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What's the Best Sherwin Williams Ceiling Paint? My Top Picks

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Matt is a professional painter who owns and operates his own painting business, specializing in interior and exterior house painting.


Choosing the Best Sherwin Williams White Ceiling Paint

One of my least favorite areas to paint inside a home is a large ceiling, so using paint that covers great and dries evenly without lap marks everywhere is important. You have to be careful when choosing not only your shade of white, but also the paint, because some ceiling paints are absolute garbage.

Painting white over white on a ceiling is easy if the colors are similar, but if the new white is a lot brighter than the old one, the coverage will suffer, and if you're using watery paint on top of that you will end up having to apply additional coats to make it cover.

I've used ceiling and wall paints from several paint brands in my career including Behr, PPG, Pratt and Lambert, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. All of these brands offer great and not so great paints, but in this article I cover the best ceiling paints from Sherwin Williams. These are all paints I've used on ceilings with good results.


Sherwin Williams Promar 400 Flat Paint

I used Promar 400 flat to paint large ceilings on a residential painting project once with great results. Originally I was planning on using Eminence, or CHB, but due to the ongoing paint shortages, Promar 400 was literally the only flat paint in stock at my local Sherwin Williams store.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the Promar product line, which consists of 200, 400 and 700. These paints are generally geared towards rental properties and lower priority spaces. I used Promar 200 a lot in the past for walls, and that product is the best out of the three, but there are better paints to go with for walls. I used 700 a long time ago and found the coverage to be horrible. Don't buy that paint.

If your goal is to achieve a true flat finish on a ceiling with good coverage at a reasonable price, Promar 400 flat paint does the job. On the ceilings I painted, I was able to achieve solid coverage in one coat with only a few touch-ups needed in the corners. In terms of the ease of application, this paint does not spread as easily as other paints I've used, but it covers well when it dries.

The paint is also zero VOC and dries fast in the flat finish. I would use this paint again on ceilings. I should also mention that the official Promar ceiling paint performs good too if you can find it in stock at your local store.


Eminence Ceiling Paint

I've used Eminence several times on residential projects, including one that involved painting a high ceiling in a foyer. The paint covers great in one or two coats. Now of course if you're painting white over a dark color you should prime the ceiling first, but for white over white situations the paint covers well.

Another thing I like about this ceiling paint is it dries in a non-streaky, flat finish. Unless I'm painting a bathroom ceiling, I like using flat, but some "flat" ceiling paints are actually glossy and streaky. A good example is Behr ceiling paint. Don't paint your ceiling with that stuff, it's horrible. Eminence ceiling paint does not have any sheen at all. It is a true flat paint like Promar 400.

This paint also comes in its own base color called Bright White, which is, in fact, a very bright white with a high LRV (light reflectance value) of 92, so if you want to brighten up a room with a lighter ceiling color, the stock color alone will do the trick.

The problem with this product, as of this review update, is it can be difficult to find in stock due to the never-ending paint shortage. If you can find it in stock it's a great ceiling paint with optimal coverage and low spatter.


Sherwin Williams CHB Paint

Like Promar 400, CHB is not an official ceiling paint. It is actually marketed as a wall paint, but any painter who's used this paint knows it's awesome for painting ceilings. The paint is a true flat that covers really well in one to two coats. I once painted a brown bedroom ceiling with this product and it covered perfectly in three coats of the Sherwin Williams color Pure White, no primer needed.

Most of the white on white ceilings I paint with this product cover in one coat. All of the ceilings in my house, except the bathrooms, are painted with CHB, and I still use this paint for my interior painting projects, but only on ceilings.

As far as painting walls with this product, don't do it. The finish is very chalky and non-washable. If you scuff the wall you'll have a hard time wiping off the marks. CHB paint has been around forever and hasn't changed at all since I first used it nearly twenty years ago. This is not a low VOC paint. The odor is stronger than the other two paints in this article, but the odor doesn't linger either.

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