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Airless Paint Sprayer vs. HVLP: Which One's Better?

Learn the differences between an airless paint sprayer and an HVLP sprayer, so you can decide which one's better for your painting project.


Tips for Applying Red Interior Paint Successfully

Learn how to apply red paint on walls like a professional.


My Review of Sher-Wood Hi-Bild Precat Lacquer for Cabinets

Check out my review of Sher-Wood Hi-Bild Precat lacquer and Primer Surfacer after spraying a set of cabinets with both products.


Tips for Painting New Drywall Like a Pro

Learn how to paint over new drywall the right way.


Tips for Spray Painting Bookshelves

Learn how to paint bookshelves like a professional, using a paint sprayer to get a superior finish.


Tips for Painting a Staircase Black and White

Check out my tips for painting a staircase black and white, using a sprayer for the spindles and a brush for the railings.


My Review of the Graco 9.5 HVLP Pro Comp Sprayer

I bought the Graco 9.5 HVLP sprayer and used it for two painting projects. Check out my review to find out if this sprayer is worth it, or not.


5 Affordable Ryobi Cordless Power Tools That Make Great Gifts

Looking to gift a Ryobi cordless tool that won't break the bank? Ryobi has several items in its cordless lineup that will make the DIYer on your gift list and your budget happy. Take a look at five of the best.


How to Stop Drafts in Your PVC Door

UPVC doors are great. But if they don’t do what their main job is—keeping the drafts out—then they're not much good. This article will show you how to make sure they serve their intended purpose.


Building a Drywell With Cinder Blocks

This article will provide a step-by-step breakdown of how to build a drywell and recycle leftover waste construction materials.


My Review of Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Water-Based Alkyd Urethane Enamel

I used Pro Industrial water-based alkyd urethane enamel from Sherwin Williams for two painting projects. Check out my full review to see if you should use this product for your project.


Tips for Painting Cabinets With Lacquer

White paint is popular for cabinet painting, but have you ever considered using white lacquer instead? Check out my pro tips for spray painting cabinets with lacquer.


Pro Tips for Prepping and Painting Kitchen Walls

Check out my tips for prepping and painting kitchen walls.


Laying Concrete Kerbs Along a Driveway

If you have basic DIY skills, you can lay edging kerbs. Minimal tools are required, just a shovel, level, spade, string and hammer. Concrete can even be mixed by hand for bedding the stones.


Easy Steps to Making Concrete With a Cement Mixer

Although small amounts of concrete can be mixed by hand, a cement mixer speeds things up and is practically essential if you need to lay good-quality concrete floors and pavements.


How to Build a Solid Concrete Gate Pier

This article is a pictorial account of how I widened my driveway and built a solid concrete gate pier.


How to Install Glass Block Windows in Your Basement

Are your basement windows old, leaky and a hot mess? Replace them with glass block windows and enjoy energy savings, increased security, natural light and fresh air.


Tips for Painting Oak Trim White

Check out my tips and product recommendations for painting your outdated oak trim white like a professional.


Tips for Painting a Front Door

Improve your home's curb appeal simply by painting your front door a new color. Check out my tips on painting a front door like a pro.


Tips for Painting a Bathroom Vanity

Check out my tips for painting a bathroom vanity, using a brush and roller.


The Best Sherwin Williams Primer for Drywall

If you're a fan of Sherwin Williams paint, this article, based on my personal experience, goes in depth on their best drywall primer options and when to use them.


What Is Wood Racking?: A Practical Guide

Wood racking is a great way to create extra storage in your garage or workshop, but what is it, and how do you make it?


Tips for Painting Fireplace Brick White

In this article, I provide tips on painting fireplace brick, product recommendations, as well as pictures from a project.


How to Use a Battery Drill

This article will detail steps on how to set up and use a battery drill. This guide includes thorough instructions on installing a drill or driver bit, choosing the proper gear, and adjusting the torque clutch.


How to Connect Ikea Brand Faucets to Your Home's Water Supply

Trying to connect an Ikea brand faucet to your home's water supply valves? Here is the solution to your frustration.


My Review of Masking Liquid H20 for Painting Window Trim

In this article, I review Masking Liquid H20, a product I've used to protect window glass for painting purposes. Find out if this product truly makes masking faster.


