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How to Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger or Crazy Chemicals

Updated on April 08, 2016

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Because you are reading this, you're probably frustrated that your toilet decided to clog up on you today. Perhaps you don't have a plunger and you're in quite a jam.

Or, maybe you have a plunger and it's just not getting the job done. You've plunged, plunged and plunged some more, but to no avail. Shouldn't unclogging your toilet be easier than this? Don't fret, I have the solution for you.

Step One: Boil a Big Pot of Water

Firstly, go to the kitchen. Grab one of your biggest pots, fill it up with water, throw it on the stove and get it boiling (you should put a lid on it as the water will boil much faster that way). This is the first key to the trick.

Step Two: Squirt Liquid Detergent in the Toilet Bowl

Secondly, I'll assume you have a bottle of liquid dish soap. This is the second key to unclogging your toilet by using regular household items.

Take the bottle back to the bathroom and squirt it liberally into the bowl. You don't need to empty half of the bottle, but get a decent amount of it all around in there.

Step Three: Slowly Pour Boiling Water Into Toilet

Now, back to the pot of water. Hopefully it has begun to boil, if not just wait for it. Once it has reached the boiling point (put on some oven mittens if you need to) take it to your clogged toilet bowl.

Now, very slowly and carefully, pour the water into the bowl. You'll want to do this as smoothly as possible as not to make a mess out of potentially very messy situation.

Step Four: Be Relieved

If things worked out the right way, the liquid dish soap acted as a lubricant so the stuff that clogged the pipes was able to slide on down.

The hot water busted through and flushed everything out, slipping down through the pipes with the aid of the dish soap.

If It Didn't Work, Do It Again

If you still have a clogged toilet, don't give up. You can repeat the steps above, it may just need another dose of the secret toilet unclogging trick.

Use This Trick for Your Shower Too (After Plunging)

While we're at it, if you have a backed-up bathtub or shower drain, you can do the same trick. Actually, you may want first try your plunger on your bathtub drain.

Of course you will need to disinfect your plunger, then give it a series of strong plunges over the drain cover. You may have just had a hairball stuck in there that needs to be loosened up.

If that doesn't do the trick, try the magic liquid dish soap / boiling hot water trick. Now you should be ready to enjoy your bathroom to its fullest extent.


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    • It 19 hours ago

      It worked. All evening is used warm water and vinegar and it wouldn'the work. Thanks so much. My toilet is nice and clean. Put extra hot water for good measure. Thanks. Happy Gramma.

    • pymcat profile image

      pymcat 10 days ago

      i'm still waiting to see if it works. i poured so much water that cant see water level for the bubbles. have used 3 buckets of hot tap water.

      someone needs to post some tips for non-concrete turds

    • Kristen Tam profile image

      Kristen Tam 2 weeks ago

      Both our toilet and bath were stuck, during Christmas holidays, and by using the approaches suggested on this site, we managed to fix both of them! Thanks a lot! The washing up liquid didn't work for the toilet, but from the comments we tried the clothes washing detergent worked... great!

    • Anthony 5 weeks ago

      Works like a gem. Just managed to clear my toilet bowl in one try. Tks for the great tip.

    • Encharma 4 months ago

      Well, I accidentally flushed what i thought was pot of boneless chicken meat down the toilet.. Nope, darn thing had some bones that got trapped in the toilet drain. I found this page, squirted in a bunch of Dawn,, waited 20 minutes and didn't even use an entire tea kettle of hot water . Buh Bye chicken bones !!!! !!!! Thank you very much for this terrific advice !

    • tasia 9 months ago

      what if the water is all the way at the top...how am i going to pour the water in the toilet?

    • DoveFreexrolo 10 months ago

      Hey very cool website!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds also?I am satisfied to find numerous useful information here within the post, we want work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

    • patricia 15 months ago

      never add answers... this one WORKS.. did the soap and boiling water, and after 3 flushes, wa-la... back in business

    • Rose 18 months ago

      All praises due. I put in about 4 T of detergent, let that sit while I boiled the water, poured in the water and let it sit all night (cuz I couldn't deal if it wasn't gonna work). The next morning, the water was still in there so I plunged and it went down. Now I have fruit flies I have to attend to;-)

    • Jenifer 21 months ago

      Ok, I waited a little longer and it finally worked!! Thank you so much!!

    • Ang 21 months ago

      I can't believe this worked! Within 5 minutes, my toilet was unclogged!! Thank you so much for this great idea!!

    • Dianne 21 months ago

      Yea, this really works. Just used the dish soap, waiting for water to boil. Plunged a couple of times, and down it went. I guess I'll wait till the water cools, and water some plants.

    • MarkSpark 23 months ago

      Drain it. Obviously. Get a bucket.

    • melissa 23 months ago

      What if the toilet is full. How are you supposed to pour anything in it

    • Brooke 24 months ago

      This was a life saver. I had golf ball size impacted poop flushed down the toilet and nothing worked. I tried this x2, plunged some more and bam, toilet unclogged!

    • kw 2 years ago

      Thank you for this information!

      Worked great for me. I let it sit for 10 minutes and then plunged a few times and it went down easily!

    • feelinglikeabosss 2 years ago

      It had been two days and came across this, totally worked on first try! Yessss!

    • frustrated 2 years ago

      was about to give up when i saw this post,thanks a lot

    • heytoto profile image

      Karen Kolavalli 2 years ago from Lexington, Kentucky

      Thanks for the Sunday morning save! I remembered the hot water from when I had this problem a year ago at another house, but couldn't remember what else (I was thinking vinegar, baking soda....?!) The dish washing soap and hot water did the trick.

    • lil 2 years ago

      This totally worked although it took some time and I was getting worried that it wasn't going to work

    • Gobble Gobble 2 years ago

      Saved Thanksgiving!!!

    • Tami 2 years ago

      I was just about to call the plumber after plunging for 2 days didn't work and decided to try this home method. It totally worked!

      I'm so happy!

    • wowwowow 2 years ago

      Let me guess, Markspark is a plumber. All you need to do is go outside and turn off your water at the main. Undue the bolts. One on each side of the toliet near the floor. Toliet should lift up and set it aside.Now you have access to the where the brush is. After your water is off make sure to flush to empty the tank. Less heavy. And before you start , buy a new toilet seal at home depot . They are only a few dollars and the instructions on the package are simple. Don't worry, you can do this!

    • MarkSpark 2 years ago

      Ya...call a plumber.

    • mae 2 years ago

      I need some help. Our toilet was clogged but its not just ordinary tissue paper or hair. It was because of laundry brush. Our house was I guess many years ago? So if we're going to remove the toilet its really hard. Are there some other solutions for it?? Thank you

    • thankfulRVnewbie 2 years ago

      Worked in minutes. I did only have a little dish soap so I used 1/3 cup laundry soap!!! The husband was so impressed that I did it by myself, as he was talking a nasty ordeal to unclogg!!! Thanks again

    • mj 2 years ago

      thank you thank you thank you

    • Chicago Handyman Service 2 years ago

      great article, I found your information very useful. Thanks from your friends http://chicagohandymanservice.com

    • Arod 2 years ago

      I don't know what's happening but I tried it and the clog did not go down there is very little water in the toilet please help me I'm desperate

    • gnomie33112 2 years ago

      This worked great! My son vlogged the toilet and didnt tell me till after he triedvto use it again later. I plunged it for 30 minutes snd nothing would drain. Used the dish soap and really hot but not boiling water and it worked, I fidnt have to plung or anything just flush. It did sppear as if the thing was going to over flow but then everything cut loose and went down perfectly.

    • LGK 2 years ago

      OMG, not only did it work but I didn't have to use the boiling water. Just squirted a lot of Dawn in the toilet, waited, put on rubber gloves and tried to dislodge stuff, flushed and voila.....success. Awesome. Thank you.

    • dennis 2 years ago

      have tried soap and boiling water twice, no relief(pun intended) reading the posts helps TY am now going to try a third time after re-reading some posts

    • dennis 2 years ago

      toliet plugged after family member(anonymous to protect the unintentioned)plunge adinfinatum,nothing except a slow drain,tried snake,no improvement,next will try dawn and boiling water,it is sunday and no maintenance person on grounds(he hates me anyway,told me my toliet was his least favorite job)will let you know of any progress,thank you

    • annoyes 2 years ago

      doesn't work at all

    • ssaawgrass 2 years ago

      didn't work. really sad.

    • BeenThereDoneThat 2 years ago

      As others have noted, be careful about pouring boiling water into a ceramic bowl - whether sink or toilet. It can crack, and then your situation will be far worse! Provided you have enough room, start with hot water from the tap, and then add the stove-heated water to try to reduce the chance of a crack. Also, plunging a sink or shower drain? Usually, the breathing hole will be inside where the stuck material is, and i'll you'll do is move air up and down without affecting the drainage at all. You'll need to plug the hole in your sink or shower with a sponge, rag, or something where you can make a close to air-tight seal. Only then will plunging have any good effect!

    • MarineCorpsgirl 2 years ago

      After the toilet over flowed (my brother and I are the only ones home) and already having used a plunger, hanger I boiled the water and squirted half a bottle of dish soap~ then slowly poured the boiling water into the toilet waited about 5 minutes and plunged slowly a good couple if times it finally drained!!! Such a life saver!

    • problems solved! 2 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! thank god that i searched for this.tried to unclog since this morning.i tried with detergent and boiling water.at first didnt work out,,but it magically unclogged on my second try! yeeppy.. now i know what to do if it ever happen in the future.thank you,thank you,thank you!

    • Student 2 years ago

      Holy mother of God. I ran out of toilet paper and made the mistake of using three (half!) sheets of paper towels. I was seriously about the pee in the backyard to avoid dealing with the toilet. Half a mini bottle of dish detergent and one bucket of hot tap water later, it's gone. I didn't even have to wait - I just poured the hot water in and it flushed itself. Is it to soon to say I love you?

    • mother of 4 2 years ago

      This is awesome and fabulous. My 7 year old dropped q-tips in my toilet and she decided to flush it. I plunged for hours. I finally gave up and found this page. It really works. OMG. I couldn't believe it. Try it for yourself. It saved me a few bucks. THANKS!!! :-)

    • Mom w/an 11yr old 2 years ago

      After hours of hot water no plunger, I final got my cousin to give me a ride to the store, where I purchased some over priced Liquid Plumber and an over priced plunger only to find out that you can not use LP in the toilet (although in BIG BRIGHT LETTERS it says safe for all pipes) A light finally came on in my over exhausted brain and I googled Home Remedies for a clogged toilet and VOILA my commode is back in business and my bladder is now FREE!!!!!! Liquid Dish Soap, Hot Water and a Plunger saved my life.

    • Question 2 years ago

      Will this work with a clogged kitchen sink?

    • Success! 2 years ago

      It worked with dawn and warm water just fine without any of the risk of boiling water.

      With boiling water you can shatter the toilet itself, may melt the wax ring and will be left with a hot poop stew. Not good. Warm water works

    • Santini 2 years ago

      The boiling water idea should not be done in the winter unless you want a busted comode and a real mess!

    • happy parent of 3 2 years ago

      im so glad i looked this up on the internet thank you if this didnt worki i thought id have to get a plumber .it worked great thank you so much especially since it saved me money once again thank you

    • Happy Mom 3 years ago

      OMG.... I thought great it worked for everyone else. I had shyt on top of shyt on top of shyt tho... literally... My eight year old son takes massive poos and conveniently didn't let anyone know. My daughter (5) then went shortly after him. After making sure she was done and flushed for her, cuz she never does (smh) I noticed it... So I plunged with no luck. So I thought I would let it soften up over night and give it another shot in the morning.... LOL wrong choice. My three year old then sneaked in and let yet another one loose in there.... !!! Great so then I plunged didn't work.. waited til morning plunged some more, only to make it worse, it stopped draining completely. So yes I had to drain it by hand (eww) and did the soap and hot water... plunged... nothing..... about to go to sleep and try again tomorrow when I got the urge to give it another shot... drained it... again... poured more hot water in... plunged... nothing.. prayed... plunged... huh.. a slow drain..... More hot water.. flushed...it went down!... Thank God!!

    • Henry History 3 years ago

      My round plunger doesn't work in a rectangular toilet hole.

      My coat hanger gets hung up in the curvature of the toilet drain pipe. And off to the internet. The soapy water procedure was chosen. I poured a few more than several drops of dishwasher soap into the bowl and let it sit for 5. Then I slowly poured a large pitcher full of hot water from the tap and as I was pouring the water flushed down. Hurray for the internet. Was I lucky or not, anyway, saved the cost of a plumbers appointment.

    • Margie 3 years ago

      Thank you

    • ellie 3 years ago

      It works!!! I had to do it twice, and was just heading out to buy a plunger when I heard a deep gurgling noise from the toilet. Went to look, and all fixed!

    • Heman 3 years ago

      I went in to fill the bowl, and ran out to get something to unclog it. I found a busted coat hanger that didn't work. There was no plunger anywhere. So rather than having the neighbor see me come back with a 7 dollar plunger, I checked google. I have to hold the flush to get it to flush, so it was at the bottom of the rim when I poured in a manly amount of dish soap. Then a pot of boiling water. I went about my tasks and came back without any results. Just as I reached for the coat hanger that was still sticking out....it flushed! BS and all. Saves the wife from the danger. Last time the whole toilet flipped over and emptied into the heater vent and soaked the neighbors below. The pots not even bolted to the floor.

    • Dee 3 years ago

      Just tried it and it worked like a charm. WOW!

    • very sad 3 years ago

      i been at this for several hours now and nothing but a toilet full of bubbles and to make matters worse it has now all backed up into my bathtub. Any more bright ideas??????????

    • Hey 3 years ago

      OMG! I am 8 months pregnant and my fiance left for work and also left me a clogged toilet! He has monster turds. I tried EVERYTHING! and my toilet ended up overflowing so bad water leaked through the wall into my bedroom closet. Mind you, Im crazy pregnant, home alone and I have to PEE!!! So I get on here and find this. IT WORKS! Like many others I had to use 2 pots of water, but it works. Thank you so much! I can now pee in peace. lol.

    • djes 3 years ago

      it worked!

      I was frustrated with my constantly half clogged toilet, and decided to try this method.

      I tried 4 times before finally it worked, flushed down all those clogged things.

      Thank you for sharing!!

    • Wayne 3 years ago

      this method worked wonderfully for our half clogged toilet! I am new house owner and being able to fix things without spending a dime feels great! thanks!

    • MarkSpark 4 years ago

      This method never let me down once...but we got tired of the constant clogging of paper and human rockets. We broke down and bought two new toilets. Won't need this method for awhile.

    • Betsy 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for passing this along. I was beyond frustrated with my toilet. I flushed some *ahem* feminine products down the toilet, and then it clogged. It's been going on for two days, and I've been getting more and more frustrated. All I have is a crappy plunger and some Dawn soap. My elbow is also broken, so plunging literally hurts. Anyways, I poured about half a cup of blue Dawn soap into my toilet, boiled about two cups of water and poured it really slowly into the toilet. I let it sit for about a minute, and noticed nothing. Frustrated, I flushed it. Nothing, same clog. ARGH! Then I pulled out the nasty old 70's plunger, plunged really hard, and BOOM, problem solved. Happy toilet, happy me!

    • YAY! 4 years ago

      OMG, this tip is amazing! My boyfriend and I tried it 3 times. We flushed a few times in between the attempts but it didn't seem to work. After the 3rd attempt, we flushed for 1 last time and that made the toilet overflow a little...but that's only because there was still water in the toilet when we flushed it :( BUT seconds after that everything went down super fast and the toilet is now A-okay! THANK YOU!!!

    • Happy Pooper 4 years ago

      OMG!! I'm the happiest person ever... I clogged toilet & my fiance would not stop making jokes about it... SO EMBARRASSED lol

      I had to get it fixed. But no plunger. No drano. Oy vey... and my fiance has a baby bladder so the pressure was on.

      Tried this AND IT FREAKING WORKS!

      I let the icky toilet water drain down as low as possible. Then, I added several squeezes of dish soap - a healthy amount. I let that sit for a while (5mins) while the water boiled.

      I lifted up the toilet seat (both the lid & the seat) to keep things as clean as possible.

      Poured hot water & 5 seconds later VOILA, it flushed down (on it's own)... HALLELUJAH!! Thank you Jesus!

      Don't be worried if the hot water fills up the toilet boil, just pour it into the center of the boil until the boil fills up (not overflowing though;)).

      It only took me 1 try, but you may have to let the water settle back down pretty low, then repeat!

    • Brenda 4 years ago

      Praise God and thank you, Mr. Carson.. it worked for me too! Truly a miracle!

    • Jamie 4 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Tried first time, didn't work. Second time, the water was still soapy, so I just added more boiling water and hoped, and it worked! Hooray!

