How to Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger or Crazy Chemicals

Updated on April 8, 2016
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Because you are reading this, you're probably frustrated that your toilet decided to clog up on you today. Perhaps you don't have a plunger and you're in quite a jam.

Or, maybe you have a plunger and it's just not getting the job done. You've plunged, plunged and plunged some more, but to no avail. Shouldn't unclogging your toilet be easier than this? Don't fret, I have the solution for you.

Step One: Boil a Big Pot of Water

Firstly, go to the kitchen. Grab one of your biggest pots, fill it up with water, throw it on the stove and get it boiling (you should put a lid on it as the water will boil much faster that way). This is the first key to the trick.

Step Two: Squirt Liquid Detergent in the Toilet Bowl

Secondly, I'll assume you have a bottle of liquid dish soap. This is the second key to unclogging your toilet by using regular household items.

Take the bottle back to the bathroom and squirt it liberally into the bowl. You don't need to empty half of the bottle, but get a decent amount of it all around in there.

Step Three: Slowly Pour Boiling Water Into Toilet

Now, back to the pot of water. Hopefully it has begun to boil, if not just wait for it. Once it has reached the boiling point (put on some oven mittens if you need to) take it to your clogged toilet bowl.

Now, very slowly and carefully, pour the water into the bowl. You'll want to do this as smoothly as possible as not to make a mess out of potentially very messy situation.

Step Four: Be Relieved

If things worked out the right way, the liquid dish soap acted as a lubricant so the stuff that clogged the pipes was able to slide on down.

The hot water busted through and flushed everything out, slipping down through the pipes with the aid of the dish soap.

If It Didn't Work, Do It Again

If you still have a clogged toilet, don't give up. You can repeat the steps above, it may just need another dose of the secret toilet unclogging trick.

Use This Trick for Your Shower Too (After Plunging)

While we're at it, if you have a backed-up bathtub or shower drain, you can do the same trick. Actually, you may want first try your plunger on your bathtub drain.

Of course you will need to disinfect your plunger, then give it a series of strong plunges over the drain cover. You may have just had a hairball stuck in there that needs to be loosened up.

If that doesn't do the trick, try the magic liquid dish soap / boiling hot water trick. Now you should be ready to enjoy your bathroom to its fullest extent.


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    • profile image

      Judy c 4 months ago

      It works! The waste was too hard that clog the toilette . I followed the instruction with hot boiling water and dish washer detergent. Three times and now it is back to normal. Thanks again !

    • profile image

      Nikole 8 months ago

      It dident work for shit ! Literally ! Moments after I slowly poured the boiling water It began to rise and overflow out the toilet. Now not only do I have a clogged toilet, but now my floor is flooded wit someone else's disgusting dierya doodoo.

      I gusse the results very depending on the level and strength of your shit or in my case , there shit.

    • profile image

      DILLON 9 months ago

      Thanks anyway, it did helped

    • profile image

      jo 9 months ago

      This did not work for me. I called the plumber who said thank you for trying since hot water could melt the wax seal and his company will get more money to fix the melted seal.

    • pymcat profile image

      pymcat 13 months ago

      i was about to give up after almost full bottle of dawn and dreading calling landlord and informing her that my aged bowels had plugged up her toilet when HURRAH the poop waved goodbye

      also i read that i have been using wrong plunger for toilet unclogging. who knew? the internet is wonderful

    • profile image

      aniyah gadson 13 months ago

      it didnt work

    • profile image

      It 14 months ago

      It worked. All evening is used warm water and vinegar and it wouldn'the work. Thanks so much. My toilet is nice and clean. Put extra hot water for good measure. Thanks. Happy Gramma.

    • pymcat profile image

      pymcat 14 months ago

      i'm still waiting to see if it works. i poured so much water that cant see water level for the bubbles. have used 3 buckets of hot tap water.

      someone needs to post some tips for non-concrete turds

    • Kristen Tam profile image

      Kristen Tam 14 months ago

      Both our toilet and bath were stuck, during Christmas holidays, and by using the approaches suggested on this site, we managed to fix both of them! Thanks a lot! The washing up liquid didn't work for the toilet, but from the comments we tried the clothes washing detergent worked... great!

