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House Smelling Like Smoke From the Fireplace? Fix It Here

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As the owner of a fireplace, it is pretty common to find yourself dealing with problems regarding smoke smells. If you use a fireplace on a regular basis, you might start to notice that your house is beginning to smell as if it is smoking. That is not a good sign. If this begins to cause you problems to the point where it is noticeable on a regular basis you need to make sure that you take action and solve the problem as soon as is possible.

If your house smells like smoke from fireplace usage, there are some effective solutions that you can put into place to fix the issue. This simple guide should break down what you need to know about the causes of the smell as well as give you some insight and useful information into how to fix the problem.

What Makes My House Smell Like Smoke From Fireplace Usage?

There are various reasons why this might happen – the most common, though, is down to ashes remaining in the fireplace. If you are regularly using your fireplace then it makes sense that the ashes and dirt that build up are going to need to be cleaned out. If you forget to do this, though, they will eventually bind together and create what is known as creosote.

This is an awful smelling product that is not good for air pressure in the room. However, speaking of air pressure, negative air pressure within a room with a fireplace is another common reason for that smoky smell to linger needlessly. The first thing you should do to try and get rid of this smell, then, is to clean out your fireplace.

This should be done with care, but it should also be done thoroughly. Be sure to get rid of any creosote that has built up, and take time to properly look at and investigate the fireplace. Look for anything that might have built up in terms of residue, dirt, and debris.

You should also wipe down the fireplace with a water and vinegar mixture. Wipe it down, let it sit for a period, and then dry it all off. This should get rid of both the cause of the smoky smell and make sure you can get rid of any of the excess that has built up within the regularly used fireplace.

Solving Air Pressure

A common reason, as noted above, for the fact that your house smells like smoke from fireplace usage is air pressure. Negative air pressure can leave to this problem. A common reason for negative air pressure revolves around fatigue fans within your kitchen and/or bathroom. It could also be caused by problems with your windows, your water heater, your dryer, and various other commonly used appliances.

Solving your air pressure is an essential thing to focus on. Look for things like leaky air ducts, broken exhaust fans, and also what kind of damper is on your fireplace. If your fireplace damper is not working, then replace it with a stainless steel damper to make sure that the problem you are dealing with is dealt with in good time.

Look for Lingering Locations

Even if you do the above, though, that smoke smell might still stick around. Why? Because smoke smells cling and linger on surfaces and in items. This means that things like your walls, carpets, pillows, upholstery, curtains, and even your flooring can become sick with the smell. So, you should clean them all down with a water-vinegar mixture that can be sprayed onto every surface you think has a lingering smoky scent.

You should also take a wet towel and drip it in vinegar. Then, wave that vinegar-soaked towel around in the room. This will make sure that the vinegar gets into the air and it will quickly begin to overpower and kill off these rancid smells that stick around the place.

You should also put some baking soda over things like carpet, rugs, blankets, pillows etc. and leave it on for an hour. Then, vacuum up the powder and you should find that it takes the smoky smell with it as you do this.

You might also even want to think about getting some fireplace fragrance oils. These can be used to help pre-prepare your fireplace so that the lingering stink cannot stick around longer than it is welcome. This works well to make sure you can remove these smells from the air.

Lastly, you might even want to think about investing in a good old air purifier. Along with the above, this should do a fine job of making sure you can get rid of as much of the fire scent that lingers in the air as is possible. Time, effort, commitment, and consistency all matter as you try and get rid of the smoky smell in your fireplace that sticks around. Try it out, and see for yourself the positivity that these results bring.

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