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100+ Creative DIY Recycled Garden Planter Ideas to Try

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Recycled Garden Planter Ideas

Transform and up-cycle old items into amazing garden decorations. Have a look around the house and see what you have lying around. You could have a stunning piece ready to transform your garden right underneath your nose.

Instead of throwing it away, reuse it and make something incredible out of it. For example, an old chandelier is easily turned into a beautiful planter, while tin cans can be painted to make fun decorations to hang from trees.


Flower Fan

Have an old ceiling fan that you are going to throw away? Paint it like a flower, connect it to a post, and hammer it into the ground.


Wine Bottle Planter

You can extend this concept to any size, depending on how many bottles you have available to you.

Tire Planter


Solar Light Stands

The easiest way to make these is to look to use old table legs. You can spray paint them your chosen color and hot glue solar lights to the top. This will really make your outdoor space look bright and cheerful.


Old Tin Flower Pots

Tin cans are plentiful and make for a great planter for your plants. Attach them to a wooden post to make an excellent display.


Flower Candlesticks

If you have an old chandelier, why not transform it into this stunning piece for your yard? You can glue it to an old wooden stand and then spray paint it. It's a really quirky and whimsical addition to your decor.


Flower Stand From an Old Door

An old door can be transformed easily into a fantastic flower pot stand. Simply saw it in half for the back of the chair, two sides for the arms, and a piece for the seat.


Flower Cup Stand

Notice that these are just plastic cups that you may have left over from a party.


Plate Flower

Basically, you combine a plate, a medium bowl, and a tiny bowl to paint and decorate into any type of flower you like.


Flower Pot Pan

An old pot or pan is only one step away from being a lovely flower pot. In this example, a paella pan is repurposed into something simple and effective.


Palette Hanging Garden

Pallets are a great go-to for any type of craft for the garden. Add hooks to hang hanging planters from. You could also paint the pallet a nice bright color to make it stand out.


Flower Bowl

Even old kitchen items can be recycled for your yard. This is a sieve-turned planter that adds a bit of rustic charm.


Mushroom Pans

Old strainers can be used to create incredible mushrooms when paired with old table legs and a bit of paint.


Flower Chandelier

Hang an old chandelier from your porch and use the glass shades as planters to recreate this fun idea.


Old Tin Owl

Another idea for tin cans is to spray paint them and turn them into decorations to be hung from trees, such as this adorable owl idea. It's a fun craft for kids to get involved in too.


Birdcage Flowers

Add some Parisian charm to your garden by planting flowers into a birdcage.

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