    • Carrie 4 years ago

      WOW! Thanks!

    • Aimee 4 years ago

      Worked for me!

    • Jenne Raley profile image

      Jenne Raley 4 years ago

      This really does work! I was a little skeptical at first but was desperate to try anything! I poured whatever dawn I had left which came out to be probably around 1/4 c. Then poured a huge pot of boiling water in. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then flushed it. It'll look like it's going to overflow but then instantly will disappear like a regular flush. I'm so happy I was brave enough to try this out! I can fix things without my husband :D

    • Andy 4 years ago

      wow this works!

    • Hutch 4 years ago

      Great, all that did was make a hot, smelly, ungodly mess

    • Hutch 4 years ago

      I hope this works and doesn't backfire because what i have in my toilet right now is unholy

    • Laela 4 years ago

      It's working for everyone else, for which I am glad, but unfortunately, my toilet remains clogged. :( I've tried everything! :(

    • Amazing!! 4 years ago

      This absolutely worked! I put in about half of cup of dish soap, waited for the water to boil, and added 2 standard kettles worth of hot water. I waited 15 minutes and flushed. It worked the first time!!

    • Fingers crossed 4 years ago

      Thanks so much for writing this article. The blockage was in the Ubend and the toilet was on the way to filling to the top, the blockage was only causing a 'half full' during flushing so in a day or so i'd be in overflow crisis mode.

      It seems to have worked, but now i'm concerned about the apartments below me, there are three apartments below mine and after the first soap water, there came the big 'boom' sound and a clearing, which caused immense relief and then my immediate thought straight after was, have a caused someone elses toilet to explode beneath me? Because the boom sound came from at least one floor down.... I'm hoping someone doesnt come home to a flooded bathroom today :-/

      So i 'think' its worked, for me at least lol. Thanks again

    • Relieved 4 years ago

      I'm so relieved that I want to tell you all my life story.

      Unfortunately I have a really shitty toilet (hehe) and it clogs up all the time. I have a terrible memory and keep forgetting to buy a plunger, and it's 1am here at the moment anyway, so nothing is open.

      The first time I tried this a couple of months ago it didn't do anything. I don't think I used enough dishwashing soap. I had to get out a wirehanger and pull our pooey toilet paper into a garbage bag. Probably the most disgusting thing I have ever done in my life. The kind of thing you'll never physically tell anyone about.

      But this time, I just tried again with A LOT of dishwashing soap. Waited 5 minutes. Then I added 1 litre of cool water and more soap. Waited 20 minutes. Then I remember it should have been hot water and emptied two 1.5 litre bottles of hot water from the bath tap into the toilet. I guess pouring all that water in created enough force to get things moving (plus the soap and heat) because when I flushed 5 minutes later IT DISAPPEARED omg what I relief. I was forced to spend a large amount of time showering and hanging out in the bathroom so my boyfriend would give up going to the toilet for the night and go straight to bed (which he did). I am so relieved, now I can stop wasting time worrying about it and finish cramming for my exams haha. I feel like another shower after all that ;_; Plus the house reeks, oh well.

      TL;DR It worked amazingly, with lots of soap, then 15-20 minute wait, and about 3 litres of hot tap water.

    • Kathy 4 years ago

      Extreme soap solution did NOT work. In fact, there was NO drainage as all!!! Before the soap I did have drainage. Thanks a lot : /

    • TheGirlWithTheNowFreeToilet 4 years ago

      SUCCESS!! I put a quarter bottle of liquid soap in and added a pot of water. I waited for about 10 minutes and nothing happened. I put more soap and then added another pot of boiling water. I waited 5 minutes, then tried to flush, which only resulted in me panicking as the water was coming dangerously close to over flowing.

      I left the room for literally 1 minute to grab my phone and call the plumber, and when I came back the toilet was completely clear!

      Pure magic!

    • #ThatGuy 4 years ago

      Well I tryed it 5 times it didnt work, I just replaced the toilet with one of them new toilets that cant be cloged.

    • mostar 4 years ago

      you are an angel

    • Awesome 4 years ago

      worked great!

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      it worked thanks so much for posting...

    • KenBriggs 4 years ago

      Thanks!!! Worked like a Charm. :)

    • yes!!! 4 years ago

      it worked!!! a couple squirts of soap, i waited a few minutes, then i poured a couple glasses of hot tapwater down. no need for it to be boiling, that could crack the seal. pour it from about waist high, when i poured from closer nothing really happened. i heard it starting to drain after i held it higher before pouring. this was after i tried plunging for a few hours, thanks!

    • EXCITED!!! 4 years ago

      To start this off I live in government housing and they said that an emergency would be a clogged toliet... Well i dont know about anyone else but id be embarrassed to call and tell them I clogged my toliet.. SO me freaking out I dont own a plunger try using the toliet bowl cleaner to hopefully push it far enough to just pass through... nope it didnt happen it made it worse... So me freaking out I googled and found this.. I read majority of the comments to see what the majority of the results were.. I knew my luck wouldnt be good if I tried.. But I did anyways because I really didnt want the work crew out at 3:43 in the morning. AND GUESS WHAT IT WORKS!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for the help!! :)))

    • Beckarella 4 years ago

      Workeddddd like a CHARM!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK SOOOOOO MUCH!!! After I put in the hot water everything went down!!! So grateful for this post!!!

    • HOLY SHIT! 4 years ago

      PERFECT. Like others here I had that nervous moment when the toilet was about to overflow then WHOOOSH! Down it went! Works like a charm guys this is totally fantastic!

    • AimeeL 4 years ago

      Amazing totally worked!!!!!

    • diarrhea 4 years ago

      So here I am at almost 4 am on the first heat wave of the summer after a bout with prunes. My toilet decides its not gonna flush and stupid me doesn't own a plunger... I boiled a kettle and 2 pots and a quarter bottls of dish washing liqud..I hen.CLOSED the toilet an in an eye blink my toilet was clear..I WIL buy a plunger tomorrow however.. but thank you

    • thank god 4 years ago

      i was very very skeptical and thought this wouldnt work because my toilets so old. I put in a half a cup of dish soap let it sit for five min and then poured in half a pasta pot of almost boiling water in. Nothing happened immediately and I was too afraid to flush because I thought it would overflow. So I waited an hour, finally mustered up the courage and flushed. The water rose dangerously close to the top and then stopped. 30 seconds later SWOOOOSHHHH it all went down

    • wow 4 years ago

      I was pretty apprehensive about using this technique, but it worked! I'm impressed.

    • Clogged Pooper 4 years ago

      Thanks so much man. Your boiling water and soap shit worked so well. What other secrets of the world do you behold??

      Please bless us with your gifts another day.


      (Un)Clogged Pooper

    • Linnia 4 years ago

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much!

      My toilet had been clogged up for four days, and it was getting ridiculous. I tried this and, voila! It was unclogged. It really relieved some of the stress I'm going through right now.


    • It finally worked! 4 years ago

      My toilet clogged up a couple of days ago with just a lot of toilet paper. My son and I had repeatedly used a plunger but nothing was happening. The water level would go down slowly after many hours. I had tried pouring in a bucket of cold water to flush it but it would just fill up to the brim and sit there.

      I tried the soap and hot water trick three times before it finally worked. I did not bail out any of the water because I did not want to put it down the sink or bathtub. I guess I could have dumped it outside. That is why it took so long. But on my last two attempts, I did notice that it was draining a little faster than before. I did make a trip to the basement to make sure nothing was leaking below the bathroom floor.

      My next step was going to go buy a "closet auger" I learned about online and then if that did not work, I would have had to call a plumber. Thank you for saving me time, money and aggravation!

    • Stopped up no more! 4 years ago

      You are my hero! I poured some Dial in the toilet, then half an hour later poured in a large pot of nearly boiling water. An hour later, I used the plunger a couple of times, and as if by magic, my problem went down the drain!

    • betsy 4 years ago

      Thank God for Bill Carson and Mr. Google who led me to him! 3 Days I've been trying to plunge and poke and so forth. There is absolutely no water movement!(I live alone, so I can't blame anyone else) So, it was big bucks and time off work, and the shame of the plumber truck out front, or spending the rest of my life bailing the toilet and dreading people coming in.

      I found this on-line, and tried it: dishsoap and really hot tap water (hand-held shower hose got it right over the toilet). Did it once, nothing. Bailed some, remembered all the advice to have patience, so I bailed and added more, hotter, tap water (kitchen's a long way away). Plungered right away, while the water was hot, stopped as nothing was happening, and then I heard the water trickling. Hadn't heard that for 3 days, unless I was bailing water into the sink. Gave it a couple more plunges, then, WHOOSH! The miracle happened! I've given it a couple more test flushes, all seems good.

      I may do the soapy thing periodically as a preventative.

      Thanks to Mr. Carson, for the information, and to all of the previous posters, and all their circumstances, who gave me the confidence to be patient, and keep trying, and all kinds of little tips.

      PS Plastic bag on the hand, if you don't have a rubber glove, and a tall narrow container is the best shape for bailing the 'water', if you need room for the hot water and the flush-water.

    • Julie 4 years ago

      Thank you!! I was desperate--the water level in the toilet was code brown and rising fast. I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get the second pot of boiling water in but I did. After about 45 seconds of plunging it just all of a sudden drained. It was way gross but in the end it didn't overflow--but it did take 2 rounds to work. I'm going to start with this next time instead of all the ineffective plunging.

    • melissa 4 years ago

      works good i plunged my toilet for 4 days and my toilet would work for a little bit so i finally got sick of plunging so i got online and found this posting i tryed it once and it loosened the clog but still wasn't all cleared up so i did it a 2nd time but this time i used 2 pots of boiling water and my toilet is like new again this is amazing (p.s. my clog was from my 4year old flushing toys down the toilet)

    • conniew 4 years ago

      Omg this really works after two days of countless methods I stumble upon this and it actually works. thanks so much bill

    • Problem toilet 4 years ago

      It took three tries and about ten to fifteen minutes. Give this time it works and if the clog is really bad wait an hour and plunge it works wonderfully.

    • desperate attempt 4 years ago

      Last night my sick boyfriend clogged the toilet before leaving to work by blowing his nose on paper towels n throwing them in the toilet..I'm talking about 5-8 pieces of paper towels...what was he thinking...n.e.who, so I was looking for a solution last night n came accross this blog...didn't think it was going to work...so this morning when I got up to get ready for work, I poured the soap in the toilet n let it sit while I boiled the water...I poured the water in, let it sit for about 10 minutes, plunged about 2-3 times, let it sit for another 2 minutes or so n flushed the toilet...I was amazed that it worked n on the first try!!!...thank u so much for this...I was also running late to work n this helped save lots of time!!!...I was desperate!!!...u r a genius!!!

    • downunder 4 years ago

      Worked 2nd time after I let the water sit for abt 5 mins. No plunger!

      Thanks from happy Aussie!

    • Laura 4 years ago

      OMG!!! Worked first time!!!!

      No plunging. Just soap and boiling water. Fantastic!

      Thank you so much!!!

    • Elizabeth Francisco 4 years ago

      This really works. Thank you so much for putting this up on the internet. Cause all else was about to fail. And then I found this. Agian Thank you so much.

    • Grandma Sandy 4 years ago

      Last night got phone # of plumber to call this morning. Had already tried plunger and coat hanger. Thought of going to Google, and AM SURE GLAD I DID. It took 2 times for the liquid soap and hot water, waiting few minutes each time. BUT IT SAVED ME A PLUMBER'S BILL. Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all. IT IS MAGIC!!!

    • tataehe 4 years ago

      good job dud.. it really works!..i use liguid soap and boil water and i w8 almost 2mins after that i push the button to flush and tantananan!!! its a miracle!!!

    • Steph 4 years ago

      Worked!!! After half an hour and 4x kettle full of boiling water (no soap) and some plunging! Time to clean up the utensil mess though! Thanks!

    • Country girl 4 years ago

      you, are a magician! I went and did it with the kettle flushed aand the water went higher! I left the room crying and went back to the computer looking for other ideas and i just went back to call my mother and hey! It works!!!! I could kiss you thanks so much i coulda got in trouble

    • Country girl 4 years ago

      Look, im from australia and Im only 12 i blocked up the toliet whenmy babysitter fell asleep and I need an easier way so i dont burn myself...

    • RG 4 years ago

      IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM:) toilet was clogged for 5 days and in 5 mins it worked.

    • Mel 4 years ago

      It's been one of those mornings. After not getting much sleep over the past few nights, I wake up this morning to a clogged toilet. Water not draining at all. To make matters worse, the hole in my toilet is oddly-shaped, with a little dip in the front & back that prevents any plungers from making a complete seal over it. After getting soaked in toilet water (twice), I tried this. At first, I was apprehensive; I tried plunging again after pouring the hot water and all I had was a toilet full of boiling water and suds. But then I poured a second pot, plunged five or six more times (using the method where you push down slowly, pull up slowly, push down slowly, then pull up quickly) and it totally worked! I'm so happy that I can finally pee and go back to bed now! :D

    • Cb 4 years ago


      Toilet unclogged. Don't know if it was the coathanger snake or the detergent but while I was waiting for the second kettle to boil before flushing it all drained! Yayyyy

    • tony 4 years ago

      wow what a savior. no way to buy a plunger because car's broken down and we only have one toilet. thought i was 100% out of luck!! did this 3~ times and my toilet drained. did it again just to be safe and everything worked PERFECTLY.

    • 4 years ago

      Oh my gosh....this tip is magical. *DO NOT GIVE UP IF IT DOESN'T WORK AT FIRST!!* The first time I tried, it didn't seem like it was working at all. I tried it a second time and still nothing except a toilet filled with soap bubbles. I was ready to give up, but decided to give it one last flush before going to buy a plunger (I didn't add any more soap or water...just a regular flush). It still didn't unclog, but I noticed that the water drained out a LOT faster than it had before. With hope renewed, I added some more soap, put on a final pot of water, and gave it one third and final try. To my incredible relief, IT WORKED!!! :D I'm so happy!!

    • The Hoffs 4 years ago

      My husband was skeptical when I found this. We had a puppy mess that had been cleaned with Viva paper towels and clogged our no clog toilet. This worked perfectly the first try!! Thank you!!!

    • Jan 4 years ago

      Another success story here! other posters are correct, be patient. (our toilet was partially clogged, so it would flush slowly but I knew it could get worse) . I did the process twice. on the first time, I used about 1/3 cup soap, followed by a pot of boiling water from the stove and flushed right away. nothing. on the 2nd time I used 1/4 cup of soap followed by the pot of boiling water and let it sit while I boiled more water. I added the 3rd pot of water and let it sit another hour or so. I just flushed it now and it is clear! no plunging needed at all on this one. Thank you!

    • jencan 4 years ago

      OMG This really worked. The dishwashing liquid and hot water really worked. It's at night and the toilet clogged up, courtesy of my grandson. I looked on the internet to try to find a solution before calling a plumber, as my daughter has no money, and found this site. Tried it and it worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you

    • jane 4 years ago

      Thanks a million. I didn't know what I was going to do, when using the plunger did not work. My mom and my sister were not much help. Then I found your article. Your solution worked. Thanks a million.

    • Lisa 4 years ago

      my dog had pooed in the house so i had use paper towels to clean it up and stupid me had clogged the toilet with it. Just moved into this house and didnt have a plunger so i thought i try this.....absolutely amazing....it worked! thank you!

    • Sebas 4 years ago

      Thak you very much!this is not BS!

    • Jeremy 4 years ago

      This absolutely works. I had my doubts, but this saved my day. Plunger was not working and I was looking at canceling a days worth of work to solve the plumbing emergency. This was my last shot and it worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • 4 years ago

      It worked ! Thank you !!

    • 4 years ago

      I have to say I was a bit skeptical but this actually works! I did two rounds of dishwashing liquid and boiling water. I waited 20 minutes and after two flushes, the toilet was back to flushing normally, maybe even better than before! Thank you Bill Carson!!!!

    • Chris Q 4 years ago

      OK, so got off work, squirtted about a half cup of cheap dish soap in the prorcelain god...boiled up a huge pot of H20 on the stove to a nice boil, poured it to the rim of the throne closed the lid and let it sit for about 15 min. Hit it with the plunger a few times. Flushed and plunged about 5 times....with each flush it slowly cleared a path.....YIPPEE KI YAY MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN UR FIRE WOOD LOG SIZED TURD HAS BEEN EXTRACTED!!!!!!!! Thanks Eater Bunny....I mean Bill Carson/Hub Pages.

    • Chris Q 4 years ago

      Working right now but going to try this as soon as I get off. The old ladie clogged the master up with one of her masive turds...that thing must have been the size of my fore arm. Geez. I will let u know how it goes.