    • profile image

      Anthony 15 months ago

      Works like a gem. Just managed to clear my toilet bowl in one try. Tks for the great tip.

    • profile image

      Encharma 18 months ago

      Well, I accidentally flushed what i thought was pot of boneless chicken meat down the toilet.. Nope, darn thing had some bones that got trapped in the toilet drain. I found this page, squirted in a bunch of Dawn,, waited 20 minutes and didn't even use an entire tea kettle of hot water . Buh Bye chicken bones !!!! !!!! Thank you very much for this terrific advice !

    • profile image

      tasia 23 months ago

      what if the water is all the way at the am i going to pour the water in the toilet?

    • profile image

      DoveFreexrolo 2 years ago

      Hey very cool website!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds also?I am satisfied to find numerous useful information here within the post, we want work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

    • profile image

      patricia 2 years ago

      never add answers... this one WORKS.. did the soap and boiling water, and after 3 flushes, wa-la... back in business

    • profile image

      Rose 2 years ago

      All praises due. I put in about 4 T of detergent, let that sit while I boiled the water, poured in the water and let it sit all night (cuz I couldn't deal if it wasn't gonna work). The next morning, the water was still in there so I plunged and it went down. Now I have fruit flies I have to attend to;-)

    • profile image

      Jenifer 2 years ago

      Ok, I waited a little longer and it finally worked!! Thank you so much!!

    • profile image

      Ang 2 years ago

      I can't believe this worked! Within 5 minutes, my toilet was unclogged!! Thank you so much for this great idea!!

    • profile image

      Dianne 2 years ago

      Yea, this really works. Just used the dish soap, waiting for water to boil. Plunged a couple of times, and down it went. I guess I'll wait till the water cools, and water some plants.

    • profile image

      MarkSpark 3 years ago

      Drain it. Obviously. Get a bucket.

    • profile image

      melissa 3 years ago

      What if the toilet is full. How are you supposed to pour anything in it

    • profile image

      Brooke 3 years ago

      This was a life saver. I had golf ball size impacted poop flushed down the toilet and nothing worked. I tried this x2, plunged some more and bam, toilet unclogged!

    • profile image

      kw 3 years ago

      Thank you for this information!

      Worked great for me. I let it sit for 10 minutes and then plunged a few times and it went down easily!

    • profile image

      feelinglikeabosss 3 years ago

      It had been two days and came across this, totally worked on first try! Yessss!

    • profile image

      frustrated 3 years ago

      was about to give up when i saw this post,thanks a lot

    • heytoto profile image

      Karen Kolavalli 3 years ago from Lexington, Kentucky

      Thanks for the Sunday morning save! I remembered the hot water from when I had this problem a year ago at another house, but couldn't remember what else (I was thinking vinegar, baking soda....?!) The dish washing soap and hot water did the trick.

    • profile image

      lil 3 years ago

      This totally worked although it took some time and I was getting worried that it wasn't going to work

    • profile image

      Gobble Gobble 3 years ago

      Saved Thanksgiving!!!

    • profile image

      Tami 3 years ago

      I was just about to call the plumber after plunging for 2 days didn't work and decided to try this home method. It totally worked!

      I'm so happy!

    • profile image

      wowwowow 3 years ago

      Let me guess, Markspark is a plumber. All you need to do is go outside and turn off your water at the main. Undue the bolts. One on each side of the toliet near the floor. Toliet should lift up and set it aside.Now you have access to the where the brush is. After your water is off make sure to flush to empty the tank. Less heavy. And before you start , buy a new toilet seal at home depot . They are only a few dollars and the instructions on the package are simple. Don't worry, you can do this!

    • profile image

      MarkSpark 3 years ago a plumber.

