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PVC as a Flooring Material

PVC is a great flooring material for rooms where you don't want a cold stone floor or a rug. It's perfect for kitchens and bathrooms since PVC is both waterproof and durable.


How to Replace Cracked or Damaged Floor Tile

A step-by-step guide to help remove and replace a broken floor tile without damaging the neighboring tile.


Redoing Carpeted Stairs: From Worn-Out Carpet to Paint, One Couple's Journey!

We redid our steps from carpet to paint and bead board. We learned some lessons and saved some money along the way.


About Parquet Flooring: Types and Installation

Learn about parquet flooring and the terms involved with it like 'parquetry' and 'marquetry'. Wood flooring is very popular, but parquet is the craft at its best. Good parquetry is truly an art!


Renters Rejoice! Using Contact Paper to Redo the Floors

Ever want to update your home and add some style but can't do anything permanent? Look no farther.


What You Need to Know About Replacing Carpet With Pergo

If you are thinking of replacing your carpet with laminate, this true story will fill you in about the pros and cons of doing so.


How to Stain a Hardwood Floor in 5 Steps

Instructions for how to stain a hardwood floor. It's not as difficult as you may think! Learn how to remove ugly old carpeting, sand a hardwood floor & apply wood stain for a beautiful shiny finish.


Why We Chose Vinyl Flooring for Our Kitchen (Instead of Wood or Laminate)

This is my experience installing luxury vinyl flooring in our home—from deciding on the product to seeing it done. I hope you can learn something from my experience.


What Causes Carpet Rippling?

Learn about the major causes of the ripples in your carpet.


How to Make Minor Repairs to Vinyl Flooring

Minor repairs to vinyl flooring can keep it looking good as new, and save you money on replacing the whole floor.

DIY Floor blurb

How to Lay Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring

This is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to installing your new peel and stick vinyl tile flooring yourself, no matter what your skill level. I did it, and so can you!


Tips and Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing Hardwood Floors

Tips and step-by-step directions for installing laminate hardwood flooring, including lots of photos of a new floor going down.


Installing Colonial Baseboard: 8 Helpful Tips You Should Know

Installing colonial baseboard can add a great deal of warmth and style to your room. Check out this article for eight great tips and techniques to help you with this DIY project!


How to Remove Laminate Floor Diy

There are times when you need to remove laminate floor to enhance the decor and re-lay new flooring, or may need to redo a portion of the floor in areas that have worn out. It's easy if you know how.


Living High vs. Lying Low: Deciding Which Floor Is Best for You

Apartment living is something that many believe everyone should experience, if only once. While you don't have some of the luxuries that you'd enjoy in your own home (a yard, for example), most apartments have perks of their own.


The Pros and Cons of Saltillo Mexican Tile

Owner review of advantages and disadvantages of installing Saltillo tiles.


5 Steps to Calculate How Much Tile You Need

Whether you’re planning on installing a floor or simply calculating how much you need to budget for, you can determine how much tile you need. For a wall project, the steps are the same.


A List of 10 Types of Flooring Material

If you are thinking about quality flooring, there are quite a few options available. It pays to be an educated consumer.

Removing old vinyl using a hand scraper.

How to Lay Self-Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring

Tips on how to lay self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles for a new flooring look. A simple job easily accomplished by the homeowner needing a new floor.

Oak Wood Floor

How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

Carpeting was a fad in the 60s and 70s. What homeowners covered is a grade of wood that is now impossible to find. Refinishing these old wood floors will improve your home's look and health. Read why.


A Hardwood Floor Installation Guide for Both Engineered and Non-Engineered Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring installation for both engineered and regular hardwood flooring. Instructions for the homeowner on how to install hardwood flooring.

What Is the Best Hardwood Floor Glue or Adhesive for Your Money?

A discussion of the best wood floor glue for the do-it-yourselfer.


Why I Love Carpet and Hate Hardwood Floors

I simply do not understand why people nowadays are choosing hardwood floors over carpet for their homes. It seems that in every home show I watch, people are always acting like carpet is so undesirable. In this article, I explain why I disagree.


DIY: How to Refinish, Seal, and Maintain a Slate Tile Floor

This article explains how to strip off old sealer and reapply it for a clean, waterproof slate tile floor.


How to Apply Ceramic Tile Grout (Do-It-Yourself)

Most DIY home repair enthusiasts can apply ceramic tile grout. It isn't as hard as many may think. If you are just learning how to grout or need a few tips to help you along, this article will give you grouting tips, tell you what you need to carry out the task and how to maintain your grout works.

Hardwood floor.

Residential Flooring Options: Pros and Cons of Each, With Pics

If you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, or just some home repairs or home improvement, you’ll be faced with numerous decisions. One area of mind-boggling decisions you’ll have to deal with pertains to floors and...

Dogs in your home could mean damaged and scratched flooring.  What is the best solution for flooring when you have dogs?

Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Options for Dogs

So, you have pets... more specifically dogs... and you are looking at the best flooring options for pet owners. Which do you choose? Hardwood? Bamboo? Laminate? Carpet?

QuietMaxx is a popular laminate underlayment.  An underlayment is important not only with buffering sounds but also with protecting your floors from moisture underneath the floors.

Best Laminate Flooring Underlayment Tips for Concrete

Most people who are looking to lay laminate floors are mostly concerned with the color of the floor itself.  Your flooring is important both on the laminate you install and the underlayment underneath the laminate itself.