How to Kill or Get Rid of Frogs and Toads

Updated on November 2, 2016

I understand that there are a lot of frog lovers out there and that by posting this article, I may offend some of you, but let me just be honest here: Frogs are great creatures in their own natural environment, but not in my back yard.

You would think I would have become used to the loud croaking, but it got worse everyday. These creatures croaked so loudly outside my bedroom that my window started vibrating. Night after night. There were many days when I had trouble focusing at work because I couldn't get a good night's sleep.

If you are like me, you want advice that will work, once and for all. Here are six steps to getting rid of the noisy, croaking frogs in your yard and keeping them away.

6 Steps for Getting Rid of Frogs

  1. Identify the Species (important since the steps you take will be determined by whether the frog or toad is endangered or protected)
  2. Make the Environment Less Inviting (remove their habitat, introduce predators, or use other repellants)
  3. Get Rid of Their Food (starve them out)
  4. Create a Barrier (you have several options here)
  5. Use Physical Force (to exterminate or remove the frogs)
  6. Prevent the Frogs From Reproducing (you must also deal with the eggs and tadpoles)

Each of these steps is discussed in detail below.

1. Identify the Species of Frog or Toad

As much as you might just want to exterminate them, some species are protected by law. Chances are that you have some neighbors who actually like frogs. To be on the safe side and avoid problems with your neighbors and the law, check what species you are dealing with.

Some species are protected, but others are considered invasive, and killing them is legal. The American Bullfrog, for example, is not protected. After confirming the species, consult the laws in your area to make sure it is legal to exterminate them.

The American Bullfrog is considered an invasive species. Are the noisy frogs in your yard American Bullfrogs?
The American Bullfrog is considered an invasive species. Are the noisy frogs in your yard American Bullfrogs? | Source

2. Make the Environment Less Inviting

Here are a few techniques I tried, but didn't work very well:

  • Rubber snakes in my pool to scare them away
  • Snake repellent
  • Getting a cat or a dog
  • Pesticides and chlorine

The frogs kept coming back. Strangely, they even became immune to chlorine after a while.

What worked for me was removing their habitat. Frogs are amphibians, which means they live on both dry land and water.

  • If your yard has a water feature (a pond or pool), then that is what attracts the frogs. Drain the pond or pool and leave it empty for a couple of weeks.
  • Trim weeds or other nearby plantings.
  • Do not leave out water for birds or other animals.

These things will make your yard less attractive to frogs. Eventually, they will just go away and find another place to live.

3. Cut Off Their Food Source

Frogs need food to live. In addition to the water source and plantings, your yard must offer something that is sustaining them. Getting rid of their food supply will send the frogs hopping away to find a better place to live.

  • Turn off outside lights at night. Lights attract bugs, and bugs attract frogs.
  • Use mild insecticides to get rid of other bugs they may be eating.
  • Some frogs will eat pet food, so if you leave your pet's dish outside, bring it in.

If you want to get rid of noisy frogs, you will have to temporarily remove the habitat that they like: water and tall grassy plants.
If you want to get rid of noisy frogs, you will have to temporarily remove the habitat that they like: water and tall grassy plants.

4. Create a Barrier

Some frogs can hop very high, but American Bullfrogs can only hop about a foot or two. Keep new frogs from coming into your yard with a barrier they cannot get through or over.

  • Set up plastic or mesh fencing around your yard.
  • Make sure the holes are small (smaller even than chicken wire) so small frogs cannot squeeze through.
  • Secure the posts holding up the fencing so they won't tip over.

5. Use Physical Force

Now it's time to physically remove the frogs that might still be in yard. Since you have made your yard "frog-proof" by removing their habitat and food and installing fencing, the frogs you capture and get rid of won't want to come back.

  • Scoop them up and out. Using a long-handled net with small-holed mesh, scoop the frogs out of your pool or pond and place them into a tall container, like a garbage can or lightweight barrel. This is really a two-person job. Have a lid handy. One person scoops the frogs into the container while the other quickly opens and closes the lid. (Note: Frogs often pee when they are scared!)
  • Try going out on a frog hunt at night, when frogs are most active. If you bring a flashlight and shine it in their eyes, they will be stunned like a deer in headlights. This will make them easier to catch. Also, it may be useful to know that frogs cannot turn their heads to see behind them.
  • If you have or live near kids, consider paying them to come over in the evenings to catch frogs for you. Pay them per frog. This will make the work go faster and easier!

Once you have them all collected into a closed container, you can drive them to a pond or lake and release them.

