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Electricity & Wiring


Do You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel?

From your home being rewired to your circuit breaker tripping often, this article will offer a handful of reasons why it may be worthwhile to update your electrical panel.


How to Attach a Cover to a Recessed Light Switch or Electrical Outlet

Finished a home improvement project only to find out that the light switch or electrical outlet covers don't mate up because the switch or outlet is too far recessed into the wall? There is a simple and easy with to ensure that your switch or outlet extends exactly how you need it, every time.


How to Make a DIY Soldering Iron From a Broken One

In this article, we have a DIY life-hack with a broken soldering iron. You will learn to make one with the things already available in your workspace.


How to Survive a Whole House Rewire

Thinking of having your entire house rewired? It's often more daunting than people expect. Here are some tips to help you survive the experience.


How to Move a Light Switch or Electric Outlet

Tips for relocating an electric outlet or light switch from one wall to another with minimal damage to your drywall.


How to Wire a Plug Correctly and Safely in 9 Easy Steps

This guide shows you how to wire a UK-style, standard 3-pin plug and select the correct fuse. These basic principles can be applied to wiring plugs from other countries, only the colours are different


How Do Electrical Panels Work?

This article on electrical panels provides history, some facts, and a bit of technical jargon to help you with your next DIY project.


What Is the Ground (Earth) Wire For?

"Hot" and "neutral" supply power to an appliance, so why the need for a "ground" wire? Basically, it's included for safety reasons. This article explains how it all works....


How to Change a 3-Prong Electrical Outlet

A very easy way to change the electrical outlets in your home. Also, you can be very helpful for friends and family once you learn this simple task!


How to Install a GFCI Outlet

Detailed instructing by choosing, installing, and wiring a GFCI outlet. Written by an electrician for the homeowner doing their own work.


How to Replace a Light Switch Step-By-Step

Follow this step-by-step photo guide for replacing a three-way light switch. It only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.


How to Add a Switch to an Electrical Outlet

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to add a switch to an electrical outlet to provide for a switched outlet.


How to Add an Outlet to an Existing Wall

Tips and specific directions on how to install a new outlet on an existing wall.


What Causes Electrical Faults: Understanding MCBs, GFIs and RCDs

This article discusses types of circuit breaker and faults that can trip them.


How to Replace a Fluorescent Ballast

Instructions on how to change a ballast in a fluorescent light fixture.


How to Use a Multimeter to Measure Voltage, Current and Resistance

A comprehensive guide showing how to use a multimeter or DMM. A multimeter is a useful instrument in a home toolkit for measuring voltage, current and resistance and also for tracing breaks in wires, testing diodes, capacitors and fuses.


How to Clean Electrical Connectors

How to clean electrical connectors and connections, particularly automotive connections.


How to Bend Electrical Pipe

Directions for how to make simple bends in EMT. Learn how to bend electrical pipe.


How to Replace a Fuse in a Fuse Box

Sooner or later everyone will have to replace a blown fuse. Here, you'll find a description of different types of fuses and tips on changing all the different styles.


How to Test a Fuse (Plug Fuses, ATC Automotive, Cartridge, etc.)

Directions and tips on how to check various fuses to see if they are blown.


The Most Common Causes (and How to Prevent Them!) of Electrical Fires in the Home

Hundreds of homes burn each year from electrical fires. Learn the common causes of house fires and how to protect your home.


Adding Electrical Outlets: How to Wire a New Outlet to an Existing One

Need more plugs? Here's how to add a new outlet by wiring into an existing outlet. Complete instructions here, including tips on running the wire and actually wiring the circuit.


An Electrician Explains How to Wire a Switched (Half-Hot) Outlet

Detailed instructions for wiring an outlet so that half of it can be turned on via a wall switch. All your questions will be answered by an expert electrician, with diagrams and a video to help you.


How to Bend a 3 or 4 Point Saddle in an EMT Conduit

Instructions on how to bend both 3 point saddles and 4 point saddles in EMT electrical conduit.


How to Wire a 4-Way Light Switch (With Wiring Diagram)

This guide will provide instructions on how to wire a 4-way light switch, including simply replacing a 4-way switch and wiring a new 4-way switch into a set of two 3-way switches. Diagrams and links to related articles are also provided.


Install Your Own Line Voltage Baseboard Heater Thermostat

In this article, you'll learn how to choose, buy, and install a thermostat for baseboard heaters or other electric heat source.


How to Wire a 3-Way Switch: Wiring Diagram

How to wire 3-way light switches, with wiring diagrams for different methods of installing the wire between boxes. Step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guides included.


A Conduit Bending Guide on How to Bend an Offset

One of the more common bends made in electrical conduit is the offset bend. This page incorporates a comprehesive conduit bending guide and describes how to bend an offset using multipliers.


A Comprehensive Guide for Electricians on How to Bend EMT Conduit

A comprehensive guide on how to bend conduit, with instructions on how to bend 90s, offsets, saddles, and even concentric bends. A must-read for any electrician, from apprentice to journeyman.


EMT Electrical Conduit Pipe Bending Instructions for Making Concentric Bends

EMT conduit bending instructions on how to make concentric bends in conduit. Not an easy task, but not impossible either, and one that should be understood by electricians everywhere.

Various outlets.  Only the top three will be discussed

How to Wire Electrical Outlets: DIY Receptacle Wiring

Professional instructions for wiring both 15 and 20 amp outlets, by the DIY homeowner. Learning how to wire electric outlets is a simple task that nearly everyone can do themselves.


Recommended Hand Tool List for the Apprentice Electrician

Best recommended electrician tools. An electrician's hand tools are his life blood—it is imperative that every electrician own a good set of tools.


Formulas and Multipliers for Bending Conduit or Electrical Pipe

Learn how to bend conduit to any configuration desired, not merely the common bends on a conduit bender. Math formulas and multipliers are also covered to help you bend electrical conduit.


EMT Electrical Conduit Pipe Bending: How to Bend a 90

A guide for bending a 90 degree bend in an electrical conduit. Possibly the most basic and common of bends, but there are several ways to bend a 90.


Installing or Replacing a Light Switch

Easy-to-understand instructions for installing or replacing a light switch, including 2-way, 3-way and 4-way switches.


How to Bend Pipes: An Electrical Conduit Bending Guide

A conduit-bending guide with instructions on how to bend EMT conduit. Learn how to bend conduit easily and effectively with a hand bender.


Connecting Stranded Wire to an Outlet

Instructions for wiring an outlet from a contractor. When your outlet isn't working and you discover a wire that's come unattached, here's what you should do.


Choosing, Installing and Wiring a Home Thermostat

Thermostat installation: how to choose, install and wire a thermostat for your home heating system.

A house electrical panel with the cover removed.

House Electric Panel Pictures

The following pictures of a house electric panel can help readers who wish to know how the panel controls electricity in the whole house. Further diagrams and breakdowns are also included.


How to Use Less Electricity

Too much use of electricity? Here are some tips on how to cut back on your electricity usage by knowing what your electrical devices use.

Simple Continuity Tester

How to Use a Continuity Tester

Learn how to use a continuity tester safely on several sources around the house.