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Sherwin Williams Eminence Ceiling Paint Review

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Matt is a professional painter who owns and operates his own painting business, specializing in interior and exterior house painting.

Eminence Ceiling Paint

Eminence Ceiling Paint

My Experience With Eminence Ceiling Paint

I recently had the opportunity to use Sherwin Williams Eminence to paint a large ceiling in a foyer for a customer. I thought I'd write a review of my experience using this popular ceiling paint and whether or not I recommend it.

For several years, I used Sherwin Williams CHB to paint ceilings because the paint covers really well in fewer coats and it's cheap. I have also used ProMar ceiling paint many times with great results, but both of these paints are messy to work with and smell bad. I'm always on the lookout for other paints to try out.

For this painting project, my customer wanted me to use Eminence to match the finish of the surrounding ceilings already painted with this product. My experience using this ceiling paint was mostly positive. In this article, I cover my likes and dislikes with this product.

Less Paint Spatter

Compared to other Sherwin Williams paints I've used, Eminence ceiling paint definitely spattered and sprinkled a lot less when I rolled it. I painted a large ceiling and barely had any paint drips on my face or hands after rolling two coats. When I cut-in the ceiling corners with my extendable brush, the paint didn't drip all over the walls below or make a mess on the drop cloths like other paints I've used.

In comparison, CHB paint covers great, but it's quite messy when rolled onto a ceiling, especially with a brand new roller. The paint sprinkles more than Eminence and other premium paints I've used, and if you don't wear gloves and carefully cover everything below, they'll be covered in paint after rolling the ceiling.

Paint Coverage on Ceilings

Paint coverage is really important because no one wants to apply multiple coats. On the big ceiling I painted with Eminence, I found the coverage to be pretty good overall. The original color was a darker off-white and the new paint covered well in only two coats, using the stock color Bright White. There were a few dark spots in the corners I had to touch-up with my paint brush at the end, but overall, I give the color coverage a rating of four stars.

I rolled the ceiling with a soft woven roller (3/4" nap) from Sherwin Williams, and the paint rolled on nicely over the drywall compared to cheaper paints like CHB and ProMar ceiling paint. This paint dries in a completely flat finish too, which is my preference for all ceilings outside of the bathroom and kitchen. If you want a true flat paint, this is it.

Eminence vs. Super Paint Flat

Super Paint flat (Sherwin Williams) is another good option for painting ceilings. It isn't an official ceiling paint, but it covers really well in one or two coats. However, at $66 per gallon (full retail price), the cost can add up fast if you need to buy several gallons. Super Paint flat provides excellent coverage, but Eminence is a much more affordable paint that will get the job done at only $40 a gallon.

Super Paint also has stronger VOCs in my experience, which is one of the reasons I switched to Duration low VOC and other paints with less odor. Eminence smelled bad too when I used it, but the odor goes away after a couple of hours.

Is Eminence Worth the Money?

Since writing this review, I have used Eminence more than once to paint ceilings. The paint covers well and isn't too expensive compared to pricier premium paints. Unlike cheap paints like ProMar ceiling paint and CHB, Eminence is less messy to work with.

The marketing for this paint promises one-coat coverage, but unless the colors are similar, more than one coat might be needed to get solid coverage. So if you're painting your ceiling white over a darker color, I recommend priming the ceiling first before using this product.

Eminence is definitely a worthy upgrade from some of the cheaper paints that come with reduced coverage and stronger VOCs, but the main challenge is finding this product in Sherwin Williams stores. Due to paint and raw material shortages, this product can be very difficult to find in stock currently. If you're unable to find Eminence paint, my recommended alternatives for ceilings are CHB, ProMar ceiling paint, Super Paint flat, or Benjamin Moore Regal Select in the flat finish.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: What Sherwin Williams paint do you use for kitchen or bathroom ceilings?

Answer: I use Duration in either the satin or semi-gloss finish. The paint is anti-microbial to prevent mildew, and it washes easy.

Question: Can I use wall paint on my ceiling?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is Sherwin Williams Eminence Ceiling Paint easy to clean?

Answer: Not really. It's a flat paint. I would instead use Duration in the matte or satin finish.

Question: I'm looking for an exterior ceiling paint, what do you recommend?

Answer: The exterior paint I use the most is Duration from Sherwin Williams. The paint is expensive but very durable. Super Paint is also durable and costs less than Duration. Exterior Emerald is supposed to be good too, but I haven't used that product. I can definitely vouch for Duration though, having used the paint for years, including the exterior of my house, without any problems.

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Matt G. (author) from United States on August 02, 2018:

An anti-microbial paint that's washable is good, especially in bathrooms. I use Sherwin Williams Duration a lot (matte, or satin).

Shirley on August 02, 2018:

What do you use for kitchen bathrooms?