How to Kill Frogs

  1. Freeze them. Some frogs simply go into hibernation mode when they are very cold, so if you freeze them first, maybe they won't feel the pain when you kill them.
  2. Gig them. Use a frog gig or spear to catch and kill frogs. Gigs are multi-pronged claws that can attach to extended handles so you don't have to get so close to the frogs that you scare them away. Head out into your yard at night when frogs are most active. Shine a flashlight to find them and shine it in their eyes. This stuns the frogs and makes them easier to gig.
  3. Spread or spray salt. Frogs die when they are dehydrated. Make a mixture of salt and water and spray frogs directly or spread salt around the area where they live. Be careful of plants, however. Salt can also cause plants to turn brown and die.
  4. Citrus acid seems to help. Mix 1.3 pounds dry citric acid (available at some hardware stores) to one gallon of water, and spray this directly onto the frogs.
  5. Orajel. Products for numbing the mouth generally contain Benzocaine. These products will numb the frog's brain and stop the heart. If you can catch the frogs, dab a little on the head to kill them!
  6. Shoot them. Shooting frogs is not legal everywhere and may require a fishing license. If you decide to shoot the frogs in your yard, a pellet rifle or BB gun should be sufficient.

Frog eggs clump together in water. Be sure to scoop them all out and leave them out to dry.
Frog eggs clump together in water. Be sure to scoop them all out and leave them out to dry. | Source

6. Prevent Them From Reproducing

You will want to make sure to eliminate future generations of frogs, too.

  • Gather tadpoles. Use your net to gather any tadpoles from the bottom of your pool or pond. If you leave them out on the dry ground, they will die as they dry out.
  • Scoop out the eggs. Make sure to scoop out any egg masses, too. The eggs will be clumped together in a jelly-like blob. These can be left out to dry and die, as well. (If the eggs are clumped in more of a string-shaped form, then you have toads, not frogs.)

Make sure to scoop out any tadpoles. These will die if laid out on the dry ground.
Make sure to scoop out any tadpoles. These will die if laid out on the dry ground. | Source

Let Us Know What Worked

What worked to get rid of the frogs in your yard?

See results

As much as you might want to exterminate them, some species are protected by law.

You must check what species you are dealing with and learn about your state's laws before you kill any frogs.

The Most Endangered Frogs and Toads of the U.S.

Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog (Rana sierrae)
Dusky Gopher Frog (Rana sevosa)
Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama
Arroyo Toad (Bufo californicus)
California to Mexico
California Red-Legged Frog (Rana draytonii)
Western U.S.
Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa)
Pacific Northwest of U.S.
Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog (Rana boylii)
Oregon to California
Amargosa Toad (Bufo nelsoni)
Chiricahua Leopard Frog (Rana chiricauhensis)
Southwestern U.S. to Northern Mexico
Tarahumara Frog (Rana tarahumarae)
Southwestern U.S. to Central Mexico
Florida Bog Frog (Rana okaloosae)

Final Thought

Be forewarned that frogs and toads eat a significant amount of insects, so if you get rid of them, you will have more insects to deal with as a result. Before you eliminate the frogs, it's best to consider the repercussions!

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      • profile image

        Noah 13 days ago

        My french teacher looks like a big ugly disguisting toad

      • profile image

        William 7 months ago

        My personal experience: Frogs are attracted to lights at night. Turn off all exterior lights around the premises of your property including solar producing lighting. Also, use 5o percent of water and 50 percent household cleaning vinegar to spray on pool decking at night. No frogs should be killed but they will relocate elsewhere. Good luck!

      • profile image

        Joe 9 months ago

        So lot of good ideas in here just trying to figure what will work the best. My dog lives at my parents house with their dog. This is in the desert of East central Arizona. They have a swimming pool/spa. Didnt ever have a clue about these "Poisonous" Toads until a neighbor of theirs' dog died for making contact with the Toad. Since then these lil bastards have been around the fenced in and snake guarded backyard. Swimming in the pool laying eggs etc. Keeping people awake at night. One tried to hop into the house this evening and I happen to be here house sitting/watching the dogs. The main concern is we dont want our dogs to get killed by these lil nasty things. My dad has tried the nice way and snatched about 7 of them and brought them miles away and released em. But they keep getting more coming back....

      • profile image

        mda 9 months ago

        My favorite is to "catch & smash" it's quick & painless

      • profile image

        Anom 10 months ago

        I help run a service provider firm in the pool industry. Please note that if you drain a pool swimming too low on water that the shell, even if concrete, can pop up out of the deck. No pool company ever recommends, "....drain it for a few weeks." This is a very bad idea. Even when chemistry is off, the pool is only partially drained. When resurfacing or finish cleaning is done, the pool is drained and the work is typically completed as soon as possible as somebody keeps an eye on the structural support before, during and after the job. It's a really big deal. Issues can arise in a few days easy so a few weeks would statistically guarantee that you would have serious structural damage to the swimming pool.

      • profile image

        Diana 10 months ago

        I agree with Jill (below) I just want them dead! What product do you have that solves my frog problem?!?!