    • profile image

      mae 3 years ago

      I need some help. Our toilet was clogged but its not just ordinary tissue paper or hair. It was because of laundry brush. Our house was I guess many years ago? So if we're going to remove the toilet its really hard. Are there some other solutions for it?? Thank you

    • profile image

      thankfulRVnewbie 3 years ago

      Worked in minutes. I did only have a little dish soap so I used 1/3 cup laundry soap!!! The husband was so impressed that I did it by myself, as he was talking a nasty ordeal to unclogg!!! Thanks again

    • profile image

      mj 3 years ago

      thank you thank you thank you

    • profile image

      Chicago Handyman Service 3 years ago

      great article, I found your information very useful. Thanks from your friends

    • profile image

      Arod 3 years ago

      I don't know what's happening but I tried it and the clog did not go down there is very little water in the toilet please help me I'm desperate

    • profile image

      gnomie33112 3 years ago

      This worked great! My son vlogged the toilet and didnt tell me till after he triedvto use it again later. I plunged it for 30 minutes snd nothing would drain. Used the dish soap and really hot but not boiling water and it worked, I fidnt have to plung or anything just flush. It did sppear as if the thing was going to over flow but then everything cut loose and went down perfectly.

    • profile image

      LGK 3 years ago

      OMG, not only did it work but I didn't have to use the boiling water. Just squirted a lot of Dawn in the toilet, waited, put on rubber gloves and tried to dislodge stuff, flushed and voila.....success. Awesome. Thank you.

    • profile image

      dennis 3 years ago

      have tried soap and boiling water twice, no relief(pun intended) reading the posts helps TY am now going to try a third time after re-reading some posts

    • profile image

      dennis 3 years ago

      toliet plugged after family member(anonymous to protect the unintentioned)plunge adinfinatum,nothing except a slow drain,tried snake,no improvement,next will try dawn and boiling water,it is sunday and no maintenance person on grounds(he hates me anyway,told me my toliet was his least favorite job)will let you know of any progress,thank you

    • profile image

      annoyes 3 years ago

      doesn't work at all

    • profile image

      ssaawgrass 3 years ago

      didn't work. really sad.

    • profile image

      BeenThereDoneThat 3 years ago

      As others have noted, be careful about pouring boiling water into a ceramic bowl - whether sink or toilet. It can crack, and then your situation will be far worse! Provided you have enough room, start with hot water from the tap, and then add the stove-heated water to try to reduce the chance of a crack. Also, plunging a sink or shower drain? Usually, the breathing hole will be inside where the stuck material is, and i'll you'll do is move air up and down without affecting the drainage at all. You'll need to plug the hole in your sink or shower with a sponge, rag, or something where you can make a close to air-tight seal. Only then will plunging have any good effect!

    • profile image

      MarineCorpsgirl 3 years ago

      After the toilet over flowed (my brother and I are the only ones home) and already having used a plunger, hanger I boiled the water and squirted half a bottle of dish soap~ then slowly poured the boiling water into the toilet waited about 5 minutes and plunged slowly a good couple if times it finally drained!!! Such a life saver!

    • profile image

      problems solved! 3 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! thank god that i searched for this.tried to unclog since this morning.i tried with detergent and boiling first didnt work out,,but it magically unclogged on my second try! yeeppy.. now i know what to do if it ever happen in the future.thank you,thank you,thank you!

    • profile image

      Student 3 years ago

      Holy mother of God. I ran out of toilet paper and made the mistake of using three (half!) sheets of paper towels. I was seriously about the pee in the backyard to avoid dealing with the toilet. Half a mini bottle of dish detergent and one bucket of hot tap water later, it's gone. I didn't even have to wait - I just poured the hot water in and it flushed itself. Is it to soon to say I love you?

    • profile image

      mother of 4 3 years ago

      This is awesome and fabulous. My 7 year old dropped q-tips in my toilet and she decided to flush it. I plunged for hours. I finally gave up and found this page. It really works. OMG. I couldn't believe it. Try it for yourself. It saved me a few bucks. THANKS!!! :-)

    • profile image

      Mom w/an 11yr old 3 years ago

      After hours of hot water no plunger, I final got my cousin to give me a ride to the store, where I purchased some over priced Liquid Plumber and an over priced plunger only to find out that you can not use LP in the toilet (although in BIG BRIGHT LETTERS it says safe for all pipes) A light finally came on in my over exhausted brain and I googled Home Remedies for a clogged toilet and VOILA my commode is back in business and my bladder is now FREE!!!!!! Liquid Dish Soap, Hot Water and a Plunger saved my life.

    • profile image

      Question 4 years ago

      Will this work with a clogged kitchen sink?

    • profile image

      Success! 4 years ago

      It worked with dawn and warm water just fine without any of the risk of boiling water.

