How to Get a Ceramic Bathroom Towel Bar Off the Wall

Updated on February 8, 2017

Removing a Ceramic Towel Bar

Do you have one of these in your bathroom? Is it in the wrong place, like mine was? It's not that hard to remove. Here is how I did it.

What You'll Need:

An X-acto knife and a chisel and hammer.

How to Do It:

  1. Score around the edges of the ceramic with the X-acto knife.
  2. Next take your chisel and hammer and carefully tap around the ceramic bar mount that you have scored. I used the very corner of the chisel to tap it. It will become loose but don't let it drop. If someone is available then they can hold on to it till it is completely tapped around. Then the ceramic towel bar mount should just come off. Don't pull it off.
  3. Next when it is off you can sand the wall opening to make it flat. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust off the wall.

Below, I'll show you how to repair the wall now that the bar has left a hole in it.


After the Towel Bar Is Off

This is what it looks like when the bar is removed. As I said, you will have to sand around the opening to make the wall smooth.


What to Use to Patch the Wall

Here is what I used to patch the wall. You can get them at any hardware store. It's a peel and paste mesh that fits over the hole. You will also need some drywall patching plaster and a drywall taping knife.


Here It Is with the Patch on the Wall

It's very easy— just peel and stick to the wall.

Here I have applied one coat of plaster.
Here I have applied one coat of plaster.

Next, Apply the Plaster

  1. Apply one layer.
  2. After it dries, sand it very smooth with drywall sandpaper.
  3. Apply a second coat: after it dries, sand again. Get it as smooth as possible.
  4. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust between coats.


If Your Wall Has Texture

  1. This is the product I used to match my wall texture. Get something like this from the hardware store.
  2. Use a piece of cardboard to do a test spray to match your wall texture.
  3. After it dries, then you can paint.

(If you have flat walls, you don't need to do this.)


Now I Can Hang My Picture!

Here is my finished wall after painting. My picture is up! Yeah!

How did your repair go?

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