How to Grow Shade-Loving Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias' brightly colored flowers add a pop of color to a shady corner in your yard or patio.


How to Grow Canterbury Bells, a Cottage Garden Favorite

Canterbury bells are a wonderful addition to your cottage garden. They bloom in the late spring and will readily self-sow.


How to Grow Purple Coneflower (Echinacea), a Native Plant

Purple coneflowers are a drought tolerant native that are a must in every garden. Not just beautiful, they also attract bees, butterflies and birds.


How to Grow Astilbe in a Shade Garden

Astilbe will light up your shade garden with its colorful plumes of flowers.


How to Grow Coral Bells (Heuchera), a Native Plant for Shade

The colorful leaves of coral bells are great way to add color to your shade garden.


How to Grow Lady’s Slippers, a Native Plant

Lady's Slippers are native orchids that are hardy in most of the US. Grow them in a shady corner or under a tree.


How to Grow Turtlehead (Chelone), a Native Plant

Turtlehead flowers look like turtles with their mouths open. They are a woodland plant that needs wet soils.


How to Grow Solomon's Seal, a Native Plant

Solomon's Seal is a native woodland plant that is superbly adapted to grow in your shady garden. Its berries are an important food source for the birds in your backyard.


How to Grow Toad Lilies for Fall Color

Toad lilies are a good solution for that soggy corner in your landscape. They thrive in wet soil and shade.


How to Grow Bugleweed, an Attractive Groundcover

Bugleweed is a groundcover that can planted in full sun or partial shade. Its colorful foliage and unusual flowers add color to a semi-shady corner of your yard.


How to Grow Dependable, Disease-Resistant, Carefree Daylilies

A daylily has an excellent reputation for being a disease-resistant, carefree, and dependable flower. The trumpet-shaped bloom opens and fades in a single day, only to be quickly replaced by new blooms. Daylilies have a set number of blooms predetermined by their genes.


How to Grow Purple Bell Vines

Purple bell vines are a Mexican native that is grown as an annual. The 10 foot vines are covered with purple flowers that look like bells.


How to Grow Foxtail Lilies (Desert Candles)

Foxtail lilies can add drama to your garden with their 6 - 8 feet tall flowers.


How to Grow Resurrection Lily (Surprise Lily)

Resurrection lilies grow their foliage in the spring and their flowers at the end of the summer. They are a nice "surprise" in August.


Planting Colorful Rockroses Will Provide Maximum Enjoyment With Minimal Maintenance

The rockrose, native to the Mediterranean, is one of those rare flowers that thrive on neglect. These plants require only a minimal amount of maintenance.


Colorful, Fall-Blooming Plants Will Turn Your Yard Into an Oasis of Color

You can have colorful flowers around your home in the fall, as well as the spring. You just have to know which ones to plant. I hope this article will present ideas for you in regard to the many gorgeous flowers, trees and shrubs that are available for the different growing zones.


How to Grow Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco)

The tubular blossoms of nicotiana add color and texture to your garden.


How to Grow Autumn Crocus (Meadow Saffron) for Fall Color

Autumn crocus look like crocus but bloom in the fall instead of the spring.


How to Grow African Violets From Leaves

African violets are very beautiful and long blooming indoor plants. It is super easy to care for these flowers and you can propagate them by using their leaves! This article will share more information about this procedure.


How to Grow Canary Creeper Vine

Canary creeper is a tropical flowering vine whose bright yellow flowers look like canaries flitting among the leaves.


How to Grow Lupines, a Native Plant

Lupines add interest to your garden with unusual leaves and colorful spires of flowers.


How to Grow Gardenias Indoors or Outdoors

Gardenias are small trees that are grown for their fragrant flowers. With a little care, you can grow them outdoors in warm climates or indoors as houseplants in colder climates.


How to Grow Baptisia (False Indigo), a Native Plant

Baptisia is an easy to grow native plant that will provide you with multiple seasons of interest. Its lovely pea-like flowers appear in the spring followed in the summer by its interesting seedpods that rattle in the breeze.


How to Grow Gladiolus (Sword Lilies)

Gladioli are tall, elegant flowers that look great at the back of your border or as cut flowers in a flower arrangement.


6 Best Ornamental Flowering Container Plants for Full Sun

This article presents the best flowering container plants for the full sun. Add a splash of color to your front porch, balcony, or outdoor sitting area with these ornamental flowering container plants. Read on to know more about these plants.


How to Grow Mandevilla Vines

Mandevilla vines are tropical vines with colorful flowers that can be grown in temperate climates either as annuals or grown in containers that are brought indoors during the winter.


Wonderful Flower Choices for Gardening in the Southwest

A wide array of beautiful fruits and flowers can be grown in the semi-arid to arid climate of the southwestern United States, depending on the location. This guide will break down some wonderful selections for what to plant in this hot but beautiful region.