      • profile image

        Froggy 10 months ago

        News for u ignorant bastards, the planet will still be here when man has died due to climate change

      • profile image

        German 11 months ago

        Its been more than two years that i haven't hear any frogs in my neighborhood, I used to enjoy their singing in summer nights. Its been a lot of "spraying" of chemicals.. people go crazy on that, and if you see here: most of the complaining comments here are "very old".. so, things are changing and not for good, but we have now more chemical resistant mosquitoes. so, I hope every one feels very happy now.

      • profile image

        German 11 months ago

        Move your self to the big city and away from swamps, ditches or creeks. and leave the frogs, then let crickets sing all night and mosquitoes be near your ear all night, spiders, ants and other guys be free with no predators around your house. get a life.

      • profile image

        i Hate Frogs 11 months ago

        if you can pick out the female. grab her, she's the main attraction.

        I've done this & males left. She's usually the small one. BUT it's only good until another female shows up.

      • profile image

        Sanles 14 months ago

        I was taught to kill those disgusting cane toads by spraying dettol on them don't know if this works on frogs

      • profile image

        Lou 15 months ago

        There must be another solution than starving them out or having them killed. Just locate a local animal preserve organization that can either rescue them frogs or lead you to other services to protect nature.

      • profile image

        GH 16 months ago

        Frogs are a popular delicacy in France and Asian cuisine.

      • profile image

        Karin Tomosky 17 months ago

        People are making all animals and insects extinct because they cannot simply live with them. How sad and disguting.

      • profile image

        Floridagal 18 months ago

        Sorry, but frogs can't be extinct soon enough! They have taken over our very civilized suburban area--we don't live in the woods--and keep us awake ALL night. People who want to protect them have obviously never had to listen to them through two sets of closed doors with earplugs on.

      • profile image

        Carlo Cudicini 19 months ago

        What you all fail to understand is that your backyards is their frontyards, and you are retarded for wanting to get rid of an animal that is soon doomed to extinction.

      • profile image

        cape cod 19 months ago

        i hate frogs they creep me out last week i fell down trying to avoid one in my patio any advice i will try if it gets rid of them i have tried salt table and rock it doesnt seem to work. i just bought this house and these little suckers are making me want to not live there HELP !!!!!

      • profile image

        Mike 19 months ago

        Tired of,keeping my dog in all night because the frogs are poison. They will go one way,or another.

      • profile image

        Joyce 19 months ago

        All you people that are saying the frogs are God's creatures, leave them alone and they eat mosquitoes . You're probably the same people that eat chicken ,beef fish and pork.If you like them so much, I could bring you about 30 every day .They live around my sliding glass door. Every time I go out or come in, a frog comes in. Or gets his slimy self squashed between the two doors .I can't get them out so they stink . So there's a constant stink by my door. There's slime and poop all over my door and patio. I'm constantly finding a dried frog in my house. Or a slimy cold one jumps on my foot. Or slaps his sloppy self onto the center of the TV screen. I've tried relocating them. They get back before I do and bring more with them. They're all the same kind , so they couldn't be anywhere near extinct. I still have mosquitoes, I can spray them. Or is that cruel too ? I'm 68 years old and sick of cleaning up after them and finding it back in a few hours .A very big thanks to everyone for the ideas.! I'll try them all, if I have too. It has nothing to do with not being humane !

      • profile image

        Ozzie 19 months ago

        I choose my dogs over toads. Toads gotta go.

      • profile image

        cookie 20 months ago

        We have these LOUD ANNOYING Tree Frogs. They are behind our shutters, up in the gutters, and I don't know where else they hide during the day. At night their noise is so loud it will awaken me and then I can't go to sleep. We don't have a pool or standing water next to our house. We are afraid to use Citric acid on our siding for fear it will damage the siding. These frogs ARE THE ONLY REASON we look forward to colder months here in Alabama. I am constantly cleaning the chairs on my front porch because for these annoying pests to be so small, they sure do leave big feces. When we can sneak up on one, we kill it very swiftly. If you find something that will kill the frogs without damaging our siding, PLEASE TELL ME. When we moved here from WV, we had no idea what that loud noise was. It sounds like a small yapping dog. Hating the frogs in Northeast Alabama.

      • profile image

        Jude 20 months ago

        If you think they are awful people you have never tried to sleep when the frogs are out having a orgie in your pool. I hate them and will do anything to get rid of them.Im going to try the snake poison and the plastic snakes in pool, If this dosent work Ill be back!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Janet 20 months ago

        This is the best thread I've read in years! The funniest parts are those tree huggers screaming for sympathy for frogs who kill dogs on a page about HOW TO KILL FROGS. What are y'all going on THIS page??? Trolling?

