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Updated on February 26, 2018
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Door Rack Painter
Door Rack Painter

Cabinet Door Drying Rack

When my painting business started doing more cabinet jobs, I realized pretty quickly I needed to change the system I had been using for spraying and storing doors. I had always placed cabinet doors on a sawhorse setup, sprayed two coats on one side, and then placed each door on two boards to dry. The problem with this method is having to wait until the next day to flip the doors over to paint the other side.

I bought two of the Door Rack Painter drying racks, along with one spray rack. With the two cabinet drying racks I purchased, I can stack a total of thirty-four wet doors for drying. Each rack holds seventeen cabinet doors. So far, I'm very pleased with the racks and customer service I received. I received my shipment in less than four days with no missing parts or damage.

Does the Rack Actually Work?

The racks have worked well for me so far. I have used them for three separate cabinet jobs, coating both sides of the doors the same day and finishing two days sooner. The shelving bars on the rack are bent at a downward angle, so when wet doors are placed on the bars, contact is minimal. The doors won't stick. When removing dry doors from the rack, I have noticed tiny marks on some of the doors from the bars, but these marks are covered when the second coat of paint is sprayed.

The spray rack comes with two plastic grippers that are used for flipping a wet door to paint the other side, and for carrying the door to the drying rack. The plastic grippers have a rough texture to keep them from sliding off door edges when flipping. I was a little nervous the first time I flipped a wet door on the spray rack, but it does work, and the plastic grippers don't leave marks on the door edges. It does take a little while to get a feel for it.

Rack Functionality and Assembly

Another big advantage of using a paint drying rack for cabinet doors is the work space it saves. With this product, I no longer have wet doors drying on boards all over the floor. My garage work space isn't heated, so in the winter months it allows me to work on-site in small spaces.

Assembly is easy and took me about ten minutes with a wrench.The only tedious part is installing the plastic caps on the ends of each bar. It's important to make sure the assembly is level otherwise the cabinet doors won't be positioned evenly when placed on the rack for storage.

The paint build-up on the spray rack also needs to be wiped off with a rag each time a door is sprayed or it will smear onto the next door that is placed on the rack. The first time I used this product it took me a couple hours to get used to the set up, but it's very easy to use.

Is the Door Rack Painter Worth It?

I definitely recommend this product for anyone who does cabinet painting. I do these jobs every year and this rack has saved me tons of time. I can't comment on how well it works with regular doors since I have only used it for cabinets, but I can't imagine it being any different.

The main advantage of this product is the ability to coat both sides of a door the same day. The only other way to spray both sides the same day is to hang the doors, using hooks, but I'm not too thrilled about drilling holes into the door edges, and you are far more likely to get sagging paint with the hanging method.

The customer service I experienced with this company was also very positive. When placing my order, I called with a couple questions and everything was explained. I also reached out to the company with a question after I received my shipment and received a prompt response.

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      • Matt G. profile image

        Matt G. 4 weeks ago

        Jane, call some painting companies in your area and ask if they paint cabinets. Ask about their process for prepping and painting them. Check if they have a website with before and after pictures. A company doing cabinet painting should have pictures of their work online, or at least be able to produce sample doors in person.

      • profile image

        Jane 4 weeks ago

        How do I find a painter in my area who does cabinets. I imagine someone w cabinet experience is important, then say someone whom had more experience in exterior painting