How to Grow Siberian Bugloss (False Forget-Me-Not)

Siberian bugloss, also known as False Forget-Me-Not, is a shade loving perennial that can be grown in wet soils.


How to Grow Wisteria for Spring Color

Wisteria is a flowering bine that can be become invasive. Choose one of the native species so that you can enjoy the beautiful springtime flowers without worrying that it will take over your garden.


14 Easy-to-Grow, Fragrant Tropical Flowering Plants

A simple whiff would do you good! These 14 low-maintenance tropical flowering plants will transform your garden into a pleasant-smelling haven.


How to Grow Passion Flower (Maypop)

The name passion flower is associated with an entire genus of plants. Theyare known both for their distinctive flowers and their fruit.


5 Easy-to-Grow Yellow Annual Flowers for Hope and Friendship

Yellow flowers bring sunshine to your garden even on a cloudy day—just what we need in current times! Yellow is a happy colour and yellow flowers are known around the world as a symbol of hope and friendship. Here are five easy-to-grow options for yellow annual flowers to brighten your garden.


My Top 10 Favourite Pink Flowers

If you are looking to grow a bright, vibrant garden this summer, try pink flowers. This list contains my top ten suggestions to choose from that will look beautiful in any garden.


How to Grow Datura (Devil’s Trumpets)

Datura are flowering plants that are native to Mexico. Their nickname, Devil's Trumpet, refers to their hallucinogenic properties if consumed.


How to Grow Brugmansia (Angel’s Trumpet) Indoors or Outdoors

Brugmansia are flowering tropical trees that can be grown in containers and brought indoors so that northern gardeners can enjoy their blossoms year-round also.


A Homebody's Guide to Common Blue Violets

The common blue violets in your front yard can be the perfect ingredient for several simple home projects. This article details how to grow and care for these wonderful flowers, and provides information on projects and recipes that take advantage of all they have to offer.


5 Best Perennial Flowers to Grow From Seed

Growing some perennial plants from seed is not as hard as you might think! There are some beautiful perennials that you can grow quite easily and cheaply, and they will return year after year! This guide will provide suggestions for which flowers to grow and tips on how to care for them.


How to Grow Bear's Breeches (Acanthus)

Bear's breeches are a spectacular addition to your semi-shady garden. Both the flowers and the leaves add an architectural element to your bed.


How to Grow Verbena Bonariensis, a Cottage Garden Favorite

Light and airy, verbena bonariensisis perfect in a cottage garden style garden, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and readily reseeds itself in your garden so you are never without it.


How to Grow Dutchman’s Breeches, a Native Woodland Plant

Dutchman's Breeches is a spring ephemeral and native forest plant so it is perfect for a shade garden where spring bulbs won't grow.


Ornamental Alliums: Unique Flowers for the Perennial Border

Alliums are some of the most interesting and unique flowering perennials that come in a whole raft of beautiful colors and sizes. These are some of the best ornamental plants to give zing to your borders and gardens.


How to Grow Virginia Bluebells, a Native Woodland Plant

One of the most spectacular sites in the spring is a woodland filled with the bright blue of Virginia bluebells. You can recreate this seasonal show in your shady or woodland garden.


5 Best Bee-Friendly Annual Flowers for Your Garden

Many of our bee species around the world are in sharp decline. Meadows have been ploughed up and gardens paved over. In a few decades bees could disappear completely. Plant bee-friendly flowers in your garden to help our little furry pollinators. Try these five annual flowers that are easy to grow.


How to Grow Trillium, a Native Woodland Plant

If you are a native plant lover, set aside a corner of your shady garden for a few trillium. You can choose from the 36 species that grow across the temperate US.


How to Grow Sweet William, a Cottage Garden Favorite

Sweet william has been beloved by gardeners since Shakespeare's time. It's colorful flowers light up the garden and fill your yard with a wonderful clove scent.


How to Grow Four O'Clocks, a Cottage Garden Favorite

Four o'clocks have been grown since the time of the Aztecs. The flowers open late in the afternoon and last for one night emitting a fragrance that attracts pollinators.


How to Grow the Best Sunflowers

Sunflowers in all their blazing glory are the pride and joy of many a gardener, and the edible seeds they produce are just an added benefit. It takes knowledge to grow the best sunflowers, and you need to know what you're doing before you get started.


How to Grow Lady's Mantle, a Cottage Garden Favorite

Lady's mantle has been a long-time cottage garden favorite. Its fuzzy leaves are deer resistant and hold droplets of water after a rain that sparkle like diamonds in your garden.


How to Grow Columbine (Aquilegia), a Cottage Garden Favorite

Columbines are a beloved cottage garden flower. They are hardy plants that freely reseed themselves in your garden providing years of color. Gardeners also love them because they bridge the flowering gap between spring bulbs and summer flowers.


How to Grow Blackberry Lilies (Leopard Lilies)

Blackberry lilies, which are not true lilies, have orange or yellow flowers which produce shiny black seeds that provide color and texture in the fall and early winter.