        Think I'll go with the super soaker/salt idea BEFORE my dog gets poisoned by one :)

      • profile image

        Kris 20 months ago

        You are awfully cruel for looking for ways to kill these creatures. !PLEASE Do not kill the frogs and toads! They are crucial to our ecosystem, and can eat up to 10,000 insects in one summer.

      • profile image

        Tresa 20 months ago

        Really? Everyone here is pretty cruel. Why live where you do if you do not want to hear nature sounds? Also noticed that most of you complaining have pools. What do you expect?

      • profile image

        Donna Jones 20 months ago

        I had a pond in my yard. About a year ago I closed it up and relocated all the frogs to a nearby creek. God knows why, but instead of staying by the creek they set up shop under my porch. I have been reading all ya'll,s suggestions, but how am I going to apply any chemicals to them when they are under the porch? They are poisoning my dog!!!

      • profile image

        rose 20 months ago

        thank you for the article, but NO Way!!!!! I cannot kill them. They are God's creature as we are. NO...NO... I can not possibly kill them. :( :(

      • profile image

        Frogs are friends 20 months ago

        Omg this is sick. I've never seen anything so disturbing is my life! Frogs are not pests they do more good then harm. They are going extinct and they are essential to a healthy environment. I hope you fail at all your frog killing attempts and I hope karma bites you in ass!

      • profile image

        Fed up 20 months ago

        Frogs and toads are the most disgusting creatures. I just bought a house and havrnt screened in my pool yet. There are 19 frogs in there. Some alive some dead. Some huge some small. I hate them so much i want to torture every single frog and toad on earth into extinction. I wish i could set my yard on fire!!!! There has to be a way to make these vile creatures go away

      • profile image

        idontknow 20 months ago

        thanks dude,this made my day

      • profile image

        LovingHerpetologist 20 months ago

        Why is it that frogs deserve to die because they're noisy? They are great to have in your yard because they keep the bugs out, plus they're a great indicator of environmental health because they are very sensitive to pollutants. All of these things are terrible solutions to keeping frogs away (snake repellent doesn't work, even on snakes, by the way), and are instead just dumping more and more chemicals into the natural water system that are bound to hurt much more than just the frogs in your yard. Outdoor cats are the worst thing to happen to native wildlife, because they wreak havoc and will kill anything they can get their paws on, as well as kill things to play with rather than to eat. Your best bet to get rid of frogs, if you're really that ignorant that you'd want to kill something for making noise, is to get rid of their habitat. Even then... good luck, because they have a great range of habitat, and the only way you won't have any frogs is to live in the middle of a city. If you're really so stubborn that you'd rather kill an animal than learning to live around their natural habits, then I suggest you find a different place to live.

      • profile image

        gjm 21 months ago

        they are gross and keep me awake

      • George VanWinkle profile image

        George VanWinkle 21 months ago

        VERY shortsighted. Many tadpoles eat mosquito larvae and adult frogs eat insets as their main food source. By eliminating frogs, you are inviting things like West Nile Virus, Mosquito Borne Encephalitis, Zika Virus and other insect borne pathogens. I understand you don't like their croaks. Get over yourself! I seriously doubt you would prefer illness, permanent disability, or even death caused by letting the insects go unchecked.

      • profile image

        Debbie Perkins 21 months ago

        Yep. South Alabama. Red neck Walmart pool in the back yard. Do I have frogs? Is that Walmart pool blue?Lord have mercy...they start up and it is a chorus. Heavy bleach and such in the pool, nope. They might lay off for a bit, but they come back. Stella our yorkie only barks and runs up on the deck when a low pitches one croaks. It was funny at first. Went on vacation for a week and came home to tadpole hell. Bleach will kill them, but I scooped for a while. Anyway, the beat that I can do is birth control with the doo net and bleach. Getting close to a nighttime seranade. My sewing room is over the garage, which is next to the pool. I just turn up the tv and sew like heck. Misery loves company, thanks you guys for the tips and giggles.


      • profile image

        Luna 21 months ago

        I came to this site to do the opposite to attract them!!!! You are horrible people!!!!!

      • profile image

        Rex 21 months ago

        so that's the reason why frogs will go extinct in the next 25 years because we label them as pest instead of them being one of the most helpful animals to have in a garden

      • profile image

        Patrick 21 months ago

        We found a simple solution if you can't Sleep due to the frogs croaking all night.

        Buy a fan ............keep in on all night. It drowns out the noise and you can have a peaceful sleep............


      • profile image

        MAG-reader927 21 months ago

        Frogs are one of the MOST ENDANGERED SPECIES on the planet, and this site is not only CONDONING THE SLAUGHTER of them, but teaching people how to do it?

        Undoubtedly THE most ignorant article I've come across in many years.

