Win the War Against Crabgrass!

It is relentless, and once it stakes claim to your yard, it simply doesn't want to leave. It's crabgrass, which can easily and quickly turn your turf into one big weed patch. This article will help you get ahead of it, and keep it at bay, regardless of where you live.


Removing Horsetail Weeds From Your Garden and Patio

There are weeds, and then there are horsetail weeds. These simply formed, fragile-looking plants are deceptively robust. Once they gain access to your garden paths and flower beds, they stake claim to their new home and the gardener's weeding tasks take on a whole new level of activity.


Do Homemade Weed Killers Work?

Looking for a non-toxic solution to killing the weeks in your garden or lawn? It seems everyone has an opinion about what works best. Here are the test results of three of the most popular recipes for home-brewed herbicides.


Weeds We Love

Whether they're on the side of the road, in a crack in the sidewalk, or in the middle of our flowerbeds, we LOVE LOVE LOVE these weeds.


How to Use Vinegar to Kill Weeds

Vinegar is effective as a weed killer due to its ability to draw moisture out of foliage. Household vinegar may also be used in combination with other household items, like salt and dish detergent, to kill weeds. Vinegar is easy to find and use, while being an alternative to chemical herbicides.