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Dimplex DLGM29 Opti-Myst Open Hearth Fireplace Insert Review

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I love all things home and, when there is a product that has truly changed my life, I love to share my experience with others!

In this article, I will review the Dimplex DLGM29 Opti-Myst open hearth fireplace insert.

In this article, I will review the Dimplex DLGM29 Opti-Myst open hearth fireplace insert.

Dimplex DLGM29 Opti-Myst Fireplace Insert

My husband and I had been dreaming of renovating our humble ranch-style home since the day we purchased it almost seven years ago. We envisioned knocking down walls, leveling-up floors, and executing the open-concept great room that is highly desirable in today's homes. That plan not only included nice trim, extra windows, and a dream kitchen, but it also included a fireplace.

My husband works in the timber industry and it gives us easy access to firewood, so naturally, our first thought was we'd pick a traditional wood-burning fireplace. After mulling it over for several months, we changed our minds. All of you who have been through a renovation know that this will happen a million times over. We worried that we may never actually build a fire with our busy schedules and low-maintenance lifestyle.

With a wood-burning fireplace now out of the question, we set our sights on gas! We were set on that for a while and were set on a vent-less gas fireplace. We decided we would get a small gas tank and have it put just outside the house (we do not currently have gas in our home at all.) We also realized that not all gas log inserts were created equal, in that, some look better than others. We decided that we would be really picky when choosing one.

Then one day, my husband turned to me and said "What about electric"? I had never even considered it and, to be honest, I didn't even know that there was an electric fireplace insert that existed. I always thought electric fireplaces were always stand-alone pieces of furniture. I was intrigued!

We decided on an electric fireplace while chatting about what it is we actually wanted from a fireplace. We decided that, more than anything, we wanted the ambiance. We didn't want or need it for heat and we wanted to be able to enjoy it and have it be convenient, and of course, not cost an arm and a leg. Just as we do with every major purchase, we started doing our research. Our biggest concern with an electric fireplace was that it would look really "fake". My husband stumbled across the Dimplex Opti-Myst fireplace and we were in love! We talked about it and decided to order it from Amazon right away!

The Verdict...

Now let's take a look at how the fireplace insert performed.

Purchasing/Price (A+/A)

We ordered ours on Amazon (Amazon link to purchase is toward the bottom of the article) and had an extremely easy and smooth transaction. It arrived safe and quick, even with shipping times being a little crazy these days. We had no problems with our transaction whatsoever.

As far as price, at first glance, I knew it would pay for itself when you consider you purchase it one time and there is no wood to purchase, chimneys to sweep, or a gas tank to fill. My husband found it expensive but didn't mind purchasing it. He now feels it is worth every penny and more!

Assembly (B+)

The assembly is pretty simple and the manual is straightforward and easy to follow. We struggled for a little while trying to assemble a couple of the logs because we couldn't figure out which were which from the photos, but did it eventually so it was no big deal. We learned how to turn it on/off and how to have it light up with and without steam.

The hardest part about assembly, and subsequently filling up the reservoir, is that the logs don't always want to stay put when placing them in the desired spot and from the movement that comes from removing and putting back the water reservoir. They come with a little round piece of Velcro on both the logs and the grate, but they don't stick very well. When I say they don't stick very well, that is two-fold. The sticky backs don't stick to the actual logs/grate very well, which I found out when trying to add some of the extra pieces the kit included. Once they are on the logs/grate, they end up sitting awkwardly and not wanting to stick to each other. Perhaps some silicone in these desired areas would have been a better way for the logs to "hold on" but this is really a tiny problem and more about me wanting to be thorough and nit-picky for a solid review.

This should in NO WAY deter you from purchasing this if it seems right for you and your family. There is a link to the owner's manual of this model towards the bottom of this article.

Maintenance (B+)

Since this unit uses steam to create the amazing effect of both fire and steam, it requires water. There is a reservoir located in the back, underneath the big, horizontal log. While it is simple to remove, fill, and put back into place, this can be a little bit of a nuisance. I am lucky enough to have small hands, so I can reach in and grab it and put it back without disturbing the logs most of the time. If you have larger hands or don't have good use of your hands, this could be a little annoying but it is so worth the effect.

Of course, you can just have the lights running on this unit with no steam, so that is always an option. However, the effect is so gorgeous with the steam that it is well worth the tiny bit of trouble. It definitely beats having to deal with a real fire/logs, or even worse, paying for gas. We run ours in the evening, anywhere between 3 to 7 hours and get at least 2 evenings or more from filling up the tank.

Appearance (A+)

As far as the appearance, my husband and I absolutely could not be happier! The brilliant thing about this unit compared to other electric units is that it not only uses lights that flicker, but they are in each individual log. The steam pushes the appearance of this over the edge. It really is much like a humidifier. The steam is very fine and looks like fire and smoke. It is absolutely stunningly beautiful! Also, because the logs can and will move a little bit every time you have to remove the reservoir, you get a slightly different appearance all of the time. It leads me and my husband to be complete dorks and say, "The fireplace looks particularly good tonight."

Ambiance (B+)

The appearance and "realness" of this electric unit are second to none. But of course, everything has its pros and cons and it just depends on what you want/need from it that will determine if this is right for you. My husband misses the sound and smell of a traditional fireplace, which we wouldn't have gotten with gas either. I personally don't mind that as much.

However, there is one major thing that you need to know before purchasing this fireplace: IT DOES NOT GIVE OFF HEAT! So if you want this as a heat source, this will not be for you. That was not important to us, especially after we learned that with a gas insert, it is recommended that you crack a window open periodically while running it, which I feel, defeats the purpose. There are a lot of electric units that do act as heaters but I don't believe they have one that uses steam and emits heat, at least when we were researching fireplaces last year. But I love the ambiance that this gives our home, it's simply stunning to look at! I also love that I can turn it on at any time, whether it's summer or winter, and enjoy the look of a gorgeous fire!

Completely Satisfied

We knew immediately this was the right choice for us and especially now, seven months later, we could not be happier with anything else. We are completely satisfied with this unit and enjoy showing it off to friends and family. If this seems right for you, I hope you consider yourself as fortunate as us to have stumbled upon this amazing product!

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