      • profile image

        Jane 21 months ago

        My greatest thanks to the person that advised using ammonia to kill frogs. I have white siding with an air vent they like to hide behind. Peeing and pooping on the white siding which is really difficult to remove the stain. Today I sprayed the vent with straight ammonia and out jumped three frogs. I don't know or care if I killed them, just so they don't come back to the vent. Thanks again! Now if I could kill German roaches!

      • profile image

        Berna 21 months ago

        What an awful site. Frogs are indicative of a healthy environment. This site encourages killing them. Put ear plugs in if their noise is so bad. You are awful people.

      • profile image

        Peacefulpool 22 months ago

        Bleach and a pump up sprayer go out at night and spray the heck out of them. I done it last night on in and around our above ground pool and it has been quite. It did rain today but I have not heard any frogs tonight. I really hope this keeps them away but bleach is cheap so if I have to respray no big deal. I bet I got 20 of them little rain frogs last night. It was so bad we couldnt even sit on our back patio from the sound of them. I'll keep you all updated if they return.

      • profile image

        UnDeRDoG 22 months ago

        I give them a ride on the net, scoop them up and slam them on the pavers! I heard some of them yell!

      • profile image

        Fronts? 22 months ago

        You need to proof read your article. The very first paragraph asks how many FRONTS do I have in my yard rather than FROGS.

        I have a Koi pond inside a pool cage that a squirrel ate a hole in the screen and the frogs moved in. I have repaired the hole but now the frogs are traped in.

        Have used salt and cyan pepper to try and rid them since I do not want to poison my Koi. Still have all the captured noise. They are active at night and in the dark I can't find them and in the day they hide in the rocks in my water fall. Some of my 15 Koi are two feet in size so draining the 4000 gallon pond is not an option. What else can I try that won't hurt my Koi.

        I have had this pond for 16 yesrs and never had this problem before.

      • profile image

        Jon G. 22 months ago

        There's some seriously sick people in the world. Leave the frogs alone, in fact, leave all wild-life alone; it's having a hard enough time surviving without the concerted effort of a bunch of mufftards trying to wipe them out.

      • profile image

        orjouen 22 months ago

        i'm losing my mind i have a frog phobia and they can't leave me they always jump in our garden they even into our house fucking hate them they drive me crazy we get rid of them but they always come back over again :'(

      • profile image

        hun 22 months ago

        I bought a SUPER SOAKER water gun....I put epsom salt, hot water and ammonia in the gun and spray them....they turn grey and die...

      • profile image

        Sleepless in swampland 22 months ago

        My elderly neighbor's house is built on pier and beam, and underneath lies a frog-infested swampland. I've never heard anything like it. Judging from the variety of unique croaks I am hearing, I estimate 4 different frog species are living under there. Unfortunately my house is only about 6 feet away. Earplugs do not even come close to drowning out the noise. Nothing does. There is not a single room in my house that is shielded from the noise.

        I have read through all of the amazing and insightful comments above, and many of the solutions proposed seem plausible. However, I'm not sure how to execute these plans due to the location of the frogs...under my neighbor's house. Unfortunately I can't shoot them. I live in a municipality in central Houston, and the cops would haul me away real quick. The response time is 30-60 seconds, and considering how dark and murky the swamp is, I'd be lucky to get even one or two in that amount of time.

        Can I pour gasoline under my neighbor's house?! Flame throwers?! Probably not the best options...although if I end up in prison I'd probably be able to get some sleep without having to listen to these f*cking frogs.

        In order to catch the f*ckers I'd have to swim around under there for quite some time with nets and such. At minimum, this would require a wetsuit, oxygen tank, night vision goggles, and a malaria vaccine. Who am I kidding? There's no way in hell I'm going down there. Cats won't be stepping up to the plate, either. Perhaps there's a type of snake that will eat them...I'll look into it!

        I can try the citric acid mixtures, but I'm not sure how to get it all the way under the house. There's quite a bit of swampland to cover. Do moth balls float? And are they still effective when wet? Maybe I'll throw a few thousand under there. It's worth a shot.

        Other ideas?!? HELP!!!!!

      • profile image

        Enter Name Here 23 months ago


      • profile image

        Murce 23 months ago

        I throw boiling water, it gets them all out of where they're hiding and I'll finish the work with a shovel and Bury them, I believe that's nice enough, at least they get their burial.

      • profile image

        TehachapiGal 23 months ago

        Why would anyone disturb or kill a frog? They're an important animal in the ecosystem. They gobble up mosquitoes, flies, grasshoppers, everything.

      • profile image

        Chris 23 months ago

        all you guys are the best!

      • profile image

        jake 23 months ago

        Noise was driving me crazy. Went out to my pool and one jumped in, swimming around like chlorine is his friend. I scooped him up and used a shovel, quick and painless. Second one was living in the skimmer! Kid found that one so had no choice but to humanely catch and relocate to a nearby creek. Kids loved the experience.