    • 4 years ago

      i don't have a plunger or drano, so i thought it was a hopeless situation. but this worked like a charm the first time! (just be careful when pouring from a big pot as it can splash a bit on your legs/feet)

    • Trish 4 years ago

      Thank you so much! I never would of thought of this solution and IT WORKED! :-D

    • Jess 4 years ago

      Hot water didn't work for me. Maybe it wasn't hot enough. But I found these two people on youtube ( http://youtu.be/JJ-XLAS8kq4 and http://youtu.be/BXq91bACfT4 ) who used their hand. As gross as it sounds, I did what they did and it worked the first time around. Saved me money on calling a plumber. And I used a hefty bag with that method to wrap my hand in before trying it. I'd recommend anyone else using their hand to do the same. In those videos, they used a cheap looking bag for some reason. I didn't though.

    • Oz flush 4 years ago

      So I clogged my toilet with a handful of "flush able" wipes and my husband was super peeved as we do not own a plunger! Lol I googled and this came up. I gave him the directions and he went to work... He stared at it (and me) skeptically for about ten minutes and then all of a sudden WHOOSH! The toilet flushed itself and was alas unclogged! Lol Wohhooo! Thank you!!! Ps we didn't flush it ourselves for fear of overflowing!

    • Kate 4 years ago

      It worked for me. Loo blocked for two days and tried all methods before I found this. Big squirt of washing up liquid and two kettles full of boiling water. Just closed lid and left for 15 minutes.

      Came back and flushed. Thought it wouldn't work then suddenly loads of big water bubbles and everything went down. Toilet left really clean after two days of sewage water- Amazing!!!

    • Michael 4 years ago

      It took 2 tries but on the second try with the boiling soapy water the plunger finally did it's job (after an hour of futility). Thanks for posting!

    • Lynn 4 years ago

      I was so skeptical this would work and after the third try, it did. I started with a few small pots of water and the third big pot did the trick. Thank you! I didn't have to make the embarassing call to my landlord.

    • Heather 4 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! I thought I would never unplug my toilet, but just dumped in a ton of dishsoap and lots of hot water and it helped make the plunger work better - more stretchy...? - and plunged a couple times and then the water instantly drained down! YAY!

    • Happy Camper! 4 years ago

      Thank u. Single mom on day off in 5 days first thing that happens on my day off is a clogged toilet. Plunger for what seemed forever & getting in a huge bad mood got really desperate Googled clogged toilet & this popped up. Thank u thank u...worked perfectly :) Never thought I would be so happy seeing a toilet flush. :b

    • Ami 4 years ago

      I'm in a new apartment and didn't have a plunger when the toilet backed up. It's late and I didn't want to trot off to Walmart in the middle of the night for a plunger. I tried the trick once and voila! It worked in about 20 seconds! Thank you!!!

    • NiqueT 4 years ago

      So my toilet has been messed about a dew days now. I see a lot of good reviews, but I really don't want urine water over my floor. Lol! The water is already at the top I believe and I sure ain't fishing it out bucket or no! So do I just add a little bit of hot/warm water?

    • yippy 4 years ago

      It worked!! Thank you!

    • Had my doubts... 4 years ago

      First of all, I have never commented on a website before, but felt compelled to do so after my experience. So lastnight my toilet got clogged. I plunged with a traditional cup plunger (with the extension cup thing inside the bigger cup) for at least 60 minutes until finally something released and the bowl drained. But then it flushed extremely slowly so I was hesitant to use it. Today I bought one of those accordion style plungers and plunged for another 30 min or so, and no success. So I put the pot on the stove & squirted the dish soap in. I live in an apartment so I was afraid of cracking the porcelain, so I used a coffee mug to slowly pour the hot water in. No luck. Frustrated, I squirted more soap in and began pouring just hot tap water in at a pretty steady pace. SUCCESS! Now it flushes just like normal :) I am only posting because I honestly would not have tried this had there not been so many testimonials here, so I am adding mine in the spirit of continued success. Good luck to you all!

    • Boss 4 years ago

      Ok I'm back ! It worked!!!! You just have to be patient don't give up! It took me 2 tries and it finally worked after 3 pots of boiling water and dawn and a few plunges it all finally went down

    • Boss 4 years ago

      On my second try hopefully it works! Have a toilet backed up with Q-tips smh

    • YOU ARE A STAR !!!! 4 years ago

      A bit of fairy liquid and some hot water out of a bucket... left it alone for 5 mins then BAM !!! It was all gone. Couldn't believe it! so flushed through a few more times and it was still clear.

      Many thanks! It does work :-)

    • It worked!! 4 years ago

      This absolutely works. I couldn't believe it! Did the process twice and it flushed a major clog. No plunger was ever used. Thanks for this article!

    • BAM!! Just like that! 4 years ago

      Just spent a good hour trying to unclog with a plunger. Googled how to unclog without plunger. Tried this and IT WORKED!! Although I did have to use the plunger a little.

    • THANK YOU 4 years ago

      It worked on the first try! Didn't have much dish soap, so I put about 6 pumps of cheap body soap in there, waited while a pot of water boiled, poured that in. Waited while I boiled another pot of water, poured that in and flushed right away, VOILA!! :D

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      Ou are a saint!

    • pooped out 4 years ago

      Broke 2 augars, 1 plunger, 2 coat hangers and flooded the bathroom before trying this and it worked like a dream. Poop water went down the first time with some light plunging and then I repeated 2 more times just to be sure... All day process! But seriously, amazing how it worked. I'm popped lol

    • OMG!!! So thankful! 4 years ago

      Had been living with a very slow flush on my toilet until it wouldn't flush readily. Came across this article and read most of the comments before deciding to try it. Told my mother who lives in California about it as she has a slow flushing toilet as well. Mine was so severe that I called to find out what the plumber would charge, and decided to try this method first (had already purchased Drano the day before... returning Drano tomorrow!)

      Well, I put in about 1/3 - 1/2 cup of dish soap, and while it was sitting, I boiled my water. My mom was doing it at the same time as I was and we were comparing notes over the telephone. Finally, my water was boiled and put the hot water into the toilet. Waited about 5 minutes (went to boil another pot), and when I returned the water was drained. So I flushed and everything went down! WOW!!! This is a remarkable remedy! Thank you so very much from me and from my mom. She now has a better flushing toilet as well! We are both so stoked and awed at how well this worked!

    • Nothing 4 years ago

      Worked ! First time I unplug something , proud (,:

    • Poopfest 4 years ago

      My 4 year old daughter shits footballs. So far, nothing.

    • none of ur beese wax :) 4 years ago

      This doesn't work i have tried it 3 times and BOOM nothing im glad it worked for you guys ^^^^ i guess im having a bad day! :(

    • none of ur beese wax 4 years ago

      I am in the process of doing this we have tried everything i will let all you know what happens :)

    • so cool thanks 4 years ago

      Best secret of the internet

      I have a toilet that's been slow for 2 weeks. I tried everything, plungers, snakes, augers chemicals.

      However, Some detergent and I didn't even add water and the thing flushed on the first try. I am amazed.

    • Louise 4 years ago

      You made my day. I can fix a blocked toilet all by myself ! Very handy post-divorce!

    • Toilet Annoyed 4 years ago

      Seriously, I was so annoyed bc my toilet was clogged. I plunged and plunged and plunged to no avail. Finally I googled...and I found this. Of course I was told not to believe what I read on the internet but I was out of options and willing to try anything. It took two tries with the boiling pot of water and honestly not a whole lot of dish soap but finally once the water went down to a decent level I flushed hoping for the best and YES it FINALLY went down. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad I found this site and even more happy my toilet is unclogged!!! YOU ROCK!!

    • Ohfuk! 4 years ago

      Cleaned my apt & flushed cleaning wipes.... Totally worked. Be patient.

    • Guy living with three girls 4 years ago

      You may have saved my life. Cheers!

    • skeptic 4 years ago

      It works, I was very skeptical. there were paper towels and antibacterial wipes clogging my toilet and after multiple times plunging without success, I found this site. The bowl was already full of water, I put palmolive in, waitied 20 minutes, then slowly added boiling water carefully as to not overflow the toilet and after 1 minute of plunging again, it flushed. Now my bowl is soapy and clean. Thank you!!!

    • MrT 4 years ago


      Thank you very much BILL. I tried the toilet plunger, master plunger and the auger nothing worked since it was the damn Charmin Ultra papers which do not disintegrate like other papers. I was pretty sure it was some extra pieces of paper that was causing this issue. After all the devices that were used the pot was still brown ( don't want to use graphic words). I decided to go for chemical route, so I wanted to try the natural product then I stumbled upon this site. Even though I don't use the regular dish soap, I went and bought the palmolive dish soap.

      First 1/4 cup of dish soap and hot boiling nothing happened. Then after 2 hours I tried another dose (1/4cup soap ) some change in terms of color, so I tried to flush again but it was still blocked. Then after 3 hours tried another dose with minimal soap and waited for another hour with just hot water. I left it like that overnight then came back in the morning used the plunger again. Then tried to flush, I can hear the gulping sound finally. Then tried 2 more flush to make sure everything was fine. I was ready to call the plumber if the chemical route did not work. But this worked like MAGIC.


    • M&S 4 years ago

      WOW..this works! I couldn't believe my eyes. The first successful flush was music to my ears! My sister stumbled upon this website after we were struggling to unclog our toilet. We even went shopping around for plungers to try to unclog our poor toilet, thinking that it would do the trick. But, nothing tops this remedy. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm thinking of doing this on a regular basis for the maintenance of my toilet. :)

    • Poopfreepaulie 4 years ago

      Amazing! Nothing else to say

    • Alex 4 years ago

      Wow, thank you so much. This totally worked!

    • Relieved 4 years ago

      It works!! Was boiling pot two came back & it was all gone!!

      Ps The posts here are so funny, I was laughing while frowning & reading!! Didn't know that was possible!

    • dayna 4 years ago

      i did not have a plunger that worked well. My husband was gone on a business trip. I was cleaning toilet and flushed it and it all of a sudden was over flowing. I tried the plunger but it is old and does not work well. I kept plunging and plunging hoping to get rid of this mess. I finally got the water to go down a bit, and emptied maybe 1/4 c of dish soap in and poured in a pot full of boiling water, flushed and it work first flush...thank you for this!!!! it works like a charm...i was very skeptical!!!! please of your toilet is clogged... try this a few times at least before you call someone

    • Charles 4 years ago

      Amazing! I've been blowing my nose every minute it seems and dumped the toilet paper I've been using and flushed. Clogged toilet. Plunging did nothing but I put some dish soap and three pots of boiling water in and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes and plunged again. Boom! Flushes perfectly now.

    • merrr 4 years ago

      wait JK something is happening. it took 2 bottles of soap and a ton of pots of boiling water... but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel?

    • merrr 4 years ago

      this isnt workingggggg............

    • super mom of 4 4 years ago

      being a mom of 4, i've had the occasion clogged toilet over the years. I've never failed to get one unclogged but this time, the toilet was WINNING, or should i say the clog. After plugging for way to long, and some internet research i came across this advice. What did i have to lose, nothing else was working. Two pots of hot water and a dose of liquid soap, 20 min. wait time, and a little more plugging and the clog was cleared. Thank you thank you thank you for once again allowing me to hold the title of super mom.

    • Paulette 4 years ago

      I've just used this method after having my toilet raising this last week.I knew it was getting to the point when something had to be done.

      I had checked the drains last weekend and they were clear (so I thought).Anyway, I did the soap and a few kettles of boiling water and thought " umm I'll have a wee look and see if the drains are still clear".

      OMG,I'm so glad I did. I removed a full bucket of poo & paper. I dread to think what would have happened and what the cost would have been if that had moved on down and clogged up at a later date.

      So this is a word of warning.Go outside and have a look in your drains after you have done this ,just to be sure all is clear.

      Thank you for sharing this tip with us and I'll pass it on to my friends and family.

      I'll be doing this on a weekly bases from now on thanks to my daughter and face wipes.


      I've kept the bucket of poo for her to discard lol

      Revenge is sweet....

    • Janette 4 years ago

      DO NOT GIVE UP-DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! My son insisted this would work, he is 14, he clogged it up! He went on the internet and found this and I thought ok, but we tried it for TWO nights, I think 6 times total, a whole small bottle of AJAX lemon dishwashing liquid and also 1 cup of dishwasher gel..How many flushes and plunges and waiting, I can't tell you...sometimes the hot water would suds up and suck down, but it always ended up kind of with a wimpy glug glug, no power. One last time we let the soap sit about 10 mins., added yet another big pot of boiling (well not still boiling but right off the stove) water, my son plunged the crap (pun intended altho after all this we really just had a clean toilet and water)anyway, he plunged away, flushed, again with kind of a wimpy result, but an improvement and I was sure we would never have our old power back again without a plumber. About 5 mins. later, just before bed, while we were talking we absent-mindedly said ok, one last flush, not expecting it to WOOOSH, WITH POWER, DONE!!! Did we woop for joy, no! We stood speechless, in silence, then high fived and I now view my kid as some kind of hero and visionary!!!!Just don't give up, It FRIKKEN WORKS :-)

    • jenna 4 years ago

      Is this a safe procedure even if the toilet bowl is already almost completely full to the brim?

    • Audrey 4 years ago

      It does work. Not sure why my toilet was plugged - but granddaughter had been in there earlier and tissue box looked a little low. Patience is key and letting the hot water sit for 45 minutes, then plunged a few hard times and down it went. All is good now. My son-in-law will be thankful when he finds out he doesn't have to unclog it now.

    • Jan 4 years ago

      Haven't tried this yet; but I am so glad to have come across this. I was going to try pouring soda pop down the toilet also. Since I don't drink it; I like this idea much better.

    • Jen 4 years ago

      I didn't have a plunger. This really worked -- and on the first try!!!!

    • TP 4 years ago

      Two words.. IT WORKS!

    • buena 4 years ago

      I was desperate to unclog my drain one Sunday morning, came across with this article ....WOW IT REALLY DOES WORK ...THANKYOU

    • cruzborrero 4 years ago

      Thank you for posting solution!! Headache is gone!! Have a blessed day!

    • Happy 4 years ago

      It! Works! Thank you so much!

    • Blocker 4 years ago

      Thank you thank you! found this site while searching for ways to unclog my toilet. Tried it and clogged toilet is history. It worked real well!

    • plungingmom 4 years ago

      Wow!! Ive been plunging on and off all day letting bleach sit in between...decided to google how to unclog toilet found this post and within 20 minutes my toilet is unclogged...brilliant!!

    • August Guillaume 4 years ago

      We bought a new elongated toilet and the plunger does not fit as closely as with the old toilet. I was looking for another plunger when I saw this article. I just used very hot water from the tap and steered the very hot water with the shower head and the long cord in the drain. (Soap not needed) Then two more plunges and everything worked again.

    • Somebody 4 years ago

      this works like a charm!

    • ManyThanks!!! 4 years ago

      I just tried this after buying a new plunger and it worked like a dream!!!!! Saved me a huge headache! Thank you!

    • wowwowwow 4 years ago

      Just tried this and it worked. We are in shock. After 2 weeks of our shower overflowing with poopy water,gurgling in the toilet when running water in the sink. after renting a toilet auger for $ 40.00, bottle of draino, purchased a new plunger, and finally pouring muriatic acid down the shower with no results, this worked!!! We are so greatfull.

    • firm skeptic! 4 years ago

      This works!!!

      I clogged the toilet with excess TP and kitty waste and litter (yes I know I'm not supposed to flush kitty litter, I've learned my lesson!) and it had been clogged for more than 24 hrs!

      Tried this, about 1/3 of dishwashing liquid and a pot of hot water right from the tap (no need to boil, I was scared of chipping the china or melting the glue). Left it for about ten minutes then pumped with the plunger for about half a minute and down it went.

      I was shocked in disbelief! and also relieved! Didn't want to call a plumber!

    • Disbelief 4 years ago

      I was so skeptical but after waking up at 4 am to pee and being met with a clogged toilet from flushing my German shepherds living room accident house before I was desperate. I used 3 pots of boiling water and a few squirts of joy. Let it sit and flushed. It overflowed a little but I was prepared with old towels to catch the water. Plunged hard for about 20 seconds and down it went!! Flushed again for good measure and it flushed beautifully. Thank you soooo much for sharing this tip. I feel like a toilet genius!

    • plumbinggoddess 4 years ago

      Ahhhh this really does work! Just a good long squeeze of dishsoap and a kettle full of hot water, and a couple of strong plunges and voila!

      And a tip for those who complain about the steamy sewage smell, it's not as bad if you use really heavily scented dishsoap. :P

    • Jack 4 years ago

      take it from a plumber, this works good BUT NO NO NO BOILING WATER. Depending of the temperature of your cold water in your lines and therefore in your toilet, it will crack the porcelain bowl and then you are in trouble.

