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Does Your Gas Fireplace Keep Going Out? Here's How to Fix It

Do you have an issue with your gas fire keeping going out? Here's some of the potential issues that might be causing the issue.


House Smelling Like Smoke From the Fireplace? Fix It Here

Are you wondering why your house smells like smoke from the fireplace and looking for solution on how to fix it? This guide should help you with just that.


How I Painted My Brick Fireplace Black in 3 Easy Steps

With one day, a little elbow grease, primer, and black paint, I was able to update our 1980s red brick fireplace. In only three easy steps, the centerpiece of our living room was completely transformed into a fresh yet classic look.


Dimplex DLGM29 Opti-Myst Open Hearth Fireplace Insert Review

I will share my personal review of the Dimplex DLGM29 Opti-Myst electric fireplace insert, as well as simple assembly instructions.


How to Sweep Your Own Chimney

If you live in a relatively modern home, you can save yourself a bundle by sweeping your own chimney. It is not for the faint of heart, but a very doable DYI home project.


Common Uses for Wood Ash in Your Home & Garden

Get more than just warmth from your home fireplaces with these helpful tips for using wood ash around your home and garden.


How to Frame a Fireplace

This article covers all the basic steps from start to finish on how to build a fireplace surround. I cover instructions on how to build the frame, drywall, stonework, and of course, the mantel.


Make a Decorative Indoor Fireplace and Emergency Heater Without a Chimney

How to make an emergency heat source or decorative fireplace for cheap without a chimney.


How to Build a Gas Fire Pit

Building a gas fire pit might seem like an onerous task for a DIY full or partial project, but it's doable and this guide will help you!


How to Make a Faux Fireplace on a Budget (With Photos!)

How to paint faux bricks to create a beautiful fireplace. This DIY tutorial contains lots of photos!


What to Know Before You Buy a Wood Stove or Pellet Stove

This article discusses the ecological and financial advantages of wood stoves, pellet stoves and fireplace inserts.


How to Make Quick and Easy Newspaper Bricks for Your Fire

Easy instructions with photos on how to make paper bricks. Don't shred and soak newspaper when making paper logs for burning in your fire. Dry your paper logs so quickly you can burn them the next day!


How to Split Logs for Firewood by Hand

If you're thinking about using wood heat or need to brush up on your wood-chopping skills, you'll want to check out this article on chopping wood by hand.


How to Build a Fieldstone Fire Pit in 5 Easy Steps

Follow this step-by-step guide to building a DIY fieldstone fire pit that your family and friends will enjoy for many years to come.


Are Vent-Free Propane Gas Log Fireplaces Good or Bad?

This article considers the pros and cons of vent-free gas log fireplaces. How safe are vent-free units? What should you be cautious about before buying and installing a vent-free unit?


How to Select and Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Need to add heat to a room? While traditional fireplaces exist, an electric version might also work. Find out about electric fireplaces here.


Electric Corner Fireplace: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for some supplemental heat at home, you might want to learn more about an electric corner fireplace.


Choosing Between the Different Types of Fireplace Grates

Learning which grate will meet your needs is incredibly important because using the wrong grate may end up costing you more money than you save.


How to Make Gel Fuel for Your Ventless Fireplace: A DIY Guide

Gel fuel is an awesome compound that's really useful when combined with ventless fireplaces. It can be expensive, though, so learning how to make gel fuel can be handy.


How Electric Inserts Differ From Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces

Electric vs. gas firepaces- read on to discover what differentiates one from the other.


How to Build an Outdoor Brick BBQ Grill (DIY)

Get some tips and ideas for building your own backyard brick barbecue grill to take your outdoor grilling to the next level.

Finished project.

How to Build a Simple Do-It-Yourself Corner Fireplace

In this article, I will discuss how we completed our DIY corner fireplace project, so you can tackle it at home too.


How to Fix a Gas Fire That Keeps Going Out

Learn why your gas fire keeps going out—even when it still seems on—and how you can fix this.