Top 10 Must-Read Interior Design Blogs for Interior Designers

Updated on June 6, 2018
Mary Kovalchuk profile image

Mary is an aspiring interior designer. She runs a personal photography blog that focuses on unique architecture of London.


Inspiration is never in short supply when it comes to searching for those furnishings or flourishes that can set an interior apart.

It's the quest for perfection among interior designers that has sent the world of blogging lovely living spaces and dreamy decors into overdrive.

There are hundreds of interior design blogs out there, but don't worry; we've picked out ten of the very best for you to tap into for that all-important eureka moment.

1. Apartment Therapy

This is a blogging behemoth in its own right. Apartment Therapy is a huge communal blog that's frequently updated with stories ranging from celebrity interiors to housing market updates.

Articles are submitted from around the world, and its heavily image-based format makes for great insights into the latest in the world of interior design.

2. The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Now with over 10 years under its belt, The Beat That My Heart Skipped knows a thing or two about delivering articles for professional interior designers and hobbyists alike.

Each post follows its own unique theme and comes with plenty of images to support the descriptions conveyed in the conversational writing styles.

The blog's founder, Rohini Wahl, is an East London-based journalist and forecaster for the interior design industry, and the influence of big city British life is prevalent in her content - with beautiful townhouse concepts and local design curiosities.

3. Mad About The House

Kate Watson-Smyth is the founder of one of the most decorated blogs in the industry. Mad About The House has gained plaudits from Vogue, Sheerluxe and Vuelio among many other big names.

Content ranges from location-based visages, like with the '10 Beautiful Rooms' series, to the insightful 'Useful Stuff.'

Watson-Smyth is also unfazed by offering her own tips into the future of fashionable interior design - 'Forget about the brass tap it's all about black now' is a bold, well researched, and compelling piece of speculation.

If you're looking for a few ideas to give your interior a little bit more chutzpah, then the chances are that you'll find it in the pages of Mad About The House.

4. Design Hunter

Design Hunter boasts one of the most alluring and simplistic layouts in the blogosphere.

Helen Powell's blog is a mix of strikingly minimalist interior designs and autobiographical stories that bring an added level of personability between the audience and author.

Featured in the pages of The Sunday Times, and online with Good Housekeeping, as well as making the Pinterest UK Interiors Shortlist for 2018, Design Hunter has considerable pedigree in the interiors game.

5. Dear Designer

Carole King draws on inspiration from unlikely places with her elegant blog, Dear Designer.

King's content ranges from finding the unsung beauty of tactically positioned fairy lights to exploring Danish influences in her interiors.

The blog is fairly frequently updated, with around four posts popping up per week and the imagery incorporated is nothing short of stunning.

Posts tend to be semi-autobiographical and all furnishings and objects used are not only identified within the body of the text but priced up, ensuring ease of reference that will no doubt be welcome for the more impulsive of budding interior designers.

6. Fresh Design Blog

If you feel an affinity to more modernist approaches, then Fresh Design Blog could be right up your street.

Now in its ninth year, Fresh Design Blog specialises in modern and contemporary interiors, with the layout split into four categories: decorating, furniture, home accessories, and interior ideas.

The website isn't afraid to explore more quirky approaches to creativity, illustrated by its focus on out-of-the-ordinary hooks and hangers in a recent post and also provides insights into the practicality of decorating with pets in mind, among other real-life - and often neglected - obstacles and scenarios.

7. Society of British & International Design

SBID is a name that you may be familiar with - they are a professional accreditation body for interior designers.

SBID's blog is an excellent blend of hints and tips to keep ahead of the latest trends as well as insights into interior design projects.

The blog focuses on documenting and showcasing various design projects, including bars, apartments and hotels.

8. Bright Bazaar

For Will Taylor, the founder of Bright.Bazaar, the mantra is that 'grey is boring', and as such he's committed to bringing the most striking designs to his audiences.

Bright.Interiors makes up a significant portion of the blog, and Taylor's prowess in style can be seen in his published book, Dream Decor.

The blog focuses on tutorials surrounding DIY scenarios like small-space sofas and creating the perfect bedside table. There are also walkthroughs with Taylor reciting how he decorated his home and beach house for certain seasons and holidays.

Bright.Bazaar is essential reading for anybody that's averse to beige.

9. Amber Interiors

The dedicated blog of Amber Interiors Inc. offers a great insight into the many projects picked up by the LA-based company and how they went about bringing their clients' ideas to life.

The content is choc-full of top 10 style guides and trend predictions for the coming year.

Amber Interiors' blog is conversational in style, and often refreshingly open and autobiographical. The perfect source for anybody looking to bring a bit of Californian style to their living spaces.

10. EyeSwoon

EyeSwoon dabbles and excels in many fields of expertise, and design is certainly one of them.

The blog often lists easy to follow top 10 guides and 'five swoon worthy things' which catapult ideas at audiences, giving them some very welcome sources of inspiration from some of the best designers in the industry.

The great thing about EyeSwoon is its dedication to illustrating room ideas and following it up with clear images of the items used to give the desired effect - which are then described in detail at the bottom of the post. This means that there'll be no risk of Googling a product you've seen in a picture after browsing this blog.

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