      If you have a meat thermometer or candy thermometer, wait til water is just around 100 degrees and no more, OR if no thermometer, after 5 minutes touch a drop to your inside wrist, you can tell if WARM not hot....that is the right temperature and the cold in the toilet will offset it so its really not so hot it will break.

    • HELP! 4 years ago

      I basically already knew about this and tried it 5 times. It didn't work and I don't what to do.

    • Happy camper 4 years ago

      Thank you. I had a clog in the upstairs toilet and the stairs are small and steep so I couldn't walk up and down the stairs with boiling water. What I did was this. I had a lastic punch bowl that couldn't fit under the sink faucet so I used a vitamin water bottle to pour hot water into the punch bowl. The clog was very severe (thanks to my brother using the already clogged toilet over and over again while I was out of town) it took me about an hour and fifteen punch bowlfulls of hot water and soap to finally get some sort of result. But finally after painstakingly filling the bottle pouring it into the punch bowl then into the toilet I heard it. The whoosh and gurgle. So to be sure I filled up the punch bowl three more times. And after I poured the last punch bowl full of water into the toilet I crossed my fingers and flushed the toilet. IT WORKED.

    • Jack 4 years ago

      I would not suggest using a pot of boiling water, use a kettle instead. Walking from the kitchen to the bathroom carrying a pot of boiling water is a disaster waiting to happen. Just use a kettle its much safer to carry

    • woot woot 4 years ago

      omg this is a mircale saver i thought it didn't work at first i came back and everything was gone

    • the toilet cloggers 4 years ago

      this really worked but it took us about three times and a flush to totally unclog it. i guess we really did a number on our toilet lol. thanks alot to whoever came up with this solution!

    • fixed my toilet! 4 years ago

      Thanks so much, after trying many things this one did the trick! :)

    • Duggers 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for this solution! It worked perfectly!

    • Gal 4 years ago

      Thanks!!!!This worked like a charm. This was much faster than calling my landlord.

    • doodoo 4 years ago

      Redundant as it is, I simply cannot fail to express my appreciation. Thank you and God Bless You!!! (Did you ever think your toilet unclogging remedy would make you such a rockstar?)

    • yep 4 years ago

      edit to the above.....i had at least 30 q tips in there....had been putting them in for months without an issue then mr. hanky the christmas poo decided to stay around and stink up the place

    • yep 4 years ago

      Thank you im a student and to drop $40 on an auger is tough.....this worked wonders! took two shots of boiling water and a half a bottle of hand soap but it worked after about an hour.....stoked cause now i can buy the beer i was gonna spend my money on

    • Unblocked toilet 4 years ago

      Wasn't expecting this to work but thought I'd have a go as tried everything else and can't really afford a plumber. It worked, used toilet brush as a plunger first time and got water to go through then did it again...it all cleared,

    • Amy 4 years ago

      My Toilet has clogged .Plunger didn't work .I just put dish liwuid and poured a pot of boiling water.FLushed again it dint really help.Will see if another pot of boiling water really helps .Will be back for an update

    • UGH! 4 years ago

      I can't believe I wasted my time trying this. The first time I poured the water in, plunged a bit then flushed. Toilet over flowed. I scopped all the water out with a cup and poured another pot of boiling water in and nothing. Waste of time and dish soap.

    • so thankful 4 years ago

      OMG this worked! im so happy!

      Poured like 5 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a pot of boiling water. Left it for 5-10 minutes. Went back and flushed it, and voila! It's totally unclogged! Thank you so much!!!!!!! :D

    • Mariann 4 years ago

      I tried this without any plungering (or any other type of declogging) after a huge bowel movement clogged up the toilet. After several attempts at flushing and waiting for it to slowly drain so I could attempt to flush again...and hours of leaving it stay to "dissolve" on its own...I went online and found this suggestion.

      Tried one pot of water and about about 10 squeezes of Dawn dishwashing liquid without flushing - nothing. Waited until the level got lower while I boiled another pot of water...and flushed when it again got to a "safe level". The soapy water came all the way up to the rim and I was hoping it wasn't going to go over...then all at once it flushed! I flushed again and sure enough - clog gone!

      Thank you, Bill Carson -- this knowledge will come in handy in the future I am sure. :)

    • help! 4 years ago

      My toilet has been draining very, very slowly for 3 days now... I haven't tried to flush solids since I noticed. I go to flush it and it fills up with water fairly quickly and then drains really slow... sometimes it takes 2 flushes to get toilet paper to drain. I have plunged, but I don't think my plunger is very good, it doesn't get a good seal because of how the bowl is shaped. I saw this and gave it a try. I used a good amount of dish soap and let it sit for a few minutes, then filled a bucket with hot water (because boiling hot water can break the seal and whatnot) then I poured it in and waited a while. The water drained so I flushed the toilet and once again it filled up and drain slowly. When it was mostly drained I repeated with the soap and water. I've done it 4 times now and it still isn't working. I really don't want to call a plumber, any suggestions??

    • amazed college student 4 years ago

      oh my god! i was really hesitant to do this at first- seeing mixed reviews, but without a plunger I was SOL. So, I tried it. At first I used just three squirts of dish soap and two kettles of hot water (make sure to avoid extremely boiling, wait a moment so you don't hurt the porcelain!). I waited about 15 minutes, flushed- and it reached the brim. Hesitant, I then tried again. This time I used hand soap because I didn't have any more dish available, and then tried again. I waited another 30 minutes, gave it a flush- and at first nothing again. And then, out of nowhere- zoom! The toilet flushed itself on its own. :) Needless to say, I am so happy right now!

    • thrilled 4 years ago

      I was so desperate, having tried everything with no success and resigned to having to remove toilet bowl to root out blockage.As last resort I decided to google my problum and found this solution.Poured in washing up liquid

      followed by pot of boiling water and waited. Nothing happened until I used plunger.MAGIC MOVEMENT----SUCCESS

    • Randy 4 years ago

      This worked after I gave birth to Bono weighing over 9.5 curics.

    • Neil 4 years ago

      Sweet! After hours and hours of hopeless plunging and augering, I used the dishwashing liguid and hot water. I used a LOT of dishwashing liquid and hot water over an hour or so. That alone was not enough. But when I tried the plunger again, that's what did it! It must have finally been slippery enough for the plunging action to force it loose.

      Thank you!!!

    • AMAZED!! 4 years ago

      OMG! If I hadn't seen it for myself, I never would have believed it!! My daughter pooped so big that it flushed, but clogged. I've been augering until my hands are calloused, and plunging forever. I took some Dawn detergent, put it in the toilet bowl, poured hot water down the toilet...waited. OMG IT'S CLEARED!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a working toilet again. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    • RLT 4 years ago

      I hope this does work. I will be trying it in the morning. Fingers crossed....I'll let you know

    • Plumbing Union City 4 years ago

      Run very hot water into your kitchen sink drain either by boiling water on stove or from your faucet, then fill one side of your sink and plunge.


    • Lisa 4 years ago

      Please help me. I have tried all the suggestions I read in the comments, and the toilet is still clogged. I tried 3 times with the hot water/dish soap last night. I tried flushing before bed. Didn't work. I flushed this morning. Didn't work. I repeated the hot water/dish soap for a 4th time. Didn't work. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would truly be appreciated.

    • kimbillion 4 years ago

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It worked wonderfully!!!

    • Elle 4 years ago

      Thank you! I only tried with the soap, but was going to do the hot water later when I had the time. Now I don't even think I need to, since it is basically fixed! I'm probably going to do it just to make sure though, but I am soo relieved that the soap actually worked! Thank you sooo much!

    • krys 4 years ago

      This worked perfectly!

    • TrueBeliever 4 years ago

      If anyone reads this and doubts its truthfulness, I'm here to tell you IT REALLY WORKS! I spent probably 30 minutes of plunging and 30 minutes of sticking a wire up through my toilet and it didn't do anything. It took three attempts, but finally, just like everyone says, the water went whoosh down the drain! I'll never forget this trick. It's for real!

    • so happy right now 4 years ago

      Thank you so so much for this trick - I had a monster poo last night and it stopped up my toilet today and I was freaking out but this totally worked! I poured in a ton of dishwashing liquid, waited 10-15 minutes and then poured in 2 big pots of near boiling water, waited another 15 minutes (with some intermittent plunging that may not have been that successful since my plunger doesn't form a seal). When I tried flushing, the water came very very close to overflowing and then I heard a gurgling sound and everything drained like lightning. In fact my toilet may flush even better now than it did before :)

    • sampath 4 years ago

      It works like MAGIC!!!!!!!!

    • LP 4 years ago

      Thank you SO much Bill Carson! Your post has helped so many people fix a horrible problem. For those who say it didn't work -- DON'T GIVE UP! THIS WILL WORK IF YOU PERSIST! I notice those that say they did the soap & hot water along with plunging, had less success than those who did not plunge -- remember, the title of the post includes the words "without a plunger" - just pour the liquid dish soap into the toilet, let it sit while you boil a huge pot of water on the stove and pour the water carefully into the toilet, aiming it at the hole. On less severe clogs, it may flush right away but if not, wait awhile and see if it will clear and flush on its own. If not, pour in a bit more soap and additional pots of boiling water - mine flushed immediately but I was afraid to manually flush it in case it might overflow again so I put in an additional 3-4 pots of boiling water and it flushes normally now and has remained fine.

    • JB 4 years ago

      This guy is a life saver....Got back to my hotel room to find my toilet clogged and i didn't even do it!!! 2 pots of boiling water and a little laundry detergant because that's all i had and POOF it flushed better than ever!

    • Jacob 4 years ago

      All I can say is WOW. WET ONES did me in. It worked!!

    • happy bee 5 years ago


      thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

    • webblo 5 years ago

      100% work

    • Amazed College STudent 5 years ago

      I really did not think this was work, but nothing else has worked, so I decided to give it a try. When I flushed it, I truly believed it as going to overflow...but then BAM it all went down. O_O I just wish I had tried that before I tried buying a new plunger!

    • Noelia 5 years ago


      THANK YOU!!!! I've never felt a feeling of accomplishment greater than the one I felt when I saw the water flushing down the toilet

      I have goosebumps hahahha

    • desperate1 5 years ago

      Can I buy you a drink? You've saved my life.

    • Linda from Oregon 5 years ago

      Does anyone know if this method works in a Thetford toilet that's in my travel trailer? Sp far I've used a quart bottle of an RV liquid used for clearing out toilets, but it didn't work. Thanks.

    • MarkSpark 5 years ago

      The method works...on organic material. It worked again for me yesterday. But it doesn't work on foil and latex (see above). It works on toilet paper clogs...and if you dropped a major deuce.

    • Clogged up bad 5 years ago

      My bf recently moved in with my family and I, and we were having sex like every night and he would flush the condoms down the toilet along with the wrapper and now my toilet wont flush, i tried this and it did not work, i tried plunging it and everything and nothing is working! HELP!

    • Oh-Oh! 5 years ago

      Still not working :-(

    • Oh-Oh! 5 years ago

      Well so far it hasn't worked for me. I don't have a plunger so I thought I'd jump right in and use the soap and hot water... as of right now I have a completely full soapy toilet now. One strong breeze and it's going to be all over the floor.

      I read a few other "how to's" on this situation, and one thing this guide doesn't mention, or at least I don't remember reading it, is turn off the water going to the toilet. It'll save you from the situation I am in now. Hopefully it'll drain a bit and I'll try again shortly.

      Will keep you all posted.

    • Annie 5 years ago

      The bowl was almost draining but not refilling with a weak flush. I found this article and started boiling the water. I put some dish soap in the toilet bowl to get it ready. Then I thought I'd try flushing the toilet then with just the soap and that alone worked well. It's emptying and refilling though the handle needs to be held down for a second longer. Adding the hot water may have helped more but it's late so I'll call it okay for now.

    • EccoLa 5 years ago

      New apartment, no plunger yet. Management doesn't allow us to use chemical drain cleaners. And I have only the one bathroom. I had poured buckets of (cold) water into the toilet to no avail. The water would eventually subside, but all the gunk was still there. I was scared to try this because I was afraid the toilet might overflow with disgusting gunk when I finally tried to flush it.

      Guess what?! I put in a lot of dish soap plus some laundry soap for good measure. Let it sit for 20 minutes while two big pots of water boiled. I let the first pot cool off the boil for a minute, then poured the very hot water in slowly. Ended up with a filled to the brim hot, soapy, foamy toilet.

      Went away to play with my kitties for about 15 minutes, and when I returned I discovered the toilet bowl was empty! Everything whooshed down the drain in my absence! No flushing. No plunging. Just the liquid soap and hot water and a bit of time. Whoosh! I poured the second pot in and then scrubbed with the toilet bowl brush. Good as new, and no smell.

      Thank you so much for this post!!!

    • Wechsler 5 years ago

      Um, you do know that this can crack your toilet bowl right?

    • David 5 years ago

      THANK YOU!!!!! worked perfectly second time round!!!

    • Charis 5 years ago

      Worked like a charm after 2 tries! We tried with cloth hanger and chemicals but nothing seems to help. Thank you!!

    • Legit 5 years ago

      This worked for me. Thank you so much

    • joyce c hogan 5 years ago

      wow thank you your idea worked great

    • Sio 5 years ago

      OMG - It worked! Got nervous cause when I flushed after it rose up close to top but then voila! It went down. Thank you so much for posting this.

    • ValFogerty 5 years ago

      Thought I'd had have to have a terrible New Year with a toilet that's clogged for 3 days with no sign of any let up! Came upon this site and decided what could hurt??!! Gave it loads of Fairy, then 2 kettle loads of hot, hot water and VOILA!!!!!! MY NEY YEAR HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER! Thank you sooo soooo much!!!

    • dica 5 years ago

      the toilet level is at the rim and the water will not go down no matter what i try.

      i also really need to take a piss

      only God can save me

    • David from Glasgow 5 years ago

      Used this method with a little help from wire hanger and plunging the toilet brush. Problem solved within half an hour. Praise be.

    • Happy Toilet & Lady Once Again 5 years ago

      Hey Thank you so much for this website --it worked & now this frustrated Lady once again is dancing a jig-- My toilet & I are smiling again & I also have a clean sparking good spelling toilet too!!!! Happy Toilets to you all !!!!

    • Christmas panic 5 years ago

      It worked like a charm with one pot of water and 10 minutes of patience! Thanks.

    • Ecstatic:-) 5 years ago

      Used hand soap, and let it sit for abougt 5 mins, then slowly poured two pots of boiling water into bowl until full. It just sat there looking at me and my thought was "Oh God, this doesn't work and I don't have a plunger". I went to kitchen after 3 minutes of willing it to go down to fill the pot to try again. By the time I returned to the bathroom, the bowl was clear, no plunging required! I'm so happy and thankful for this home remedy and for the comments confirming that it really does work.

    • SUCCESS! 5 years ago

      Used almost empty dish soap bottle, all dish soap in toilet then filled hot water into dish soap bottle 3X from bathtub, one minute later flushed a clear toilet.

    • Thank gosh 5 years ago

      This worked! I tried other methods for hours and this worked in 5 minutes

    • MTR 5 years ago

      Totally worked on the first try with Dawn and hot water, though reading the comments while I waited almost killed me from laughter.

    • Hell yeah 5 years ago

      This so works guys, like a charm. I put the dish liquid soap in about one and a half cup of it. Then I let it sit for more than 30 minutes, I then poured the hot water in, it didn't work the first time but the second time, definitely. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    • tiffany 5 years ago

      Omg I am so happy. This really works. It just saved me some money.

    • iloveme116 5 years ago

      After having food poisoning you can guess what happened to my toilet ...

      i had been plunging for an hour but this finally worked exempt no hot water and i used shampoo instead


    • Dr. D 5 years ago

      All true. Took 5 tries and loosing hope, but it did finally work. THANX

    • Julie 5 years ago

      It works! I've been working on my toilet for weeks! You rock!

    • mike 5 years ago

      i can't believe it worked! at first it just sits there like nothings gonna happen then bam

    • nmt 5 years ago

      My 8 year old son took the dump of his lifetime!!! It also was the clog from hell!!! Plunged and plunged and plunged... Found this, and it worked!!!

      I followed the steps, it didn't go down at first, then I plunged once and it all went bye bye.... The I poured another pot of hot water down just to be sure. My toilet is happy and flushing once again!!! This is an amazing trick! I'm a custodian for the school district, I will be remembering this trick for now on!!

    • mummy 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for this tip. I had to follow the steps for about 3 times bout now its back to normal...

    • grateful mum 5 years ago

      Thank God for giving me this link! it saved me from alot of money, hassle, disgusting-ness(if there is no such word, they should make it) and alot of flack!thank you, thank you!

    • Shar 5 years ago

      AWESOME......followed directions and guess what.....clogged drain is no more!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!

