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5 Affordable Ryobi Cordless Power Tools That Make Great Gifts

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Tom Lohr is an avid home improvement enthusiast. He prefers to spend the money he saves on new tools and gardening supplies.


Gifts That Won't Kill Your Budget

In the world of DIY, cordless is king. No power cord to trip on or finding out that your extension cord is three feet too short for your project. The convenience of battery powered tools is enormous, and anyone that is serious about DIY has a collection of them.

There are some instances where battery power makes little sense, but those are few and far between. For any tool I plan to use for a continuous period of time, I choose corded. I had a project that required a ton of grinding with a flap disc. I have a cordless grinder, but for that project, I purchased a corded tool. I would have never had enough battery power to complete the job in a timely manner otherwise. But for the vast majority of tasks, cordless is the way to go. I, like many other DIYers, choose Ryobi cordless tools for three reasons:

  • Ryobi has the largest selection of cordless tools of any brand,
  • they are inexpensive compared to major brands, and
  • they are stocked at Home Depot.

Lowes, the other big box store, sells the Kobalt brand, which is just as good but has less selection.

Want to make the Ryobi DIYer in your circle of family or friends happy? Then next time they warrant a gift, give them something green (Ryobi's trademark color). The problem is that even though they are an affordable brand, Ryobi cordless power tools are likely to be beyond the normal amount you budget for a gift. Not to worry, there are still cordless tool related items you can gift the DIY craftsman in your life without breaking the bank. Here are the five best.


1. Hybrid Light

This is hands down the best Ryobi product I have ever purchased. One of the most frustrating issues when tackling a project is not being able to see what the heck you are doing. Larger area lights are ok, but every time I use one, it does a better job of blinding me than illuminating the work. This tool will direct the light where you need it. It has three levels of brightness, has a hook so you can hang it, and can tilt to just about any angle. The LED lights consume little power making it last hours between battery switch outs. It's a hybrid tool, so if you don't need it to be mobile, you can plug it into an extension cord. As an added benefit, proper lighting will cut down on the cussing that accompanies most DIY projects.


2. Extra Battery

The one thing every cordless power tool enthusiast needs are extra batteries. The batteries have a long life but all will eventually wear out. When attacking a large project, it seems you are always swapping batteries between tools as you use them. An extra battery can go a long way towards making a project less of a hassle.

The bigger, longer lasting batteries can get pricey. The big ones are great for many things, but they are also significantly heavier than the smaller batteries. Try holding a drill for a few hours and the weight difference makes a huge impact. Also, if your DIYer is female, many women have a hard time getting their hands around the bigger batteries to remove them from the tools. That is a major inconvenience. To help keep your gift recipient happy and charged, and your budget manageable, give them one of Ryobi's smaller batteries. It is big enough to last through most projects, and won't give the user carpal tunnel syndrome from holding a tool for hours that has a giant battery attached.


3. Drill Bit Set

A drill is probably the one cordless tool everyone has. Unfortunately, most never use it to its full potential, normally from lack of attachments. In case you didn't know, there are different drill bits for wood, metal and masonry items. You can also, with the right accessories, you can drill large holes in wood for installing door knobs and such. Even if the person on your gift list had an assortment of drill bits, they wear out and break. A fresh set is always welcome, and even though they are Ryobi brand, they will fit any drill.


4. High Pressure Inflator

It happens every year. The temperature drops significantly for the first time as autumn sets in, and the air in your vehicle tires suffers a drop in pressure. The tire pressure caution light comes one and you spend the next two hours searching for a air station (after the first five you find are out of service) to add air to your wheels.

While your handy person might only use it once or twice a year, the ability to air up their tires on their schedule is a luxury all drivers crave. It also makes an excellent addition to any road trip, adding security and self reliance when dealing with flats.


5. Compact Radio

Face it, some projects can be long and boring. If you have ever spent an entire afternoon painting a room, you know what I mean. With the cordless radio, you can tune into music, news and sporting events to make time doing mundane tasks more bearable. In addition to capturing broadcast radio, it is bluetooth capable so you can blast the music on your phone and be movin' and groovin' while working in style.

Give the Gift of Home Improvement

Each of the above items can be had for $50 or less, making an appreciative addition to any Ryobi collection affordable. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and summer solstice celebrations are suitable times to give the gift of cordless convenience. Feel free to include a list of suggested home improvements that have been on your “to do” list in the card.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Lakshmi from Chennai on November 19, 2020:

Yes !Our gift should be useful to the person who receives ! Great idea

Liz Westwood from UK on November 19, 2020:

These are good gift suggestions backed up by your opinions on them.