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My Review of the Goose Neck Extendable Paintbrush

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Matt is a professional painter who owns and operates his own painting business, specializing in interior and exterior house painting.

This is a bendable extender brush that screws onto a painting pole. Is it useful? Is it worth buying?

This is a bendable extender brush that screws onto a painting pole. Is it useful? Is it worth buying?

Paintbrush Extender vs. Extendable Paintbrush

I've used paintbrush extenders throughout my painting career for various types of painting projects. Brush extenders are very useful in different situations, whether it's to paint high walls above a staircase, or to cut-in ceiling corners faster.

These tools are awesome for high walls if you're scared of extension ladders, or if you don't own a ladder and don't want to buy one. With this tool, you don't have to tape a paintbrush to an extension pole or use the metal adapters that hold your brush.

Goose Neck Brush vs Shur-Line Extender

I used the Shur-Line extender for many years before learning about the Goose Neck and trying it out. I use the Goose Neck brush exclusively now for high corners when I'm painting a ceiling and hard-to-reach areas.

The Shur-Line extender includes metal prongs that hold the paintbrush in place. Two wing nuts allow you to adjust the angle of the brush for your cut-ins.

If you've ever used metal brush extenders with wing nuts, you know how annoying they can be to work with at times. The wing nuts on mine would come loose under pressure, even after hand-tightening them with a wrench. Having to stop and re-tighten the nuts in the middle of cutting-in became a very frustrating recurrence.

The Goose Neck brush eliminates the problems I had with the metal brush extender I used for years. I'll cover some of the key features and why I love this tool.

Bendable Paintbrush

The bendable handle is what gives this tool the advantage over other extenders. With this brush, you simply bend the handle to whatever angle you want without having to worry about nuts and bolts coming loose while working. My initial concern was that the brush might bend back while painting, but it does not. You have to really force the handle to bend it.

I find it a lot easier to get the precise working angle I want with this tool. I can paint vertical wall corners and walls over stairs with ease.

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Built-in Paintbrush Extender

It's both a positive and a negative that the brush itself is the extender. For most paintbrush extenders, like the Shur-Line one I used previously, you have to force the brush handle in between tension prongs and tighten adjustable parts, but with this tool, the handle of the brush itself screws onto any painting pole. There are no parts to adjust.

The downside of the one-piece design is that you can never replace the paintbrush since the brush is the tool and cannot be removed from the handle.

Like I do with all of my brushes, I clean this one carefully and store it inside of its brush cover to protect the bristles. I expect mine to last a long time because I don't use it every day. I've painted dozens of ceilings and the brush is still in good shape.

Cutting-in with the Goose Neck

The bristles are more flexible and bouncy than the stiff bristle brushes I normally work with, but I can cut-in straight lines with this brush. You have to be careful with your cut-ins, but this tool is a huge time and energy saver.

The brush is made of a polyester/nylon blend and cleans up well with water. The 2 1/2-inch size is good for vertical wall corners and cutting-in ceiling lines, and for a smaller brush, it holds a good amount of paint.

Is the Goose Neck Extendable Paintbrush Worth Buying?

Is the Goose Neck Extendable Paintbrush Worth Buying?

Is the Goose Neck Extendable Paintbrush Worth Buying?

I'm always on the lookout for painting tools that make my job as a painter easier and faster, and adding the Goose Neck paintbrush to my tool collection has made my painting projects a lot easier. When painting ceilings, I can paint the corners with my brush and an extension pole instead of having to climb up and down a ladder all day.

If you're looking for a paintbrush extender, I would definitely skip the metal adapters with adjustable parts and go with this one. I used metal brush extenders for years, but the adjustable parts corrode and come loose and need to be re-tightened too many times. With this bendable brush, I can get more precise cut-in angles than my old metal extender without the annoyance of parts coming loose.

Richard Tools could improve this paintbrush by offering a stiff bristle version for those who prefer that over a softer one. This brush won't replace my best brushes for cutting in, but for painting ceilings or hard-to-reach areas, this is an awesome painting tool that saves a lot of time and energy.

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