      With boiling water you can shatter the toilet itself, may melt the wax ring and will be left with a hot poop stew. Not good. Warm water works

    • profile image

      Santini 4 years ago

      The boiling water idea should not be done in the winter unless you want a busted comode and a real mess!

    • profile image

      happy parent of 3 4 years ago

      im so glad i looked this up on the internet thank you if this didnt worki i thought id have to get a plumber .it worked great thank you so much especially since it saved me money once again thank you

    • profile image

      Happy Mom 4 years ago

      OMG.... I thought great it worked for everyone else. I had shyt on top of shyt on top of shyt tho... literally... My eight year old son takes massive poos and conveniently didn't let anyone know. My daughter (5) then went shortly after him. After making sure she was done and flushed for her, cuz she never does (smh) I noticed it... So I plunged with no luck. So I thought I would let it soften up over night and give it another shot in the morning.... LOL wrong choice. My three year old then sneaked in and let yet another one loose in there.... !!! Great so then I plunged didn't work.. waited til morning plunged some more, only to make it worse, it stopped draining completely. So yes I had to drain it by hand (eww) and did the soap and hot water... plunged... nothing..... about to go to sleep and try again tomorrow when I got the urge to give it another shot... drained it... again... poured more hot water in... plunged... nothing.. prayed... plunged... huh.. a slow drain..... More hot water.. went down!... Thank God!!

    • profile image

      Henry History 4 years ago

      My round plunger doesn't work in a rectangular toilet hole.

      My coat hanger gets hung up in the curvature of the toilet drain pipe. And off to the internet. The soapy water procedure was chosen. I poured a few more than several drops of dishwasher soap into the bowl and let it sit for 5. Then I slowly poured a large pitcher full of hot water from the tap and as I was pouring the water flushed down. Hurray for the internet. Was I lucky or not, anyway, saved the cost of a plumbers appointment.

    • profile image

      Margie 4 years ago

      Thank you

    • profile image

      ellie 4 years ago

      It works!!! I had to do it twice, and was just heading out to buy a plunger when I heard a deep gurgling noise from the toilet. Went to look, and all fixed!

    • profile image

      Heman 4 years ago

      I went in to fill the bowl, and ran out to get something to unclog it. I found a busted coat hanger that didn't work. There was no plunger anywhere. So rather than having the neighbor see me come back with a 7 dollar plunger, I checked google. I have to hold the flush to get it to flush, so it was at the bottom of the rim when I poured in a manly amount of dish soap. Then a pot of boiling water. I went about my tasks and came back without any results. Just as I reached for the coat hanger that was still sticking flushed! BS and all. Saves the wife from the danger. Last time the whole toilet flipped over and emptied into the heater vent and soaked the neighbors below. The pots not even bolted to the floor.

    • profile image

      Dee 4 years ago

      Just tried it and it worked like a charm. WOW!

    • profile image

      very sad 5 years ago

      i been at this for several hours now and nothing but a toilet full of bubbles and to make matters worse it has now all backed up into my bathtub. Any more bright ideas??????????

    • profile image

      Hey 5 years ago

      OMG! I am 8 months pregnant and my fiance left for work and also left me a clogged toilet! He has monster turds. I tried EVERYTHING! and my toilet ended up overflowing so bad water leaked through the wall into my bedroom closet. Mind you, Im crazy pregnant, home alone and I have to PEE!!! So I get on here and find this. IT WORKS! Like many others I had to use 2 pots of water, but it works. Thank you so much! I can now pee in peace. lol.

    • profile image

      djes 5 years ago

      it worked!

      I was frustrated with my constantly half clogged toilet, and decided to try this method.

      I tried 4 times before finally it worked, flushed down all those clogged things.

      Thank you for sharing!!

    • profile image

      Wayne 5 years ago

      this method worked wonderfully for our half clogged toilet! I am new house owner and being able to fix things without spending a dime feels great! thanks!

    • profile image

      MarkSpark 5 years ago

      This method never let me down once...but we got tired of the constant clogging of paper and human rockets. We broke down and bought two new toilets. Won't need this method for awhile.