    • 5 years ago

      Totally worked (took 2 tries)!! Thank you so much :)

    • Need a wee 5 years ago

      Ive tried 3 kettles of boiling water and it's not shifting. I'm going leave it over night and see what happens. Details in the morning

    • Thanks from Seattle! 5 years ago

      I'll add my comment as it just worked for me too. I didn't use the soap (actually didn't have any regular dishwashing soap!) and put one teakettle full of water in there, let it sit for 15 minutes while another one boiled. I then poured it in, flushed and plunged like crazy. It cleared after 10 plunges. THANK YOU for sharing this info and good luck to everyone else. What an amazing feeling when that clog clears. lol.

    • Gigi 5 years ago

      Fantastic. It just took a few minutes, and it worked. One of my labors almost clogged the toilet with paper towels, and I was afraid that it will clog completely, so I tried this method. Thank you

    • Pat 5 years ago

      Thanks, took two pots and a little waiting but it did the job.

    • Skeptic 5 years ago

      Freaking miracle. This works so well. I let the soap sit about 10 min, poured a few cups of water in, flushed. Cleared but not fully. Poured more water in. Cleared fully. No plunger, hands down the best.

    • azmum 5 years ago

      Thank you,thank you, I'am sending this advice to all my adult married kids, it should be labled under "problems" on every newly instalded toilets........Plumbers won"t like it...

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I thought this would be bogus.. but i was desperate after hours of plunging, put about 1/4 dishwashign soap, let it sit while the water boiled(I just used a kettle) and took it off right before it started to boil, put it in the toilet.. worked half way the first time, so i repeated and the toilet flushed on its own. Thank you so much!

    • Angela 5 years ago

      Worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

    • Enid 5 years ago

      I just finished cleaning the bathroom after trying the dish detergent and boiling water procedure. I must clarify that the problem was also backing up to the bathtub. It was a very bad situation. I use the hot water 4 to 5 times ( with a lot of prayers as well!), and it finally unclogged. Praise God for his help and this article!

    • crazy mom 5 years ago

      I did the method what it said,but nothing worked out.I don't want to call a plumber,it costs $$$$$$.I am crazy now!

    • plungergal 5 years ago

      Nope... didn't work for me. : (

    • yay!! 5 years ago

      It worked! Thanks so much for this! :D

    • Woot? 5 years ago

      Man, this is a disaster. The toilet did unclog using this method, but replacing the seal is going to be $$$.

      DO NOT USE BOILING WATER AS INSTRUCTED unless you want to suffer my fate. Hot water, maybe. Boiling, NO.

      This has gone from bad, to seemingly okay, to WORSE.

      I'm so depressed.

    • Woot? 5 years ago

      Oh, dear.... Maybe this was a hoax? The boiling water ruined the seal around the toilet base.



    • Woot! 5 years ago

      Couple rounds of soap and boiling water - and it worked.

      I was worried that this site was some kind of a hoax and that I was a sucker. But this fix is for real. :-)

    • Phil 5 years ago

      Hey guys I'm back again :). I had managed to block the toilet again three weeks after unblocking it with this technique. I have some advice for those of you that have been trying this for up to 3 hours without success (this happened to me this time). 1. Put the head of a string mop inside a bin bag. 2. Get a good amount of water in the bowl by pouring hot water in and flushing (pull up on handle to prevent overflow). Leave some more room for water to rise as it will be displaced by the mop. 3. Use the mop as a plunger until the water is back to normal level. Focus on pushing water through the pipe. This worked for me first time after 3 days of the hot water and soap thing not working. So for best results, combine the soap, hot water, and the bin bag wrapped mop head plunger :).

    • Yipeee it worked! 5 years ago

      Tip: If you erase anger on who clogged it, this works faster.

    • Yipeee it worked! 5 years ago

      A biiiig thank you !

    • Yipeee it worked! 5 years ago

      Whole forenoon I was worried sick with the clogged toilet..It was really in a bad state..Flushing for 4 hours didn't help..And I came across this site..I tried the boiling water and soap..but it didn't work at first. When I checked after an hour, water had drained..So I poured Dawn Dish liquid half bottle..waited for water to boil..my husband bought a plunger. I poured the water slowly..and then he gave some hard pushes with the plunger..There it all went down down down..What joy!

    • Happy flusher 5 years ago

      My daughter managed to clog TWO of my toilet due to using a whole roll of tp in both. I tried plunging, hangers and nothing worked. Frustrated that I would have to call a plumber and shell out$$$$$$..i came across this and it worked wonderfully. It took a couple of tries and both are now flushing as they should. Thank you for saving my sanity and some $$$ : )

    • Oldbutlovelee 5 years ago

      This worked for me. Thanks ever sooooooo much

    • missouri mom 5 years ago

      My son and I tried plunging repeatedly and it wouldn't work. We tried this and it worked the first time - thanks a bunch!

    • lpoolick 5 years ago

      well ive tried it repeatedly but nothing yet ill let you know

    • Sarah 5 years ago

      I had a very slowly draining toilet (it filled after flushing and 25 minutes or so later it was empty) and it wasn't plunging. I tried this, and it didn't seem to work. As I was looking for something else (about 5 minutes after adding the boiling water with seemingly no results) I heard it drain completely. Now it's flushing fine. Thanks!

    • trey 5 years ago

      Worked perfectly! Let the soap sit about 10 minutes, 1 pot boiling water, flushed. Thank god.

    • saffi 5 years ago

      Totally works! I my toilet clogged at like 1AM and i do not believe in plungers (totally gross >

    • Lee 5 years ago

      I can not express how thankful I am for your post! I had the runs today & obviously clogged the toilet, after trying to plunge alternating between my bf & I at 2:00 am concerned what I am going to do as I NEEEEED to go to the bathroom I found your post, thank you so much you saved me from trekking over to the public toilet in the park after dark!!! Its the second pot that did it & a few more tuggs on the plunger! You rock!!!!!!

    • ajh 5 years ago

      After my toilet was clogged for more than a day with paper towels, I skeptically tried this. At first I didn't think it was going to work, but after a minute I heard this big schloop and it was gone. Flushed twice, no problem! Thank you so much, you are a genius!!

    • carriemc4 5 years ago

      It worked! Pure and simple...amazing!

    • justme 5 years ago

      worked! thanks :)

    • Caleb's Momma 5 years ago

      My husband worked on this clog of our 8yr old using tons of toilet paper with poop for two days, needless to say he was not a happy camper. Finally, I jumped on the internet and tried this AND........it worked like a charm. Thankyou!!!!!!! Aren't Mom's Awesome...OH YEAH BABY!!!

    • Ashrat 5 years ago

      yayyyy im so happy, my plumber broke so i tossed it out never used, and the same day i get a huge clog, at first nothing happened but as i left, the toilet completely emptied out, such a relief especially when your stomach isnt feeling so great! thanks a lot

    • Mackenna 5 years ago

      Suddenly my toilet wasn't flushing. I tried and tried with the master plunger to no avail. Finally I tried the soap and hot water treatment. It took three tries - but I also added baking soda and vinegar as I read this also helps unclog sluggish drains. Voila, the toilet flushed. I am pouring another bucket of hot water down for extra measure. Thanks!

    • Bigturd 5 years ago

      Thank god for that

    • Phil 5 years ago

      YES!!! I've been trying for about 2 hours (it's now 2am), flushing store brand dish soap, shower gel and boiling water down the toilet, reading all of the comments on here as I waited for the water to boil. It took me about 7 kettles of water and one attack with the toilet brush to unblock it, but I was kept optimistic and entertained along the way by all of these different stories. On the seventh flush, the soapy water rose as usual, prompting me to pull up on the flusher handle to prevent overflow (thanks uncloggedtoo) until the last second when it went straight down and made that sound I had wanted to hear so badly. Now as I have the kettle on I shall pour it down one last time for good measure. I want to thank everyone who posted their story, and congratulations on winning your battle against all odds. I admire your tremendous bravery and willpower. For those who are yet to succeed, DO NOT GIVE UP, it will most probably work if you stick at it and use all the techniques described here. Thanks once again everyone. Now I can go to sleep :).

    • CatLadyDi 5 years ago

      Bloody brilliant!! I had quite the difficult clog, took two pots of water, but now completely clear!! Thanks for the tip. :)

    • Rio 5 years ago

      Totally worked. I couldn't believe it. The bowl was so full I could only put 1/2 pot of water in with the dish soap. I waited 20 mins, then plunged and voila! Away it all went. I had been working on plunging it off and on for 2 hours prior to that with no action whatsoever.

      Thank you!

    • BusyBeeLizzy 5 years ago

      I used this method. After my toilet was partially blocked.

      Had used toilet stick, plunger including various water back splashes in my face, yeah nice one. Then the good old coat hanger I managed to obtain by a customer overhearing my woes in the car park and then

      Braving the attic at midnight to find my toilet rods.

      I tried the washing up liquid coupled with the hot water. Did this twice as I had read most people had dine this. To my utter relief it WORKED!!!!

      So thank you from a very relieved family. No more crossed legs!!!

    • LOVE YOU 5 years ago

      It worked!!!! This ordeal totally ruined my day!! Was THIS close to calling in the plumber, but now, all I got is a sudsy, clean, unclogged toilet! Woohoo!

    • The Babysitter 5 years ago

      Clogged up the toilet while babysitting & was so afraid/embarrassed. I had to search the entire house for a plunger && was so happy to find it but yet it didn't work no matter how hard I tried! So, I did some googling & read a few times about this trick. All I did was pour a couple squirts of dish soap && heated up a pot of water before it boiled. Poured the water into the toilet at waist height && magically everything started to go down!!

      I'm so happy, && I've noticed my toilet at home is a bit slow as of late so I might try this trick at home as well! Yay!

    • 5 years ago

      whoever thought of this idea is a genius.. 4 squirts of dishwasher and 2 kettles of boiled water plus flush to rim - the magical whoosh.. thanks for sharing!

    • gigglechunks68 5 years ago

      It does work, just be sure to let it sit and "cook" awhile. We did 60 min.

    • Poopy Poopy 5 years ago

      It worked so good!

    • ek 5 years ago

      This worked :) tried plunging, bi carb soda etc. Did the detergent and water thing twice, second time left it about 15 mins. Went down a little bit, then plunged again and VOILA it's all good :) thankyou!! will use this method every time !!

    • savvy 5 years ago

      WOW just worked to the 'T" 2 pots of boiling water after the first try the bowl was full so let it sit for half hour poured more detergent liquid and powder the second pot was also let to sit and voila !!!

    • darn it!! 5 years ago

      After waiting several minutes I figured I'd give it one last plunge before throwing in the towel. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my toilet flush. Holy smokes... That actually freakin worked!! Thanx for saving me some embarrassment!!

    • darn it!! 5 years ago

      Ok so this didn't work for me either. I tried it twice n now I have bubbly poopy water to the top of the toilet. Now what?? I guess I'm stuck looking at a plumber's crack tomorrow.

    • Couldntbehappier 5 years ago

      Yay! I just tried this, the toilet has been screwed up for 2 days! Water was everywhere in the bathroom!!! & then I tried this, OMG!!! I couldn't be happier. For the people who doubt this, or who have tried it, all you have to do is let it sit awhile after you add the water. I let it sit 20 minutes!!! Im so happy! ;) Indeed! You are a life saver!

    • Rebecca 5 years ago

      haha I thought I was crazy for trying it, but sure enough it works! Thanks!

    • emily 5 years ago

      oh my god! can't believe it worked! thanks so much for posting this!!!

    • Poopy Potty 5 years ago

      So- I'm in a hotel and the toilet got clogged and ALMOST overflowed- so I stopped the water. To embarrased to call the front desk, i looked this up in desparation for some direction for do it yourself toilet fixing without a plunger- but of course do not have pots, dish soap or a stove. So- I had to improvise..... I do have 2 coffee cups and a microwave- and shampoo....... It worked!!!!

      Thanks for posting this!!

    • Professional Toilet Clogger 5 years ago

      After 3 pots of water......VOILA! My toilet was brand new again. I will use this method for the rest of my life

    • uhh ohh 5 years ago

      yes it worked!!!!!!!! now i dont have to call the landlord and have him send somebody to fix it thank you for this information im going to pass it on and it took me three pots and a good bit of detergent but it worked!!!!!!

    • uhh ohh 5 years ago

      im on my second pot hope this one works_

    • jon ewall 5 years ago


      The sound of the suction is a wonderful sound! Now to get a 100% water flush, clean the holes under the toilet bowl rim. If all the holes are clear and cleaned, stand clear, the suction noise will be deafening.

      REMIND YOUR HUSBAND THAT YOU saved him a lot of money. too.

    • Woohoo 5 years ago

      Thank you for helping me prove my husband wrong. lol He swore it wouldn't work and I was wasting my time. I poured a little bit of laundry detergent in and let it sit for about 10 minutes and then I poured a pot of boiling water down and let it sit for 15 minutes or so. I went back in to check and flushed it a little bit, it didn't go down so I was about to put another pot of water on to boil. As I was walking out of the bathroom I heard it bubble and everything went down. It flushes smoothly now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa


      A simple solution for a slow or clogged toilet flush after a liquid deposits WAS to push the handle to release the water into the toilet bowl. The water moves to drain but has a swirling action and all of the deposit and water don’t completely flush. Next move was to use the handy plunger.

      Did all the right things to resolve the problem. Finally figured it out why I was not getting enough FLOW of water in the bowl to complete a good flushing action.

      The blue liquid bowl cleaner and calcium water deposits were somewhat the problem. A simple tool required to fix the problem is a metal cloths hanger. No, REALLY! THE SOLUTION is ONLY FOR A CHEAP HOMEOWNER OR SMART HANDYMAN was to unclog the water supply holes around the rim of the toilet bowl with a metal hanger bent to perfection. Note, this problem has nothing to do with a clogged toilet drain line below the floor The toilet being very old, the lady of the house wanted a NEW ONE.

    • Plugged in PEI 5 years ago

      We're on vacation in PEI, and the toilet got plugged. After many failed attempts with the plunger, the hot H2O and dish soap trick worked!

    • MarkSpark 5 years ago

      Half an hour of plunging didn't work. The soap and hot water method did...after following directions closely and using two pots of hot water. And plunging intermittently. Not going to lie to you...with all the soap suds, water and turd paste floating around it was a mess. Use a lot of towels. And listen closely to hear the sound of any water going down. I didn't get the big gurgle...but I got the job done. And to top it off...after I was finished...there was a pile of cat or dog puke in my bedroom. Not my day.

    • singlespieces 5 years ago

      Dish soap and 2 pots of water worked. But, I flooded the floor with the first flush. Then it went down with a few more plunges. Thanks:) I am a happy pooper now.

    • Lamlehsumleh 5 years ago

      what do i do if the toliet is about to overflow??

    • Ashley 5 years ago

      Like those before me, I was skeptical about this working but after visualizing what the soap does I went for it. The plunger wasn't working and the rid x was just sitting in the toilet sooo the first tea kettle of water and soap didn't suffice however I used detergent, let that sit for 15. Poured in the water then and let that sit too. Came back plunged a bit. Heard a nose very faint enough for me to keep plunging and it went right on down the drain!! Now its clean and running better, thankyou

    • Fixer upper 5 years ago

      I tried it this morning using about 1/3 bottle of dawn dishwashing liquid. Let it sit while the water was boiling. Put in the boiling water...nothing for about 10 minutes though the water level did seem to go down slightly. I then decided to add some more boiling water. Heated up the water. Poured it in and then squirted some more dawn and went back to the living room to sit down and wait. Well in about 10 more minutes I heard the gurgle...Yeah! What a great sound! About 40 minutes total from start to finish. Thanks for the advice. We have a septic system and I didn't want to put hazardous chemicals down it.

    • Stephanie 5 years ago

      Holy Crap it worked! Thank you! My 1 year old thought it was funny to flush I don't know how many qtips down the toilet. I've plunged and plunged and even used that long crank thing and NADA! Tried this and it worked INSTANTLY! My hubby was even in shock.: ) Woohoo!

    • Ava 5 years ago

      Flushed and flushed and flushed. Afraid to have the dreaded overflow happen, found this idea. One kettle of hot water later, unclogged! Boiling water + whatmostlikelycloggedyourtoilet = terrible terrible smell, but at least it's down the drain!

    • Jay 5 years ago

      Awesome awesome awesome.this really does work!

    • Hjs 5 years ago

      I did the dawn treatment. 10 oz of dawn then hot water in the toilet. I did heat the water but it wasn't boiling. Let it set overnight and swoooosh it flushed!! Thanks!

    • Maryam Rusli 5 years ago

      I am.. in awe!!!! the creator of this method is GENIUS I TELL YOUU!

