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Interior Design


How to Use the Color Pink in Feng Shui

Pink is a lovely color to add to your home. Most of the connotations for pink are positive. People associate the color with words like love, friendliness, kindness, and innocence. The color doesn't have to be associated with women or girls, it can be used by anybody.


Modern Decor Ideas

Decorating your house in a modern style can instantly make it fresh and inviting. However, it requires a certain amount of style and some key decorating tips to avoid making your home too monochromatic. This article will detail everything that you need to know about modern decorating.


How to Design Your Entire Home Like a Hufflepuff

A house based around the Hufflepuff common room and dormitories will be dreamy, rustic, and fantasy-like. It's a place where you expect fairies and hobbits to meet. The home is decorated in bright yellow, chestnut brown, and muted black. Plants will be in every room along with shrines to animals.


How to Design an Aries and Virgo Bedroom

A bedroom that combines elements of Aries and Virgo aesthetics will be tidy, sophisticated, and a touch alluring. Aries needs a room with a dash of red. Virgo needs a room that's practical and in earth tones.


How to Design Your Entire Home Like a Gryffindor

A house designed around the Hogwarts house will be opulent and sophisticated. It will be appropriate for a Harvard graduate, a detective with many secrets, and the butterbeer-sports-watching-fan hiding among us.


Add a Little Bit of Elegance Into Your Décor With TAVÉ Home

Whether you're needing to spruce up your living room or you want to upgrade your seasonal decorations, TAVÉ Home can help you put together something that's contemporary and stylish. The company gets an idea of what you like and sends you products that fit your vibe.


Should You Tip Furniture Delivery?

Are you wondering if you should tip furniture delivery helpers and drivers? And if so, how much should you tip them? Find out more right here.


DIY Dahlia Arranging (With Step-by-Step Video)

Learn how to create a beautiful dahlia display with Oasis foam and garden greenery.


How to Dry and Preserve Hydrangea Blooms Naturally

Drying hydrangeas can help you enjoy them year-round rather than just for the short time that they bloom, and it's incredibly easy to do.


How to Build a Basic Outdoor Table With Two Tiers

Step-by-step guide to building a basic outdoor table with two tiers or levels.


How to Repurpose a Vintage Chair to Hold a Garden Bouquet

Learn how to make a gorgeous chair planter out of an old cane chair. Bring new life to a vintage treasure.


Review of the Kunova Padded Double Duet Piano Bench

The Kunova padded double duet piano bench with storage compartment is durable, comfortable and inexpensive. I recommend it.


Eight Tips to Make Assembling IKEA Brand Furniture Easier

Want to avoid the headache typically associated with putting IKEA furniture together? Follow a few tips to make the experience less painful.


Solid vs. Engineered Wood: How to Tell Them Apart and Decide Which Is Better

All types of wood have unique properties, so furniture made from them will vary in quality along the aspects of hardness, decay, and density.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Pig

Yellow, gray, and brown dominate a house inspired by the Chinese Zodiac Pig. The house should have a mix of wood and metal elements. The home is inviting, it's prideful, and it's communal. There are lilies in vases on tables. Heart shapes hanging from corners. Wooden floors everywhere.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Dog

Red, green, and purple will all be commonplace in a home designed around the Chinese Zodiac Dog. This home will have influences from cottagecore and country style living. Some rooms will be a blast of eclectic materials and moods. The purple bedrooms will soothe the anxious souls among us.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Rooster

For those of you looking for a practical, sane, and serious home, look no further than interior design inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac Rooster. The bird loves a house that makes sense. They thrive off the colors gold, yellow, and brown. They love autumn; spring is too wild for them.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Monkey

If you want a home that doesn't take itself too seriously, look no further than getting your inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac the Monkey. Your home will be open to humor, color, and wit. You'll have a preference for metal over wood. You'll also embrace blue, white, and gold throughout your home.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Goat

Your home will look beautiful and inviting if you base it off the Goat in the Chinese Zodiac. The Goat welcomes a variety of colors, styles, shapes, textures, and materials into their home. They love earth based elements of terracotta, porcelain, brick, stone, crystal, marble, tile, and even sand.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Horse

The Chinese Zodiac Horse wants interior design that is spacious, spontaneous, and saturated. They adore bright colors and hate neutral tones. They're inspired by summer, midday, yang, and fire. Their home is all about cardio, finding happiness, and sunshine. Their homes are a shrine to sunflowers.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Snake

The Snake in the Chinese Zodiac is the most enigmatic of all. The Snake is born in the fire element, but it also has yin qualities. The home will be full of the colors red, yellow, and black. There will be stripes and triangles. The Snake loves orchids and cacti. They're big on the long and tall.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Dragon

The Dragon is the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Interior design based around this Zodiac will have a striking home, images of power, figurines of mystical beasts, displays of coins and wealth, and rich colors. The Dragon loves to collect items, especially pottery, porcelain, and terracotta.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Rabbit

