The Good and the Bad of Prickly Thistles

Everybody knows them, and everybody detests them: thistles. Here are the good and the bad about these prickly weeds.


Purple Loosestrife, an Invasive Plant

Purple loosestrife is beautiful but very destructive. It is an invasive species from Europe that forms dense mats which choke out native plants.


How to Get Rid of Crabgrass and Win the War!

Crabgrass is relentless, and once it stakes claim to your yard, it can easily and quickly turn your turf into one big weed patch. This article will help you get ahead of it, and keep it at bay, regardless of where you live.


Removing Horsetail Weeds From Your Garden and Patio

There are weeds, and then there are horsetail weeds. These simply formed, fragile-looking plants are deceptively robust. Once they gain access to your garden paths and flower beds, they stake claim to their new home and the gardener's weeding tasks take on a whole new level of activity.


How to Get Rid of Ragweed

Ragweed can be difficult to get rid of once it gets established. Start in the spring before the plants become too large.


How to Get Rid of Bindweed (Creeping Jenny)

Bindweed is an invasive weed related to morning glories. It is extremely difficult to eliminate because of its deep root system.


How to Grow Purslane, an Edible Weed

Purslane, that noxious weed that never seems to go away, is surprisingly nutritious. The stems, leaves and flower buds are all edible.


The Invasion of Super-Weeds

Non-native plants arrive in various parts of the world and create havoc to ecosystems.


A Guide to Names of Weeds (With Pictures)

A weed is an undesired plant in the wrong place. This guide helps you identify 24 of the most common weeds you'll encounter in your garden—so you can love them or kill them!


How to Get Rid of Kudzu in 5 Steps

Although it is called the "vine that ate the south", it is entirely possible to kill kudzu on your property. My husband and I used this method to get rid of kudzu at our summer home.


The Best Way to Get Rid of Garlic Mustard, an Invasive Weed

Garlic mustard is an invasive weed that rapidly crowds out native plants and tree seedlings. It has no natural enemies in North America.


Do Homemade Weed Killers Work?

Looking for a non-toxic solution to killing the weeks in your garden or lawn? It seems everyone has an opinion about what works best. Here are the test results of three of the most popular recipes for home-brewed herbicides.


The 6 Most Common Lawn Weeds

Is your yard weedy? This article will help you identify and eradicate some of the most popular weeds that attack lawns.


Organic Ways to Reduce Weeds in Your Garden

Every gardener deals with weeds, with many would-be gardeners throwing in the towel after just one season of daily weed pulling. Use these organic tips to help keep weeds under control this season.


10 Useful or Edible Garden Weeds

A normal suburban family could easily spend dozens of hours or well over $100 a year attempting to eradicate weeds. It's time to take a look at what these well-adapted plants can do for us.


How to Get Rid of Weeds Organically

Green methods to remove weeds benefit you, your family, and your pets. Keep your yard a haven for birds and insects with these simple steps.


How to Get Ahead of Your Weeds This Summer

Use these tried-and-true techniques to create more room to grow what you want in your garden by getting rid of what you don't!


Weeds We Love

Whether they're on the side of the road, in a crack in the sidewalk, or in the middle of our flowerbeds, we LOVE LOVE LOVE these weeds.


Use Vinegar or Baking Soda to Kill Weeds

Keep sidewalks and driveways weed-free all summer. Try these simple and safe remedies as weed and grass killers.


How to Get Rid of Weeds in 6 Different Ways

Weeds are unsightly and spoil a neatly tended garden or yard. Fortunately there are lots of ways to deal with them, either with chemicals or in a natural, environmentally friendly way


Best Weed-Pulling and Removal Garden Tools

Looking for the best weed-puller removal tool? I highly encourage organic gardening practices, including hand weeding. This article outlines a few awesome weed-pulling tools that make the job a lot easier.


How to Keep a Weed-Free, Low-Maintenance Allotment or Vegetable Plot

By using garden membrane, raised beds, and fresh soil and compost, you can have a low-maintenance, relatively weed-free allotment that you can manage on an hour a week.

Several weed trees together.

How to Get Rid of Weed Trees in Your Lawn and Garden

Weed trees are any type of tree that finds its way to your garden or lawn unbidden.


How to Get Rid of Goat's Head Weeds, Seeds, and Stickers

How to get rid of goat's head weeds in your yard, including their seeds and the stickers. Plus, find out what to do if you get goat's head stickers in your skin.


How to Get Rid of Weeds in Cracks Without Using Herbicide

Here are some organic solutions for dealing with weeds in cracks. Some are more permanent than others.


How to Use Vinegar to Kill Weeds

Vinegar is effective as a weed killer due to its ability to draw moisture out of foliage. Household vinegar may also be used in combination with other household items, like salt and dish detergent, to kill weeds. Vinegar is easy to find and use, while being an alternative to chemical herbicides.


Five Useful Weeds: Beautiful and Edible

Here are five "weeds" that are beautiful, edible, and have medicinal qualities and uses that you never knew! All five of these weeds grow in my yard.


How to Get Rid of Creeping Charlie Ground Ivy

Creeping charlie is an annoying ground ivy that can be very difficult to remove if left to grow for too long. This article includes several different ways to remove it.


How to Remove and Prevent Weeds From Growing in Your Yard

How do we remove weeds effectively and, once removed, how do we prevent them from growing back? The following describes different methods—natural and chemical—to deal with weeds in your garden.