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How to Easily Renew Window Screen Frames and Sills

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Window Screen Frame Dull From Weather

Window Screen Frame Dull From Weather

Cleaning Window Screen Frames and Sills

Window screens, with their inherent frame, line the windows of most homes. We pay little attention to them until the weather begins to get warmer and the flies start to buzz around. Then they become of the utmost importance!

After several months of rain, sleet, and sometimes snow, a build-up of dirt, hair, and dust has reduced your window screen frame and sill into a filthy, dull, piece of metal set into a dull, even filthier, sill.

But don't throw the frames away! Don't despair over the filthy sill! You can clean the frames and sills to make them look new with little effort!

Steel Wool and Acetone

Steel Wool and Acetone

What You'll Need

The only items I use to clean my window screen frames and the sill are:

  • Fine-grade steel wool (000 Fine or 0000 Very Fine)
  • Acetone
  • Just a little bit of elbow grease!

That's all you need! They are commonly found in a garage, so check yours before going out to buy new. It just might already be on hand!

When to Clean Window Screen Frames and Sills

When to clean your window screen frames and sills depends on where you live and your particular degree of tolerance for dirt. When the build-up on the sill starts to make you feel uncomfortable, it's time to clean them!

The window screen frames and sill are in one of my camper trailers. As I was renovating the camper, the filth in the sill caught my attention. It was far more than I was comfortable with! I couldn't go any further with the renovations until those window screen frames and sills were clean!

This is the same process whether the screen frames are from your house or your camper.

The window screen frames can be cleaned with the screen in, or you can take the screen out. I like to clean the frames and sill at the same time as I replace the screening itself.

Cleaning the Window Frame

  1. Remove the window screen from the window.
  2. Lay it down on a level, flat, firm surface where it won't jiggle or fall when you apply pressure to the screen.
  3. Take a piece of your steel wool and dampen it with acetone.
  4. With firm strokes, slide the steel wool up and back several times.
  5. Immediately wipe with a clean cloth.
  6. Repeat until the frame shines. (Redo steps 3–5 about two or maybe three times!)

Cleaning the Window Sill

Cleaning the window sill is the same process, except you don't have to remove it from the window.

  1. Take your steel wool and dip it into the acetone.
  2. Rub the sill back and forth. The sill will take a bit more elbow grease if it is as filthy as this one!
  3. Then wipe with a cloth, and you're done!

How to Remove a Window Screen

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