My Review of Graco FFLP Tips for Spraying Cabinets

Updated on April 8, 2019
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Matt is a professional painter and freelance writer, sharing his knowledge, house-painting tips, and product reviews.

Graco FFLP tips are ideal for fine finish spraying of trim, cabinets, and doors.
Graco FFLP tips are ideal for fine finish spraying of trim, cabinets, and doors.

Graco Fine Finish Tips

The Graco FFLP tips (fine finish, low pressure) are what I use to spray all of my cabinets and trim with. These green tips are part of the RAC X series and fit only the blue RAC X tip guard. The FFLP and LP (low pressure) tips have replaced the original green ones, which didn't produce as fine of a finish at lower pressure. These are now the only fine finish tips available by Graco.

These come with an additional seal (yellow), meant for use when spraying lacquer. I'm usually only spraying paint, so I never use the yellow seal. If you're using an airless sprayer to spray cabinets, these tips are a must. You can use a regular RAC 5 tip (black) on cabinets too, but there will be more over-spray and a higher chance of sagging paint. I haven't sprayed with the Graco LP tips, but I'll share my experience with their newer FFLP option.

Do They Really Produce Less Over-spray?

I've tested the newer FFLP tips with the original ones and they do allow you to spray paint more evenly at a lower pressure, reducing over-spray. With the original green tips, turning the pressure down too low on the sprayer would result in tailing on the edges of your spray pattern.

If your sprayer includes a digital readout for its pressure setting, you can adjust and fine-tune the pressure to get the most out of these tips. You can turn the pressure down lower without affecting the spray pattern as much. Graco claims the over-spray is fifty percent less than the previous green tips, but I'm not sure if the difference is that high.

In my experience, these new tips do last longer than the previous ones. Being able to spray at a lower pressure causes less wear and tear on your sprayer and the tip itself. I've found that the RAC X tips, in general, seem to last longer than the RAC 5 series.

FFLP Tip Sizes for Cabinets

The two fine finish tip sizes I use the most for spray painting cabinets are 210 and 310. The 210 produces a four-inch spray fan, and the 310 a six-inch fan. The 310 is awesome for spraying cabinet doors, and I like using the 210 for spraying the framing on the fronts of wall boxes.

The sizes 212 and 312 work well too, but anything bigger than that really isn't necessary for spraying cabinets. The smaller orifice size of a 210 produces less material and over-spray, which is good for someone with little to no experience spraying. You can even jump down to a 110, but most paint stores don't stock this size, at least my local paint store doesn't.

Fresh out of the package, a 210 is perfect for spraying cabinets. In my experience, after spraying primer and paint through them over and over, they seem to hold up longer than the cheaper RAC 5 series. I can usually spray several sets of cabinets before having to replace the tip.

Green Fine Finish Tips vs HVLP Sprayer

I use my Graco 495 Ultra Max II airless sprayer and an FFLP tip for all of my cabinet painting projects. You can achieve awesome results using these tips on an airless sprayer, or an air-assisted airless, and these units are more productive than an HVLP sprayer.

These spray tips won't turn your airless into an HVLP sprayer. An HVLP (high volume, low pressure) produces a softer finish, but most latex paints are too thick to pass through them anyway, requiring thinning to make the two compatible. Thinning paint can alter the color and dilute the paint.

The paint itself plays an important role in how the finish turns out too. Using a leveling paint with an airless sprayer is key to getting that super smooth finish you get with an HVLP. I get the same finish using the green tips.

Are Graco Fine Finish Tips Worth It?

If you plan on using an airless sprayer to paint cabinets, doors, or trim, the Graco FFLP tips provide a softer finish with less over-spray. I use them any time I'm spraying cabinets and doors. I've also used them outside to spray stain on deck spindles. They do allow me to spray at a lower pressure than the previous version of these that I used for many years.

Regardless of the spray tip being used, spraying with an airless sprayer produces over-spray that requires masking in advance. If you're spraying in a kitchen, you still need to mask off everything not being painted.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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    • Matt G. profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt G. 

      2 months ago from United States

      Thanks Jim, that's awesome. Great to hear my advice helped you with your project. The right sprayer and proper tip size makes a huge difference with cabinet painting.

    • profile image

      Jim schafer 

      2 months ago

      Matt I just want to give feedback, no questions. I followed everything you said here. Bought a Graco sprayer, ff lp 210 and 312 tips (couldn’t find the 310), extreme bond S &W primer and Emerald paint. The project was very tedious and time consuming, but in the end, the results are fantastic. Everything you said worked great and was dead on. I’ve used Graco sprayers in the past to paint walls but never cabinets. Thank you for posting this, it seemed so easy to follow and realistic so we did it, and are very happy with results.


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