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Shur-Line Paint Brush Extender Review: Use it or Not?

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Matt is a professional painter who owns and operates his own painting business, specializing in interior and exterior house painting.

One of my rusty Shur-Line paint brush extenders.

One of my rusty Shur-Line paint brush extenders.

Do You Need A Paint Brush Extender?

A paint brush extender is very useful in certain situations for both interior and exterior painting projects. Using this tool in combination with the right size extension pole can eliminate dicey ladder moves and reduce fatigue with you not having to scale ladders at extreme heights with a paint brush in your hand. You can reach the toughest angles and high corners all while standing safely on the ground.

Paint brush extenders are not only awesome tools for reaching extreme heights, but they're also major time savers for painting ceilings and wall corners. When painting a ceiling, attach this tool to an eight-foot extension pole and use it to paint the ceiling corners instead of climbing up and down a ladder. This is how I paint ceilings on all of my projects.

I've used this tool for many years, mostly for ceiling painting and in areas too dangerous to reach with my extension ladder. If you have high corners you can't reach with a ladder, or multiple ceilings to paint, these tools are essential, but I'll share my thoughts on this particular Shur-Line tool and an alternative that, in my view, works a lot better.

Another view of my paint brush extender.

Another view of my paint brush extender.

Painting With the Shur-Line Brush Extender

Inserting your paint brush into this tool is done by forcing the handle of your brush in between two large tension clamps. Two additional clamps at the bottom squeeze the end of the brush handle to hold it in place firmly. Once a brush is forced between the clamps, it's very sturdy. I've never had any of my brushes fall out of this tool during use.

Wingnuts and Corrosion

The Shur-Line brush extender uses two wingnuts and an adjustable neck to get precise brush angles for cutting-in, but the design is where things go south with this tool. Over time, the wingnuts corrode badly and the parts wear out, making it difficult to keep them locked in place while cutting-in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Under pressure, the wingnuts loosen occasionally, requiring re-adjustment and tightening again, which defeats the whole purpose of the tool. I own two Shur-Line extenders and they both share the same problem. Tightening the wingnuts with pliers is the only way I can use this tool successfully without the parts loosening.

Precise Angles for Cutting-In

When the parts actually stay in place, this tool works great, allowing you to cut-in at any angle with your paint brush. There are two angle adjustments. One adjustment is for the overall angle of your paint brush from the surface you're painting and the second adjustment lets you rotate the brush itself.

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The universal threading on the end of the extender lets you affix the tool to any painting extension pole. Cutting-in with this tool takes a steady hand and some patience. The greater the height, the more challenging the cut-in will be.

From left to right, here are my Goose Neck extendable paint brush and one of my rusty Shur-Line extenders. Which one's better?

From left to right, here are my Goose Neck extendable paint brush and one of my rusty Shur-Line extenders. Which one's better?

Does the Shur-Line Paint Brush Extender Suck?

For many years, the Shur-Line brush extender was my go-to tool for ceiling painting and hard-to-reach cut-ins. I've painted hundreds of ceilings with this tool, ladder-free, and while I like being able to use any of my paint brushes with this extender, I found the annoying problem with the parts coming loose had worsened over time.

I ditched the problematic Shur-Line extender and started using the Goose Neck extendable paint brush. I absolutely love this tool and highly recommend it over the adjustable extenders that hold your brush. The Goose Neck does everything the those extenders do without having to play with adjustable parts that come loose while cutting-in.

The neck of the paint brush is completely bendable to any angle. After testing this brush on more than one ceiling, I found that the bendable neck stays in place without bending back under pressure. You have to really force the neck to bend it. The brush itself has a universal thread that screws onto any painting extension pole. As a professional painter, I'm always on the lookout for tools that make my job easier, and this one goes into my toolkit.

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Matt G. (author) from United States on July 05, 2020:

The Gooseneck brush works great for me. I use mine for interior and exterior painting.

Donny on July 05, 2020:

You are absolutely right. The Richard gooseneck flexible 2 1/2 paint brush extension! Best paint brush extension in the world! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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