      • profile image

        Jim 24 months ago

        I catch them with a net, and step on them. Sooner the better. They are in and around my neighbors pool and it drives me nuts, I go down late at night with a flashlight and get them. Probably 10 a year at least!

      • profile image

        Mary 24 months ago

        In Alabama all our frogs are nice.

      • profile image

        DoveFreexrolo 2 years ago

        It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. Moreover, The contents are masterpiece.

      • ronmat profile image

        ronmat 2 years ago

        Salt does the trick. Knocks em out in an instant!

      • profile image

        WTF 2 years ago

        Can't express my frustration. Gonna take a serious action.

      • profile image

        Luke 2 years ago

        Take them to the closest pond/swamp or a natral water source.(not the ocean) Many species of frogs are near extintion and I do not beilive that you should kill them.

      • profile image

        Chris D. 2 years ago

        Rainy season again here in the Philippines. My backyard get filled again with water. These toads been here for about a decade. I just read those solutions. So i bought 3 liters of gasoline. I poured it all in the water. No freaking noise so far.

      • profile image

        Johnd266 2 years ago

        Yeah bookmaking this wasn't a risky conclusion outstanding post! begbdkgbfgcb

      • profile image

        Laura 2 years ago

        1st, I just want to say..WOW!!

        I'm with the others, I've Never laughed so hard and long in my life!!

        I read everyone's posts, and pictured them all in my head like a little tv shows...basically..I felt like I was watching a new hillbilly reality show on.."Toads verses the back woodsy hillbillies"!

        I live in Arizona, and just purchased some property 30miles outside of town. Seen my 1st toad, thought ok..Cute..couple nights later..there were 4 toad gathering... seemed harmless...but in less than a week..I couldn't walk anywhere around my house, without the evasion of toads everywhere! And the little bastards will sneak up behind me, sit there looking at me.. while I'm working in my yard...and trust me when I say...they do not fear power tools!! I've tried!! It literally feels like a flipping twilight zone, over taken by these noisy, nasty, varmets! And did I mention that they will taunt you to death.. and the second you turn your back to them..they get as close to you as they can..before you turn your power drill on and lunge at them..chicken shits take off under my house every time!!

        If they could carry a tune wouldn't mind if they stayed...(just a few), relatives have to go...but they are loud, sound like someone is squeezing their neck when they croak!! And ..OMG! When you got over 50 that sound the same....croaking all at once....makes my ex husband sound like an angel..and he has "zero", vocal talent,tune, etc.. come to think of ex husband didn't have any talent.. anywhere.or at anything.that's why he's now my ex!! LoL

        But I'm with the others..they don't pay any bills here, so they gotta go!

        I like the flames throwing idea..where can I get one of those bad boys at?? I'm ready, to take back my property from these free loading,noisy,nasty unwanted toads!!

      • profile image

        Jim 2 years ago

        Hilarious! I have a few annoying loud mouthed frogs that bark all night long right outside the darn window. Was looking for a simple humane solution online, apparently there isn't one, just comedy gold what about tasers & pepper spray we use those on folks.

      • profile image

        Ianca 2 years ago

        I don't have a problem with frogs and I am an animal lover but they killed one of my dogs and I need to get rid of the ones in my yard.

      • profile image

        dgv 2 years ago

        My neighbor moved away a month ago and left their pool full, untreated, and uncovered. New renters moved in shortly before the frogs moved in. The elderly couple tried draining the pool to get them to leave. Didn't work. They had been keeping me awake at night to the point I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep, so I offered to lend them my services. I dug out my old airsoft gun (fully automatic, metal gearbox), 8000 pellets, and a headlamp. The next night I 'cornered' them in the bottom of the drained pool and opened fire. Then all you need is a shovel and a few garbage bags to clean up, and rinse it all down with a hose.

      • profile image

        Billy 2 years ago

        This has been some good reading. Still laughing..

      • profile image

        ed 2 years ago

        I catch them and slam them to the ground .

      • profile image

        shorty 2 years ago

        I hate frogs!!!! Scary I'm going to try everything u guys said to get rid of them

      • profile image

        coco 3 years ago

        I woke up 4am to find a frog in my bed,two weeks ago i found a HUGE frog in my kitchen,can't take the frogs anymore

      • profile image

        Xtofer 3 years ago

        After a night of catching and releasing humanely; they came right back. BB Gun! 4 shots. 4 frogs. No more croaking...for tonight

      • profile image

        Dorothy Achieng' 3 years ago

        I got reading these interesting contributions because I have just completed building a fish pond and filled it with water but before even bringing in the fish, the frogs have appeared from nowhere in droves and occupied the pond. I see all kinds of solutions suggested here but as i ponder over which one to try, my main question would be which solution would kill or keep off the frogs without hurting the fish?