The Best Patching Materials for Drywall Hole Repair

In this article, I go over some products and materials I use for repairing holes in drywall.


Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement

Sewer repair has traditionally been a disruptive and expensive process. With trenchless sewer repair, that doesn't need to be the case.


10 Best Plumbing Tools for a Homeowner

Some plumbing problems are surprisingly easy to fix. It is also wise to be prepared for emergencies. This article lists 10 must-have plumbing tools for homeowners.


Tips and Tools for Painting Exterior Trim From a Steep Rooftop

Exterior painting from a roof is challenging. But in this article, I provide some useful tips and tools I use that will make your project easier.


Different Types of Lighting for Your Home

This article will explain the different types of lighting, including: general ambient, task, natural and accent. You will learn how to use particular light fixtures effectively to create the common types of interior lighting.


How to Install Loose Fill Insulation by Hand

Do you have a limited amount of loose fill insulation you need to install? You don't have to lug a heavy machine home. You can do it by hand, and this guide will show you how.


Wixann 9W Smart LED Light Bulb Review: Cheap Color Bulbs for All

The Wixann 9W Smart LED Bulb is a Wi-Fi light that can change colors, is dimmable, and can be controlled via Smart Life app or voice with Alexa and Google Assistant. This review will cover my thoughts on trying out this product.


How to Survive a Whole House Rewire

Thinking of having your entire house rewired? It is probably a more daunting undertaking than you expect. While it will be a painful hassle no matter what, here are some tips to help you survive the experience.


WaterBUG Water Pump Product Review

This is a product review for the WaterBUG surface water pump.


Tips and Tricks for Painting French Doors the Easy Way

Painting french doors is very time consuming using tape and a brush. Learn how to paint your french doors fast and easy without taping the glass.


Shur-Line Paint Brush Extender Review: Does It Suck?

In this tool review, I review my twenty year old Shur-Line paint brush extender, going over the pros and cons and whether or not you should buy one.


Applying a General Finishes Gel Stain on My Home's Front Door

You can give your exterior door a quick but professional-looking makeover without taking your door down from its hinges. What's more, there's no need to sand or strip the wood, thanks to General Finishes Gel Stain. Here's how I got professional-looking and long-lasting results.


Tips for Painting a Fireplace Mantel

Give your living room a new look by painting your old fireplace mantel white. This article covers the entire process of prepping and painting a wood fireplace mantel, including oak.


A Guide to Electric Locking for Pairs of Aluminum Storefront Doors

Pairs of aluminum storefront doors present unique challenges when it's time to retrofit them with electric locking hardware for access control.


Tips for Painting Crown Molding White

Learn how to paint your crown molding yourself instead of hiring a painter. Painting crown molding is easy with a sprayer, but this article covers both brush and roller application.


Best Ideas for Picking Exterior House Colors

Help you find the perfect colors for your house next painting project. You need to discover the new color palettes.


A Guide to Electric Locking for Narrow Stile Aluminum Storefront Doors

Glass and aluminum narrow stile doors offer unique challenges when retro-fitting electric locking hardware. In this installment, we look at some of the choices available for single doors equipped with a flip-up deadbolt, like the Adams Rite MS1850.


15 Wall Painting Tips and Tools to Make Your Project Easier

Check out these wall painting tips and tools to make your interior painting project easier.


Tips for Painting Moldy Bathroom Walls and Ceilings

Are you thinking of painting your moldy bathroom? Don't paint over your moldy mildewed walls without reading my professional tips to prevent future problems.


Graco Airless Paint Sprayers vs Titan: Which One's Better?

Are Graco airless sprayers better than Titan? In this article, I explain the differences between the two, including some comparisons between the models I own from both companies.


20 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

This article covers common mistakes with cabinet painting and how to avoid them. My tips will help save you a lot of time and aggravation painting your kitchen cabinets.


How to Apply Garage Door Paint With an Airless Sprayer

Painting a garage door is easy. This article explains how to prep and paint a garage door with an airless sprayer to get a nice smooth finish.


Best Exterior Door Paint From Sherwin Williams

This articles goes over some of the best exterior door paint I've used from Sherwin Williams.


My Review of the Titan 440 Airless Paint Sprayer

This article is a full review of my new Titan 440 Impact sprayer, outlining its features and my experience using it for interior painting. The Impact is an airless sprayer, formerly known as the 440i.