    • profile image

      Betsy 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for passing this along. I was beyond frustrated with my toilet. I flushed some *ahem* feminine products down the toilet, and then it clogged. It's been going on for two days, and I've been getting more and more frustrated. All I have is a crappy plunger and some Dawn soap. My elbow is also broken, so plunging literally hurts. Anyways, I poured about half a cup of blue Dawn soap into my toilet, boiled about two cups of water and poured it really slowly into the toilet. I let it sit for about a minute, and noticed nothing. Frustrated, I flushed it. Nothing, same clog. ARGH! Then I pulled out the nasty old 70's plunger, plunged really hard, and BOOM, problem solved. Happy toilet, happy me!

    • profile image

      YAY! 5 years ago

      OMG, this tip is amazing! My boyfriend and I tried it 3 times. We flushed a few times in between the attempts but it didn't seem to work. After the 3rd attempt, we flushed for 1 last time and that made the toilet overflow a little...but that's only because there was still water in the toilet when we flushed it :( BUT seconds after that everything went down super fast and the toilet is now A-okay! THANK YOU!!!

    • profile image

      Happy Pooper 5 years ago

      OMG!! I'm the happiest person ever... I clogged toilet & my fiance would not stop making jokes about it... SO EMBARRASSED lol

      I had to get it fixed. But no plunger. No drano. Oy vey... and my fiance has a baby bladder so the pressure was on.

      Tried this AND IT FREAKING WORKS!

      I let the icky toilet water drain down as low as possible. Then, I added several squeezes of dish soap - a healthy amount. I let that sit for a while (5mins) while the water boiled.

      I lifted up the toilet seat (both the lid & the seat) to keep things as clean as possible.

      Poured hot water & 5 seconds later VOILA, it flushed down (on it's own)... HALLELUJAH!! Thank you Jesus!

      Don't be worried if the hot water fills up the toilet boil, just pour it into the center of the boil until the boil fills up (not overflowing though;)).

      It only took me 1 try, but you may have to let the water settle back down pretty low, then repeat!

    • profile image

      Brenda 5 years ago

      Praise God and thank you, Mr. Carson.. it worked for me too! Truly a miracle!

    • profile image

      Jamie 5 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Tried first time, didn't work. Second time, the water was still soapy, so I just added more boiling water and hoped, and it worked! Hooray!

    • profile image

      Carrie 5 years ago

      WOW! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Aimee 5 years ago

      Worked for me!

    • Jenne Raley profile image

      Jenne Raley 5 years ago

      This really does work! I was a little skeptical at first but was desperate to try anything! I poured whatever dawn I had left which came out to be probably around 1/4 c. Then poured a huge pot of boiling water in. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then flushed it. It'll look like it's going to overflow but then instantly will disappear like a regular flush. I'm so happy I was brave enough to try this out! I can fix things without my husband :D

    • profile image

      Andy 5 years ago

      wow this works!

    • profile image

      Hutch 5 years ago

      Great, all that did was make a hot, smelly, ungodly mess

    • profile image

      Hutch 5 years ago

      I hope this works and doesn't backfire because what i have in my toilet right now is unholy

    • profile image

      Laela 5 years ago

      It's working for everyone else, for which I am glad, but unfortunately, my toilet remains clogged. :( I've tried everything! :(

    • profile image

      Amazing!! 5 years ago

      This absolutely worked! I put in about half of cup of dish soap, waited for the water to boil, and added 2 standard kettles worth of hot water. I waited 15 minutes and flushed. It worked the first time!!

    • profile image

      Fingers crossed 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for writing this article. The blockage was in the Ubend and the toilet was on the way to filling to the top, the blockage was only causing a 'half full' during flushing so in a day or so i'd be in overflow crisis mode.

      It seems to have worked, but now i'm concerned about the apartments below me, there are three apartments below mine and after the first soap water, there came the big 'boom' sound and a clearing, which caused immense relief and then my immediate thought straight after was, have a caused someone elses toilet to explode beneath me? Because the boom sound came from at least one floor down.... I'm hoping someone doesnt come home to a flooded bathroom today :-/

      So i 'think' its worked, for me at least lol. Thanks again

    • profile image

      Relieved 5 years ago

      I'm so relieved that I want to tell you all my life story.

