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uPVC Door Is Catching on Frame When I Open and Close It

Updated on April 08, 2016

Pvc Front Door

Pvc Light Oak Front door
Pvc Light Oak Front door

How to adjust your PVC Door Hinges

- Does your pvc door catch on the frame.
- On the side or the bottom
- Does it get worse when the sun is shining
- The darker colours and timber effects can be worst than white pvc as they attract more heat

Once your door does drop or sag it can also effect how your lock works. If you have a multi point lock where you have to lift the handle to operate the lock. This action can get harder to do because your lock is now out of line due to your door sagging.

This can happen to a lot of pvc doors over time. The most common cause is that the hinges just need to be adjusted. Plus it can get worse if the sun is shining on the door because pvc expands with heat.

To adjust hinges is an easy job which can be carried out by almost anyone. In most cases all that is needed is a set of Allen keys & a screwdriver

Below is a guide on how to adjust some of the main door hinges used by window companies

Flag Hinge : One of the most common hinges used in the UK & Ireland is the flag hinge. This hinge has 3 different adjustments. The first one is on the bottom if you use your Hex key and turn the screw on the bottom it will lift your door.
The second is on the top first you will have to clip of a pvc cap than you will see the screw if you turn this it will tighten the door sash against the frame given you a tighter seal. This is needed sometimes because as time goes on you seal may shrink or flatten a small bit. So you use this adjustment to make sure you don't start getting a draught through your door.
The last one is on the side if you look into the hole on the side you will see a screw which will take a 5mm hex key. Turn the screw one way and the door sash will move to the left and turn it the other way and the door moves to the right.
There are many different types of flag hinges but they all work in the same way. They may just look a bit different.

T -Hinge : This is another type of hinge used on pvc doors. It has only 2 types of adjustments. The first one is on the top & bottom and this will tighten the seal against the frame. The other one in on the side and this will move it left or right depending on the way you turn the screw

Butt Hinge : This hinge comes with only one adjustment. If you look at the side you will see a philips head screw. If you turn this it will move the door left or right. But before you try to turn this screw check to see if there is a small grub screw as this locks the hinge in place so the door won't move. Not all butt hinges have this but the door won't move unless you loosen this.
Plus a lot of the older Butt hinges have no adjustment at all. If this is the case you will have to reline the hinges.

If you have tried adjusting the door hinges but your door is still catching. Than maybe you need new hinges. Remember new hinges don't cost a lot and are not to hard to replace. Most window companies will do this for you and it won't cost the earth. But just to be safe it is better to ring at least two company's to get prices

Feel free to ask any questions by posting them in the comment box below

PVC Door Hinges

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Pvc Door Flag HingePvc Door T-HingePvc Door Butt Hinge
Pvc Door Flag Hinge
Pvc Door Flag Hinge
Pvc Door T-Hinge
Pvc Door T-Hinge
Pvc Door Butt Hinge
Pvc Door Butt Hinge

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1- If you are going to change the hinges yourself you will find it a lot easier if you leave the door sash on the frame and replace one hinge at the time. This way your hinges will all line up. Also make sure the diameter of the screw is the same size as the hole it goes through in the hinge. Otherwise your door sash can sag down after a while if the screw diameter is to small.

2 - To help prolong the life of your lock you should greece it at least once a year. Make sure you greece all the parts that make contact with the strike plate and the lock keeps. This will reduce wear & tear.

3 - Door Handles will wear down and loosen no matter what. But it is very easy to change them. Plus they are not very expensive to buy. You can remove your handles if needed and leave the door locked, in case you need to bring the old handle with you to make sure you buy the same design handle.


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    • Michael 3 years ago

      Just adjusted my pvc door and it is working like new again. Thanks for the info.

    • ann 3 years ago

      Great info thanks

    • Linda 3 years ago

      Thanks for info well done

    • geoff 2 years ago

      Add what's it called the tool you use for taking out the beading on double glazed unit thanksYour Comment...

