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Does Your Gas Fireplace Keep Going Out? Here's How to Fix It

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If you own a gas fireplace, then you should be all too aware of just how comfortable this can keep you. A good quality gas fireplace can make a huge difference to your day-to-day living if you use them correctly. Though they can be somewhat expensive to run, for many fireplaces like this can be a wise investment when used appropriately. However, like many other people who own a gas fireplace, you might run into one very common yet annoying problem: the gas fireplace keeps going out.

For many, this problem persists and is very hard to find a fix to. However, simply ignoring the problem is not going to make it solve itself; when your gas fireplace keeps going out, you need to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. This is an issue that, if let alone, will simply get worse and happen more regularly.

To help you make the right choice, we recommend that you try some of the following tips and tricks. This might help you to solve the issue of your gas fireplace going out without you wanting it to. So, what solutions are purported to work?

Check Your Pilot Light

The most common starting place for problems with your gas fireplace is going to be with your pilot light. The pilot light is an essential part of the entire system. Many times, your gas fireplace is turning off because the pilot light cannot stay lit. This can happen for various reasons, but finding out what the cause of the light not staying on should be your priority.

You should take a look to see what is causing the problem. The most common solution to a broken pilot light is the thermocouple needing changed. This could be worn out or it could be otherwise damaged. You should therefore look to have someone check and change the thermocouple for you. Otherwise, you can likely find instructions for changing the thermocouple on your gas fireplace. Simply look up the brand and style that you own and try that out.

Contaminated Gas

If you go to check the pilot light and notice that it seems to have a fully yellow or fully red flame you need to get this investigated as soon as possible. This is a clear sign that your gas fireplace has got contamination within the gas and it has to be solved by a heating engineer. If you notice this, turn off the gas fireplace and contact a professional as soon as possible.

The flame should be a blue colour with a very small amount of yellow mixed in. The more yellow or red the flame is, the greater the contamination. This is not a problem that you could solve on your own, so you should definitely look to have a professional look at your system.

They can then determine what the best solution will be and what the easiest next steps will be to keep your gas fireplace working.

A Damaged Thermopile

Another cause of your gas fireplace failing to stay active is a damaged thermopile. Thermopiles can be tested with a multimeter. This can analyse the TH/TP contacts to ensure that enough electricity is being produced. Before you test this, turn on the pilot light for 2-3 minutes and then turn it off entirely.

You might also need to check this and make sure that it is producing the right amount of electricity. The best thing to do, though, is to speak with the manufacturer and/or get the manual that comes with your gas fireplace. This will tell you what you should be looking for in terms of numbers so that you know what to look out for and what might be causing the issue in the first place.

Consider this, and you should be able to quickly find a solution – most multimeter readings should be around 300 millivolts or higher. If it reads then, you probably need to clean or adjust your thermopile.

Still Not Sure What to Do?

Still having a headache trying to get your gas fireplace to work when you ask? Then you might want to think about calling in a technician. Professional support to solve the issue is highly recommended if you have went through the above steps with no success. Sadly, sometimes the problem with your gas fireplace might just be that it needs to have a more serious repair service carried out.

Always avoid taking risks beyond what we have suggested above. And if you feel like any of the above solutions are daunting and/or worrisome, then we highly recommend that you look to get in touch with an expert. There is simply not benefit to ignoring the problem, nor is there any benefit to trying to fix the solution yourself at great personal risk.

Of course make sure that you contact a professional if none of the above works out, or you feel uncertain trying the above.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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