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Wixann 9W Smart LED Light Bulb Review: Cheap Color Bulbs for All

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Wixann 9W LED Smart Bulb (RGB/cool white/warm white)

Wixann 9W LED Smart Bulb (RGB/cool white/warm white)

Wixann 9W Smart Bulbs: Inexpensive, Colorful, and Voice Controlled

The Wixann 9W Smart LED Bulbs are beautiful RGB, cool/warm white Wi-Fi lights that produce 16 million colorful shades and can be dimmed or turned on/off via app or voice. The lights can be controlled via app, Google Assistant, Alexa, or IFTTT. The Smart Life app can be downloaded on Android/iOS devices, so they should be able to work with Siri/iPhone as well.

Why I Recommend These Lights

After weeks of use, I've been impressed by their color palette, brightness, easy setup, and ability to integrate into schedules/scenes/routines through the app or with Google/Alexa's custom programs. And if you're in the market for functional smart lights on a budget, then these gems are worth looking into.

Wixann Product Information

Product info taken from Amazon product page, item box, and user manual.

Tech specsDescription


$23.99 (varies)



Input Voltage

100-240V AC

Max Luminous Flux



RGB/Cool White/Warm White

Color Temperature


Wi-Fi Connection

2.4GHz only

Type of Bulb


Lifespan (3hr/day use)

20 years

Annual Energy Costs

$1.08 annual (per bulb)



Multi-Light Control (Group)


Smart Hub Required


Works With Schedules/Routines/Scenes


Work With Voice

Yes, Google/Alexa

Works With IFTTT


Batteries Required




Work With App

Yes, Smart Life (Android/iOS)

Assembled Height


Assembled Length/Width



7.5 oz. (per bulb)

Safety Certifications


What's Included

Wixann 9W LED Bulbs (3-Pack), User Manual, Thank You Card

Pros and Cons of Wixann 9W LED Smart Bulbs

I was skeptical in investing in these lights given my unfamiliarity with the brand, but that skepticism quickly went away after my first bulb setup. It was very easy to install and pair with my Amazon Alexa smart speakers, and that's just one of many reasons to buy these lights.

Top 5 Pros

  • Very bright 900 lumens
  • 16 million shades of RGB+CCT color
  • Full app and Alexa/Google voice controls (schedules/scenes/routines/groups)
  • Dimmable and no wires/smart hub required
  • Easy to install/pair

I was stunned by how bright these suckers were as my Philips Hue bulbs could only do 750–800 lumens, which is very noticeable side by side. If you don't like it too bright, then use the dimming settings in the app and change it.

If you have an Alexa/Google Home speaker, then you can pair the lights with them for a complete handsfree experience. The setup process with the app and speakers was very easy for me, and I hope the experience is just as flawless for you.

I can't wait for you to experience all the smarts and colors these lights have to offer, and if you're feeling extra crafty, then try creating schedules (bedtime), scenes (movie night), or routines (morning) to get more satisfaction out of these devices.

So now that we got that out of the way, is there anything to be concerned about? Maybe, but I think any minor concerns can be alleviated quickly.

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Top 3 Cons

  • Only works with 2.4GHz connections
  • May be harder to pair and connect for some
  • Faulty bulbs that burn out quickly

The biggest con may be that the devices only work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections, but it's pretty easy to bypass that on your router (the manual has you covered).

Beyond that, I've seen complaints with people having difficulty pairing with their smart speakers or that the bulbs either disconnected frequently or burned out after a few days.

If the bulbs burn out fast, then you likely received a faulty product and should contact Wixann immediately to schedule a replacement or refund. If you're having connection problems, then redo the setup instructions or contact customer support for assistance.

Note: You'll need to download and register your device on the Smart Life app first before pairing with a smart speaker. The app is also available in the skills section of your Google Home or Amazon Alexa app. I was able to install/pair everything in five minutes, and I don't see it taking much longer than that.

Your smart speakers are also very adept at picking up newly installed smart devices; my Echo Dot paired with the device automatically after connecting to the Smart Life app, so you should be okay.

Wixann 9W Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs: Final Review

The Wixann smart LED bulbs did far more than I expected and they're fairly inexpensive. Oh, and they don't require a smart hub like some lights do.

So you can get a three-pack of colorful, dimmable smart lights for under $25 that don't need an additional hub, whereas the first smart bulbs I ever bought, Philips Hue, cost $150 for two bulbs and a smart hub. That's a huge difference.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

I give the Wixann 9W LED Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs 4.8 out of 5 stars. My only ding is that they're occasionally not in sync with other smart lights (slight delay, don't turn on/off) and that the price could be a bit much for some people.

At under $25, they're very cheap for smart RGB lights. But $25 for three bulbs can still seem like a lot of money, though that's usually the case with most smart devices today.

Overall, these lights deliver on brightness, color, app/voice controls, price, quantity, accessibility, ease of use, and much more. They're definitely worth the investment and I'll likely purchase a lot more of these in the near future.

The Wixann 9W Wi-Fi LED Bulbs are the future of affordable smart lights. And they're the future that everyone should buy into, because the convenience and energy savings are well worth it.

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