      • profile image

        Chad 3 years ago

        Gahh, years ago in our old house we had a pool and pond and the back yard was flooded with frogs, constantly croaking keeping us awake all night! I was basically frog hunting every night until 2 am sometimes! And I was working 12 hour shifts! Now in this house I caught a few but theres one massive one next door in the neighbors yard and he never shuts up -.- I thought 3 months ago he will eventually die or something only to learn these things can live for years!!! And my guess is these neighbors must love frogs cause if you can't hear this thing then you must be deaf, seriously. they probably have a pond or something and like this frog which is why it's still there. So annoying

      • profile image

        Kerry 3 years ago

        Whilst sitting in our back garden in the evenings watching television, we could not concentrate because of one noisy frog croaking loading behind us. I sprayed a naturally based insect spray into the garden area where the croaking came from and we haven't heard it since. The spray is made up of garlic and chili and I usually spray it on my edible plants.

      • profile image

        Jon 3 years ago

        I love the sound of frogs but not the destruction they cause under my house. They dug under a footing for a bearing wall and the footing sunk about and inch on one side. Three months later and a lot of work I have dug down to solid ground and poured and new footing. Before replacing the insulation and the plastic vapor barrier I found new 1" tunnels going under and around the new footing. digging and following the tunnel I found another tiny frog/toad. I mixed permethrin into the soil around that and some other footings. 6 months later now and I see no more signs of the frogs ..... I hope I have permanently solve the problem.

      • profile image

        Mshengu 3 years ago

        I kill these pest every night by crashing them with stones, sprinkle jazefued and salt but they keep coming.

      • profile image

        ABU 3 years ago

        I had a noisy problems of bloody frogs for past few years,but the best remedy to get rid of them is snake repellant spray to spray in all corners of your yard and the windows corners and to put two or three rubber snacks in your garden and pool area and ,I got peace of mind no more frogs for past two years.this is the best remedy,ABUBAKAR,NELSPRUIT,south africa.

      • profile image

        wendy 3 years ago

        So far the frogs been dropping dead. I probably wouldn't bother them buy they re just too dumb to stay out of my way. They re in the car, on the door, etc....

      • Jade Aitken profile image

        Jade Aitken 3 years ago

        YOU PEOPLE ARE CRULE how can you even think of poring salt on a frog that like poring hydrochloric acid on your body. Not to munching the benefits of frog the eat mosquitos and there young as well as spiders and other bad bugs

      • profile image

        wendy luster 3 years ago

        The only thing i have found to work is raid. Frogs are nasty looking and i hate them. I am gonna raid them.

      • profile image

        Krikette 3 years ago

        I don't like frogs at all, but please don't kill them all. Just catch and relocate them. We have lots of frogs where I live but I do not condone killing them. They have a right to live the same as any other creature including humans. Killing is wrong. Their not harming any of you.

      • profile image

        pissedinfl 3 years ago

        will the citric acid, salt or moth balls hurt other animals? i have a potbelly pig, and 2 dogs...

      • profile image

        frogs suck 3 years ago

        It´s a good idea with the vacuum cleaner. During vacuuming cobwebs and Spiders my aunt sucked up 8 Frogs outside the garage. One Frog stuck several time in the vacuum hose, after than it sucked with a loud noise in the vacuum. After than we checked the dust bag, all Frogs was killed.

      • profile image

        nannymawilson 3 years ago

        this has been a great read....i am hurting from laughing--i do feel your pain, i have the same problem in florida--so i think i will start with the moth balls first--then try the citric acid--good nite

      • profile image

        kw. 3 years ago

        Seriously... "they'll go away" !? You clearly don't actually have a frog.problem... they get inside and die and stink!

      • profile image

        Killed 25 frogs 3 years ago

        1. 400ml citric acid

        2. 5 tbsp salt

        3. 200 ml gasoline

        4. Spray ALL crevices. Be careful on plastic surfaces (gas is caustic)

        5. Get a good night SLEEP

      • profile image

        Chris 3 years ago

        Gina yes, you should find the frog jerky any day now. I have sprayed poison today. If that dosent work I bought a frog spear from bass pro it's time to start harvesting them ASAP.

      • profile image

        MarĂ­a p 3 years ago

        Tell me how to Finnish them off.They keep me up all night . Just bought the house and now I want to sell it.

      • profile image

        Guest 3 years ago

        Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer. Instant disabler, quick death. Can I collect funds from the government for a study? No studying needed. We are overrun with frogs that keep our whole home up all night. We even baked cookies to pass the time. No more. Problem solved. You're welcome, Spectracide. Do a "study" make some money (then cut me a check).

