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Different Types of Lighting for Your Home

This article will explain the different types of lighting, including: general ambient, task, natural and accent. You will learn how to use particular light fixtures effectively to create the common types of interior lighting.


Wixann 9W Smart LED Light Bulb Review: Cheap Color Bulbs for All

The Wixann 9W Smart LED Bulb is a Wi-Fi light that can change colors, is dimmable, and can be controlled via Smart Life app or voice with Alexa and Google Assistant. This review will cover my thoughts on trying out this product.


Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Delightful outdoor lighting heightens safety and enjoyment with your family and friends. Follow these tips to help you illuminate your flawless landscape.


Guerrilla Furniture Design: How to Make Your Own DIY Yogurt Lamp

This article will show you how to make your own DIY lamp using old yogurt containers, cement, and a few electrical parts.


How Interior Lighting Affects Your Choice of Décor Colors

Has it ever occurred to you that interior lighting can affect the décor colours you choose for your interior design scheme? From your furniture to your finishes, don’t be surprised if the colour you thought was red turns out to appear burgundy under the effect of different indoor lights.


Is Lighting Design an Essential Part of Interior Design?

Why does lighting design play a major role in interior design, and why is a lighting plan an important part of an interior designer’s proposal? Find out why lights and lighting are important, and how they are integral parts of any interior design concept.


Imaginative Ways to Use Pendant Lighting

These hanging light fixtures add personality and style to any room in your house. We'll show you how to use pendant lights to focus illumination exactly where you want it.


Light Bulb Types: How Much Do LED Lights Save per Year?

How much do led lights save per year? Today, LED light bulbs pay for themselves after only months. I compare LED vs. incandescent, Halogen floodlights vs. LED floodlights, and CFL vs. LED.


Can You Replace Fluorescent Tubes With T8 LED Tube Light?

Replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED will save you money, give you better light, and reduce environmental harm. Here are step-by-step instructions.


How to Replace or Retrofit Fluorescent Tubes With T8 LED Tube Lights

This article will provide detailed instructions on retrofitting existing fluorescent tubes to LED lamps. Benefit from energy savings, cold weather operation, and long life by changing out your 4-foot fluorescent tubes to LEDs.


Why Switch to LED Lighting?

This article discusses LEDs, their advantages, and where you might use them in your home or office.


Lighting Control and Automation Technologies

Control and automation technologies can enhance interior spaces by customizing lighting, increase comfort for occupants, and saving energy.


LED Lighting: Choosing the Right Color Temperature

Not all tones of white light are made equal. When you upgrade your lighting to LED, make sure you choose the right color of light. Find out what the difference is between warm, clear, or cool light.


Marine Oil Lamps: A Traditional Look

Traditional marine oil lamps are an essential for any boat or any nautically themed room. They are also incredibly functional in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation.


How to Make a Twig Chandelier

Check out these tips for making a twig chandelier. Videos, photos, and information on best natural materials are included.


LED, Fluorescent, and Halogen Lights: What Is the Difference?

With so many choices for alternative lighting solutions, what are the main differences between the main choices you see available between LED, fluorescent, and halogen incandescent lights?


The Facts About Incandescent Light Bulbs

The incandescent light bulb is not a thing of the past—it's just more efficient. Learn how to read the box to understand energy use, efficiency, lumens, and watts.


DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights

Step-by-step directions for making your own stylish, re-purposed mason jar lights. Use them individually as pendants, or combine them to make a chandelier as demonstrated here. C'mon, you know you want to!


Pros and Cons of Fluorescent Lighting

Do you know what fluorescent light problems to look out for? When considering the debate of incandescent vs CFL, it's best to learn about both sides of the issue.


A Guide to Choosing Lighting for Your Home: LED, Metal Halide, CFL, Sodium and Incandescent

A guide to different lighting types in the home and their pros and cons. Covering incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, CFL, sodium, metal halide and LED.


Rope Light Installation and Uses

Suggestions on uses of rope lighting as well as directions for installing rope lights.


How to Replace a Ceiling Light Fixture

Tips and detailed instructions on how to replace a ceiling light in your home. An easy task if you know what you're doing.


How to Install a Motion Sensor Light

Tips and detailed instructions on how to install a motion sensor light outdoors with lots of photos.


Outdoor Lighting Installation Tips

These tips will guarantee your low-voltage lighting installation goes well and remains sound for years to come.


Lighting Guide for Patios and Outdoor Rooms

Patio lighting goes beyond installing light fixtures strictly for illumination. Your outdoor living space must also be lit in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it must also make your outdoor room an enjoyable space to be in.


DIY Pendant Lights

Making your own pendant light fixture isn't nearly as hard as you might think. Learn how to make them with directions and tons of inspiration for designing your own DIY pendant light.


Incandescent vs. Halogen Light Bulbs

When shopping for lighting, it is most important to understand the light source and the wattage that will be saved. As these are choices important to your wallet, the article explains the factors.


How Much Money Can You Save by Switching to Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (Cfls)?

CFL bulbs became more and more popular as the price per unit came down. When one takes into account the life span of a CFL (9–10 years), that supposedly beats the price of an incandescent over time. I conducted a personal experiment to see the difference for myself.


How to Install and Wire a Light Fixture at Home

Learn how to remove an old light fixture and install and wire a new one from an electrician that has installed thousands of fixtures.

Guy fixing a common set up; emergency light with an exit sign

How to Fix an Emergency Light

Why do you need to fix an emergency light? Can’t it wait? Is it really that important? Yes, yes it is.

A crazy "modern" basement.

The Best Light Bulbs for Garages, Home Offices, and More

Learn how to choose the best and most energy-efficient light bulbs for garages, home offices, and more.

A kitchen.

The Best Light Bulbs for Each Room in Your Home

Learn about the best energy-efficient light bulbs to use for each room in your home.


How to Hang Christmas Lights

How do people put up Christmas lights? Why do other people's lights seem to look so much better? Does everyone put huge nails and holes in their walls? What other options are there?