      Unfortunately I have a really shitty toilet (hehe) and it clogs up all the time. I have a terrible memory and keep forgetting to buy a plunger, and it's 1am here at the moment anyway, so nothing is open.

      The first time I tried this a couple of months ago it didn't do anything. I don't think I used enough dishwashing soap. I had to get out a wirehanger and pull our pooey toilet paper into a garbage bag. Probably the most disgusting thing I have ever done in my life. The kind of thing you'll never physically tell anyone about.

      But this time, I just tried again with A LOT of dishwashing soap. Waited 5 minutes. Then I added 1 litre of cool water and more soap. Waited 20 minutes. Then I remember it should have been hot water and emptied two 1.5 litre bottles of hot water from the bath tap into the toilet. I guess pouring all that water in created enough force to get things moving (plus the soap and heat) because when I flushed 5 minutes later IT DISAPPEARED omg what I relief. I was forced to spend a large amount of time showering and hanging out in the bathroom so my boyfriend would give up going to the toilet for the night and go straight to bed (which he did). I am so relieved, now I can stop wasting time worrying about it and finish cramming for my exams haha. I feel like another shower after all that ;_; Plus the house reeks, oh well.

      TL;DR It worked amazingly, with lots of soap, then 15-20 minute wait, and about 3 litres of hot tap water.

    • profile image

      Kathy 5 years ago

      Extreme soap solution did NOT work. In fact, there was NO drainage as all!!! Before the soap I did have drainage. Thanks a lot : /

    • profile image

      TheGirlWithTheNowFreeToilet 5 years ago

      SUCCESS!! I put a quarter bottle of liquid soap in and added a pot of water. I waited for about 10 minutes and nothing happened. I put more soap and then added another pot of boiling water. I waited 5 minutes, then tried to flush, which only resulted in me panicking as the water was coming dangerously close to over flowing.

      I left the room for literally 1 minute to grab my phone and call the plumber, and when I came back the toilet was completely clear!

      Pure magic!

    • profile image

      #ThatGuy 5 years ago

      Well I tryed it 5 times it didnt work, I just replaced the toilet with one of them new toilets that cant be cloged.

    • profile image

      mostar 5 years ago

      you are an angel

    • profile image

      Awesome 5 years ago

      worked great!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      it worked thanks so much for posting...

    • profile image

      KenBriggs 5 years ago

      Thanks!!! Worked like a Charm. :)

    • profile image

      yes!!! 5 years ago

      it worked!!! a couple squirts of soap, i waited a few minutes, then i poured a couple glasses of hot tapwater down. no need for it to be boiling, that could crack the seal. pour it from about waist high, when i poured from closer nothing really happened. i heard it starting to drain after i held it higher before pouring. this was after i tried plunging for a few hours, thanks!

    • profile image

      EXCITED!!! 5 years ago

      To start this off I live in government housing and they said that an emergency would be a clogged toliet... Well i dont know about anyone else but id be embarrassed to call and tell them I clogged my toliet.. SO me freaking out I dont own a plunger try using the toliet bowl cleaner to hopefully push it far enough to just pass through... nope it didnt happen it made it worse... So me freaking out I googled and found this.. I read majority of the comments to see what the majority of the results were.. I knew my luck wouldnt be good if I tried.. But I did anyways because I really didnt want the work crew out at 3:43 in the morning. AND GUESS WHAT IT WORKS!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for the help!! :)))

    • profile image

      Beckarella 5 years ago

      Workeddddd like a CHARM!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK SOOOOOO MUCH!!! After I put in the hot water everything went down!!! So grateful for this post!!!

    • profile image

      HOLY SHIT! 5 years ago

      PERFECT. Like others here I had that nervous moment when the toilet was about to overflow then WHOOOSH! Down it went! Works like a charm guys this is totally fantastic!

    • profile image

      AimeeL 5 years ago

      Amazing totally worked!!!!!

