Faux Wood Crown Molding: You Can DO This

Updated on February 4, 2013
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I spent several years trying to restore my 100 year old home with historic accuracy. I bought antique light fixtures off eBay that were the same time period as my home. I researched paint colors, furniture styles and every option you can imagine.

Ten years later i have decided that if it looks good and it is relatively easy it's the best choice for me. While many people want to restore their historical homes with accuracy in every detail, others just want a beautiful home the easiest way possible. If the latter describes you then you might be interested in faux wood crown molding.

Crown molding has, in the past, always been difficult for the do it yourself enthusiast to install. The wood was heavy, you were often lifitng it up over your head, and the mitered corners had to be just so.

Well, all that is in the past. Many manufacturers are creating a faux wood crown molding that is beautiful and best of all it is just peel and stick!


Installation Materials

The materials that are used in the faux wood moldings are usually plastic or a foam based product. Rather than having to get out the power tools corners can be cut precisely or trimmed using scissors or any good utility knife.

Priming and painting can be done with ease using any water based primer and paint. In fact, with water based gel stains you can stain it to look like any type of wood from Mahogany to Honey pine. 

Faux crown moldings are much lighter and much less expensive than solid wood. Installation can be accomplished easily by one person. Always read the instructions completely before beginning any project. The faux wood moldings often have a recommended adhesive. It is important to follow the directions carefully or any warranty on the materials can be rendered null and void.

If your project does not recommend a particular adhesive consider these eco-friendly alternatives:

  • Dap Paneling and Foam Adhesive is low VOC. Low VOC is important for your family's health as well as the well being of the environment. 
  • Liquid Nails Heavy Duty holds more securely than any other brand tested. 
  • Power Grab Construction Adhesive holds well but dries slowly.This is a real benefit if you are unsure of placement and need to adjust the crown molding. 

Many homes have what is called "popcorn ceilings" or ceilings with an acoustic material blown on. This texture will need to be totally removed by scraping before the crown molding is installed or it will not stick.

Once the molding is in place run a bead of caulk around the edges to seal it and give it a finished look. 


Installations Tips

Just like anything else, installing crown molding is much easier when you all ready know how to do it. Here are some tips to keep you from making those newbie mistakes.

  1. Paint the walls, the ceiling, and the crown milding before you install it.
  2. Make a sketch of the room to scale. Make a note of each measurement and each inside or outside corner.
  3. Always test fit the pieces before using the adhesive or nails.
  4. Like wallpaper border, start in the least noticeable corner of the room.
  5. Countersink the nails and fill with paintable putty or caulk.

Decorating with Crown Molding

Crown molding is best used in a room where you want a formal look. A parlor, living room, dining room, master bedroom, or even hall are all great places for crown molding installation.

The size of the moldings as well as the styles should be dictated by the style and size of the house including ceiling height and room size.

Even if you don't have a lot of money to do restoration and remodeling of your home you can add value with items like faux wood crown molding and other do it yourself projects.  


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      Carmen 16 months ago

      What a great idea! Can I still do it with textured walls? And where can I buy the faux crown molding? Any recommendations?