Different Types of Lilies and How to Grow Them

Updated on June 18, 2020
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This article will cover a handful of different types of lilies and provide information on how to grow them.
This article will cover a handful of different types of lilies and provide information on how to grow them.

Spring has sprung and your thumbs are turning green with anticipation to spring some life into your garden, but what will you grow? No doubt that you should begin planting your root vegetables, but every garden needs some eye candy!

When it comes to flowers, lilies are a great bet. Although it’s best to plant bulbs in the fall, you can purchase lily plants from a garden center to plant ready for springtime.

Lilies are truly one of Mother Nature’s gifts; each one unique, beautiful, vibrant and colorful. Some bloom in spring, some in summer, and others in fall; in other words, there are many types of lilies to choose from!

Here is a list of the most common types of lilies in alphabetical order, and everything you need to know about them.

Calla lilies are a beautiful, sophisticated addition to any garden.
Calla lilies are a beautiful, sophisticated addition to any garden.

Calla Lily

Description: Large flowers consisting of white, thick, waxy, bell-shaped or arrowhead-shaped petals. Although they are most commonly white, you can find them in pink, yellow, green, orange, and light purple.

About Planting: Plant 12 inches apart as soon as there will be no more frost for the season. Water often enough throughout the season to keep soil moist.

The perfect flower to celebrate Easter!
The perfect flower to celebrate Easter!

Easter Lily

Description: Large, white, and trumpet-shaped, these flowers earned their name as they bloom right around Easter time through summertime! They are beautiful, welcoming and make a great addition to any garden.

About Planting: In spring, plant bulbs 6 inches deep and about 15 inches apart. After covering bulbs with soil, water well.

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley | Source

Lily of the Valley

Description: These have such a unique appearance from other lilies! They have clusters of smaller, bell-shaped flowers that droop downward and are most commonly white, but can also be pink.

About Planting: These need to be planted in an area that has good drainage. They thrive best in a location that has moderate shade during the day. Plant the pips about 1.5 inches apart and just deep enough so that they barely poke out of the ground. It also helps to soak pips in warm water right before planting.

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily | Source

Tiger Lily

Description: Also known as an orange lily, these are beautiful, orange lilies streaked with yellow and often have black or brown spots. Some have a “sunburst” appearance, going from yellow in the middle to a vibrant reddish-orange on the ends of the petals. There are also varieties that are purple or pink in color.

About Planting: Plant tiger lilies in autumn or spring, placing the bulbs in holes that are just deep enough for the bulbs, spaced about 10 inches apart.

Peruvian Lily
Peruvian Lily | Source

Peruvian Lily

Description: If you have ever seen Alice in Wonderland, then you have seen these beautiful, colorful flowers sing! Their splashes of colors truly sing a song of beauty, and you will find them in many different colors. They form a cluster of flowers that resemble azaleas and bloom mostly during the summer.

About Planting: In spring or fall, plant bulbs 6 inches apart and at a depth of three times the height of the bulbs.

Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily | Source

Stargazer Lily

Description: The name for this lily comes from its shape, the shape of a star, but with six petals. They bloom mid to late summer and are very fragrant. You will find these in varieties of pinks and whites, with spots up and down the petals.

About Planting: Plant in spring or fall, but the best time to plant is in the fall. They should be planted about 8 inches deep and spaced about 15 inches apart.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Lilies

Even though there are many types of lilies, they all tend to thrive in the same type of environment. The most favorable conditions for lilies is in a sunny area, or partly shady, as long as the area gets three or more hours of sunlight each day.

Although they can grow in poor soil conditions, they tend to thrive in rich, moist soil. Take care not to overwater, as the bulbs can rot—causing the plant to die off.

They do not do as well in tropical climates, as the plants need a period of dormancy, typically during winter months. This is because having a couple of months of cold temperature enables them to store up some nutrients for the next season of bloom.

Now that you know a lot about a few different types of lilies, which ones will you be adding to your garden?

What's your favorite type of lily?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      6 years ago

      These are so beautiful. I myself love the stargazers and the tiger lilies. But I will take any blooms of any color-- I love flowers. Springtime is such a great season because you get to enjoy so many of those cheerful blooms. Nice hub, voted up.


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