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Best Circular Saw for DIY? My Review of the Hikoki (Hitachi) C7SB2

Eugene is a trained engineer and self-taught home improvement enthusiast with almost 40 years of professional and DIY experience.

Hikoki (previously Hitachi) C7SB2 circular saw.

Hikoki (previously Hitachi) C7SB2 circular saw.

Who Are Hikoki?

Hitachi Power Tools were rebranded "Hikoki" in October 2018. In the US, they trade as "Metabo HPT".

Powerful Circular Saw for Professional and DIY Use

Having worn out two DIY circular saws (or "buzz-saws") from heavy and prolonged use, cutting palettes, heavy timber, etc., I decided to treat myself to a pro machine. Although I am not a tradesman, I do a lot of DIY, and my policy is that if a tool is used infrequently, a DIY model will suffice. However, if a power tool is going to be used a lot, it makes economic sense to invest in a pro machine even though it may be double the price of the DIY model. The award-winning Hikoki (previously Hitachi) C7SB2 circular saw has been popular for over a decade. It's a 1700 watt, 15 amp tool, well able to handle the toughest cutting jobs. Retail price for this saw is generally in the sub $160 range.

Why Would I Buy a Corded Saw?

Aren't cordless saws all the rage now?

  • Corded saws are less expensive than cordless models with the same blade diameter
  • Cordless saws are convenient on a building site if you're moving around, but for home use a corded saw is fine if you cut your timber in one place in your yard
  • No waiting for batteries to charge or having to buy new batteries when the old one won't take a charge anymore. Cordless tool batteries can typically cost $50 to $60.

First Impressions

The Hikoki C7SB2 is supplied in a strong blow-molded case. It weighs just over 10 pounds which is somewhat heavier than a DIY machine, but this is to be expected from a solidly built pro model. The base is made from heavy-duty die-cast solid aluminum alloy unlike DIY models, which have thin, pressed steel bases. The saw comes with a 7 1/4 inch (185 mm) 18 tooth TCT blade as standard. The motor casing is solidly built with easy access to the brushes, and the blade housing and guard are made from aluminum to reduce weight. As standard on a circular saw, adjustment of cutting depth is possible and also the bevel angle. The locking levers are broad and sturdy and can be clamped tightly shut with the thumb or palm. The bevel scale is easy to read.

The handle is comfortable in the hand with a non-slip grip. The power trigger has a strong spring with definite on/off action and unlikely to be inadvertently engaged.

Adjusting Bevel Angle for a 90 Degree Cut

My saw produced an accurate 90 degree cut straight from the box. However, a nice feature is a grub screw in the base which allows setting of the stop to give an accurate 90-degree cut.

Safety Guard

The only weak point on the saw is the lever/handle for retracting the safety guard. This is made from plastic, and I reckon that a blow on the end of this could snap it off. It would have been better if this was made from aluminum. The saw also lacks a depth of cut scale and motor brake.

Specifications of the Hikoki C7SB2


240 and 120 volt models available


1700 watts (15 Amp at 120 volts)

Cutting depth

2 3/8 " or 60mm at 90 degrees and 1 7/8" or 47 mm at 45 degrees


4.6 kg or just over 10 pounds

Bore size

1 3/16" or 30mm

Blade size

7 1/4" x 5/64" x 1 3/16" equivalent to 185 x 2 x 30 mm metric

Plunge capacity

The saw is designed with no riving knife to allow easy plunge cutting. A handle on the guard allows it to be retracted safely

Bevel limit

55 degrees

No load rotational speed

5800 rpm

Cutting Power of the Saw

The most outstanding feature of the C7SB2, however, is the power. 1700 watts (15 amp motor at 120v) gives it a cutting edge over its rivals, literally! 1200 or 1300 watt seems to be fairly typical for a circular saw with this diameter blade, but the extra few hundred watts provided by the motor in this model makes a difference. I have used the saw to cut through 5 x 2 s, and the saw flies through the wood without struggling.


Overall the Hitachi C7SB2 is a competitively priced saw with plenty of power. It is well built and sturdy and should give years of reliable service

Hitachi C7SB2 Available From Amazon at a Reduced Price

The Hitachi C7SB2 is a sturdy, well built saw and with a power rating of 1700 watt (15 amp), it makes light work of cutting through lumber! Ideal for the pro user or serious DIYer.
Currently retailing at €163.03 on Amazon and a bargain at this price! (Note that this is the 120 volt US version). An alternative version of the saw, the C7 ST/J1, at a reduced price of £90.19 and rated at 1710 W, 240 volts is available from Amazon UK.

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Sturdy metal lever for setting bevel angle

Sturdy metal lever for setting bevel angle

............and for setting depth of cut

............and for setting depth of cut

Retraction lever for blade guard

Retraction lever for blade guard

Adjustment grub screw in base. This adjusts the stop to ensure 90 degree setting is square.

Adjustment grub screw in base. This adjusts the stop to ensure 90 degree setting is square.

Retracting the guard while cutting birdsmouths for the rafters of my shed

Retracting the guard while cutting birdsmouths for the rafters of my shed

Cross Cutting a 9 X 1 1/2

Ripping a 9 X 1 1/2

Hikoki C7SB2

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Will the Hitchachi C7SB2 cut sheet metal or arbor?

Answer: No, according to Hitachi, it isn't recommended for cutting metal, and Evolution metal cutting blades have a 20 mm hole, so can't be used.

Arbor is sized at 5/8".

© 2012 Eugene Brennan

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