    • Janna 5 years ago

      You saved me from embarrassment. Traveling alone and staying at a hotel overseas. I managed to clog the toilet. The hotel staff has trouble understanding English and would've been an quite the ordeal to ask for a plunger at the front desk. Thanks to you, didn't have to!! Yippee!

    • onehappylady 5 years ago

      This totally worked!

    • Scared kiddo 5 years ago

      Um do u need to turn off anything with the toilet? Cuz I'm twelve. There's sleeping over night guests downstairs n I need to fix this! Plz tell quick before I get in trouble!

    • Paper Towels 5 years ago

      Worked! Third time's a charm... I recommend waiting at least 15 minutes before flushing. Thanks for posting this DIY solution--saved me.

    • Totally clogged 5 years ago

      I tried this the first time, and nothing happened.. I am going to try it again.. (fingers crossed)

    • NateDogg 5 years ago

      yo fools this totally works. I wasn't sure at first, and you need to be patient, but it totally does work. Definitely great for getting out of a jam!

    • MItch 5 years ago

      thanks a lot! this really worked;after putting half a bottle of dish liquid and a giant pot of almost boiling hot water, about 5 min later it flushed!!! I'm so happy :)

    • Bazemore 5 years ago

      Ate some really greasy mexican food and was in labor for 20 min on the throne; terd was as big as my arm. Grabbed a shovel out of the garage but couldn't scoop out the terd as the mouth of the toilet bowl was smaller than the head of the shovel. Never wiped as I knew that the paper would just add to the mess; dumped an entire bottle of palmolive (with grease fighters) into the bowl and let it steep for 20 minutes, then flushed...Wooooosh!...BooooYaaaaa!

    • 5 years ago

      Amazing, this actually does work. Had tried using a plunger for an hour, as well as a drain buster (which requires pumping a plunger type instrument and then using air pressure to bust the clog) to no avail. Had to do this twice, along with waiting around 25-30 minutes before flushing the second time, but thankfully it worked.

    • 5 years ago

      IT WORKED!!!! OMG! Had to give it a go 5 times! then SWOOSH ALL WENT DOWN! THANKS!!!!

    • jr5318 5 years ago

      IT WORKS!!! I was so scared bcoz i was living with family and clogged it. Then tried everything, was having a breakdown, finally used this method after looking it up and BOOM, everything works in time!!!

    • 5 years ago

      Hi there! Thank u! It worked! Took 3 teapots but worked like magic!

      Thank u! To all of u who think it does not work:

      Have some patience, do not give up & most importantly

      Believe it works!

    • Butch 5 years ago

      Just got back from an overseas trip and have been constipated for 6 days. Well without getting too graphic I gave birth to an 18" soup can (now I know what women in labor go through). New camode and I knew it would NEVER flush, chopped it up with a steak knife the best I could but to no avail, it plugged up good. Should have just put on gloves and removed it as it was 6" above the water line anyway; thrown it in the dumpster...Anyway, your method worked on the first try, but I used the entire bottle of DAWN detergent for the extra greasy mess, boiling water, terd kaput and no clog. Thanks to all for posting!

    • Laurel 5 years ago

      This actually works. It took me 3 tries so if it doesn't work the first time, let it rest for a bit and then try again.

      The first time I put in the detergent (generous amount but no need to go crazy - half the bottle is too much) and then poured in a pot of hot water that had been boiling on the stove. I flushed and heard some gurgling sounds but the water was still barely flowing...and it was now soapy. So I went downstairs, boiled another pot of water and repeated. This time when I flushed the water went down super fast - almost like a normal flush but I could tell something wasn't quite right. After it had finished flushing I flushed again and it was once again at the point of just barely flowing down. Boiled another pot of water, repeated with the detergent and hot water and I didn't even get a chance to flush this time before it completely unclogged and it flushed itself. Took 3 tries but it works. :)

    • katiebob 5 years ago

      Had to leave it clogged and went out of town today. Will mostly poo have disappated in 5 days when I get home?

    • Steve 5 years ago

      UPDATE...Let it sit for about 5 min and NOTHING...Went back to check it and thought I saw the bubbles "moving"...Went to the laundry room to disinfect my wifes bucket she uses in her shower (I baled out my mess with it) and to wash off after sticking my arm down the toilet bowl earlier...Anyway, came back from the laundry and all of a sudden SWOOSHhhhhhhh, the majic sound..."Efff'ing" GENIUS!!!!! I got a cleaned out crapper; fortunately nothing had overflowed!...Thanks to the Original Posters and to all of the users...

    • Steve 5 years ago

      When I lay cable its usually a muddy mess...Sometimes its a 1/2 a roll's worth...New apt and have those energy efficient flush camodes; plugged it up good...Had to bale the water out with my wifes shower rinse bucket but what she doesn't know won't hurt her...Soap is in the crapper lubing it up and boiling the water now!

    • clean my bowl 5 years ago

      Worked like a champ. Thanks niggah.

    • Yay! 5 years ago

      Yay! Unclog was a success, used probably half a cup of soap and two pots of boiling water and 2 plunges afterwards :)

      To airbear1411 - don't blame the author because it didn't work for you, maybe your poop was too much for this remedy.

    • Marco 5 years ago

      This worked right away! Thank god cuz i have to poop again. Thank You lol

    • Upshitcreekwithoutapaddle 5 years ago

      It's not working!!!!!!! 4 pots of water, half a container of soap, lots of time waiting, and....nothing.

    • MOM From NJ 5 years ago

      Thanks, It worked great!!!Had to repeat the process three times (try boiling two or three pots of water at the same time and pour all the water) but don't overflow the toilet.

    • Dude from Brooklyn 5 years ago

      I had been using papertowels as toilet paper because I was out of regular paper. Toilet was stuffed pretty good, spent 2 days trying to plunger it to no avail.

      I tried the method above, using fabuloso soap and bucket of near boiling water. It most of the bottle of soap, and two buckets of hot water, but this worked perfectly.

      My toilet now works as it did before, and ill never use paper towels again.

      Thanks everyone.

    • Aussie mum 5 years ago

      The upstairs toilet has been clogged for 2 days - thanks to an 8 year old daughter who uses a roll of paper per sitting and doesn't flush and then another child who took a huge dump

      What a mess - I tried buckets of water / flushing - no avail. Hoping the weight of the water would clear the toilet in the absence of a plunger.

      I then googled and found this method.

      It did not work last night (did not have a plunger last night) but it sat overnight and with a plunger this morning, and with a few plunges , the toilet cleared without difficulty,

      Fixed within a few minutes - what a relief.

    • JustwhenIwaspoopedout 5 years ago

      I just tried this after 2 hours of futilely pouring buckets of water down my toilet bowl and it worked immediately!!!!! Thanks so much for your post!

    • OMFG! 5 years ago

      THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

      I WAS PANICKING cuz i put bunch of paper towels and it blocked the toilet!!!!!!!!!11 i was gonna get the plunger but it really worked!!!!!!!!1 :)))))))))))

    • =.= 5 years ago

      Im pretty sure that this made it worse....thanks, that was such great advice...i rent a basement apartment...i dont know what to do, and this is literally like my worst nightmare right here sooo

    • Tim 5 years ago

      I tried a lot of things when our 3-year-old flushed a cup down our toilet last week. Here's what finally worked: How To Unclog Your Toilet with Explosives http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rAGdlzyejg

    • em22 5 years ago

      I did a massive poo and it had obviously got stuck somewhere in the pipes and this worked a treat! I was a bit worried at first as it did not work with the first lot of water but on the second it vanished! As a bonus it also leaves your toilet smelling lovely! :)

    • Lorna 5 years ago

      My son clogged my in-laws toilet while they were out of town. The have a standard plunger but the toilet has a bizarre squarish whole, so the plunger couldn't get any good thrusting power. After several attempts with the plunger which only resulted in showering the bathroom with toilet water, we found this method and gave it a shot. It took about three or four cycles of soap and hot tap water, but now is flushing like new.

    • Joy 5 years ago

      This method really works!I had to attempt this procedure a few times and then I left it over night with the dish detergent. I boiled water when I woke up and poured it into the toilet and heard the gurgling sound. I think flushed the toilet and it worked like it had always faithfully done in the past :) thank you Bill Carson and all the bloggers who took the time to reassure this procedure. Happy Flushing!!

    • SunnyS 5 years ago

      I have been waiting to use the toilet for two days now and was going to have to wait three more for a plunger... getting pretty desperate even tried the coat hanger thing... lets just say it is in the bin now. All it was was some toilet paper but it must have been stuck quite far down the pipe. I tired cold water but it didn't work then did this hot soapy water method. I did it about four times and kept using the toilet brush as a plunger but to no avail. The basin even started clogging... little did I know the clog must have moved further down blocking the basin pipe as well... so I tried once more and then heard a strange popping sound, went to the toilet and saw the basin drain suddenly and then the toilet. I flushed once and it backed up a little but drained quickly so I tried the hot water once more and all of a sudden the water stayed at the same level. Flushed a couple more times and now everything works fine!!! Yay... this is my only toilet in my oncampus room!!! So happy... now I can study for exams without worrying about going to the toilet!!! Thanks sooo much... perserverence is the key to this method. Good luck everyone!!!

    • Tamara89 5 years ago

      It worked I love it!!

      Thanks so much

    • momofapooper 5 years ago

      It took a few minutes and some more plunging but I finally got rid of that big ol' turd.

    • OMFG I LOVE YOU. 5 years ago

      Im in my hotel room. Marina Bay Sands and well i clogged the toilet... THIS WORKED LIKE A MOTHER F"ER I F"ING LOVE YOU MAN

    • ;lakjfa;sldjkf 5 years ago

      2 pots of bowling water into a clogged toilet worked.

    • whitton profile image

      whitton 5 years ago

      Great Hub. I have tried this once before and it really does work!

    • Sandy 5 years ago

      It Would have worked but my sweet husband flushed the steak/stew WIth Bones down the toilet.

      But Thanks I'll save this page for the next time my husband tries to help me again!

    • Kae 5 years ago

      Didn't work for me, I may try it again in the future on something that isn't a "hard" clog like a tampon. Had to call a plumber...$170 later...ugh.

    • Kae 5 years ago

      On my third attempt and it isn't working so far. I've already plunged for about an hour and a half total. After the first attempt all that plunging got me was a soapy mess of Dawn colored water. My best friend flushed her tampon down the drain. Sick. The only other article I can find about that says to stick your hand in and get it out. Ummm...no thanks...I'll resort to paying a plumber first.

    • jim 5 years ago

      worked like a charm.

    • happycamper 5 years ago

      This worked for me on the FIRST try. I put half a bottle shower gel (bath and body works), let it sit for 30 mins. Then I boiled water, put it in te toilet, let it sit for 15 mins. I placed another bucket of hot (not boiling) water, thinking it would help, but that just made the water rise. So after 10 mins, I flushed it and one big gulp from the toilet was heard! No plunging or anything! I'm so happy!

      Some things to remember:

      1. I turned off the incoming water from the toilet so as to have as little water as possible

      2. This will take time. If you can let the soap/body gel sit there longer, the better in my opinion.

      3. Be careful with the boiling water, as it might ruin your toilet.

      Thank you to the one who posted this!

    • David 5 years ago

      I tried many things like plungers, draino, power type plungers and was about to unbolt the toilet and attack it from there until I ran across this article.

      While it did take 4 large pots of boiling water (plus some salt) and half a bottle of dish washing detergent, it finally got a full flush and is working as good as new.


    • Happy parent 5 years ago

      Clogged toilet with paper towel. Then my daughter used it. Too messy for me to confront it for 2 weeks (we have 2 toilets). Used a glove to scoop out what I could (vomit worthy) and a jar to remove most the water. Tried a coat hangar and a few flushes but no luck. Tried the soap and hot water but it just filled the bowl to the top. Went to buy a plunger but the shop had sold out. Came back and tried the toilet brush. About 10 solid pushes and it suddenly gave way! My wife has just cleaned it and it's like new! Thanks heaps!

    • uncloggedtoo 5 years ago

      I too cleaned up dog poo with paper towel and flushed(WRONG MOVE!!)..it went part way down I guess because I didn't see it or think of it until later after "others" pooped in the toilet and I saw the backing up of paper! I got out the heavy duty 60$ snake we bought years ago when my son flushed the actual metal toilet paper roll holder down! Anyway 3 or 4 passes all the way (like 6 feet) of snaking didn't work and it normal does it on the first shot. I couldn't believe my plumber snake didn't work..must have been futher down than 6 feet..so I googled as the others above did and saw this ..I remembered my mom used to fill a garbage pail with hot water and dump it..the dump action gets it open..but with the soap after 3 tries It WORKED!! I have scratches on the inner bowl from my dumb snake. But after the soap and water I just used the toilet brush and agitated it a couple times in the hole and it was enough to get the water to rush down! To all those who are afraid to flush ..remember to keep your hand on the flusher handle and after you flush..pull up on the handle if the water gets near the top.that stops it before it overflows! Then agitate a few times with the plunger or toilet brush ..Good luck and thanks! Before I read this my husband had just said oh well better call the plumber now..but I think between this trick and my snake we wont be needing one for a long time! I will never flush paper napkins and or paper towel again. Cheap Scott brand 1000 sheet on a roll tp forever.

    • 5 years ago

      THIS WORKED! I didn't use much boiling water - might do it again in a little bit just to make sure. I'm so glad that this worked. Unfortunately, I didn't read this before an embarrassing situation already happened, but I'm just so glad it's over!!

    • not working 4 me 5 years ago

      So..... updated from yesterday, I went to the store and bought an auger, it worked.. wish the hot water and detergent would have worked for me though, I wonder what I did wrong? Maybe the clog was too far up in the pipes, who knows, but I'm still glad I found this page, it's useful information for the future! :-)

    • not working 4 me 5 years ago

      Oh boy! I was so happy to see this worked for most..... it is not working for me, tried 3 pots of water, the water is to the brim of toilet, not going down at all, if I flush at all it is going to overflow! This sucks, really do not want to call a plumber :(

    • Happy! 5 years ago

      I had been plunging all morning, to no avail, Googled and decided to try this trick. I had removed most of the standing water, then added about 1/2 c. liquid dish soap and a pot of hot (not boiling) water and waited about 30 minutes, plunged again, and down it all went! Thanks!

    • jackie 5 years ago

      thanx so much saved me loads a dosh ! had to do it 3 times but all seems good now

    • Trenton  5 years ago

      WOO HOO!!! me and my room mate locked arms and started dancing!!! and shouting for joy!! thank you!!

    • Trenton 5 years ago

      ok first I had a huge movement and then my room mate did and now it is SOOOOO CLOGGED!!! we've tried everything and we're praying to god this works!

    • Jess 5 years ago

      Haha...Wow...this actually does work! I put some dawn in there...let it sit...put some hot water in...let it sit...and voila! It worked! Thank you so much!

    • Aero 5 years ago

      It WORKS!

    • FL Landlord 5 years ago

      Just saved $200+ using the Dawn trick to unclog a toilet.

      I've been a landlord for years and have spent $$$ on drain service. I know basic unclogging with a plunger or auger. But this toilet was stuck down the line -- if I waited a half hour the line would empty of water and I'd get two or three flushes in before the water backed up.

      That means the clog is down the line and will cost $$$ for a mainline drain snake by a plumber. New houses have cleanouts for access but on older homes the plumber has to go onto the roof and go in through the vents. $$$

      After some Googling I found the Dawn trick and figured I had nothing to lose. I put about 10 oz of Dawn down the toilet, added a few glasses of hot water to move it down the line and waited over night.

      The next morning a few more flushes cleared out the line. Let's be logical - Dawn is great at cutting grease and grime and it is slippery stuff. If paper or waste is stuck in the pipe there's a good chance of it working. Obviously if a kid threw a toy down there you're out of luck.


      1. If you have CAST IRON pipes be careful to use SOLUBLE toilet paper. Do NOT use the thick, soft stuff. That will hang up on the pipes more easily. Old cast pipes get rough on the inside.

      2. Check your FLAPPER. Our flapper was designed to conserve water. That means the flush only released part of the water needed to flush the waste, ESPECIALLY with that heavy toilet paper. Be sure you are doing a FULL flush or TWO for solid waste, especially in older homes.

      3. Try the Dawn trick. Cheap and easy to try...and saved me a couple hundred bucks.

    • Imelle 5 years ago

      Ohhmeeegosshhh!!!! This is actually work!!! I just tried it (literally, like 5 mins ago my toilet works normal again).. Ohkay, maybe my fault I throw whole bunch of toilet paper down there before and it must blocked the toilet. I was really panic when the water won't flush after I did number 2...yeahh rite now u can imagine the mess... I google and found this and I poured almost all my liquid dish soap. While I was still waiting for the water to boil... The toilet flushed itself, everything is gone by itself. Wow!! The water havnt even boil yet.. But then I still poured the hot water just to make sure.. Wow! Thanks for sharring this... Can't u imagine how happy I am?? (Almost midnite here).. And now I can sleep peacefully. Again thaannnnkkkkkssss!!!!