    • Rob 2 years ago

      it is a pity you don't explain which way to turn the Allen key.

      On the side adjustment, does a clockwise turn pull it towards the hings or away?

      On the side adjustment, does a clockwise turn pull it up or down?

    • Martin-ddp profile image

      Martin-ddp 2 years ago from Ireland

      Which way to turn the Allen key all depends on which side of the door the hinges are on. The best thing to do is put a small pencil mark on frame than give the nut a half turn and see which way the door moves

    • vintageaxeman 2 years ago

      Hi Martin,

      I have some double UPVC patio doors which are hinged with the same hinges that you show in your photo called a FLAG hinge. Mine are exactly the same as your pic, which is an old model which I can't get advice or spares about. The hinges seem ok but the screws holding the hinges onto the door have slowly loosened as the door has banged around in the wind over the years. Please can you advise me how to get the aluminium cover cap off the front of the hinge to do this. I just can't figure out how to get it off.

      Many thanks, David

    • Martin-ddp profile image

      Martin-ddp 2 years ago from Ireland

      Most hinges will have a small screw at the back of the cap. Open your door fully and you should be able to see the screw at the back of the cap. BUT if your hinges are the same as the one in the picture. Than they are just a clip on cap. You will need a knife or something to prise them off.

      It is quite hard to unclip these and you might damage the hinge or door so start with one at the bottom in case you do damage or scratch the hinge. Once you get one off you will see how it is clipped on and you should find the others more easy to get off.

    • John 2 years ago

      Thanks for the advice , My front door had been catching mainly in the summer through heat expansion for about eight years ,

      it is now working perfectly again ,thank you ,

    • Peter 2 years ago

      Just taken your advice on how to adjust flat hinges as my front door had dropped. It now closes perfectly. Thanks for such clear instructions. Bless you.

    • Chrissi 2 years ago

      Very helpful indeed,, I knew roughly but did not know each hinge played a different part ,,, now I am sorted. ,,,,ol lady here cheers

    • Tony 2 years ago

      Excellent tips thanks, especially the part about marking the frame with a pencil to see which way the door adjusts when turning the allen key adjustment. Took about 10 minutes to adjust my door so it no longer catches on the frame and it is now much easier to lock.

    • Dave 2 years ago

      Martin you are a star...!!!

      Catching door now adjusted and working like new.

      Cheers fella.. :)

    • Gavin spearing 2 years ago

      Hi, I need to actually remove a door because of a new floor being laid, it has the butt hinges, how do you actually remove the door, as in how do I get the hinge away from frame?

    • Martin-ddp profile image

      Martin-ddp 2 years ago from Ireland

      Look closely at hinge you should see a small hex nut, loosen that and you can than tap the metal pin out which holds the hinge together

    • Gavin spearing 2 years ago

      Nice one, cheers mate

    • jimcooper 21 months ago

      I have a new door and it wont close properly

    • Martin-ddp profile image

      Martin-ddp 21 months ago from Ireland

      More than likely the hinges just need adjusting. What part of the door is catching when you try to close it

    • Sanath 21 months ago

      Hi, I am planning to replace flag type door hinge. It is exactly the one you show in your video. Please can you tell me how to remove the hinge cover to get access to screws.

      Thanks, sanath

    • Martin-ddp profile image

      Martin-ddp 19 months ago from Ireland

      screw cover is just clipped on. Get a sharp edge to go under cap and lift off

    • Alex 8 months ago

      Just followed your excellent instructions and adjusted my door saving avoiding having to call someone out! Thank you!

    • Martin-ddp profile image

      Martin-ddp 8 months ago from Ireland

      good to hear Alex

    • Krt 3 months ago

      Where can I buy replacement upvc door hinge caps?

    • Martin-ddp profile image

      Martin-ddp 3 months ago from Ireland

      You can buy them from any window supplier But you will have to buy the full hinge as caps are not sold on there own.

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