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Composting & Vermiculture


How to Make Leaf Mould (2 Quick and Easy DIY Methods)

Learn how and why to make leaf mould from fallen autumn leaves (and how urine can help speed up the process!).


How to Use Leaves in the Vegetable Garden as Compost, Mulch, and Leaf Mould

Raking leaves off your lawn in the fall does not have to be a meaningless chore. After you have jumped in the pile, add the leaves to your compost bin, mulch them around your plants, or pile them in a heap to make soil-building leaf mould. Keeping reading to find out how to use leaves in your vegeta


How to Set Up and Use a Bokashi Bucket for Indoor Composting

Bokashi is an alternative to traditional composting that allows you to turn kitchen waste into a valuable soil amendment for your garden using a process of anaerobic fermentation. It's an easy, odorless, and eco-friendly way to deal with kitchen scraps.


Identifying the Canadian Nightcrawler Worm

Learn about the HUGE Canadian nightcrawler or "lobworm." Much larger than African and European nightcrawlers and positively dwarfing red and blue wigglers, they're good for bait but not so great for composting.


How to Identify the Indian Blue Composting Worm

Do you know what the Indian Blue Composting Worm looks like? Indian blues are the smallest composting worms, and they can be kind of picky about conditions. But they'll love a properly set up blue worm bin.


Identifying the European Nightcrawler Composting Worm

Do you know what the European Nightcrawler looks like? European Nightcrawlers are the red wigglers' bigger cousins. A single Euro will eat more than a single red, but reds tend to develop higher populations. Due to their size, Euros are somewhat easier to use as bait for fishing.


How I Raise Composting Worms in My Basement

This article shows you how to raise worms for composting. I accomplished this in my basement after quite a few failures.


Best Vermicomposting Worms for Florida

Due to its unique climate, Florida offers specific challenges and benefits that make vermicomposting worm selection important. This guide will help you find the best types of worms for Florida composts.


Identifying the African Nightcrawler Composting Worm

Not sure what kind of composting worms you have? If you think it may be an African Nightcrawler, here are some descriptions and tips to help you find out and start vermicomposting.


Which Vermicomposting Worm Is Best for You?

Picking the best vermicomposting worm will depend on your specific situation. The answer is not always the red wiggler worm!

alabama jumper worm

Identifying the Alabama Jumper Composting Worm

Not sure what kind of composting worms you have? If you think it may be an Alabama Jumper, here are descriptions and tips to help you find out and start vermicomposting.


Identifying the Red Wiggler Composting Worm

Not sure what kind of composting worms you have? If you think it may be a red wiggler, there are descriptions and tips here to help you find out and start vermicomposting.


8 Ways to Make Your Own Fertilizer and Save Money

Use common household ingredients like coffee grounds and eggshells to make these eight DIY fertilizers for your vegetable garden that cost next to nothing, and in most cases, nothing at all.


Starting a Compost Pile for Beginners

The purpose of this article is to inform somebody who has no experience with composting about how they can build a pile of their own.


Should You Use Black Soldier Fly Larvae or Red Wiggler Worms for Vermicomposting?

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) and red wiggler worms are popular to use as compost scraps. But which is better? As with most things, it is not a simple answer, and each option has its pros and cons.


What Is Vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is a good substitute for composting outdoors. Using a small bin, some newspaper or cardboard, red wiggler worms and a little patience, you can make nutritious compost for your garden.


You Can Compost Meat in a Worm Bin

Can you compost meat in a worm bin? Many people claim that it can't be done. But, they're wrong: following a few simple guidelines, red wigglers can enjoy snacking on your meat scraps!


What to Do With Your Old or Used Compost

Here are some useful ideas for recycling your compost and using it again.


How to Make a DIY Compost Container for a Green Garden

Green gardening begins with healthy soil. Composting plant material from your yard makes nature's best fertilizer. Here's how to do it.


How to Make Your Own Compost and Compost Bin

Learn how to make your own compost bin, how to turn it, and how to determine when compost is ready for use. Plus, find out which items are compostable and which to avoid.


How to Build Your Own Compost Bin and Make Compost at Home: A Practical Guide

Don't waste your money on buying compost fertilizer when you can create your own at home very easily. This guide will show you how easy building your own compost bin and making your own compost at home can be.


How to Compost the Easy Way

You have everything on hand already to make world-class compost without spending a penny while devoting your time to gardening instead of tending to your composting.


How to Fix Slimy Compost and Stop It From Turning to Sludge

Do you have slimy or sludgy compost? I'll show you how to fix it. Making good compost is not difficult, but you need to follow a few rules.


How to Use a Composting Bin or Create a Compost Pile

What is composting? Read on to find out why this simple act is so beneficial, not only for your gardens but for mother nature and your wallet!


3 Tips to Start Composting Today

Composting is a great, affordable way to recycle waste into rich soil for your lawn or garden.


How to Make a Compost Bin From a Plastic Storage Container

Interested in making your own compost bin? This article will show you how to transform a normal plastic storage container into a useful compost bin.


How to Set Up a Worm Composting Bin (With Step-by-Step Photo Guide)

Here are simple instructions on how to set up a worm composting bin. From hints and tips on what wormery to buy, to what to feed the worms, this article shows you the starting stages of setting up your own worm farm to bring you the very best completely organic natural fertilizer for your garden.


How to Brew and Use Compost Tea

Compost tea! It's natural, effective, and powerful. If you're tired of fertilizers that fail to deliver, it's time to learn how to use compost tea!


25 Tips for Making Compost

Interested in making compost for your garden? These 25 tips will help you get started. (Recipe for super-fast compost included.)


How to Make Compost Tea: The Organic Energy Drink for Plants

Make a compost tea brewing system from a few basic materials, then make effective compost tea from kitchen waste, leaves, and other organic matter. While there are many commercial products available, making a simple and effective compost tea brewing system is an easy DIY project.


How to Make Worm Compost in Three Easy Steps

Use homemade vermicompost to enrich your soil and pamper your plants. To get started, all you need is a plastic storage container and a bag of worms!


How to Revive and Restart an Old Compost Pile

When warm weather arrives, it's time to revive your compost pile. Here are my helpful tips on speeding up decomposition to get topsoil faster!


Can You Compost Shredded Paper?

Learn which types of paper are safe for composting and which types to consider skipping.


Gardening for Beginners: How to Compost Without a Bin

Learn how to create luxurious garden compost! This is a great way to recycle organic matter (such as kitchen waste), save money and have greater success in growing plants and vegetables!


How to Use Worms to Make Organic Compost

Want to compost, but not sure how? Looking for a simple way to help the environment? This article explains everything you need to know about how to do worm farm composting.


How to Turn a Garbage Can Into a Compost Bin

Here's how to compost without breaking the bank. It's possible! Make your own composter out of inexpensive materials using a trash can and a little elbow grease!


Compost Holes: A Cheap and Easy Way to Enrich Your Soil

This article includes directions for two methods of in-ground composting: the one-hole and the two-hole method.

Compost - yard waste, egg shells, and roses - kind of pretty, isn't it? (photo by Dolores Monet)

Composting in Your Small Garden

Wondering if your garden needs a compost pile? Even a small garden can benefit from a compost pile that turns plant trimmings and other garden trash into enriched soil. Here are some easy tips for making compost in a small yard.