goji Berry was good for you but didn't realise the amount of benefits it had. I love your hubs, they are so full of information and so enjoyable to read. I have gone back a few times to the one on disposing safetely of broken glass. I must plant a Goji plant because they are expensive enough to buy in the shops!

      • billyaustindillon profile image

        billyaustindillon 7 years ago

        Lots of benefits I see - thank for sharing

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 7 years ago from Ireland

        Thank you Nikita for you comment. I am glad you liked it.

      • profile image

        Nikita Williams 7 years ago

        Thanks for posting this article, I love it

      • viking305 profile image

        L M Reid 7 years ago from Ireland

        Thanks for reading and your comment Garlic Angel. Yes I must say I learnt a lot about the Goji Berry myself when I was doing the research for the article. My mother had heard about the health benefits and she had bought a Goji plant. I was helping her plant it and we went on the internet to find out the best way.

        So I just had to write an article about it too lol

      • Garlic Angel profile image

        Christine 7 years ago from Dublin

        Excellent article well done and so much information on the Goji bush ... Thanks again viking .. Garlic Angel :-)