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Beneficial Organisms


Best Late-Blooming Flowers for Bees and Butterflies

These late-blooming flowers will help draw bees and butterflies to your garden long after most other blooms have faded.


How to Turn Your Own Backyard Into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Do you love wildlife? Consider turning your own backyard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat recognized by the National Wildlife Federation.

Butterflies eating fruit - watermelon - Kelly Lehman

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden With Fruit

A few simple materials and some overripe fruit are all you need to start attracting more butterflies to your garden!


3 Beneficial Insects and How to Attract Them to Your Yard

Let nature handle pest control in your yard and garden—there are many insects that are more than willing to help. Learn how spiders, praying mantises, and ladybugs can be beneficial to your garden.


The 10 Best Bugs for Your Garden

This article explores the ten most beneficial bugs for your garden. It focuses primarily on insects known to consume common garden pests such as aphids and mites. Introducing beneficial bugs to your garden is important as it allows gardeners to avoid harmful pesticides and insecticides.


Planting Your Bee-Friendly Garden

You can invite an array of bees into your own backyard by simply planting their favorite flowers. By providing nectar and pollen as food and creating shelters in your garden space, you will create new habitats for bees.


How to Attract and Catch Fireflies

Few things are as magical in the summertime as watching fireflies light up the sky. This article will show you how to attract fireflies to your yard without contributing to their dwindling populations.


Create a Safe Haven for Your Backyard Birds by Planting a Leyland Cypress Tree

Leyland cypress trees are dense and provide cover from predators and a shield against the inclement weather elements. Our Leyland cypress has been a blessing for our birds who quickly fly to it when threatened.


How to Design a Garden That Will Attract Butterflies

If you love butterflies and would love to have more of them visit your yard, you have to plant the flowers, herbs, vines, shrubs, and trees that they love, such as petunias and marigolds.


Tips and Tricks for Attracting Birds to Your Yard

During the fall and winter months, it’s easy for gardeners to be discouraged by the lack of life in the garden. But these dismal months are a great time to invest interest in birds. Here's how to encourage them to visit your yard.


How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard

Do you enjoy watching hummingbirds as they soar through the sky? Do you wish you could attract more of them to your yard so you can watch them perform their aerial ballet? Stay tuned for lots of tips!


What Do Beekeepers Do in Winter?

Come explore what beekeepers do. This article will provide some info on what a beekeeper can do during the winter when the bees aren't active.


How to Attract Beneficial Wildlife to Your Garden

Not all the critters in your garden are pests. In fact, many are beneficial to a healthy garden. Learn how to make your garden attractive to beneficial bugs and animals.


How to Encourage Butterflies to Visit Your Garden

Everyone loves to observe a butterfly fluttering through the air. Not only are they typically beautiful, but the critters are beneficial in the garden as well because they pollinate flowers. Here are a few simple things you can do to encourage butterflies to visit your garden.


How to Encourage Pollinating Bees in Your Garden

You may not want a bee buzzing inside your home, but insects in the garden are your friends! Encouraging pollinating bees to populate your garden isn’t difficult or time consuming at all.


Trees to Plant That Will Attract Birds

If you want to see a lot of birds in your yard, there are certain trees that you can plant that will provide just the proper incentive for birds—the types of food they love.


Pollinate Your Garden With Native (Mason) Bees

Mason bees are one of the best-kept secrets of gardening and orchards. You have probably seen them many times without realizing it. If you are a gardener, then you need to read this article.


How to Use a Bird Feeder to Attract Birds to a Winter Garden

Feed birds during the cold winter months by hanging feeders full of their favorite seeds. Learn how to make an easy pinecone feeder too!


How to Attract Toads to Your Garden

Toads provide years of free insect control in return for a simple shelter and a source of water.


Beneficial Insects and Spiders That Help Your Garden

Beneficial insects and spiders are useful for keeping harmful insects away from your plants and garden. Harness helpful bugs by attracting native species or buying them online.


How You Can Do Your Part to Help Save the Bees

Plant a garden to help our bees. Save them; they're a link we can't get back. Our existence depends on bees and other pollinators.


Good vs. Bad Ladybugs in Your Garden: How to Tell the Difference

Ladybugs do not damage your garden—rather, they eat most of the pesky pests that do! Release some ladybugs to protect your flowers and plants.


How to Attract Praying Mantises to Your Garden

Praying mantises are considered beneficial insects even though they eat both "good" insects and "bad" insects.


How to Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden

Ladybugs are an organic gardeners best friend, ridding the garden of destructive insects. Learn how to make your garden attractive to these beneficial insects.


A Simple Guide to Setting up Your Hummingbird Feeder

Everything you need to know to set up your hummingbird feeder. Simple, easy, and fool-proof.