      • profile image

        Gina wells 3 years ago

        I have a tree frog inside my car for 3 days and can't find him anywhere, will he die inside my hot car I'm in florida

      • profile image

        3 years ago

        I recently was able to have a good night sleep...3 nights to be exact. I tried everything I read on the internet. Therefore, I am not sure which one actually worked. But, lately there has been silence in my backyard and around my pool. Every night as the sun would go down, they would start croaking. Even with us playing music and swimming. I had my son and his friend pull all weeds in and outside of my property. I sprayed the weeds with image and round up. I physically collected the frogs that were closes to our pool. After that, I salted them. That kills them in about a minute. Then, I placed moth balls around the perimeter of my yard. It has rained all week and no frogs. I do not normally hurt frogs; but, they were extremely loud and kept me awake at night.

      • profile image

        Frog Sucker 3 years ago

        I have a small pond that has frogs that make a terrible noise. After years of frustration I've found a great way to remove them. Just as it gets dark and the noise starts I shine a bright flash light on the frog so that they can't see me. Then, I use my Shop-Vac to vacuum them up. Don't freak out. I put a mesh netting between the flexible vacuum hose and the plastic wand that goes on the end of the hose. Then, take off the wand and the frog is trapped in the netting. Get 'em early or you'll have a pond full of tadpoles.

      • profile image

        damefrogs 3 years ago

        that's awesome lol!! Definitely trying that.

      • profile image

        Here's your solution!!! 3 years ago

        Ok... woke up to a pool full of nasty frog eggs. There were thousands all over stuck to everything.. Smelled like dead fish after the chlorine started eating away at them.

        Tonight, before I went to bed, I took my little airsoft spring loaded pistol $10 @ walmart. LED light from Harbor Freight $3 Headshots on 6 of these little basterd about to jump in my pool and crap eggs...... priceless!!

        Yes I shot every frog I could find with biodegradable airsoft rounds...So not only is this a quick and humane death but I'm contributing to the environment by using biodegradable airsoft rounds!! It's fun and I feel like a badass!!! I will be doing this every night forever!

      • profile image

        Neutralized... 3 years ago

        is this working

      • profile image

        frog odsake 3 years ago

        I'm laughing and crying at the same time; there's only one species that's overrunning the earth and it's not frogs...

      • profile image

        JBMiller 3 years ago

        Riding lawn mower and a can of RAID, ANT & ROACH KILLER. It works but I want them to stay away. I have BIG FrogAPhobia and this method involves me puking and even passing out from fear. Not to mention the nightmares that will be plaguing me.

        I live in South Florida and my neighbor put in a pond... either need to make these FRs go away or my neighbor's house and yard have to go.

      • profile image

        JenJaxMom 3 years ago

        I have never laughed so hard... I was searching the web for a solution to the loud frogs outside. Reading these comments has made me laugh so hard I have totally forgotten about the frog problem. Thanks!

      • profile image

        salt 3 years ago

        please don't get me wrong I'm not trying to kill frogs I'm trying to run em off they're not in the bayou because something down there we eat ass but I'm just trying to run them off and I found that salt will do it I use a whole can of salt like I said it runs I'm off until it rains and I can sleep at night I don't live in the wild Kingdom I live in a man-made environment and in our environment and the way we live I cannot be kept up all night by frogs losing my job because I'm late to work trying to get last minute sleep no this is not working I don't give a rats ass who this offenseds because it's offensive to me I can't get any sleep

      • profile image

        salt 3 years ago

        I just put salt everywhere in the grass on the rocks where the pond is in in the grass and they go away but after range they come back and guess what are you see salt and I put it on the rocks in the water on the grass anywhere they would hide that's where I put it because I need my sleep and frogs doesn't have an idea what it's like living in our world and I understand they need protecting their only 85 species and all that stuff but the 85 species does not have to be outside my bedroom window even making the duck scream all night because they keeping him awakethey're not at the bayou they're not in the field over there there right over here in this manmade pond by my window and I just put a little salt out a little lot I sprinkle it everywhere any last for a little while but after it rains they come back I feel this more natural it doesn't kill them and I can sleep you can't make laws where it hurts us I feel sorry for little frogs a little frogs but I have never in my life had a frog keep me awake I'm 50 years old by the grace of God and dang frogs keep me awake and I'm not going to have no frog interfering with my life to that point I love frogs play with frogs as a child but I will not tolerate this

      • profile image

        ITS A LIFE WORTH LIVING 3 years ago

        Put a audiotape of Obama doing one of his campaign speeches near the pool or pond, and watch those little varmit's vanish in thin air!

      • profile image

        Going on 3 years 3 years ago

        Central Florida resident with a beautiful Japanese garden. Three tiered waterfall, and pond; and sadly frogs. I don't know the particular variety; some are bright green and others are dark green. In either case they are persistent and incredibly loud. I like frogs, they are cute. However, when they keep my wife and I up at night, as well as many of the neighbors, cute leaves the equation. Did I mention they are fast little buggers! Does anyone have a viable solution to this problem? The need is there. I'm sure people will pay good money for the answer!!