My Review of the Titan 440 Airless Paint Sprayer

Updated on January 9, 2020
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Matt is a professional painter and freelance writer, sharing his knowledge, house-painting tips, and product reviews.

I Bought the Titan Impact 440 Airless Sprayer

The 440 Impact is the first Titan sprayer I bought for my airless lineup. I have the Graco 495 Ultra Max and the GX-19, both of which I've been very satisfied with, but I wanted to pick up another portable sprayer for cabinets and small projects.

Having used mostly Graco sprayers in my painting career, the slight design differences with this one took a little time to adjust to, but it's very easy to use out of the box, especially if you have any experience operating airless sprayers.

I spray painted an entire set of maple cabinets with this sprayer with excellent results. In this review, I'll lay out some of the mechanical features and my final thoughts on whether or not this sprayer is worth your money.

Titan 440 Impact Features

You can buy this sprayer in either the skid style or the carted version on wheels (High Rider). I bought the skid style so it would take up less space and fit inside my truck easier. The Impact is relatively small in size, but powerful and versatile.

Although I've only used mine to spray acrylic paint, the sprayer is capable of spraying a variety of coatings, using a variety of tip sizes.

1. RX-80 Spray Gun

The RX-80 spray gun that came with my Impact is a little bigger and heavier than the Graco Contractor guns on my other two sprayers, but the performance is the same. The RX-80 is a step up in quality than what you get with a cheap sprayer at a home improvement store.

Disassembling the spray gun for cleaning purposes is easy, but more time consuming than my Graco gun. With Graco, you simply remove the trigger guard and twist the gun apart to access the filter for cleaning. With the RX-80, you have to use the bottom of the trigger guard as a wrench to take apart the gun.

2. More Gallons Per Minute Than Pricier Sprayers

One of the reasons I bought the Titan 440 Impact is because the gallons per minute flow of 0.54 is higher than some of the more expensive sprayers available in its class, allowing larger tip sizes and thicker coatings to be used.

The 0.54 GPM makes spraying faster because there's a steady flow of paint from the pump to the gun with less strain on the pump and motor. When I sprayed cabinet doors with this sprayer, I didn't experience any loss of pressure, or dead-band.

3. Manifold Filter

Underneath the 440, there is a large manifold filter to catch debris and prevent clogs. The manifold filter gives you a smoother flow of paint to the spray gun. The gun itself also has a separate pencil filter that comes out for easy cleaning.

The horizontal position of the manifold filter on the Impact makes cleaning a little messy when the filter's removed. When the manifold filter's unscrewed after cycling water through the pump, some of the water inside gushes out from the opening. A vertical filter design would prevent this. What I started doing is holding the sprayer itself upright to reduce the mess.

4. Electronic Pressure Dial

The pressure control doesn't have a screen with a digital readout display, but the dial includes settings for pressure ranges to help narrow down your PSI. You can buy a separate pressure gauge if you need to get a precise readout.

The PSI ranges on the pressure control include:

  • 0-200 PSI
  • 201-1,900 PSI
  • 1,900-3,300 PSI

The first range of pressure is for priming and cleaning. The second range of pressure is what I've used the most, spraying right around 1,800 to 2,000 PSI. If you're spraying walls and ceilings, 2,000 to 3,000 PSI is good. The pump is very quiet and performed smoothly without any issues.

5. Auto-Oiler

Keeping the packings lubricated with throat sealer is important for preventing premature wear. With my Graco sprayers, I keep a bottle of oil handy and lubricate the packings every time I use them. With the the Impact, all you have to do is pre-fill the oil reservoir in advance and push the red auto-oiler button a couple times before each use. My sprayer came with a bottle of oil.

6. Skid vs High Rider

I bought the smaller skid version without wheels. The High Rider is the larger model with wheels, which costs more. There are pros and cons to both models. I actually prefer the design of the vertical siphon on the High Rider, but the small size of the skid is what I like. I can store both my GX-19 and this sprayer inside the cab of my truck.

My only gripe with the skid is the design of the siphon tube that can pull up and out of a paint can at certain angles. With the vertical siphon, this isn't an issue, but if you bend the siphon at the right angle it stays in place. When spraying, I keep the paint can inside an empty 5-gallon bucket so the can doesn't get knocked over.

Should You Buy the Titan 440 Airless Paint Sprayer?

The frequency and type of painting you do should be factored in when deciding on the best airless sprayer for your needs. If you spray less than 100 gallons of paint per week, the Titan 440 Impact airless sprayer is a good choice for a painting business, or occasional DIY work. For the price I paid, I feel like it's a good deal considering the versatility of the unit.

Most of the spraying I do doesn't require the use of a large and overly expensive sprayer. If you want to spray paint walls, ceilings, trim, or cabinets, the .054 GPM on this unit is more than enough. You can use larger tips up to a maximum orifice size of 0.023-inches.

What I really like about the Impact is the pressure dial, similar to my GX-19 Finish Pro, but without a guage. A screen with a digital PSI readout would be nice, but the pressure ranges you're given is good enough for me.

You can also use Graco spray tips and guards with Titan guns, or other brands with a matching thread. When I paint cabinets, I use the Graco fine finish tips and the matching guard with my RX-80 gun without any issues.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Matt G.


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