    • chelate7 5 years ago

      Waterbury wonder!

      Brilliant method to open up using non toxic tools.

    • AC Slater 5 years ago

      This really works, and I just used the hottest water my bathtub has and a bucket. Used the dish soap then poured the water in the toilet and flushed immediately. I manually flushed it just to make sure it was fixed and it flushed like it normally did, no more clogging.

    • grandma 5 years ago

      this really works!!!! thanks soooo much for sharing the remedy!!!

    • me 5 years ago

      has worked for me in the past and did again today! It was a pretty bad clog this time so didn't work the first time around. The second time I used more soap and waited longer(about 20 min) and made sure I brought the water to a boil (2 pots first and then when the water went down, 2 more pots) and flushed and it worked! It definitely does smell awful at first, but this hasn't failed me yet!

    • Mims 5 years ago

      I tried this this morning after googling "my toilet is clogged and I don't have a plunger" lol. I poured a bunch of Dawn in, waited about 10 minutes, then poured a pot of boiling water in and left it for 10 more minutes. My boyfriend woke up while I was pouring the water in and asked what I was doing, I replied "we don't have a plunger!!!" (assuming telling him that, plus me pouring boiling water in the toilet, plus the toilet being full of toilet paper would be a good indicator that the toilet is clogged..). I took the pot back to the kitchen and when I returned (you know, about 4 seconds later..) the bathroom door was shut, I yelled "what the hell are you doing!?!?" he said "pooping". Me: the toilet is clogged!!!! Him: Oh.


      But anyways when I went back to flush it everything went down!! Yay! This worked on the first try! Thank you!!

    • Angelina  5 years ago

      This also works with one large pot of water from coffee pot. Let it sit and then plunge. Have a mop ready, just in case. Worked for my 2 year old and 4 year olds bathroom. Yay

    • skeptical but now a believer 5 years ago

      so i found myself without a plunger, it was too late to go get one, I was mortified. I tried this trick twice last night and to no avail. I flushed it again this morning and nothing I waited for the water level to go down before I added more boiling water. I boiled more water and after the third time it magically unclogged itself and i was able to flush it normally!!

    • Raima 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot! We've been suffering for 3 days until I read this. It really really worked! So happy I found this site... :-) Thanks once again!

    • Clogger 5 years ago

      This totally didn't work......repeated 4 times. Now I just have soapy toilet water :(

    • geniouschick  5 years ago

      OMG I love whoever come with this solution! I don't use the dish soap tho. Just a boiling hot water! After few minutes I flushed again and water was raised up and gets on the floor! I was proper angry but I tried to use the toilet brush (I don't have a plunger) to poke inside the hole and it work! omg omg. thank youuuuuu! now all i have to do is clean the floor. yuk but is okay. is mine anyway :p

      thank youuuu

    • Derek 5 years ago

      This worked for me. Thank you very much. So easy.

    • WHOO HOO!! 5 years ago

      WOW! This method REALLY works!! My toilet was stopped up for four days. NOTHING was working. As a last effort prior to calling a plumber, I tried this. THANKS so much!

    • Oh no.... 5 years ago

      My boyfriend's at work, he never bought a plunger, and out of all the days, today it gets clogged... even more embarrassingly, by me. So i emailed his phone, saying, "hey, can you buy a plunger when u get off work? Don't ask any questions, just do it!" Now I wished i would have thought to look up a solution before going to him. But I saw this and was like No Freakin Way!! Gotta try it! And BAM! It worked on the first flush!! Thank you so much! At least now I know what to do if the new plunger doesn't work... Thanks!

    • embarrassed as hell 5 years ago

      yeah! oh yeah baby! whooohoooo! yaaaaaaaayyyyy! it worked! six cups of hot hot hot tapwater, three squirts of soap, a flush, a plunge and another flush, then one more and it works perfectly!

    • embarrassed as hell 5 years ago

      Let's hope this works. I managed to c.l.o.g the commode up pretty bad. It sort of sounds like it's making progress with the plunger, then nada.

    • HolyCrapper 5 years ago

      This really works! I didn't think it was going to work but it ended up taking almost two hours, about five big pots of boiling water and a combination of dish soap, hand soap and finally put some shampoo, conditioner and laundry detergent in.

      You definitely need to give the hot water/soap combination time to sit; just be prepared for a hot/steamy/gross combination sitting in your toilet!

    • Steve 5 years ago

      HOLY CRAP! (lol) Took a few tries, and it seemed like it wouldn't work at all...then after the 3rd go, BAM! Flushed like a champ.


    • Dave 5 years ago

      Took two pots and, in between, filling the reservoir tank with hot tap water... But I won!

    • the toilet master 5 years ago

      me and a friend went and found a long sharp stick and shoved it in there, worked great, plus it was fun... in a way

    • YES 5 years ago

      didn't work for about 30 min, then bam it happened. stick with it.

    • not happy 5 years ago

      didn't work

      been at this for a couple of hours now

    • not happy 5 years ago

      second try and no luck yet

      pretty sure the seal is broken as it is a leaky at the base more than normal.

      ill attempt once more to flush if not off to rona tomorrow morning for s auger i guess.

    • so happy 5 years ago

      Son of a b*tch..it works!!! My toilet just wouldn't flush. when I read this I said..what could it hurt. Only had a little dish soap so I put one squirt in. Dumped my stock pot of almost boiling water down and there it sat. I scooped most of that soapy water out & plunged. Turned the water back on..flushed..whamo---it works!!Even before I plunged it the last time I could here the water trying to go down. Thanks for this advice!!

    • Ang 6 years ago

      OMG Thank you so much. Worked after we tried for an hour the old fashion way. One try and 5 min later... swoooch!

    • Edie 6 years ago

      OMG! Thank you for posting this trick! I have terminal cancer and live alone in an older home. My toilet had been stopped up for THREE days (I have another bathroom). I tried EVERYTHING - plunger, Drano, etc. - nothing worked and I had flushed it so many times, it had overflowed off the bathroom tile and onto my bedroom carpet. I DO NOT have the money for a plumber. I tried this cure a few minutes ago and it worked IMMEDIATELY!!

      Thanks again for posting this! You saved this ol' gal some money she didn't have (and her sanity)!

    • Wipees 6 years ago

      So I come from work on a Tuesday night and find out that my 5 1/2 year old son did a "poopy" and used 7 wipees to clean himself. I was devastated! I tried plunging for about 2 hours and then decided to call it a night, hoping for the plunger fairies to fix my toilet while I was sleeping. Woke up to the same horrible situation. I tried plunging and then decided to google, this method saved my life! I'm a nervous nelly and in the middle of a snow storm. Thank you so much for making my day that much easier. Pure genius.

    • misfit7896 6 years ago

      Omg! I used a snake and kept on plunging, nothing even happened for an whole hour. My mom told me to look on the internet and I found this post. It really worked after trying three times. unbelievable. Thank you so much Mr. Bill Carson. You are truly a blessing!!

    • Disappointed 6 years ago

      Didn't work for me.

    • Suzanne  6 years ago

      Amazing! I was skeptical, but after plunging and using chemicals the last two days, was willing to try anything before calling a plumber. Worked on the first try!

    • Unhappy Toilet Stopper Upper 6 years ago

      WOW!! It worked!! All I did was put some dish soap in the bowl and let it sit while the water boiled. I wanted to make sure the water was really boiling before trying it. So I poured the water in, waited a few seconds, then flushed. Next thing I knew the water was rising to the top! I freaked out but watched as it came sooo close to over flowing. Nothing happened... immediately. Wait for it... it finished flushing!! It worked!! Whew. What a relief!! Thanks to who ever posted this!! =)

    • fat turd 6 years ago

      huge turd by son clogged the toilet for 4 days tried everything could only get a slow flush then today clogged again found this solution tried it and it drained in less than a minute amazing

    • amazed 6 years ago

      Thank you so much. You just saved my night and my pride.

    • Don't Wanatalkaboutit 6 years ago

      I just arrived in Philadelphia to visit my brother and his wife. Held an impending crap throughout the night because I don't like to use the bathroom in other people's houses. The next morning I let go when they were at work and the toilet clogged, as it already does so quite easily. Now I'm really good with a plunger. My technique has never failed, even with the most serious problems. I can envision when I'm creating a good seal and can deliver a powerful plunge that will unclog anything... or so I thought.

      But not this time. After 45 minutes of plunging the raw sewage remained without any downward progress. Tried the old coat hanger trick, wishing that toilets had garbage disposals. Didn't work!

      Tried this proposed solution twice with successive pots of boiling hot water. Didn't work.

      Used more soap and boiled 2 pots of hot water at the same time so as to fill the toilet to the rim and just then it all went down.

      Thanks a lot. I guarantee that this saved me from an embarrassing (and expensive) call to the plumber as my brother and his wife arrived.

      Now I'm just glad I held it (the impending, monstrous... crap) until they were both at work. Thanks again!

    • nope :( 6 years ago

      This didn't work for me. Tried 3 pots of water... after the 3rd one it looked like it was almost fully cleared, so I tried flushing. Big mistake, it overflowed. :( Off to Home Depot tomorrow to buy a plunger...

    • marsbar_72 6 years ago

      OMG! It really worked! I fought the clog and I WON! Took two pots of boiling water and then took two ice cream buckets out. Flushed and HOLY CRAP IT WORKED! Thanks a bunch!

    • Another failure 6 years ago

      Tried it twice, fails both times. Damn.

    • Clogged and embarrassed 6 years ago

      OMG...it freaken flipping worked. I'm at my husband's family's house and omg...I've only been here a few times. I'm about to catch my plane to go home and right...I clogged the toilet. I prayed and with prayer lol...I come across this site. Did what it said and praise GOd it worked. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. You should have some type of donation site. How did you figure this out?

    • Relieved in Ohio 6 years ago

      Worked!! What did people do before the internet?!?

    • brendan  6 years ago

      worked. +1

    • Guest 6 years ago

      At a friend's house who was so nice to use his apartment for the holiday's.

      Long story short, a big poo didn't go anywhere. I took out as much water from the bowl as I I could, boiled some water and filled the bowl with half a bottle of dish soap. Added the boiling water and waited for a minute or so. Nothing happened. i flushed and the water rised to the dge again. Nothing happened. 10 seconds later, the magic sound of water going down the drain!!!!

      It's a miracle!

    • Whew 6 years ago

      My husband spent all afternoon yesterday plunging the toilet to no avail (after our 8 year old used it- too much tp perhaps?). I found this page, read the comments, and decided to try it. My husband was really skeptical, but I used the liquid dish soap and 3 pots of just-boiled water and VOILA! it worked. We let it sit for an hour or so, then flushed and it was all clear. Awesome remedy!

    • Skeptical 6 years ago

      I have the worst luck so I knew this wouldn't work for me but it did !!!!!! Just be patient, let the soap sit then add the water and let that sit. Plunge a bit and flush!

    • Nat 6 years ago

      Unbelievable! You guys won't believe how reluctant I was to call the property mgt. company about the clogged toilet. You see, I moved into this apt. about 2 months. Well, about 3 weeks ago, I broke one of the shower doors (not sure how that happened). Of course I call the property management company and they sent over maintenance guy who completely removed the whole shower door system and left me with shower curtains. Then 4 days later I had to call them because the toilet seat was really loose on the floor and leaking from under the linoleum floor.

    • charlie 6 years ago

      wow.. it just did.. it didn't subside but when i tried to use the wire.. such a charm.. it works and flushed.. hehehe.. great!!

    • charlie 6 years ago

      john is clogged and my friends are coming over for post xmas drinking session.. i just pour half bottle of liquid dish washing soap.. 1 pot of boiled h20.. crossing my fingers..

    • Potential Nightmare Before Christmas 6 years ago

      Christmas Eve and I clogged the f-ing toilet in my hotel room. I was panicking because I have to stay the entire day here thru Christmas since my flight was canceled due to freezing fog. I didn't have dish soap so decided to try just hot water. I popped my 50oz bottle of water into the microwave for 6 minutes and let it work it's magic. I was too afraid to flush after 15 minutes and since it was past midnight I figured I'd sleep on it and work up the courage to do it in the morning. Turns out I didn't have the courage in the morning either so reading another site it said you can use the "wire hanger trick" to which I felt slightly disgusted to attempt but I knew I'd be mega disgusted if I didn't try and ended up having an overflowing poopy toilet mess on the floor. The site said to take apart a wire hanger and use one end to "snake" out and break up the obstruction. Gross, I know. Anyway I didn't have a standard wire hanger so I ended up breaking the metal wire pant hanger part from the wooden coat hanger part and removing the metal clips. It was about 18 inches long once removed. I was able to clear the toilet paper within seconds. Gave the thing a flush and viola, it worked! I'm still stuck in this hotel for Christmas but the toilet works...and the hotel is out one wooden hanger :/

    • TI 6 years ago

      Thanks so much. I was plunging and plunging and nothing was happening. I don't even know why the toilet was clogged and I was beginning to believe it wasn't and that something else was the problem. I put in a cup of dish liquid, then poured 1/4 of a big pot of boiling water and waited 1 min. I flushed and it was all fixed. Thanks

    • Success! 6 years ago

      For those not having much success here's a tip: try using laundry detergent. I tried all the soap I had to no avail, but as soon as I poured laundry detergent in the bowl (All, High Efficiency, for anyone wondering), it went right down without any plunging. I also used 2 large pots of boiling water.

    • Himmy 6 years ago

      Holy crap! This totally worked for me!!!

    • Grateful 6 years ago

      Just someone else passing through to say that this did indeed work.

      I had tried flushing several pots of boiling water but to no avail. I found this tip and decided that it couldn't hurt to try. I didn't have any dish soap so I used shampoo and hand soap. I let the water sit for about 15 minutes and when I flushed it was still clogged. I felt so disapointed then. I gave a few disheartened plunges and whooosh. It all just went down like nothing! Thank you so much!

    • Pfft 6 years ago

      DID NOT WORK! Husband clogged toilet last night and was somehow able to flush that down... but did not tell me he clogged it, so when i went to clean it this morning and I flushed, I ended up with an indoor swimming pool for a bathroom. Tried this.... went through two huge pots of boiling water. Had to resort to calling maintenance because I just couldn't wait much longer... have to poo SO badly

    • so embarrassed 6 years ago

      My boyfriend went to work today and I stayed at his apartment. I had really needed to use the bathroom all day, so as soon as he left, I took advantage of the situation and layed out a big one. Unfortunately, I clogged his toilet and there is no plunger to be found in this place. I HOPE THIS WORKS.

    • jag 6 years ago

      It works perfectly... Thank you so so much.

    • Mary 6 years ago

      Yay, one try and wala! My stupid roommate clogged the toilet this morning and went to stay at her parents house for the night. We don't have a flippin plunger so I thought I was screwed. It was soo disgusting cleaning her poopy mess, but luckily I came across this magical site. THANK YOU FOR HELPING OUT, YOU ROCK!!!

    • Maggie  6 years ago

      I love you so muuuuucccch. It worked. I cant believe it. HAHAHHAA, Im now so proud of myself now.

    • shay 6 years ago

      Oh my God, it really worked! Thanks so much.

    • Lindsay 6 years ago

      Thanks for this article, it worked! Took us 2 tries but I'm just glad it worked!

    • Riss 6 years ago

      It's not working fark my life!!!!!!!!! :(

    • Riss 6 years ago

      I dont have a bloody plunger and have been trying to plunge my clogged toilet with the toilet brush for the past hour! I hope this works or I may kill myself!!!!

    • Paige 6 years ago

      This works! It's Thanksgiving, all the stores are closed, and of course, I have a clogged toilet. It took a half a bottle of dish soap and two pots of boiling water, but it worked! Yay! Also, my shower drain has been running slow so I poured a little (maybe 1/4 cup) of dish soap and the extra boiling water down the drain and it worked immediately. Thank you!

    • Hatfield 6 years ago

      Prayer and this method works. Didn't use the soap, just super hot boiling water. First Flush didn't do anything, 2nd did at the very end. Genius man!

    • Clog Free 6 years ago

      I had been battling a clog/slow drain toilet for 2 days. I plunged, wire hanged and my next step was to buy a snake tomorrow. Researched any other solution and was brought here.


      Honestly, was skeptical at first and was intensely paranoid the toilet would overflow. I used probably 3 ounces of dishwashing liquid and just tap water that was at the hottest temperature possible. I let it sit an hour for the water to subside/soap sink in then checked on it. Barely any water in the bowl, so flushed to see if anything would happen. Water filled the bowl, again I was paranoid of overflowing. Nothing happened and then I decided to plunge. The plunger wasn't working before then all of a sudden, glurb glurb glurb, the pressure flushed the toilet. SO EXTREMELY HAPPY. Toilet is A-OKAY now and I'm even better.