The Chinese Zodiac the Rabbit desires a lovely, charming, and spring-like home. Think clocks, tea cups, and mad hatters from Alice in Wonderland. There should be wood furniture everywhere, homage to fruits and flora, as well as pastel colors. The Rabbit is benevolent and wants a heaven-like home.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Tiger

The Tiger home is one of energy, bright colors, wooden furniture, and spring imagery. The home should smell like flowers and fruits, especially citrus. The home is anything but boring. It's engaging, it's exciting, and it's youthful. The Tiger home embraces yang energy and the unpredictable.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Ox

The Ox interior design style is rustic. It might remind you of your grandparents' house. Think ranch-style homes in Texas, China, Australia, and Scandinavia. An Ox space should utilize earth-based objects like brick, porcelain, terracotta, clay. The home should be practical, tidy, and predictable.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Rat

The Rat is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac. It is based in the element water, it has yang energy, and it has a love of lilies, open spaces, and intelligent design. Its house should be in the colors blue, green, and gold. The home could have hidden rooms and nooks and little secrets everywhere.


Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Metal Element

A metal feng shui space embraces fall themes, smooth objects, white and black contrasts, mature and minimalist aesthetics, and cool spaces. Metal makes a room look more sensible and serious. Bright metals look good in the kitchen; lighter metals blend well in bathrooms. Read more for tips & tricks.


Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Earth Element

A home based off earth Feng Shui should feel inviting, pleasant, and tidy. The home will have rocks in corners, geography books, board games, plants, and yellow specks.


Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Wood Element

A home with wood Feng Shui should have flora peeking from every corner. Wood represents spring; it represents the rabbit and tiger zodiacs. The home should feel youthful, gracious, kind, and serene.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Sagittarius

A Sagittarius home is colorful, bright, cheerful, and fun. People with this fire sign can use a variety of textures, patterns, and materials to create an inviting space for gathering and relaxing.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Scorpio

A Scorpio home should rely on dark colors, Gothic themes, rounded furniture, and solid colors. It's not a home for cuteness and kitsch designs. It's meant to be serious, brooding, intimate, and somewhat imaginative. Scorpio design befits a Victorian palace or a dungeon for gargoyles come to life.


Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Water Element

A home or space embracing the water element in feng shui will have rounded features, black and blue shades, gentle decorations like flowers, glass in lovely shades, and images relating to oceans and the moon. Water is about prosperity, relaxation, meditation, imagination, and dreams.


Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Fire Element

Feng shui helps make your home feel balanced and attractive. Adding fire elements into your home gives your space distinct features that are bright, full of color, and rely on straight lines and sharp shapes like squares and triangles. Fire elements help bring out your creativity.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Libra

A Libra's home should be eclectic, embracing a variety of styles, shapes, and designs. Every room should feel different and take on new features. Libra can get inspiration from thrift shops, flea markets, and Etsy. You can expect to find treasures on tables; it's a perfect retreat away from work.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Virgo

Interior design based off the astrological sign Virgo should be classy, simple, clean, and smart. Virgo opts for neutral colors and earth tones. They don't like a lot of fuss. They want practical pieces in their home. They want a place where it is easy to think and study.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Leo

A Leo home should be an incredible place for people to gather. It is dominated by fire feng shui. It is full of imagery related to summer, the sun, hearts, and lions. It is a royal place, it is king-like, and it is full of warm colors and sharp geometric shapes. No matter what, it is bright.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Astrological Sign Cancer ♋️

Cancer is about emotions. Its interior design should bring out two kinds of emotions: sadness and anger. Your home should be full of contrasts: Red and blue can help you achieve this. A Cancer home should also be full of nautical images, pictures of the moon, and references to hands.


How to Decorate Your Entire Home Like a Gemini

A Gemini home should be whimsical, a place to embrace intelligent thoughts, bursting with a spring-like energy, full of color and sound, and modern.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home With a Taurus Vibe

Interior design for a Taurus home should be simple, elegant, employ imagery from spring, rich in earth tones, and a quiet place of refuge and romance. A Taurus home is based more in yin energy and plays off the principles of earth Fung Shui.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like an Aries

For interior design lovers and those remodeling their homes, the Aries aesthetic boils down to one word: fire. You want your home to radiate in red, covered in geometric shapes and sharp lines, and guided with some gorgeous spring-time imagery.


How to Decorate Your Home for a Pisces Vibe

A Pisces home is a one of a kind delight that borders on a dream world. It's a magical place with hints of blue, rounded objects, mirrors, chandeliers, and silver. It's a place for true love, for inspiring children, and finding equality.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Capricorn

Capricorn homes need earth energy that feels right for winter. Think of the perfect cabin, the ranch that's hidden in the flat land, or the gorgeous cottage near the mountain. Capricorn homes are lovely, cozy, and simple.


How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like an Aquarius

If you want to brighten things up in your home, perhaps look to your Sun sign. Aquarius-style homes have beauty, elegance, weirdness, and creativity. With an Aquarius mindset, you can use a range of colors, textures, materials, electronics, and artistic pieces.


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