Bird Feeders and an Inviting Habitat Bring Avian Friends to the Garden

Feeding the birds can be good for them and entertaining for you. Learn about good bird feeders and making your yard a friendly habitat.


Discover Natural Pest Control for Gardens Using Predators

Gardening can be frustrating when you see your plants eaten by insects. Before you reach for the bug spray, find out how you can introduce natural predators to help you in the fight against pests.


An Invasion of Barklice Is Lucky and Just Like Having Ladybugs!

Barklice are good guys. If you see barklice webbing on your trees, you can rest assured that your trees will benefit from their visit. Ladybugs are also beneficial garden insects.


Butterfly Gardening in Iberia

Butterfly gardening means growing flowers that will feed adult butterflies and attract them to our gardens, as well as growing food-plants for their caterpillars to eat. What plants are best in Iberia?


5 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can carry deadly viruses, and diseases. Keeping them away from you and your family is of extreme importance. Learn how to eliminate them and which plants will help repel them.


How to Prevent Bees From Absconding or Leaving Your Hive

Practicing apiculture? Well, learn how to stop honey bees from leaving your hive. Learn why bees abandon or leave your hive and see the best bee absconding and swarming prevention methods.


Why Do Bees Leave Your Hive? 16 Reasons for Bee Absconding

Why did my bees leave the hive? Well, read on to learn why bees abscond. See the causes of bee absconding and reasons why bees fly away from your hive, leaving an empty beehive.


How to Maintain and Care for a Beehive

Managing a beehive requires time and attention. Learn how to maintain and care for a beehive, including important apiary practices that create favorable conditions for bees and improve honey production.


How to Attract Goldfinches to Your Backyard Feeder

Discover three ways to attract the American Goldfinch to your backyard bird feeder, plus view pictures and learn some interesting facts.


How to Build a Backyard Bird Sanctuary and Wildlife Habitat

Learn some easy ways you can turn your garden or yard into a bird-friendly habitat and design a beautiful backyard sanctuary for songbirds. Create an environment with the proper feeders, water sources, and vegetation that beautiful songbirds will visit often!


What Is Killing the Honey Bees? Colony Collapse Disorder

Honey bees are very important to food resources because they pollinate many crops. Beekeepers are seeing massive die-offs. What is killing our honey bees?


How to Set Up and Place a Swarm Trap for Honey Bees

Ready to catch your first swarm of honey bees? Follow these step-by-step instructions to capture a colony of free honey bees.


Common Midwestern Garden Insects

There is a vibrant culture of insects right in your backyard! Let's explore some interesting insects in your Midwestern garden!


Labor of Love: An Interview With Lifelong Beekeepers

The life of a beekeeper is filled with hard work, but also a lot of personal satisfaction. Do you have what it takes to be a beekeeper? Two beekeepers explain what it is like to keep bees.


How to Butterfly Garden the Tenerife Way

Are you interested in butterfly gardening? Tenerife in the Canary Islands is home to many butterflies and moths, and many of these can be tempted into your home garden!


Inside the Bee Hive: How Bees Make Honey

If you've ever wondered how bees make honey and function in their society, then this guide is for you.


How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden With a Puddle Club Party

If you'd like to host a puddle club party for butterflies in your garden, here are five easy ways to attract lots of gorgeous guests.


7 Benefits of Making Fall Splits to Bee Hives

There are a number of benefits to making fall splits to your hives early in the summer, such as re-queening, disease control, and better crop.


10 Plants That Attract Bees to Your Food Garden

Without pollination (and bees), you will gain little more than a suntan from your gardening efforts. Here are 10 bee-friendly plants to attract those pollinators.


How to Harvest Honey From a Beehive

Harvesting honey from your hive is a fun and exciting endeavor. This guide includes photos, videos, and step-by-step instructions to extract honey from your backyard hive.


The Facts About How Ladybugs Help Humans

Ladybugs help reduce garden pests and prevent the use of pesticides. Learn all about why these beautiful helpers are friends to gardeners everywhere.


What to Do If Your Vermicomposting Worms Are Trying to Escape

What to do if your worms have decided to make a break for it? I cover six proven tips to prevent your worms from escaping.


Butterflies of Oklahoma: Ten Beautiful Species and How to Attract Them

Oklahoma is home to a wide variety of butterflies. Here are ten of the prettiest Oklahoma butterflies, with tips for attracting them to your yard and garden.


How to Build a Bird Feeder Pole

Discover how to build a bird feeder pole from an old patio umbrella. It's cheap, looks great, and can hold at least six different bird feeders.


A Super Easy Recipe for Hummingbird Food

Draw these exquisite birds to your yard with a quick and easy DIY nectar. Learn about the health benefits of homemade hummingbird food, how to store extra nectar, and fun facts!