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Why Isn't My Limelight Hydrangea Blooming?

Kelly Lehman is the owner of Cranbury Fields Flower Farm and shows everyday gardeners how to grow amazing flowers on her Youtube Channel.

Learn why your limelight hydrangeas may not be blooming when your other hydrangeas are.

Learn why your limelight hydrangeas may not be blooming when your other hydrangeas are.

When Do Limelight Hydrangeas Bloom?

I grow limelight hydrangeas on my flower farm, and I always get asked why limelight hydrangeas may not be blooming. If I go out into my garden in July, my limelight hydrangeas aren't blooming either, and that's okay because limelight hydrangea blooms usually come in towards the middle to the end of summer.

The hydrangea in my video is a super healthy limelight hydrangea. I usually get loads and loads of gorgeous blooms from this plant. It just happens to bloom later than my Anabelle hydrangea, and my endless summer hydrangea, and my Nikko hydrangea. That's okay; that's just like the nature of the beast. So if you are worried that there's something wrong with your plant, it might just need a little bit more time in the season.

Hydrangea Age

Another reason why your might hydrangea plant might not be blooming is that it might just be too young. Sometimes, when you first put in a limelight hydrangea, it takes two or three years to start giving you really crazy, beautiful blooms.

You can see the difference between the two limelight hydrangea plants in my video. The one on the left is smaller and has fewer blooms, and the one to the right is just packed with blooms because it's so much older. So be patient if you have a new hydrangea that you've just planted.

How Much Water Should I Give My Hydrangea?

If you've just planted your hydrangea, make sure that you keep up with the water. Like any new plants you put in the ground, you have to make sure that the root system has enough moisture to establish itself. But be careful not to overwater because hydrangeas, like most plants, hate to have wet, soggy feet.

How to Tell If a Hydrangea Needs Water

  1. Put your finger into the soil about two inches or up to your first knuckle.
  2. If the soil feels dry, give it a good shot of water at the base.
  3. If the soil feels wet, then leave it alone.

You want to make sure it doesn't get waterlogged.

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Limelight Hydrangeas Need Sunshine

Another reason why your limelight hydrangeas may not be blooming is that they may not be getting enough sun. Limelight hydrangeas love sunshine. So if you have them in a really shady place, chances are you might have a lot of green leaves, but you might not have any blooms.

Make sure that your limelight hydrangea is getting at least six hours of sunlight each day. If not, you may want to reconsider the place that you have it in. You can always move it in the fall when the plant goes dormant.

Don't Over-Fertilize

You also want to make sure that you don't over-fertilize limelight hydrangea. If you over-fertilize it, you might have beautiful green leaves, but you may inhibit the bloom growth. So make sure that you're not over-fertilizing it, especially if the fertilizer contains a lot of nitrogen. Nitrogen promotes gorgeous green leaves, but it can inhibit bloom growth if you have too much of it in the soil.

Those are some reasons why your limelight hydrangea may not be blooming. Happy gardening!

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