How to Hang Plants From an Apartment Balcony

It's not as easy as one would think to hang plants on a balcony. The walls are different from the inside and so are the roofs, assuming you have one. Here are several ideas for how to hang plants from your balcony walls, roof, railing, or floor.


How to Use Wheatgrass Kits and Trays

If you use wheatgrass often for your healthy lifestyle, consider growing your own with easy-to-use kits and trays.


Start Plants From Seeds in Small Spaces

You don't need a greenhouse or a plant room to start plants for your garden. Learn how I use minimal space in my home to start plants from seed!


How to Grow a Hanging Garden From Your Balcony Railing

All over Europe, there are balconies with beautiful, cascading gardens of flowers. Not so in the United States, and I wonder why. It's fairly easy to create such a garden if you choose the right kinds of plants.


How to Divide and Pot Aloe Plants

Learn how to successfully divide and grow all types of aloe plants.


Prayer Plants Drooping?: Learn the Causes and How to Fix Them

This article is about the causes of drooping in prayer plants (Maranta) and how to prevent and fix the problem.


Why Are the Leaves of Your Peperomia Splitting?

In this article, I will discuss the reasons for the splitting or cracking of leaves of Peperomia plants. I will also discuss how to deal with this problem affecting the radiator plants.


How (Not) to Build a Garden Box: An Absolute Beginner Guide

An honest and comprehensive beginner guide to building a garden box (raised bed garden) including materials, mistakes, and step-by-step instructions.


Air-Purifying Bedroom Plants That Can Survive Low Light

Choosing plants good for the bedroom can be a problem. This article will help you decide whether it's possible or worthwhile and, if the answers are yes, what kinds of plants would work.


Care Tips for the Watermelon Peperomia

The Watermelon Peperomia is one of the most beautiful and easy to care for houseplants on the planet.


Spider Plant Light Requirements: How Much Do They Need?

How much sunlight do spider plants need? This article is a guide on their sunlight requirements. Read on to find out how you could best replicate the ideal growing environment at home.


Brown Tips on Spider Plants: Causes and Cures

Brown tips on spider plants can be caused by a few underlying issues, including fluorides, salt build-up, and water-stress.


Make Houseplant Propagation Your Pandemic Side Hustle: Valuing Your Plants

You've propagated your plants, and you've decided to sell. So what are they worth?


Make Houseplant Propagation Your Pandemic Side Hustle: What to Propagate and How to Do It

Find the balance between propagation difficulty and value with these tried-and-true groups.


Make Houseplant Propagation Your Side Hustle: To Swap or to Sell?

Propagating the houseplants you already have can be a snap, opening the door to making some money to fund your plant habit, trade with other plant enthusiasts, or even just share the love with friends. Whatever you choose to do with them, here's where to start.


How to Grow Rat Tail Cactus

Rat tail cacti are often grown in hanging baskets so that their stems can drape over the sides of the container.


How I Grow My Own Food in Containers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some food was scarce. People started to see where they might need to consider growing food. I try to grow vegetables and fruits I can't buy in the store. In this article, I'll share how I grow my own food and offer tips for others to do so as well.


How to Grow Chocolate Soldier Plant

Chocolate soldier plants are fuzzy succulents with "chocolate" edging on their leaves.


How to Grow Zebra Haworthia (Zebra Cactus)

Zebra haworthia plants have distinctive white spots on both sides of the leaves. They are popular houseplants, readily available in stores and nurseries.


How to Grow Purple Passion Plant (Velvet Plant)

Purple passion plants add color and texture to your indoor space with their fuzzy purple leaves.


How to Grow Tiger Jaws (Shark Jaws)

Tiger jaws are small succulents that look like the jaws of a fearsome predator.


How to Grow Wandering Jew (Spiderwort)

Don't be turned off by its name. Wandering Jew is a colorful easy to grow houseplant.


How to Grow Burro's Tail (Donkey Tail)

Burro's Tail is a succulent that drapes over the sides of your containers.


How to Grow String of Pearls Indoors or Outdoors

String of Pearls is an unusual succulent that is usually grown in hanging baskets where it looks like strings of beads hanging from the edge.


