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15 Plants That Like Wet Soil (Plus Growing Tips and FAQs)

Bog-like conditions can be difficult, but selecting plants and groundcovers that thrive in wet conditions will result in a beautiful, robust garden!


11 Trees That Like Wet Soil (Plus Growing Tips and FAQs)

Wet soil can cause problems like fungal infection and poor growth in the garden. Select the right trees and soil amendments to have a flourishing garden.


How to Build an Herb Spiral (and What to Grow in It!)

An herb spiral is a beautiful way to take advantage of a small yard (or add texture to a big one!). Here are two easy ways to build your own herb spiral.


DIY Balcony Trellis: How to Build a Simple Trellis for $50–100 (or Less)

Growing plants up trellises is a great way to save space on your balcony while still having greenery. Trellises are easy and cheap to build. Here are three different kinds.


How to Design a Victorian Garden

The Victorian Era came with many societal advances. Gardens were prized for exotic plants, gorgeous roses, dazzling ferns, and climbing vines. People began to put more effort into their gardens, because they had lawn mowers and more free time. Victorian gardens can be recreated with some dedication.


How to Design Your Garden Like a Virgo

The Virgo garden is a relaxing space with muted colors, easy to care for plants, and spots that encourage thinking. Virgos would do well to have zen gardens in part of their yard. Arranging rocks and raking through gravel will help relax their busy minds. The Virgo garden is built around equanimity.


Everything You Need for a Zen Garden

A zen garden provides a space for you to reflect, meditate, and find a sense of calm. The two most important features of a zen garden are rocks and white gravel. The space should contrast from the rest of your yard. Weeds are forbidden from the space, and plants should be trimmed and sheared.


Optimizing Bagua Spaces for a Balanced Feng Shui Garden

Bagua is the energy map used for feng shui. Each section of your garden or home is categorized around certain elements and aspects of your life that you want to develop. Feng shui encourages balanced living and positive chi to bring in auspicious energy into your household.


Designing Your Garden With Wood Feng Shui

Wood is one of the easiest to pull off elements in a feng shui garden. Wood is about the lovely colors that come into the world during spring. The element's main color is green. A garden rich in this element will have lush plants, tall trees, gorgeous columns, vine-covered-trellises, and fruits.


Designing Your Garden With Earth Feng Shui

Adding the earth element into your garden will give it more structure, serenity, and purpose. Zen gardens are a popular way to boost earth energy in feng shui. Earth represents your health, knowledge, longevity, and legacy. You can add rock elements into your space with rocks, pottery, art and more.


Designing Your Garden With Water Feng Shui

Water in feng shui symbolizes abundance. You want water to flow with ease, to be clean, to have good air quality, and to be a healthy color. Water symbolizes your relationship to money. It acts as a mirror to your financial decisions and how you have stabilized your life or come into chaos


Designing Your Garden With Metal Feng Shui

Metal feng shui adds creativity to your garden space. Metal traditionally represents purification and refinement. It is the element that connects heaven with earth. Metal is frequently used for gardening tools, so you'll want to consider where you can store those. Metal is a fun element to explore.


Designing Your Garden With Fire Feng Shui

Designing a garden can be challenging. Following the principles of fire feng shui can bring back some energy, color, and movement into the yard. Fire feng shui is easy to bring out with red plants, shapes, and solar lights. The yard should have elements that spark the imagination and promote energy.


How to Design Your Garden Like a Leo

The Leo based garden will look to trends in July and August. The design will incorporate lion statues, Sun art, fire pits, bold pathways, and plenty of space for yard games. The flowers will be big, bold, and beautiful. The vegetables and fruits will be colorful, and there will be plenty of spices.


8 Unique and Beautiful Vertical Garden Ideas

This article will provide an array of unique vertical garden ideas that you might want to try out for yourself.


Good for the Earth: How to Make a Rain Garden

Simple how-to make a rain garden for homeowners. No power tools or plumbing alterations are needed to make an eco-friendly plant-filled depression in your property for rainwater to temporarily accumulate before being absorbed into the ground, allowing soil's natural filtration to work.


How to Make a Garden to Honor Your Loved One

This garden was created to honor and remember my beloved son, Richard L. Jacobs, whose life was taken by a senseless brutal murder on March 27, 2015. Through this beauty, we remember and share with the world what a beautiful human being was lost that horrible fateful day. We will love him always.


The Basics of an English Cottage Style Garden

Which plants are essential in a traditional English garden? Roses, hollyhocks, foxgloves, lupins, pinks, and more, with a sprinkling of fruits and vegetables.


Small Garden Makeover: Vertical Green Garden Design

How to plant and design a garden to exploit and maximize your available space.


Five Romantic Garden Coverings

Learn about the top five low-maintenance ground coverings that'll add a romantic touch to your garden!


How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden

A well-designed garden will reward you with fresh vegetables for years to come.


How to Build a Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden

Learn how to build a 4' x 4' concrete block raised bed. Build it in fall to get a jump on spring gardening.


