My Review of the Rotating Cabinet Door Painting Rack

Updated on July 20, 2019
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Matt is a professional painter and freelance writer, sharing his knowledge, house-painting tips, and product reviews.

Spray Painting Cabinet Doors with a Rotating Rack

Spray painting cabinet doors is a lot faster than using a brush and roller, but when you have over thirty doors to spray, the process still consumes time and energy, standing on your feet all day long.

I do a lot of cabinet painting for my business and I use this rotating rack exclusively for those projects. I own three pairs of the Door Rack Painter drying racks too, which are made by the same company, and I use those for storing painted doors.

Before switching to the rotating rack, I used their stand alone spray racks that didn't rotate. Those racks had to be spaced apart to the appropriate width of the door being spraying. With the new rotating setup, the width is altered by undoing and adjusting four clamps. The spray rack itself is fastened to either a work bench, or saw horse, using two heavy duty clamps that are included. The saw horse shown in the picture at the top of this article isn't included.

As a cabinet painter who does a lot of spraying, this product reduces a lot of time and fatigue, making my projects more efficient. I can actually sit on a stool and spray all four sides of the door without having to get up and walk around the door.

Save Time and Energy Spraying Cabinet Doors

The number one advantage of using a cabinet door painting rack that rotates is having the ability to simply spin the door to the side you want to spray, instead of having to walk around the door, which is annoying and very tiring after three days of spraying, believe me.

Not only is walking around the door tiring, but the extra slack in the sprayer hose twists and catches onto everything in its path. I've also found that by spraying in one direction with this rotating rack, over-spray is easier to control because it's always projected in one direction.

Spray Both Sides of the Door

This product is unique in that the curved design of the holders allow you to flip the door over so you can spray both sides without leaving marks in the paint. The curved holders are precisely angled to barely make contact with the outer corner part of the door edge.

You can use this spray rack to spray only one side of your cabinet doors too, wait for that side to dry, and spray the other side the following day, but to take full advantage of what this product is designed for, which is to spray both sides at a time, you'll want to use the matching drying racks, or buy packs of painters pyramids and store painted doors across the floor if you have space.

Using the Spray Rack

The assembly is very easy and consists of six clamps total, two of which fasten the rack platform itself to a table, or a sawhorse, which is what I use. I haven't experienced any problems with the clamps coming loose. The four small clamps hold the door holder frames in place. To adjust the width, you undo the clamps and slide the parts over where you want them.

To spray a cabinet door, the door is placed onto the rack with the back side facing up. The back side gets spray painted first, but not the door sides. The door is then carefully flipped over to spray the other side, by gripping the unpainted sides of the door, making sure the painted side is placed onto the curved part of the rack.

Special holders, which are provided with this product, are used for carrying the wet door to a drying rack, or painters pyramids. These holders have textured grip on them that allow you to grip only the outer corners of the door edges so the paint isn't comprised. I was doubtful the first time I used mine, but it doesn't leave marks.

Is the Rotating Cabinet Door Painting Rack Worth Buying?

If you paint cabinets every year like me, or even if you're painting your own cabinets one time, this rotating rack for cabinet painting is an essential tool that's going to save you a lot of time, especially when used with the matching drying racks I talked about at the beginning of this article.

You can paint your cabinets the old way by spraying one side first, waiting for the paint to dry, and then flipping the doors over to paint the other side, but that doubles your time having to wait an extra two or three days for the paint to dry. I painted cabinets that way too before switching to this system a long time ago.

As I explained earlier, this setup can be purchased and used separately from the matching drying racks of the same design. You can use this with painter pyramids if you want. If I had one minor complaint about this product it's that you have to wipe the paint off the bars of the rack after spraying each door, otherwise globs of paint go onto the surface. This isn't a big deal though. I keep a spare rag handy to wipe off the paint.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

  • What method do you use to transfer the wet doors from the rotating spray rack to the drying rack?

    The rotating spray rack and the drying rack both come with carrying pads of various sizes for carrying wet doors to your rack. With these pads, you grip the doors and carry them by their sides, but the pads grip only the outside corner edges of the door sides to prevent direct contact with wet paint. They don't leave marks on the door sides because they grip only the edge. The carrying pads have textured material on them (similar to coarse sandpaper) that prevents them from sliding off the door. I've carried full-size cabinet doors to my drying racks without problems, using the large carrying pads that came with my rack.

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