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Kitchen Faucet Designs and Styles

I have many years of trade experience in the plumbing field and enjoy sharing my experiences.

Faucet Styles

Single-Handle Faucets

A common example of a kitchen faucet would be single-handle faucets, which have one handle for control of water stream and temperature. These can come with a long curved spout, also known as a ''gooseneck'' spout, or with a low or high arc, and 90-degree arm options as well. A single hole is made by the installer in either the sink or countertop.

Center-Set With Two Handles

Another fixture application is a center set with two handles, which contain individual cartridges, usually quarter turn, to turn on and off control of hot and cold water flow. These faucets usually require three holes to be drilled into the sink or countertop for installation.

Also, widespread faucets designs are available, with a hot and a cold handle with the spout each drilled into the surface individually. These types of fixtures can come with an array of options, from pull-out hoses to side sprays, and soap dispensers as well. Other options are available too, with wall mount styles and commercial style pot fillers. Most likely, if you are changing an existing faucet, you would use the whole setup that was already utilized.

Single handle and widespread with sprayer kitchen faucet examples

Single handle and widespread with sprayer kitchen faucet examples

Lead-Free Fixtures

Throughout the years, brass has been a preferred metal material in the construction of plumbing fixtures, with key advantages being its extreme durability and an ability to be machined into precise parts.

A component of brass is lead. While not usually found in source water, lead exposure seeping from older plumbing fixtures and pipes can cause adverse health effects, such as kidney disease and high blood pressure in adults, as well as physical and mental development issues in children.

Faucets sold now must be manufactured to strict lead-free standards. It is recommended to buy from reputable companies that state your new faucet is lead-free, which is considered to be ''.25 percent lead in relation to wetted surfaces."

Faucet Finishes

A kitchen faucet's finish can complement a home's living space as well.

  • Chrome finish options remain a popular staple and style used in many kitchen remodels, and is known for its versatility. Chrome also requires frequent maintenance and polishing, but meticulously handcrafted custom finishes dominate in the high-end kitchen and further enhance style.
  • Polished nickel is known for its lustrous finish, which can be similar to chrome. There is matte nickel as well, which is a flatter stainless steel-like appearance. Brushed satin nickel is another option too. Brushing of nickel further works to enhance and beautify the metal, and makes for less polishing and maintenance as it helps hide scratches and spots.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze can match a certain style of decor in the home, with warmer and darker overtones, combined with an overall flat finish. This is a lower maintenance coating as well, which will not leave much spotting or fingerprints on the fixture. It can also be left unprotected to wear and age gracefully for a rustic appearance. Antique and weathered copper, along with pewter, are chemically treated for the aged look too. Distressed finishes can mimic the look of vintage without the difficulty of trying to use an antique fixture.
Example of center-set faucet in kitchen

Example of center-set faucet in kitchen

Touchless Faucets

Automatic, or touchless faucets fixtures, are gaining popularity at a steady rate. These use infrared technology to sense when a hand or object is under the fixture, via a proximity sensor, allowing hands-free experience for the user to better multi-task in the kitchen.

These fixtures can be especially helpful to elderly individuals with medical conditions, such as arthritis, with no levers or handles to twist or pull. It can also reduce the worry of parents with children as there is no wondering if the faucet is turned off, reducing the risk of an unwanted flood of water from the basin, via an automatic shut off options.

Another benefit of touchless faucet fixtures is reducing the spread of viruses and germs, as these can often be found on faucet handles. These automatic touchless faucets were first produced for commercial purposes, with one main advantage being less water consumption, thus saving on water costs.

Ultimately, these units became incorporated into the modern residential kitchen as well. It is recommended to buy a quality, reputable touchless faucet fixture, as some of the lower end cheaper option have reported back less than desirable results in some instances.

The Kitchen as a Living Space

The kitchen, while once considered being only a place to cook our favorite meals, has now become a centerpiece of the modern home. With big center islands and seating options, the kitchen has become a place to entertain friends and family alike while preparing our favorite foods.

Once again, the emphasis remains entertaining, all while utilizing the most modern appliances to meet these needs. Or perhaps you are not doing an entire kitchen remodel and just need to update an older model faucet that is not functioning properly. Either way, kitchen faucets come in a wide range of styles and decor to fit any budget.

Getting Help From Professionals

With an array of options and ever-changing technology, the task of picking out fixtures for the home can seem daunting. You can always check out a store in person where fixtures are sold, and see and touch the various options for oneself. For a whole kitchen remodel, designers and remodel experts are just a phone call or an email away, and they can further point you in the right direction as well.

Kitchen Faucet Accessories

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The Write Life (author) from The United States on March 15, 2016:

We were not big into touchless either. If a customer wanted it, we would accommodate. Thank you for the comment and reading!

roob on March 15, 2016:

Hey nice work! I use to be a plumber in the field. A great faucet company is Moen. Their warranty is so good, ask and you shall receive. As for those touch less kitchen faucets, they always seem to end up not working. We had to disconnect a few of em.