How to Grow Lipstick Plant

Lipstick plants are popular houseplants that have flowers that look just like tubes of lipstick.


How to Grow Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant has unique leaves that are round like coins.


How to Grow Friendship Plant

Friendship plants earned their nickname because they are easy to propagate from cuttings so they can be shared with other gardeners.


How to Grow a Corn Plant (Mass Cane)

Corn plants make an exotic addition to your home.


How to Grow Cast Iron Plant Indoors or Outdoors

Cast iron plant is perfect for those with dark homes or shady yards.


Starting Your First Bonsai Tree

Your first Bonsai tree? It can be a little intimidating. This guide will help you get started and provide you with crucial information.


Tips for Bonsai Care and Maintenance

Care for and maintain your bonsai tree with the useful tips in this guide.


How to Grow a ZZ Plant (Aroid Palm)

ZZ plant is a great plant for people who have trouble growing houseplants because it can grow in almost no light and can go months without watering.


How to Use the Thrill, Fill, and Spill Gardening Method

This article will break down the "thrill, fill, and spill" method—popularized by "Better Homes and Gardens"—to help you design a great container garden.


Making Plant Containers Using Household Items

When the mood strikes to start a spring garden, where do you turn? Why not use recyclables and discarded containers to start your own plants? Here's how.


How to Make a Raised Bed Lasagna Garden

This article will break down the advantages of growing a lasagna garden that requires no digging or tilling.


Easy Steps to Caring for Your Air Plant

This article outlines the easy steps necessary to take good care of your fascinating air plants.


How to Prevent Damping Off Disease When Starting Seeds Indoors

Damping off is the scourge of the greenhouse. Even if you don't have a greenhouse, you may lose your seedlings to this disease. With a little care you can prevent this disease from killing your plants.


Top 3 Indoor House Plants

Learn about three of the healthiest plants to have in your home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they can also be beneficial to your overall health!


Review of the Vogek Grow Light

My review of the Vogek Grow Light began with my attempt to brighten my rather drab kitchen with a small plant table that was not within reach of direct sunlight. I decided to try out indoor lighting.


How to Grow a Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are the perfect solution if your home does not get a lot of sunlight. They prefer filtered light. Their leaf colors can add a little pop of color to your interior decor.


How to Grow Wheatgrass at Home

Wheatgrass is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Fresh is better than supplements and powders, so learning how to grow wheatgrass ourselves is the best thing we can do.


How to Grow an Aloe Vera Plant at Home

If you like aloe vera products, you should consider making your own. It is quite easy to grow aloe vera if we keep in mind that most of us don't live in its natural habitat.


How to Grow a Sensitive Plant as a Houseplant

Sensitive plants are easy to grow and fun for kids. Their unique abiity to close their leaves at a single touch is fascinating for kids and adults alike.


The Advantages of Container Gardening

Living in New Mexico, we are starting to understand that we simply can't grow everything we want in the ground, which is mostly sand. We are learning to appreciate that we can, however, grow just about anything we want in containers of varying sizes. It's fun and easy!


11 Essential Tools to Create Beautiful Bonsai

For the novice bonsai gardener, it is best to start with basic tools that will do the job. As you become more proficient, however, you will need to invest in essential tools for precise bonsai design.


How to Not Kill Houseplants

Few things are worse than purchasing a houseplant only for it to die after a few weeks. Keeping a houseplant healthy isn’t as difficult as it may seem, even if you don’t naturally have a green thumb.


4 Low-Maintenance Exotic Plants You Should Grow (That Aren't a Succulent)

Because who needs another Easter cactus? Introduce some low-maintenance exotic flair into your indoor gardening life and create a truly unique indoor garden.


The 10 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

Growing herbs indoors is a fun way to always have fresh herbs on hand. This article lists 10 herbs that you can grow indoors.


Top 3 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants for Absolute Beginners

If you don't have the greenest thumb, try growing a pothos or snake plant. These plants are perfect for the home or office and thrive in any kind of light!


6 Easiest and Tastiest Herbs to Grow

If you want to cultivate a container herb garden, try growing parsley, mint or another easy-to-grow herb. You'll have fun growing and harvesting aromatic herbs for your favorite recipes.