    • profile image

      diarrhea 5 years ago

      So here I am at almost 4 am on the first heat wave of the summer after a bout with prunes. My toilet decides its not gonna flush and stupid me doesn't own a plunger... I boiled a kettle and 2 pots and a quarter bottls of dish washing liqud..I hen.CLOSED the toilet an in an eye blink my toilet was clear..I WIL buy a plunger tomorrow however.. but thank you

    • profile image

      thank god 5 years ago

      i was very very skeptical and thought this wouldnt work because my toilets so old. I put in a half a cup of dish soap let it sit for five min and then poured in half a pasta pot of almost boiling water in. Nothing happened immediately and I was too afraid to flush because I thought it would overflow. So I waited an hour, finally mustered up the courage and flushed. The water rose dangerously close to the top and then stopped. 30 seconds later SWOOOOSHHHH it all went down

    • profile image

      wow 5 years ago

      I was pretty apprehensive about using this technique, but it worked! I'm impressed.

    • profile image

      Clogged Pooper 5 years ago

      Thanks so much man. Your boiling water and soap shit worked so well. What other secrets of the world do you behold??

      Please bless us with your gifts another day.


      (Un)Clogged Pooper

    • profile image

      Linnia 5 years ago

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much!

      My toilet had been clogged up for four days, and it was getting ridiculous. I tried this and, voila! It was unclogged. It really relieved some of the stress I'm going through right now.


    • profile image

      It finally worked! 5 years ago

      My toilet clogged up a couple of days ago with just a lot of toilet paper. My son and I had repeatedly used a plunger but nothing was happening. The water level would go down slowly after many hours. I had tried pouring in a bucket of cold water to flush it but it would just fill up to the brim and sit there.

      I tried the soap and hot water trick three times before it finally worked. I did not bail out any of the water because I did not want to put it down the sink or bathtub. I guess I could have dumped it outside. That is why it took so long. But on my last two attempts, I did notice that it was draining a little faster than before. I did make a trip to the basement to make sure nothing was leaking below the bathroom floor.

      My next step was going to go buy a "closet auger" I learned about online and then if that did not work, I would have had to call a plumber. Thank you for saving me time, money and aggravation!

    • profile image

      Stopped up no more! 5 years ago

      You are my hero! I poured some Dial in the toilet, then half an hour later poured in a large pot of nearly boiling water. An hour later, I used the plunger a couple of times, and as if by magic, my problem went down the drain!

    • profile image

      betsy 5 years ago

      Thank God for Bill Carson and Mr. Google who led me to him! 3 Days I've been trying to plunge and poke and so forth. There is absolutely no water movement!(I live alone, so I can't blame anyone else) So, it was big bucks and time off work, and the shame of the plumber truck out front, or spending the rest of my life bailing the toilet and dreading people coming in.

      I found this on-line, and tried it: dishsoap and really hot tap water (hand-held shower hose got it right over the toilet). Did it once, nothing. Bailed some, remembered all the advice to have patience, so I bailed and added more, hotter, tap water (kitchen's a long way away). Plungered right away, while the water was hot, stopped as nothing was happening, and then I heard the water trickling. Hadn't heard that for 3 days, unless I was bailing water into the sink. Gave it a couple more plunges, then, WHOOSH! The miracle happened! I've given it a couple more test flushes, all seems good.

      I may do the soapy thing periodically as a preventative.

      Thanks to Mr. Carson, for the information, and to all of the previous posters, and all their circumstances, who gave me the confidence to be patient, and keep trying, and all kinds of little tips.

      PS Plastic bag on the hand, if you don't have a rubber glove, and a tall narrow container is the best shape for bailing the 'water', if you need room for the hot water and the flush-water.

    • profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      Thank you!! I was desperate--the water level in the toilet was code brown and rising fast. I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get the second pot of boiling water in but I did. After about 45 seconds of plunging it just all of a sudden drained. It was way gross but in the end it didn't overflow--but it did take 2 rounds to work. I'm going to start with this next time instead of all the ineffective plunging.

    • profile image

      melissa 5 years ago

      works good i plunged my toilet for 4 days and my toilet would work for a little bit so i finally got sick of plunging so i got online and found this posting i tryed it once and it loosened the clog but still wasn't all cleared up so i did it a 2nd time but this time i used 2 pots of boiling water and my toilet is like new again this is amazing (p.s. my clog was from my 4year old flushing toys down the toilet)

    • profile image

      conniew 5 years ago

      Omg this really works after two days of countless methods I stumble upon this and it actually works. thanks so much bill