Good and Bad Neighbours in the Garden: A Companion Planting Guide

Many people don't know the value of the plants around them. Do you see a dandelion as a weed spoiling the look of your lawn, or as a wild herb packed with vitamins? Everything in nature has a purpose.


Where to Find Irrigation Parts and Supplies

When purchasing supplies for a DIY irrigation project, knowing who makes the parts you need and where you can find them is critical. Ewing, Orbit, Rain Bird, Valley, and more are covered here.


How to Mosaic Garden Stones

Mosaic garden stones add color and charm to any corner of your flower beds and gardens. They can be any size and depict a butterfly, dragonfly, flowers, bugs, or a colorful design like a spiral.


Drip Irrigation Installation Guide

Many gardeners have discovered that plants love drip irrigation. This drip irrigation installation guide helps water-wise homeowners design and install a complete system.


How to Make a Garden Stepping Stone

Don't throw those broken ceramic dishes away. That's right—you can create beautiful garden stones with broken dishes or broken china. So let's get creative!


The History of the Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes have a unique history and continue to be a popular decoration of choice for lawns, garden, and homes.


How to Make a Simple Pebble Mosaic in 6 Steps

Learn about the materials and methods used to design and make simple pebble mosaics for your garden. Create unique decorative borders or focal points to add visual interest to your lawns, paths and paving!


How to Start and Grow Clover: The Ecological Lawn Alternative

Before you consider installing a grass lawn, consider the many benefits of clover.


DIY Plant Markers Made From Junk

With a little imagination, garbage and yard debris can be transformed into cool plant markers. Here are over 10 easy plant marker ideas to try in your flower beds and container gardens.


The Chinese Garden: A Photo Collage

This photo collage highlights common elements of a Chinese garden. A good amount of classical Chinese gardens have these elements, and they are part of what defines the Chinese style of garden design.


7 Garden Design Ideas From the "Better Homes and Gardens" Test Garden

"Better Homes and Gardens" magazine has been inspiring gardeners for decades. A visit to the magazine's test garden in Des Moines provides a real-life look at some great garden design ideas.


The Beauty and Meaning of Zen Gardens

A Zen garden appears barren and sterile until you learn to open your inner eye to its subtle beauty. When you do, your heart blossoms like a cactus flower in warm desert air.


Top 10 Climbing Plants for a Small Trellis

Here is a list of the top 10 small climbing plants suited for a small garden trellis. Climbers create decorative screens that bring pleasure.


How to Build a Lettuce Bench for Nearly Year-Round Salad Greens

You can enjoy fresh salad greens all summer with a lettuce bench.


Window Planter Box Plans: How to Build a Window Box

Use these DIY plans with step-by-step instructions to build a window box yourself!


How to Design a Simple Garden Plan

This article discusses how to create a simple garden, and the many considerations involved. Sample plans for different situations are included.


How to Plan a Small Garden

Do you only have a small area but want a garden? You can grow almost anything in containers or in a small space with a little planning and care. Follow these steps to plan your perfect little garden!


My Favorite Gargoyle Statues for Modern Garden Design

Here is some inspiration for your gargoyle garden. This article displays a range of gargoyle statues that you can purchase for your home or garden.


11 Types of Gargoyle Statues for Your Garden

Gargoyle garden statues are a popular choice for both home and garden decor. This article looks at the five main types of gargoyles you can choose from to take your garden back to medieval times.


Fountains in Japanese Gardens: Meaning and Symbolism of Water

Water and its symbolism in a Japanese garden holds much meaning. To me, it makes the garden all the more a work of art the more I learn about it. Here, I talk about some of the symbolism found in Japanese gardening, particularly water.


How to Make Decorative Ice Gems for Your Yard (With Photo Guide)

Add flair to your winter garden this year! Learn to make decorative ice gems in five easy steps. Fun, easy craft for adults and kids alike.


DIY: How to Make a Bottle Tree for Your Garden

This article is about how to make bottle trees using just a few simple items. The history and 'functionality' of these trees are both fascinating. Read on to discover more!


Jurassic Path: How to Make Stepping Stones With Dinosaur Prints

Add a prehistoric accent to your gardens and landscape with an ambling pathway of DIY dinosaur tracks. This article includes photos, diagrams and step-by-step instructions.


Softscape and Hardscape: Garden Components

This article describes the physical components of a garden, including softscape and hardscape, and explains how to use them.


How to Make a DIY Stumpery in Your Garden

Stumperies are garden features made from dead tree parts such as stumps, logs, branches, bark, and other debris common after a storm. Here's how to make one.


Weather and Environmental Factors in Green Landscape Design

Designing a landscape that matches the type of climate you live in can save lots of money spent on dead plants, fertilizer, pesticides, and water. Here are several climate factors to consider when you plant.


Brick Pavers 101: How to Keep Them Clean, Seal Them Properly, and More

Brick pavers are one of the most attractive and distinctive materials for hardscaping and landscape design. With the proper care, maintenance, and the occasional repair, brick pavers will provide a long service life in any landscaping design.


Reuse and Recycle Old Things in Your Vintage Garden!

Vintage gardens value reuse, recycling, and also quality. Check out these great ideas for bringing new life into old things!