      I don't know if it was just the above directions to loosen the clog or a mix or whatnot, but I will always remember this from now on :)

    • soclogged 6 years ago

      OMG it worked, dishwasher fluid and pot of hot water flushed I'm so happy, my 2yr old clogged it with globs of tissue! Potty training

    • Happy Flusher 6 years ago

      Thanku thanku thanku THANKU!! It wouldn't friggin flush, yet it had nothing in it before i used it. but thaaaaaanku, it worked after one flush of using this remedy. i let it sit for 15 min, then added boiling water with soap. then let that sit for 5min, then added more boiling water n soap. one flush!! thanks budddd!!

    • Tina 6 years ago

      OMG. I've tried to use toilet bowl cleaner and it usually works. But this time around it didn't. And I was beyond frustrated. I tried plunging like a mad woman and nothing.

      I even bought a new plunger and still nothing. Then I came on this site and tried to pour hot tap water at the same time I was flushing and it worked. OH HAPPY DAY!

    • Phil 6 years ago

      It works indeed! And it worked using the soap (4 oz Dawn), filling the bowl to the rim with warm (hot water faucet) water, and waiting about 12 hours before the whoosh!

      Boiling water would definitely speed things up, but one caution: The seal between the toilet and the sewer pipe is made of WAX. So with boiling water, one can only hope that the clog breaks before the wax seal melts away!

    • Ashley 6 years ago

      Oh god I hope this works for me too....I have plunged that son of a gun for over an hour!

    • nik nik 6 years ago

      I just moved into my first house, took my first poo, and oooops.... a no go. No plunger yet but I unpacked all of my pans and filled all 4 burners with boiling water. First three pots didn't do anything. 4th pot (the big one) worked like a charm.

      I agree with a previous comment that it probably helped that each pot boiled at a different rate which allowed the boiling water from one pot to sit for a couple of minutes in the toilet until the next pot was ready.

      And now my toilet smells April Fresh!

    • in need of a toilet 6 years ago

      ok so this does indeed work...i just had a mini melt down because my toilet was clogged and i was in need of one (as you are when these things happen) and i just moved and dont have a plunger..so i tried this after i attempted the coat hanger nonsense..and it frickin worked..didn't even use that much soap...i did have to use 2 big pots of water though and just when I thought it was just someone wanting to make people have soapy toilets it magically just went down..LOVE it!!

    • Megan 6 years ago

      WOW! It really did work! I am sooooo relieved! I am soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!WHOOOO HOOOO

    • Megan!!!! 6 years ago

      WOW! I think its working!!!

    • Megan 6 years ago

      I have two kids and who knows what they put in there, yesterday I found a spoon! So I am going to try this, As I have been fighting with this clog for 2 weeks now! Please wish me luck

    • Thankyou so much! 6 years ago

      You just saved me a lot of explaining. Shower gel worked just as well

    • Becki 6 years ago

      WOOHOO!!! Just worked for me! THANK YOU!!!!!

    • kvn duritos 6 years ago

      I did not have a plunger in the house so I tried this method and it freakin' worked! I had to repeat the steps at least 4 times until the toilet finally flushed correctly. Patience, boiling water and a half bottle of dishwashing soap did the trick. Thanks OP.

    • olivia 6 years ago

      it's truly a miracle! thanks :D

    • marites o 6 years ago

      thanks, it works-instead of boiling water, i used the hot water in the bathtub- i did it several times and it works.

    • lol 6 years ago

      after a few tries it worked!! very happy with this.

    • Cheap Boudie 6 years ago

      it worked.... did a few shots of dawn and some hot water(not boiling) then a few plunges and it worked fine......

      a new fix..... whoppee for poopie

    • daddybear 6 years ago

      I have to admit, this Does work!!! I had 3 - 4 pieces of paper towel go into the stool and Yep, it plugged - I found this site and used her advice and it DID work!!! . Thanks.

    • janiepie05 6 years ago

      omg this seriously saved my life!!!! im only 15 and nobody would help me unclog it and i couldn't leave it just sitting there clogged even though i didn't do it. The first two trys it didn't work and i was so angry because i knew my mom was going to turn off the toilet completely if we didn't unclog it then i did the magical 3rd try and it worked!!!!! thanks so much!!!

    • kelly 6 years ago

      tryed it didn't work il ask my mum to do it lol

    • alwayz_nomadz@yahoo.com 6 years ago

      Awesome...works like a charm. You need BOILING hot water to do the trick.

      Thanks a ton.

    • kelly 6 years ago

      awesome trick! worked like a charm!

    • Rihata 6 years ago

      Wow, I couldn't believe this could help! I was fithing with my toilet for 2 days and was really embarrased to tell someone. Today I bought a plunger but still no result after 3 hours. I knew about hot water so I did that - no result. Then I found this idea. I used dish soap (as I didn't have hand soup) + some shampoo and left it for about 10 mins then flushed slowly, didn't work well. So I tried again, more soap and more water + 10 more min.. and oolaa!! Saved me an embarrasing call to the plumber for sure. Thank you.

    • mel 6 years ago

      waiting for the water to boil please work

    • Chris F 6 years ago

      So I was extremely skeptical. I had planned to go purchase a plunger this morning when I realized spending the time going out would cost me time working today. I just tried this and it worked like a charm. I was laughing with joy. Thanks!

    • skeptic.... 2 hours later 6 years ago

      so that previous post I just made about it not working?


      When I gave up before writing that last post, I had put another pot of hot water in the toilet... it didn't go down and flush right away like it should have.. so I got so frustrated I just left it there and didn't bother plunging it down anymore.

      Well, I decided two hours later to go and plunge it down again so that it was at least as empty as it normally should be. After I did that, I tried flushing again... just for the hell of it, remembering the posts on this site saying 3rd times a charm and advising to let the water sit there.


      it's a friggen miracle.

      ALSO, just an FYI to put this all into perspective.... this wasn't just poop clogged.... this was kitty litter that I thought was flush-able and actually was NOT flushable... basically a toilet bowl full of little pine chips. (Feline Pine). I thought my circumstance was lookin pretty grim


    • skeptic 6 years ago

      this didn't work. tried it multiple times. I plunge all the water first so its at the lowest level in the bowl so it doesn't overflow when i pour in the boiling water... so i put in 1/3rd cup of palmolive dish soap, let it sit for a minute or two, then poured the hot water in... nothing happened... the water didn't even go down the drain even though i poured it from waist level right over the hole. So now I just have a bunch of suds and water in the bowl and still a clog. When I keep plunging I can get the water to go down to the lowest point but then it clogs again when flushed.

    • relieved!!!! 6 years ago

      I have been working on the clog for 3 days plunging it every hr or so and it was getting ridiculous. I squirted green works dish soap in let that sit a few min plunged it to get soap forced down in there while i waited for water to boil. I was concerned now i had a sudsy mess but i poured the hot water in plunged it.... nothing left went back 5 min later plunged again and heard the notorious gulp of the clog being removed....OMG it worked i am very greatful of not having to make that call of shame:) thanks for the tip!!!! oh and all that soap/hot water cleaned my plunger so a two for one..lol

    • Gracias! 6 years ago

      So after unsuccessfully trying this twice, it finally worked! I was using a plunger and attempting to use a wire hanger for an hour before I tried this. I used a cup to get the water down really low, then squirted some dish soap in the bowl, let it sit for 8 minutes, poured in about 4 cups of boiling water, and then plunged furiously. Finally, it worked! If it doesn't work the first time, keep trying. Thanks again, sooo so much for this tip.

    • Micah 6 years ago

      The toilet has been clogged all morning. I tried this trick. At first, I thought the toilet was going to overflow because the water backed up all the way to the brim of the toilet, then about thirty seconds later WHOOSH, everything went down. I'm so grateful for this trick!

    • Liv 6 years ago

      Well I will be trying this in a couple of minutes...

    • angelica 6 years ago

      hey i tried this at home. my toilet bowl was clogged because of poo - we would try to use 10 buckets of water and spend 2 hours unclogging it but it wouldn't flush! at first we had the same problem and i used an expensive chemical for toilet declogger. the same problem happened the second time and it would be very expensive if i had to buy another one again, then same problem might happen later. i would be broke! the chemical was worth 5 dollars at the hardware and i would need to use all contents.

      after reading this, i poured almost half a bottle of a cheap dish soap, let it sit and poured 2 pans of boiling water after. i had it sit for a while and after 10 mins, it flushed~! i didn't even need a plunger. haha. this saved my life. thanks.

    • pianomomjj 6 years ago

      Worked great! I think the key is to let the soap sit for a few minutes so it can work it's way down to the clog ... then as you're pouring the boiling water in slowly, flush the toilet ... WHOOSH! No sudsy mess, just a perfect flush!

    • poofree 6 years ago

      It worked for me. Make sure you turn the water off to your toilet, before you try this. Wait awhile for the water level in the bowl to subside. It took me two pots of boiling water, and the I turned the water back on the toilet and flushed it all down. Yeah!

    • 201 6 years ago

      IT WORKED!!! we persevered! we didn't think it was going to work but we tried a second pot of hot water and it didn't go down at first but then MAGICALLY! it WORKED!!!

    • Nice :) 6 years ago

      It worked for me :). I had clear water with bits of toilet paper floating around like a snow globe. An out of country guest used about 15 sheets of toilet paper per go and about 5 days after the start of her visit the toilet finally clogged. No amount of plunging would help. I scooped out the excess water in the bowl with a cup and poured it down the shower (it wasn't gross water so it was okay). Then, I put in about 3T of dish detergent and then poured in 2 liters of boiling water. After plunging the soapy mess for about 3 or 4 minutes it all whooshed down. I feel like the toilet genius now :). Oh, and when I started no amount of plunging would get the water to go down. Yay!!!! :)

    • Sad 6 years ago

      Im at my bro's and i blocked the toilet! SO i put hot water with soap and it got worse...The bubbles overflowed and i couldn't see the water =( FML

    • Gross 6 years ago

      I tried this and my toilet overflowed...smelt like an awful porter potty because of the hot water. I decided to try one more pot of water because my bathroom was already gross and it worked!

      But I really wish it worked the first time because it is the grossest mess ever!

    • ht 6 years ago

      I was so worried.

      I let it sit for a few minutes and then flushed. It didn't work. I waited a few minutes, flushed again. Nothing. Tried plunging, but that didn't help. The toilet bowl was filled to the rim. I was scared it would overflow.

      I was searching for other methods when I heard a miraculous sound. I went to the restroom and voila, the toilet had cleared.

      I seriously recommend waiting a little bit for this to work. I love it.

    • Happy2bfree 6 years ago

      This actually works!!! I had been plunging for almost an hour. I put the dish detergent in and let it sit for a few minutes. Drain freed without the hot water. I put one pot of hot water in just to follow instructions completely. Gone in one flush!

    • Yay! 6 years ago

      Thank you SO MUCH! I clogged up my toilet with WAY too much toilet paper. I don't have a plunger and it's nighttime so I couldn't go get one. I dumped in a bunch of Dawn, then poured in 2 pans of boiling water. After 10 minutes, I flushed it. I was so scared, it was like a centimeter away from overflowing, then it all sucked down! Now it's perfect! I love whoever thought of this :)

    • Stace 6 years ago

      Unlike the crazy people who commented on how great this is before actually *trying* it, I waited until I actually did it, as I was skeptical. (Especially since many said they would "report back" and never did.)

      Well, it worked for me.

    • Samo 6 years ago

      Ok so someone must have clogged the toilet at my house because when I went in for my morning glory it over flowed immediately and flooded, I waited until it went down a bit at which point there was an inch or two of space from the lip of the kamode. 1 cup dish soap and a pot of boiling water, I then came to my computer and preprepped and illustrated death threat on this comment section incase my bathroom wound up filled with brownish yellow bubbles. To my sweet relief it worked! Macgyvers got nothing on you.

    • cloggedtoiletboy 6 years ago

      this worked beautifully thank you so much

    • shitgurl 6 years ago

      im so glad i found this; you saved me from having to pee in my yard tonight.

    • macclan 6 years ago

      After buying a plunger, then a snake and having no luck, my husband was on his way to get some big bad chemicals when I read this site. I said, "wait, wait, let's try this... so the water is on the stove, the dish soap is in the toilet bowl. We will get back to you once we have some results.

    • shannon 6 years ago

      OMG....who would have thought dish soap and hot water? I have plunged our toilet ALL day. It is an odd shaped bowl and we have an old school plunger that just would not make a fit and get the suction to unclog. I finally get a brain and google it and here you were. :) Worked the 1st time.

      All this thanks to my hubby who clogs it up right before leaving for work. :( ughhh...so irritating

      Thanks for posting!!

    • Evan 6 years ago

      Wow, this really works. It took 3 pots of water and now flushes really well. Thanks!

    • Wow 6 years ago

      Plunged the toilet for 45 minutes on and off. Tried this method once and gave up. But then I was desperate and decided to try it one more time. I squeezed a little joy in the toilet and poured hot tap water in........I then plunged twice and it cleared!!! I felt like I really accomplished something today. Lol. Thank you!!!

    • Kyle 6 years ago

      20 years old, and thought my toilet must be clogged more than these people. You know how you always think your situation in worse.

      Well i tried it. Nothing happened at first, then i used the plunger 5 times, and presto. Thank you.

    • Alex 6 years ago

      Hey thanks alo this technique worked for me and now it working perfectly fine...thanks once again

    • alicia 6 years ago

      OHMYGOSH! Tbhis worked in no time flat! Our toilet got clogged and I was at my wits end, pulling my hair out almost, with frustration. I had smelly potty that is located right next to the living room and was expecting company in just an hour! I had been plunging the stinky mess to no avail, and it was just getting everywhere! I had my one year old trying to "help", my five year asking "twenty one questions", my one month old crying, and of course had to get a piece of the action and pee on my carpet...needless to say I was near a breakdown! I used some liquid soap for my diahwasher though...but as soon as I. Poured the hot water in it started to flush down! I didn't even have to use the whole bowl of water. And the bubbles cleaned the bowl a bit for me! Whoever thought of this is my hero! With a large family in today's economy...any money (as well as stress) saved is greatly appreciated! Oh...by the way, does anyone have a home remedy for doggie pee? Lol.

    • Yay! 6 years ago

      I recently moved and don't have a plunger yet so I searched for ways to clear a blockage. I used a quarter cup of dish soap and a tea kettle full of boiling water.

      WARNING: Pouring boiling water into toilet clogged with feces will make a hideous steamy sewage smell. Just awful.

      Anyway, then I waited ten minutes and flushed. I thought it would overflow but it came right up to the rim and then stopped. That flush didn't work. I waited for it to slowly drain and then flushed again. It filled back up and began to slowly drain, and then suddenly it unclogged, drained completely, and filled up with clean water. I couldn't be happier.

    • Thrilled 6 years ago

      AMAZING. I'm housesitting and I ran into an awkward situation where I had a clog and didn't want to ask the owner where her toilet plunger was. After scouring the house, I finally found a plunger...that was broken. Desperate, I tried this, worked on the first try. You made my day, thanks!

    • Fecal Freddy 6 years ago

      Well, this has been a most interesting experience. Apparently my older toilet does not particularly like dish soap. I left it in there for a few hours, and when I went in to add the hot water, the dish soap had eaten away at the walls of my thin-base toilet, leaving a small hole and spilling poopy matter all across my bathroom floor. On the plus side, the clog is gone.

    • Christy 6 years ago

      No luck >_> Guess room service is gonna do the job in the morning. Lol. At least it's not poopy. Hopefully the person that called me doesn't get security on me for having nuisance on clogged toilets....

    • Christy 6 years ago

      Gahh. I did this and it didn't work. I'm at a hotel doing this and a lady calls me room asking me what's all this noise!? I'm gonna do this again and see what happens.

    • Clogged2 6 years ago

      Worked like a charm!! Left boiling water in toilet for 20 min, flushed slowly and poured a second dose of hot water.. that made the trick!

    • Sarah M 6 years ago

      Ugh.... it's 3:33 am and I need to pee so badly!! But my daughter pooped in the potty and didn't flush it's been slow for a couple days and I wasn't going to flush before I went cuz i was afraid it would back up and i didn't tihnk and I flushed now i have poopy water up the top of the bowl and I need to goooooo badly!!! if only it would go down enough that I could try this trick!! Any other suggestions?

    • Deborah 6 years ago

      Thank you sooooo much. I thought what do i have to lose. It worked great the first time. I had to plunge it one time so the hot water would go through and down it went. Thanks sooo much.

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