8 Unique and Beautiful Vertical Garden Ideas

This article will provide an array of unique vertical garden ideas that you might want to try out for yourself.


Good for the Earth: How to Make a Rain Garden

Simple how-to make a rain garden for homeowners. No power tools or plumbing alterations are needed to make an eco-friendly plant-filled depression in your property for rainwater to temporarily accumulate before being absorbed into the ground, allowing soil's natural filtration to work.


How to Make a Garden to Honor Your Loved One

This garden was created to honor and remember my beloved son, Richard L. Jacobs, whose life was taken by a senseless brutal murder on March 27, 2015. Through this beauty, we remember and share with the world what a beautiful human being was lost that horrible fateful day. We will love him always.


The Basics of an English Cottage Style Garden

Which plants are essential in a traditional English garden? Roses, hollyhocks, foxgloves, lupins, pinks, and more, with a sprinkling of fruits and vegetables.


Performing a Small Garden Makeover

How to planting to exploit and maximize your available space.


Five Ground Coverings That Bring Romance to the Garden

Learn about the top five low-maintenance ground coverings that'll add a romantic touch to your garden!


How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden

A well-designed garden will reward you with fresh vegetables for years to come.


Build a Raised Bed Garden: Quick, Easy, Cheap

Time to build a 4' x 4' concrete block raised bed. Make this a fall project. Add leaves and grassy material throughout the cool seasons. Get a jump on spring with your new raised bed.


Good and Bad Neighbours in the Garden

Many people don't know the value of the plants around them. Do you see a dandelion as a weed spoiling the look of your lawn, or as a wild herb packed with vitamins? Everything in nature has a purpose.


Where to Find Irrigation Parts & Supplies

When purchasing supplies for a DIY irrigation project, knowing who makes the parts you need and where you can find them is critical. Ewing, Orbit, Rain Bird, Valley, and more are covered here.


How to Mosaic Garden Stones

Mosaic garden stones add color and charm to any corner of your flower beds and gardens. They can be any size and depict a butterfly, dragonfly, flowers, bugs, or a colorful design like a spiral.


Drip Irrigation Installation Guide

Many gardeners have discovered that plants love drip irrigation. This drip irrigation installation guide helps water-wise homeowners design and install a complete system.


Art in the Garden

Learn how to use sculpture to best effect in the garden. Finding the perfect piece of sculpture for a specific site will turn your borders, pools, hedges and vistas to poetry.


How to Make a Garden Stepping Stone

Don't throw those broken ceramic dishes away. That's right—you can create beautiful garden stones with broken dishes or broken china. So let's get creative!


Create a Beautiful Garden in a Small Space

Guidelines on how to create a lovely garden sanctuary in a small urban space. Design and planting advice for creating your own piece of paradise whilst encouraging birds, bees and butterflies.


The History of the Garden Gnome

The definition, typology, and history of the garden gnome. Garden gnomes have had an unique history all over the world and continue to be a popular decoration of choice for lawns, garden, and homes.


How to Make a Simple Pebble Mosaic

Describing the materials and methods used to design and make a simple pebble mosaic for your garden. Create decorative borders or focal points to add interest to lawns, paths and paving.


How to Start and Grow Clover: The Ecological Lawn Alternative

Before you consider installing a grass lawn, consider the many benefits of clover.


DIY Plant Markers Made From Junk

With a little imagination, garbage and yard debris can be transformed into cool plant markers. Here are over 10 easy plant marker ideas to try in your flower beds and container gardens.


The Chinese Garden: A Photo Collage

This photo collage highlights common elements of a Chinese garden. A good amount of classical Chinese gardens have these elements, and they are part of what defines the Chinese style of garden design.


7 Garden Design Ideas From the "Better Homes and Gardens" Test Garden

"Better Homes and Gardens" magazine has been inspiring gardeners for decades. A visit to the magazine's test garden in Des Moines provides a real-life look at some great garden design ideas.


DIY Miniature Fairy Garden: Ideas and Pictures

Miniature fairy gardens and enchanted gardens are a fun project for creative container gardening. Includes pictures and ideas for creating your own magical fairy garden project.


The Beauty and Meaning of Zen Gardens

A Zen garden appears barren and sterile until you learn to open your inner eye to its subtle beauty. When you do, your heart blossoms like a cactus flower in warm desert air.


Top 10 Climbing Plants for a Small Trellis

Here is a list of the top 10 climbing plants perfectly suited for a small garden trellis. Bringing color, scent and interest into your yard, climbers also create a decorative screen or an ornamental feature that will bring months of pleasure.


How to Design a Simple Garden Plan

Designing a simple landscape plan requires a careful assessment of the garden site prior to selecting plants: you must determine the sun exposure, soil pH, moisture level, and location. Sample garden plans for different situations are included in this article about how to create a simple garden.


How to Plan a Small Garden

Do you only have a small area but want a garden? You can grow almost anything in containers or in a small space with a little planning and care. Follow these steps to plan your perfect little garden!


My Favorite Gargoyle Statues for Modern Garden Design

Inspiration for your gargoyle garden. This hub displays a range of gargoyle statues that you can purchase for your home or garden.


3 Types of Gargoyle Statues for Your Garden

Gargoyle garden statues are a popular choice for both home and garden decor. This article looks at the three main types of gargoyles you can choose from to take your garden back to medieval times.


Fountains in Japanese Gardens - Meaning and Symbolism of Water

Water and its symbolism in a Japanese garden holds much meaning. To me, it makes the garden all the more a work of art the more I learn about it. Here, I talk about some of the symbolism found in Japanese gardening, particularly water.


How to Make Decorative Ice Gems for Your Yard (With Step-by-Step Images)

Learn to make decorative ice gems in five easy steps. Includes step-by-step instructions and images. Ice gems are a fun, easy craft for adults and kids alike, and are a wonderful conversation starter. Add flair and an artistic touch to your winter garden this year!


DIY: How to Make a Bottle Tree for Your Garden

This article is about how to make bottles trees using just a few simple items. The history and 'functionality' of these trees is equally fascinating. Read on to discover more!


Jurassic Path: How to Make Stepping Stones With Dinosaur Prints

Add a prehistoric accent to your gardens and landscape with an ambling pathway of DIY dinosaur tracks. This article includes photos, diagrams and step-by-step instructions.


Softscape and Hardscape: Garden Components

A garden consists of a variety of physical components, including softscape, hardscape, décor, and supporting features, that are combined together to form a "look" or style. This article describes each component and how to use them.


How to Make a DIY Stumpery in Your Garden

Stumperies are garden features made from dead tree parts such as stumps, logs, branches, bark, and other debris common after a storm. Here's how to make one.


Weather and Environmental Factors in Green Landscape Design

Designing a landscape that matches the type of climate you live in can save lots of money spent on dead plants, fertilizer, pesticides, and water. Here are several climate factors to consider when you plant.


Brick Pavers 101: How to Keep Them Clean, Seal Them Properly, and More

Brick pavers are one of the most attractive and distinctive materials for hardscaping and landscape design. With the proper care, maintenance, and the occasional repair, brick pavers will provide a long service life in any landscaping design.


Reuse and Recycle Old Things in Your Vintage Garden!

In my part of Europe, a new type of garden is coming up—a vintage garden! It is an idea that values reuse, recycling, and also quality.


Lazy Gardening: Designing a Bed the Easy Way

Absolutely, positively the easiest way to plan a vegetable garden ever, using just a hose and a rake.


Shade-Loving Flowering Plants for a Woodland Garden

Brighten up the shaded areas of your yard with shade-loving flowering plants. Types of plants (with photographs) with the types of shade they prefer.


20+ Plants and Flowers to Include in Your Zone 5 Garden

Flower Chick's Zone 5 & 6 gardening advice. Easy-care roses, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, and more that thrive in Zone 5 & 6 conditions in Illinois and other states.


How to Design a Cottage Garden Cheaply

Design this cottage-style front garden on a budget using a few central paving stone slabs. With a variety of different plants and some outdoor furniture, you'll have a professional looking garden in no time, and at a fraction of the cost.


15 Types of Magnolia Trees and Shrubs (With Photos)

Here are photos of 15 varieties of magnolia trees and shrubs I've come across in my home state of Ohio. I hope you'll find them useful in your own identification efforts or purchase considerations.


How to Plant a Dog-Friendly Garden

Learn how to create a dog-friendly garden with pet-friendly plants, hardscapes, and pet play areas to be enjoyed by you and your dogs. Pet-friendly landscaping uses an organic approach to gardening that is safer and healthier for our families and dog friends.

Flowers grown from seeds

Ideas on How to Make an Interesting Small Garden on a Tight Budget

Small gardens or yards don't need to be boring. You can make an interesting small garden on a very tight budget. These top tips and ideas for saving money and still making your outside space beautiful and fun are easy to follow, and they really do work. Even a small balcony can look beautiful.